Happy Holidays from Keiji Inafune and the Soul Sacrifice Team

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Happy Holidays from Keiji Inafune and the Soul Sacrifice Team

Soul Sacrifice holiday photo

Happy Holidays to everyone in North America! This is Keiji Inafune. Soul Sacrifice is finally near completion, and we are proud to say with confidence that this game is worth recommending to everyone. It’s been awhile since I’ve created a game that made me feel this enthusiastic. We put a lot of passionate unremitting work into this masterpiece and we are super excited about it.

As promised, the game includes a mind-blowing world and a magnificent story, which will instantly draw you in and I hope people will just indulge themselves on Soul Sacrifice.

Through this game, I hope that everyone will experience the heart and essence of true Japanese game development once again.

As Team Inafune, we would like to proudly present Soul Sacrifice for all of the true gamers in the world to enjoy.

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  • Can’t wait to play this. Happy Holidays!

  • a very confident man! happy holidays

  • happy holiday

  • Happy Holidays and thank you for the present (Japanese demo). The demo was very generous and I can hardly wait for the game (and perhaps an English Demo).

  • Happy Holidays!! Can’t wait for it!!

  • Happy Holydays you too guys, but i wanna try the demo T_T, i hate switch my accounts to get demos on psvita, i hope on the near future, make a upgrade on firmware to can switch btween accounts like ps3!

  • JP demo is very ******g cool =).. Will buy this game day one, no doubt about that. It’s obvious that people behinfd Soul Sacrifice really know what they are doing. Really solid AAA game =)…

  • thanks much appreciated… soul sacrifice is a must have and im glad its coming to the west … but i have a major issue with some games being japan only… there is clearly a market here for japan only game in the west…. while small it could grow… we want those game…especially on the vita… a console that isn’t region locked why are the games…. fix that plz… idk how but its just not logical to sell a console here and only some of the games…

  • happy holidays but no present? BOOO, at least throw the demo up in the store.

  • Anyone got any pointers on how I can get the japanese demo?

  • since we made it though the apocalypse, i can officially get excited for the game! huzzah! happy holidays :)

  • Can’t wait for your game, very much on my top 5 most anticipated games for any system. Happy holidays, and best wishes of success with the Soul Sacrifice project.

  • We want your game! Happy Holidays!

  • Happy Holidays to you guys too, cant wait for the game to come out here, will there be a demo before it came out?

  • I just can’t wait for this game.

    SONY, Why didn’t you tell us about that limited Vita edition? I would’nt have bought mine yet if I knew about it before. I can live with it tough.

    Thank you guys, this game is something really interesting, got really high hopes for it. Day1Buy.

  • Make sure this is day 1 digital and youve got my money

  • Awesome! Happy holidays too you guys too! Keep up the great work! Eagerly awaiting Soul Sacrifice!

  • Happy Holidays!

    Long time Keiji fan here!

    I’ve had this game pre-ordered for forever now.

    I can’t wait to pick up this title in the Spring.

  • Happy Holidays.

    Thank you SCE Japan Studio, Keiji Inafune and Soul Sacrifice Team for investing in a new interesting and an amazing IP.

    I always like it when there is a new IP announced. This is my most anticipated game in 2013, I hope it becomes more of a series for the Vita that becomes better and successful with each entry.

    To SCE Japan Studio:

    Please re-release one of your amazing games to the Vita like what ATLUS did with Persona 4.
    Rogue Galaxy and the Dark Cloud series are a perfect fit for it, don’t waste those great IPs.

  • awesome!

    by why only NA? what about Za Warudo?!?!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone in Za Warudo!

  • @61, peart- it’s abit cumbersome as you’ll need a spare memory card since each memory card is directly tied to a diff. region which is linked to a unique PSN acct. If you’re still interested, head to the NeoGaf Soul Sacrifice thread for more details. In the end, as there’s exclusive content per diff. regions, it’s worth it to switch memory cards now & then.

    What a group of talented developers… & Inafune sporting that plaid shirt, haha he’s a rockstar. Cannot wait for this title; you have my support Comcept!

  • Happy Holidays from NYC, can’t wait for your new game!

  • This is my most anticipated Vita game and am relieved that it is coming to America. But as some have said before, more Japan only games have to make it too! I want sengoku basara shinovi versus and god eater 2!!!!

  • Thanks and keep the hard work and looking to playing the game.

  • That is a PRO development team right there!

    Merry Christmas/Holidays everyone!!!

  • soul sacrifice was on my wish list for santa for a while ;)

  • You guys Rock, Thank you from your Customer Ambassador to the Playstation Network online id: bombbreath
    Happy New Year Happy Holidays. Sony make.belive XMAS .

  • Happy holidays! Day one digital for this game is a must. Also, i hope the english version of the demo would come out soon. There’s a lot of great gameplay vids of the demo but I cant read it.

  • 美版游戏什么时候发售啊!! 语言可以切换 吗?! 圣诞接快乐,各位辛苦了 :D

  • I played the demo…. AND IT WAS SOO AWESOME!!! To bad I don’t understand Japanese… XD But as far as i’ve played it, i’ve gotten to understand it better and I have look up for the story online. This game is the real representation of a GREAT PS Vita game. I know it will be BIG, I mean it has so many customizations! And Happy Holidays! but is you really wish us a Happy Holiday, bring the demo to the US psn store! No rush, maybe by the end of January or in February? Please spread the happiness, spread the awesomeness!!! XD

  • Wish it was on the PS3 as the Vita is a bomb.

    Maybe a Vita package with the console, 2-32gb or 2-64gb memory cards and this game included for like $150 MAY bring people to buy it but I doubt it.

    Also making it works with standard SD cards would have made a ton of people on the edge willing to buy it.

    So make this game for the PS3! All that above was making that point LOL

  • It’s games like this one that made me excited to purchase a Vita. Soul Sacrifice is a shining example of what the console is capable of and your team is set to release the finest looking portable title ever. Can’t wait to play it!


    Dear keiji do you respond back to your comments from fans. i just want to know who owns the rights to mega man you or capcom. thank you.

  • …. everytime i see posting of soul sacrifice, i literally have fangirl orgasms! lol

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