Happy Holidays from Keiji Inafune and the Soul Sacrifice Team

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Happy Holidays from Keiji Inafune and the Soul Sacrifice Team

Soul Sacrifice holiday photo

Happy Holidays to everyone in North America! This is Keiji Inafune. Soul Sacrifice is finally near completion, and we are proud to say with confidence that this game is worth recommending to everyone. It’s been awhile since I’ve created a game that made me feel this enthusiastic. We put a lot of passionate unremitting work into this masterpiece and we are super excited about it.

As promised, the game includes a mind-blowing world and a magnificent story, which will instantly draw you in and I hope people will just indulge themselves on Soul Sacrifice.

Through this game, I hope that everyone will experience the heart and essence of true Japanese game development once again.

As Team Inafune, we would like to proudly present Soul Sacrifice for all of the true gamers in the world to enjoy.

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  • Thank you Soul Sacrifice team, i tried the Japanese Demo this week and it was brilliant. Cant wait for the game to come to the west!

  • This game looks so good. Can’t wait!

  • I am eagerly anticipating Soul Sacrifice! Happy Holidays!

  • I so waiting for this game, when will a demo be available in the north american psn? ^.^/

  • Greetings, mr. Inafune and all your team!!!
    Why don’t you put the great demo of your game available for us too as a christmas gift!!!??? XD
    I’m reallywaiting for you awesome game… day one buy for me. :)

  • Yeah definitely getting a happy holidays and not a Merry Christmas from a team making a game called soul sacrifice.

  • Do we get an english demo too, I’ve been playing the japanese demo and it’s soooo good. Worldwide release please!!!!

  • Hey, Inafune-san think you could send me a copy of Soul Sacrifice early for Christmas? I’m excited for the release of the game! Happy Holidays!

  • @Inafune It makes me so happy to see a developer allowed to give their all to their project, and really make it their own. This game looks and sounds very promising. Glad to hear you say that you’re as proud and enthused about making it, as we all are to play it. Happy Holidays to you! Thanks for hard work and a soon to be great game.

  • Definitely a day one purchase for me next year, this game looks amazing and with someone with as much experience as Inafune behind the wheel I’m confident this is a game that won’t let me down. =] I haven’t tried the Japanese demo yet but I probably will soon.~

  • @6: Christmas is a Holiday. Therefore included. People these days.

  • Anyhoo, the demo looks awesome, watching videos on it. Looks hefty as well.

    Really looking forward to the game. Happy Holidays to everyone involved with making the game.

  • Thank you Soul Sacrifice team, definitely a day one purchase for me next year too. Cant wait for this game.. :)

  • Can’t wait to play, another day one purchase here. Thanks for bringing it over!

  • Can’t wait for this one, Happy Holidays!

  • Can’t wait! Whats the framerate btw?

  • Demo for Soul Sacrifice was definitely full of satisfactory and a breath of fresh air ,i enjoyed the demo so much thanks Comcept Staff and Keiji Inafune for building such a highly anticipated title for my PSVita. Enjoying the Multiplayer and much more ,can’t wait for it to hit store shelves in N.A.Also to you guys as well enjoy the holidays.thank you.

  • This game is my worst nightmare come to life. It takes me 20 minutes just to pick a NAME for a character…. I’ll never make it though all of the decisions..

  • Any Plans for U.S Demo?


  • QQ more DZORMAGEN!

  • I’ve been playing the Japanese demo for the past day or two now and I must say that everything about the game is fantastic. From the original gameplay, to the music, to the graphics on the vita, the art style… everything! One of my only gripes is how bad some of the ground textures look at times, but I barely notice it in the heat of the action.

  • i hope this game has a demo. Don’t want to be disappointed like i was with Ragnorak.

  • Sounds great… cant wait til April when I can get a Vita.

    Off hand, can someone look at getting a ‘SORT’ feature to the ‘View Downloads’ portion of the Playstaion Store? Iv got a TON of downloads at this point and frequently delte suspect game data after playing an obviously exploited online session. When doing this now, it takes some time to go through the entire list of downloads I have at this point. We can ‘SORT’, as well as ‘FILTER’ every portion of the store except for our download list and being a PS Plus member my list changes every time my PS Plus status is renewed.

  • Why can’t March come faster >.<

  • Can’t wait! Now how about a REAL XMAS present and the same demo that our lucky Japanese gamer cousins in the East got? Please?

    Do we have a release date on this yet btw?

  • Demo for us westerners Master Inafune, please!!

  • Please, Please ,Please
    Bring the Limited edition Vita Bundle to US
    that Red/Black Vita Looks Gorgeous.
    import is too expensive
    i don’t mind pay 350$ to 400$
    But Please give it a chance in the US.

  • Happy Holidays!

    My most anticipated Vita game- next to Gravity Rush 2!

    Will be a day 1 purchase.

  • Happy holidays Mr. Inafune and everyone.

    I might try it, but I have to check it out first ;)

  • I had to sell my Vita but when this comes out I’ll definitely buy one again!

  • Thank you for the Holiday wishes. I’m really looking forward to trying out your Demo when it hits. Everything I’ve seen so far is phenomenal.

  • Happy Holidays Mr. Inafune!! I’ll def be picking up a copy of this game when it comes out! Thank you for brining it to the States!

  • Thanks happy holidays too:) Most anticipated Vita game for sure! can’t wait to play online all my friends want it too lol

  • Thanks Team Inafune, and Merry Christmas to you all as well. I have to say that I was hoping for a surprise demo for North America as a Christmas gift, but i guess good things come to those who wait.

  • Can someone point me to a guide to d/l the demo on my Vita from the Japanese Store?


  • Show me the goods, give me a demo, Ill thank the pictures and kudos after the fact.Without the gods its hype hype hype.

    Merry Christmas anyways… In Japan?

  • Forgot to mention,

    To Mr. Inafune and the whole Comcept team, Merry Christmas!!

  • Happy Holidays Comcept! Can’t wait for this game, definitely one of my Most anticipated games on any console in 2013.

  • I bought a PS Vita ONLY because of this game! This is gonna be epic!

  • This is the game I’ve wanted most since even before I bought my Vita.

    Please let us know the U.S. release date and when we can expect the demo!

  • Really looking forward to this one. Will there be a demo for the west?

  • Dzormagen is an idiot; speak for yourself dude, IM LOVING LBP2 CrossController! learn how to set it up.


  • im getting the game in a heartbeat.

  • I so very much can’t wait for this game!! It’s like DMC + Monster Hunter! You may have already answered this, but will there be a demo? If so, when? I’m SUPER stoked to try this game out.

  • Happy Holidays Mr Inafune and Team Inafune, I’m really lloking for Soul sacrifice.

  • Looking forward to this!

  • Hurry :p

  • i have a very good amount of faith, this game will be spectacular. The more love a developer gives to a project, the more it shows

  • Happy Holidays to you guys too! I’m megally stoked to play Soul Sacrifice.

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