Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable Invades PS Vita January 8th

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Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable Invades PS Vita January 8th

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS Vita

EDF! EDF! EDF! We are excited to share the news today that Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable will be available as a digital download on PlayStation Vita at the beginning of the year. The game will be available on January 8th, 2013 in North America for $39.99 and players will get to experience all the intense action that the Earth Defense Force can endure.

What is really cool is that Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable is completely remastered from the original classic shooter (Earth Defense Force 2017) and with so many extras, players will truly get a new EDF experience that wasn’t possible before. Players will get to check out seven new levels plus dive into all the action with fan favorite Pale Wing, giving players the power to soar high over buildings in her jet pack and cause massive destruction from above.

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS VitaEarth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS Vita

You will also find some new enemies in the game, and blast them to smithereens with your choice of more than 230 weapons, including many new ones. For the first time, save the world with your friends in online multiplayer for up to four players in co-op and versus mode.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences with Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable and hope that you can save mankind from this insect infestation starting on January 8th! Good luck!

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  • digital only? haha guess im not buying it anymore. had it preordered at newegg and was somewhat eager to play it since i never played EDF. even added insult to injury with the 39.99 price tag. hopefully you fools will smarten up and make a physical copy available.

  • Thanks, I just imported a copy to avoid being screwed into a digital only release. Ill deal with the language barrier because I like actually owning my games. Keep pushing digital and I’ll keep finding other places or methods where I can have a physical copy. No matter what you say or think, you can not own a digital item. Go look up the definition sometime.

  • You should have decided at the very beginning if you wanted to go digital only. What a slap in the face for those that showed great faith in you and took the time to pre-ordered this well in advance. Even more insulting is the $40 launch price. If sales are bad for this game, you have no one to blame but yourself.

  • @44 A few points:

    1) Memory card space can be an issue for many. If somebody has a 4GB card that’s nearly full, this is an issue if they don’t want to delete and re-download games.

    2) Digital is the future, but we’re not there yet. Every Vita game gets a digital release, but it’s nice for collectors or fans of physical media to have a retail copy. Sony’s mix of digital and retail is the best way to go about things in this changing environment.

    3) Thanks to iOS, Steam and others making digital games cheap, a retail-priced game can really make people balk. This is an updated port of a niche game. Many will see the price and balk. If it were $20 on PSN, it’d likely do better. People see digital, they think ‘cheap’.

    4) Some titles may not come out at all if they weren’t digital, though EDF’s retail boxart was advertised and the game is for pre-order sale on Newegg. This is like a last minute reversal, which irks people and doesn’t instill good will.

    I agree with you that digital is the future, but some ‘dinosaurs’ like myself would like a retail release as well :)

  • Well, considering the fact that I don’t like “renting” games, I’m not going to be paying $65 ($40 for the game and & $25 for a 8GB memory card with sub-par class 6 read/write speeds (I’m being very generous here, the read/write speeds actually average about 5MB/s) while I can pay $7.50 for a class 6 micro SD with higher speeds) just to play this game. While I am a fan of this series and Sony, this is excessive for a download only title.

    And no, I’m not going to be importing, as a consumer I shouldn’t need to go out of my way to get a decent product.

    Pre-order cancelled.

  • Definitely, First PS Vita game for 2013!

  • 40$ for digital only is a rip off. If u really want people take digital over physic format you need better prices…

  • need to get a vida loca get a video but no time soo

    n so I’ll just have to wait.

  • Really people? Blah. I want to say something about digital only complainers but whatever. They’d complain if there wasn’t a digital option too just to make a point. I’ve been looking forward to this and will be buying three copies. Much love.

  • Well…I’m not buying this now since it’s now digital…and $40 to boot instead of the $30 I had it pre-ordered for.

    More importing I guess. I’m sick of this already. You guys just lost a sale from me! GOOD JOB!

  • I’m a bit disappointed with the switch to digital-only release since I had pre-ordered 3 copies of it for a couple friends and I. Oh well, I guess I’ll pick it up eventually and there’s always EDF 2025 to look forward to.

  • This is in my top spot for Jan game purchases…though, I have to admit I am really put off that it will be digital only…even more so digital only at a full retail price.

  • How about some video gameplay???

  • 40 dollars is a tough sell though. I’m not one of those chumps that let’s app prices effect what I’ll pay for software, but physical copies for the Xbox only go for 15-20 bucks.

  • @TXCScorpion: Think about it. It seemed like it was going both physical and digital, considering physical copies have been available for preorder for a while. Now suddenly it’s gone digital only, and with the full retail price to boot. If I cared for the game that much, I’d be pissed too!

  • @64

    That I get for sure. I thought over buying the “physical” version of Newegg for $30 for a few days before deciding I’d rather have digital even if I had to pay $10 more. Preference of ease as I’ve always had digital on my handhelds. What irks me is that people refuse the game just because it’s digital and they want physical. Once again understanding that someone may prefer tangible goods but declining the game completely did they ever truly want it aside from a passing “Yeah I guess I’ll pick that up, looks alright.”. Surely if you want something and options are limited you’ll still at least do what you can and for those choosing to import are a good example of this.

  • Cont…

    With digital only games I generally do look for it to be at least $34.99 and having bought games that didn’t live up to expectations for $40 without the resale option is painful though I’m happy to support the companies so they can bring over more foreign goodness. (Corpse Party much?) However there’s hardly room to complain about memory card prices at this time of the year as they’re on sale everywhere. True they are still overpriced there’s not much that can be done about it. In the end I’m happy to have this game period and would have bought it digital anyway so I can always switch between my games if I feel like something else. It’s totally preference of course so I can understand being angry but as I said if you refuse to ever by the game because of that did you ever really care in the first place?

  • Ridiculous.

    Companies need to stop releasing cheap digital only in NA, and charging FULL RETAIL for it. I’d rather pay more to import a version I couldn’t understand than to support this ridiculous b/s.

    Drop the price since you’re being cheap with your localization efforts. You’re supposed to pass the savings your doing by going digital only, onto consumers. Not rip them off.

    I was going to buy this, now I won’t bother. So well done.

  • @Ripley231: There’s gameplay on YouTube, look up Skygene22’s video on it “Playstation Vita Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable (EDF3P) First Impressions (Gameplay, Aliens!)”. It’s 20 and change minutes of the Japanese version.

  • No retail release – no purchase, sorry but my 4gb card can’t handle this.

  • Sigh… I had an alleged ‘retail’ copy pre-ordered, but since it’s digital only, I guess they’ll be cancelling it and I won’t be getting this until a potential price drop. $40 is more than what I’m willing to pay for a digital download, and wouldn’t even attempt to download full games on to my 4GB card.

    As for a 32GB solution, *snicker* no way; I wouldn’t consider one until Sony starts charging reasonable prices for those.

  • Weird. I don’t recall seeing so many posts before so adamant about having a retail release. I much prefer to buy digitally. I’m also not concerned about the price, since buying digitally saves me money in time and gas not having to go out a pick up a game. Looking forward to this one and it comes out really close to my Birthday :).

  • I wonder why so few games support ad-hoc mode on PS Vita nowadays. It isn’t like everybody has a quality internet connection and always available for playing online multiplayer anywhere, anytime.

  • 39.99 for this? How does sony expect to compete with the likes of Steam, with games being so over priced on PSN? Heck a year and a half ago i walked into Walmart found borderlands ultimate edition for 14.99 NEW, on PSN the vanilla borderlands was 29.99……………………………….

    Why is PSn so over priced? get with it sony.

  • Is there going to be a retail release for UK/Europe? If not, what is the price going to be for the UK?

    EDF! EDF! EDF!

  • Will the Japanese version play online with NA/EU versions so I can import?

  • Is there possibly going to be a day one demo?

  • I was thinking this would be $15-$20 max. At $40 imma have to wait for a price drop. :(

  • wasn’t the PS3 EDF only $40 new… as a retail game?

    why would an old Xbox port that is only available for DDL be the same price on a handheld? man there must be a butt-ton of content…

    I love EDF but i might have to wait for a sale for this one :(

    MAYBE i would spend $40 for a physical copy… MAYBE… but i know for sure i won’t for a DDL only port of an OLD Xbox game…


  • Looks good. I don’t see how people can buy retail releases for the Vita anyways. I like the convenience of not carrying carts and instantly switching between games and apps on the fly. Buying a 32 GB card was the best idea I ever had for my Vita..

    I believe the Vita should have shipped with 32 or more GB on board but then even more people would fret about the price.

    It is a raw deal if you had the game pre -ordered for $30 though.

  • Digital only?… I hate that… well i’ll wait for a physical copy or look for another game

  • Retail or it didn’t happen. Looks great!

  • Felices Fiestas!

    Off Topic: Queridos gamers, queria consultarles, resulta que hace poco soy miembro plus y por ende he descargado los juegos que estan en esta promoción (Gravity Rush, Jet Set Radio y los otros) a EXCEPCION de Uncharted Golden Abyss, siempre que descargo todo va bien hasta que llega a las 2048Mb de descarga y ahí se queda, no avanza más.

    Ya he hecho varias cosas, restaure la PS VITA a ajustes de fabrica he vuelto a descargar como 4 veces y siempre pasa lo mismo se queda en 2048Mb de descarga y no avanza más. El espacio de memoria no creo que sea el problema ya que es de 32GB y hay como 12 libres.

    Agradecería un montón que alguien que sepa o a quien también le ha pasado lo mismo me pueda ayudar con esto. Gracias.


  • I was planning on buying this, but at $40 digital only? Yeah, sorry but you just lost another sale.

  • Digital only? $40? No thanks. I had it pre-ordered for $30. If you’re taking away my physical copy and charging me $10 more, you’re not getting my money until there’s a sale. Mostly on principle.

  • I would also like to explain my thoughts. Like many others have said, $40 in my opinion is way too much for a digital release. I would pay $20, MAYBE $25 max. I am very interested in this game, but not at the $40 price.

  • As others have said, it’s physical media or a no go. I absolutely will not pay that price for a digital release. I want to actually own my game instead of “renting” it or being somehow tied to a companies database in the event that I need to download the game again. There’s just too may risks associated with that.

  • It must be the American in me that wants to fill my wall up with games cases full of Vita and PS3 games. I Really REALLY want this game but Retail was the ONLY way… Unless one day it ends up FREE with PS+. I want to give you my money but not like this. Also a travel case for my games is always nice to have. I keep “AC: Liberation”, “Persona 4 Golden”, “LittleBigPlanet PSVita”, and “MLB 12: The Show” in mine.


    can we get Onechanbara Kagura Z on PS3 D3!!!!!!

  • Been a die-hard EDF fan since the original 2017 release on the 360 (I know, the series is older in japan). But nevertheless, when I heard EDF 2017 was coming to the VITA, I would’ve bought a VITA if I didn’t have one already.

    I would never have a problem with paying 40$ for a physical copy of the game on DAY 1. A high price, sure (for a budget title) but still, I’m a fan.

    But download only? I’m not so sure I’ll buy it anymore. Well, not at 40$. YES, it is the same game, but it’s not the same thing. First, download versions takes some storage space out of my HIGHLY overpriced memory card. Second, all the costs of manufacturing the card, of packaging and distribution is out, so why I’m paying the same price? Third, while I often buy digital, I rarely pay more than 30$, and even at 30, it should be a game I REALLY want, as I feel more like it’s a rental than a purchase. With a game card, I just pop it in, and it works, no licence issues, ever. Control of my game library is in MY hands, not in Sony’s hands. There are MANY valid reasons to like digital downloads, but those don’t outweighs the cons to me.

    I was hyped beyond belief about this game. But now, I consider this to be the first bad news of 2013 for me.

  • Retail copy please, but… if (financially speaking) it is not possible for you guys to do so, it’s no big loss…

    Happy Holidays/Christmas!!!

  • still kinda feeling ripped off with my Vita purchase. Got it on day 1, and still nothing “breathtaking” or “revolutionary”.

    The question is, why is this a download only release for NA?

    answer – Americans are the only ones stupid enough to keep paying $100 for that stupid proprietary 32 gb memory card to fit all these PSN releases on.


  • does anyone know how i can subscribe to europlus. like what are the steps i need to take to add the plus for euro region while residing in USA. plz let me know!!

  • P1.
    Well, this is the first I’ve heard of this game at all as far as coming to the Vita. I’m not a fan of Microsoft, so I never played the original, but I was one of the few who pre-ordered EDF:IA when it launched on PS3. It’s one of my “guilty pleasures” if you will, like Naughty Bear… a bad budget title that’s so bad it’s good.

    Now, normally I’d be excited to hear this. Actually, I was when I read the headline & thought, “oh cool. Maybe I’ll go pre-order at GameStop tomorrow”. But then I read the rest and quickly lost interest. I’d have gladly paid $29.99 for a retail card, no problem, but $39.99 for digital? No.

  • P2.
    I have a 32GB card in my Vita, as well as an 8GB and a 4GB back-up in my game carry-case. However, my 32 is nearly full and I’m saving my 8GB for my wife who is planning on getting her own Vita (so she can trophy-wh0re for herself, lol), and even switching between memory cards is a pain in the arse, so I really don’t even use the 4GB card. So, Sony, I guess I’m just capped for Vita games? Is that the answer here? I mean bravo on the PS3. I upgraded my HDD to a 640GB 2 years ago, and while I’ve filled it two times over, I know I can go out and get a non-proprietary, non-over-priced 1TB HDD for it now and fix all my problems, thus being able to shovel more money into Sony’s fat, greedy face, but the Vita… uhhh… will there ever be a 128GB card for it? And if there is, will it be under $400? LOL!

    I’m getting way off topic, yeah, sorry, but my point was supposed to be that if there is no physical alternative to all these full size / full price digital games, us Vita owners are all going to end up not buying games because we won’t even be able to play them. I’m a 15 year Sony console loyalist and a fan of the EDF franchise and even I am going to have to pass on this one, and I do so with disappointment.

  • P3.
    Just to be clear, this is coming from someone who is an annual PlayStation Plus subscriber (which is currently paid through February 2014, has invested over $5,000 in PSN digital goods and at least $20,000 in physical games and Sony consoles including my PSP, my launch day Vita & the 3 PS3’s in my home. The point for providing this information is that if they won’t listen to me, they won’t listen to any customer, which, they won’t, I’m sure, but I had 20 minutes to kill and thought I’d share my thoughts. Thanks for your time & I’m sorry for my long-winded rambling.

  • Sony, I implore you to listen to these comments and reconsider, yes there are only a few people posting, but these people represent a larger group, both you and consumers will be better off if you decide to tweak the prices and offer a physical version of this title.

    An attempt at saving costs isn’t beneficial when it drives people away from purchasing titles.

  • Digital? LOL

    1.) Can’t sell it
    2.) Can’t swop it
    3.) Can’t really gift it probably
    4.) Can’t borrow it
    5.) Can’t collect it
    6.) and when the PSN service or something is not supported one day……then you can’t play it.

    If it was a PSN cheapie then fine but this is a full retail game.

    Will be importing my copy if I decide to get the game.

  • This is a port of a “budget series” type of game. While I LOVE EDF, I can’t in good mind set spend $39.99 for a digital only. I’m still upset the physical copy I was excited for was cancelled on Amazon. D3, I get where the company is coming from but to release this title for such an absurdly high price will not do you any good. Release it for $19.99.

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