Labyrinth Legends Hits PSN Tomorrow

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Labyrinth Legends Hits PSN Tomorrow

Labyrinth Legends on PSN

Hey again, PlayStation faithful! Scott here from Creat Studios to remind you all that our next PlayStation Network game, Labyrinth Legends, comes out tomorrow in North America. Everyone here is very excited to bring you our new fast-paced, quirky, addictive, hackin’ and slashin’ dungeon crawling adventure.

We’ve packed tons of hidden treasure and weapons, concealed traps, tricky puzzles, mummies, zombies and monsters into those ancient tombs to give you your $9.99 worth. Enjoy spanning the globe and unearthing the buried wealth of long-lost civilizations.

Labyrinth Legends on PSN

You’ll discover a few fun twists, such as the professor companion to your daring adventurer. He’s an important part of solving some brain teasers, but he does have a tendency to wander off into trouble. Be sure to keep an eye on him.

What if lone adventuring isn’t enough? Labyrinth Legends features three different local multiplayer modes for up to four players. Plus leaderboards and full Trophy support, too.

Labyrinth Legends on PSN

And here’s something new. We’re running a fan art contest. Check out our blog or Facebook page for details and see what cool prizes you can win!

Thanks so much to everyone playing our games — you help us do what we love. Please keep the ideas and suggestions coming, we love to know what you like and want to see next. Happy holidays to you all from the gang at Creat Studios!

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  • I’d like to buck the trend of this comment section and say that if my vote matters on what I’d like to see from you guys, I want more MAGIC ORBZ. It’s by FAR my favorite brick-breaker of all time in one of my favorite genres of all time. I would like more MAGIC ORBZ content (the possibilities are as endless as the imagination), maybe even add in the new brick-breaker trend of “bosses” to your amazing 3-D physics based brick breaker mold which I love so much. And I’d also love to have MAGIC ORBZ on my Vita.

    • A Magic Orbz fan!!!! Thanks so much for letting us know, Darth-Krayt.

      And old-school Creat fan like you MUST enter our Fan Art contest. We’d love to see more images of Magic Orbz. Plus, you could win a free copy of Labyrinth Legends or our entire catalog.

      As for Magic Orbz on the Vita, it’s been discussed. I’ll pass your thoughts along.

  • @ 45 had a good question….Co-Op??? If I can play through story mode with the Wifey I am gaining significant interest….

    • Yeah, I wish I could help you there. The local multi-player is competitive, foyu24twenty. But we’ve added updates like in the past, so be sure to keep letting us know.

  • Vita + Multi-player + Cross Play = Sold!

  • I just want to say that I’m glad to see yet another promising Creat Studios title being released. There’s so many fun games by you guys, and knowing you have more on the horizon (the germ game?) is great.

    Please release PSN avatars of the characters in your games!

    • Thanks, FORMIK! I do hope that a long-time Creat fan like you will be entering our Fan Art contest.

      And speaking of avatars, we have a whole bunch of them in the works. I don’t know when they’ll be available, but they’re on their way.

  • count an additional +2 votes for support of a Vita version!! my brother and i would play the crud out of this game on our Vita’s!!

    ever since i first saw the trailer for this game, i immediately thought that this game would fit PERFECTLY in with the Vita and the Vita-culture. it just seems like one of those games that i would play non-stop on my bed at night in the dark, and then after a little while look up at the clock and see that it is 5AM=)

    it’s kind of similar to how i felt when i saw that an upcoming game called Picotto Knights would be coming out for the Vita… the same can be said for this game.

    in addition to all that i said above… simply put, the Vita just needs more unique games like this, period.

  • Even if i would love to play it on the PS3, i left it far from me… and i only have a Vita as console, so pleaaaaaase
    make it for the Vita, it would be the perfect fit, and i would buy it 100%

  • Yes make this for the VIta please!
    It looks like it will be a great fit for on the go and would help on the local player aspect, one player on the PS3 and the other on a Vita!
    And the more Cross you can fit in (play, buy, save) the better!

    • Thanks for the insight, Daigen.

      I’m not sure if we would end up doing CrossPlay on the Vita. But CrossBuy is very likely.

  • I would like to see online co-op as well.

  • Ahhh I thought there was Cooperative.

  • Store is updated but i don’t see this game. :(

  • Wait, no local co-op?? I thought the preview said “play with your friends” ? I dont really care about competitive stuff.

  • Yea, Im not seeing it either…

  • did it not come out this week?

  • I cannot find this in the store? What is the deal?

  • I think PSN has successfully trolled me as I have now searched the store 3 times to see if Labyrinth Legends was up

  • thanks for bragging this up Scott…..i wanted to check it out to no avail, Sony is really dropping the ball since they updated the store look and loading methods, its complete garbage i cant even find the new release with out scrolling though a ton of stuff im not even looking for. I blame the store for lack of being able to find a new release because the blue paged store was way more effiecent and i caould find the new releases in order of release and type, instead i need to scroll though a about 50-100 listings of dlc, add ons, themes before i can even find new release games, its ridiculous.

  • This suckkkssssssss…. where is it >.<

  • @ Spectrum – I agree. But I tried manually searching and still no results : /

    The F Sony?

  • @NuBlood, i found it finally after a manual search, i blame the hideous creature that they call PS Store for the lack of showing its face anywhere, the store is garbage the way it is set up now. cant even see the new releases, if i was a publisher i be pissed that people couldnt find my product.

  • I think they just finally put it up:
    Games -> New Games-> All New Games-> sort by content type: Games

    As for seeing New Games just go Games-> New Games

    my main problem with the new store is searching one letter at a time

  • yeah its up. it seems i was looking when the store had not finished updating. downloading now.

  • +1 to Vita version! :)

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