Labyrinth Legends Hits PSN Tomorrow

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Labyrinth Legends Hits PSN Tomorrow

Labyrinth Legends on PSN

Hey again, PlayStation faithful! Scott here from Creat Studios to remind you all that our next PlayStation Network game, Labyrinth Legends, comes out tomorrow in North America. Everyone here is very excited to bring you our new fast-paced, quirky, addictive, hackin’ and slashin’ dungeon crawling adventure.

We’ve packed tons of hidden treasure and weapons, concealed traps, tricky puzzles, mummies, zombies and monsters into those ancient tombs to give you your $9.99 worth. Enjoy spanning the globe and unearthing the buried wealth of long-lost civilizations.

Labyrinth Legends on PSN

You’ll discover a few fun twists, such as the professor companion to your daring adventurer. He’s an important part of solving some brain teasers, but he does have a tendency to wander off into trouble. Be sure to keep an eye on him.

What if lone adventuring isn’t enough? Labyrinth Legends features three different local multiplayer modes for up to four players. Plus leaderboards and full Trophy support, too.

Labyrinth Legends on PSN

And here’s something new. We’re running a fan art contest. Check out our blog or Facebook page for details and see what cool prizes you can win!

Thanks so much to everyone playing our games — you help us do what we love. Please keep the ideas and suggestions coming, we love to know what you like and want to see next. Happy holidays to you all from the gang at Creat Studios!

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