LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller Pack Out Next Tuesday

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LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller Pack Out Next Tuesday

LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller

LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller

December sees yet another awesome addition to LittleBigPlanet 2 — the Cross-Controller Pack — making LittleBigPlanet 2 the first game to support this exciting new feature!

But what is Cross-Controller? Well, Cross-Controller lets you to use PS Vita as a controller for PlayStation 3, allowing the use of PS Vita-only features, like front and rear touch, in PlayStation 3 games. More importantly, it provides a whole second screen where action can take place! This allows for an unimaginable number of new ways to play, some of which you’ll experience with the LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller Pack!

In the LittleBigPlanet 2: Cross-Controller Pack, Sackboy joins up with a group of lovable Space Pirates as they race to find a valuable treasure long thought lost to the Cosmos. On their adventure they’ll encounter new obstacles that can only be overcome with the help of PS Vita’s unique features.

LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-ControllerLittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller

As well as a new adventure for Sackboy to take part in, players can get their hands on a suite of new tools that let them create Cross-Controller levels for the community to play.

The LittleBigPlanet 2: Cross-Controller Pack will be available via download on PSN Tuesday, December 18th for $4.99, and requires a PlayStation 3, a copy of LittleBigPlanet 2 and a PS Vita.

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  • bc i brought over 150$ of costumes and dlcs for my 2 kids. 2 copy of the lbp2 game, 2 ps3, 2 ps vita and now they asking for more money again for a dlc to be able to play with cross controller… that make me really sad.

  • I was really excited about Cross-Controller except when I tried to play with it and realized you HAVE to own both the PS3 game AND the Vita equivalent as well. Not just the PS3 game and a Vita (despite having the Cross-Controller app section of remote play).

    Oh well

  • I am a fan of LBP Vita, and totally excited about this integration.
    Since LBP has been evolved to pseudo programing tool from the simple stage modifying kit, the expanded input flexibility of Vita version makes it a definitive LBP experience for many fans.
    Indeed, I cannot think of any other games that can turn the annoying dual screen configuration into something exciting.

  • @52 it isnt out yet and as it states in the article above LBP2 a ps3 and vita are all thats needed……

  • especially bc i cant buy 5$ card, so i have to buy 2 card at 20$ each to put a card on both my son account, that mean i have to spend an other 40$ for a 5$ dlc’s. can i freaking breath Mm… stop asking for money for a bit guys please?

  • This is great news! Please tell me we’ll get an improved paint tool!

  • This is awesome. Thanks for doing this guys. Insta-buy. And consider that an insta-buy for any quality title that goes through the effort of providing cross controller capabilities.

  • What are the chances third party studios support this feature?

  • @46/51 I am sorry you feel that way and I know gaming can get very expensive. But this is not just the cross-control feature (which actually IS free!) but a whole new set of levels and goodies. No game publisher just gives away games or add-ons like this. Think about how many hours they spent on creating this add-on and the levels. I myself think $4.99 is a VERY reasonable price and a great value for what we get. I am very thankful we can buy it for that low price. As I said, I certainly see your point, especially if you have to buy everything for two kids. But you have to be reasonable too. I mean they are giving you LBP2 for free if you are a PS+ member and there are plenty of other free LBP goodies too.
    I hope you will find that this is worth it and really enjoy this DLC. Nobody should be sad after an announcement like this!

  • oh maybe i dint read it all, but if they added new features and levels i’ll gladly pay the 5$ dlc. my son especially my younger one play everyday lbp2 game. he love it, he love creating costume and basic level and following tutorials by peoples all over the world. i really love lbp games i think its a wonderfull game for kids and parents too. and yes i was mad first when i saw it was 5$ but i see now they added new contnent so, i’ll probably buy it anyway my son just saw me writing on the blog for the cross controller and he was already asking me to get it right now. had to explain him its only released next week… btw he’s 3 yrs old, he turn 4 this 31 december im soo proud of him!!

    thanks for you answer redrox

  • Cannot wait for this. My daughter has been asking me about it ever since I saw the Gamescom demo. Fantastic! The only issue I see it presenting is that her and my son will now be fighting over who gets to use the Vita controls.

    More games using this functionality please, but great job Sony!

  • but redrox my kids dont have ps+ they have both the game on a disc that i bought with the move bundle at 130$ each.

  • @24 i would make a a U.S. account and try downloading a dlc to check if it does you would just have to download dlc from there

  • @KrayzieCali

    EU dlc and US dlc are not compatible to different region disc. you need the EU disc for EU dlc’s and US disc for US dlc’s.

  • Very nice. Maybe the Vita touch controls will help keep me from killing Sackboy so much. This is way better than a wii-u controller since the Vita can also play games away from home base, plus all the non-gaming apps.

  • People. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!


    It is DLC for LBP2 that uses your vita as a controller! YOU CAN’T PLAY THIS WITHOUT YOUR PS3

    My god… people think this connects to the other game in some magical way and makes it so you can play with LBP2 players using your vita without being connected to your ps3… how does that make sense!?

  • So i can use the vita to play LBP2… But the true question is can i use my ps3 controller to play LBPV?

  • Well I completely misunderstood what this was going to be. Now I just realize its dlc for LBP2 that utilizes the vita as a controller. Kinda like the move pack. Doesn’t sound very enticing at all, but its still interesting.

    I wish a patch comes out that allows for cross server support. Playing LBP vita with LBP2 buddies would be incredible.

  • Will you be able to use a PS Vita for a controller even when not playing the pack ,like remote play? And will people with normal controllers be able to join? That would be cool :)

  • Finally! now I can get back to LBP2, LBP Vita was fun, but nothing like LBP1 and 2 that made me kept coming back to it.

  • hmm seems to me that the cross controller is a test for the interaction that the PS4 will have with VITA. maybe all games un PS4 will support it.

  • @54 kmtburton – Well it may be different for this (aside the fact you have to pay another $5 to use it) we will see but for Street Fighter x Tekken you have to have both copies of the game for it to work.

  • what happened? would not that free? sony badly

  • @77 So far Only LBP will have Cross-Control. I believe what you are referring to regarding Street Fighter is cross-play, that’s why you need the game on each system.

  • One question, can the cross-play patch be downloaded on another account than the one running on Vita ?

  • 80 Redrox – that is incorrect. SFxT has both Cross Play and Cross-Controller.

  • i guess owning both games isn’t enough? i have to pay a few bucks for a feature… oh well, i’ll renew my PS+ membership to get the game again and then download the pack… sure why not. i really miss my PS+

  • Sweet! what does mine say?

  • @ 84 if you have a PSVita and a PS3 and LBPV,Then why don’t you have PLUS. 18 games now. 12 PS3, 6 PSV. And all the other great PLUS benefits.

  • This is great news, I can’t wait to delve into the creation possibilities for LBP2 utilizing the Vita’s screen and touch pads.

  • Omg….people.. READ!

    This pack only allows you to use the vita as a controller for your PS3 in LBP2. THAT’S IT!

    You can’t walk out of your house playing LBP2 online levels… at all…

    It’s just a controller peripheral option being added.

  • This is a great feature and hopefully it will be utilized more in future games.

  • The only thing that could make the vita more awesome right now would be a game from Naughty Dog.

  • pleeeeeeaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeee! someone answer this, actually im in big sh…t since i bought my vita on the firs day… i have to use UK account on my vita, but on my ps3 i started use US acc like 6 years ago… thing are gettting more difficult as sony start useing the two system more and more together… can someone answer me if i can use this cross controller feature using different account on my vita and ps3? i tried ask sony to change my ps3 account to UK one as i have too much work in it to llose it and start a new one but they wasnt so helpful, but somehow i need to use this feature.

  • and for nick930930, you should read more about this as this is not only an additional controller feature for lbp 2, but full of new features, like u can see traps and doors trough the vita display while u controlling your sackboy on the big screen :)

  • This should be fun and interesting for some people I’m sure.

    Personally I don’t get the appeal of using my Vita as a controller for a game I still have to use my TV/PS3 to play… all that will do is drain my vita’s battery that much faster and be distracted by two screens at once…

    But there seem to be a lot of people happy about this, so I guess there’s something good about it I don’t see.

    But for 5$…. I can’t see paying that just to use an extra controller (I have 4 of the normal ones already) expecially a controller that’s such a bettery hog.

    Will we ever see Remote Play for LBP games? That’s the real VITA feature that everyone has been asking for since they showed it being used for Killzone 3 (and never followed through for customers). It’s been about a year since launch and we only got remote play on a couple of old games, with HD remake versions.

    Please forget this use the vita for a controller silliness (Wii U is a dumb idea, controllers should be light, easy to hold and screen free!) and look at Remote Play since you’re one of the few publishers who listen to customers and add things like Move support to games.

  • @86 It’s not just a controller, it’s a second screen! And it will show things that you can’t see on the LBP2 TV screen e.g. hidden traps etc. It wouldn’t make any sense to just use the Vita instead of the Dualshock cntroller without the second screen feature. If you don’t know what it does, watch the Gamescom Video. I put a link in #38

  • Hmm $5 is not bad at all, but I still find it ridiculous that the people who bought LBP2 Day 1 got charged for the Move pack when it was advertised in the box as being already in.

  • @87 I know what it does.

    I have zero interest in any kind of controller with a screen on it.

    I wouldn’t have said controllers should be “screen free” if I didn’t know it has a screen. Obviously I read the article so I also know about the Vita related features. Did you finish reading my post or just reply to the first sentence or two the way many people tend to?

    I will never want a controller with a screen in it for any console for any generation for any reason.

    It’s hard enough to play games just looking at the one screen.

    Also the Vita isn’t very comfortable to hold as it’s own system, using it as a controller is silly for me. (I usually put in on a stand/surface so my fingers don’t get all cramped trying hold it for longer than 5 minutes)

    However this is all just my personal opinion/play preference. Hopefully there will be people who enjoy this, since screens for controllers look like the next/current marketing ploy for gaming. I just won’t be one of them.

  • Holy cow. People need to get educated on what they’re looking at. If you’re confused, try looking elsewhere for info… Like this.

    This pack includes new levels to use your PS Vita as a controller with your PS3 to play LBP2. New levels means new rewards & ways to create levels using your Vita. This pack is much like the LBP2 PS Move pack that was released some time back. This will also enable your PS Vita to be used as a controller with older LBP2 levels.

    Just watch the clip. They explain a lot. You can find more info all around the web by simply searching for LBP2 Cross Controller or video clips on YouTube.

  • Just search for “LBP 2 Cross Controller” on YouTube people. There’s videos up showing how the Cross-Controller pack will work and what it does.

  • is this a whole different team that puts this together, and is it a long process to integrate the two? and are we going to see more integration on sony exclusive titles, new games or games already out? Can’t wait this is wicked cool!!

  • Can’t wait for the update. I couldn’t be happier with my Vita purchase. I’ve been playing LBP on my Vita and continue to be impressed with the quality of it and other games.

  • Awsome I have been waiting for this dlc for a long time now and now its comming next week!

  • @ 85’s a controller. it uses the screen like the WiiU.. but it’s still a controller. You can’t play LBP2 portable. I can read quite well.. you on the otherhand don’t seem to understand that the vita is a tool and, while linked to a seperate account, can still be connected to your PS3 regardless of which account. I can use my vita on my friends PS3 and play the cross-controller DLC.

  • It won’t have a LBP2 game in the vita’s library. It utilizes remote play and is used as a peripheral for the game just like the motion controller dlc pack.

    This is not in any way a new way to play LBP2.. the old levels will still be required to be played on your PS3 and TV and won’t be compatible with your Vita screen.


  • Another awesome update to enjoy old games! =D
    Make more cross controller packs guys please!!!, it’s awesome!

  • I really hope more companies start coming up with ideas for this.

    This is basically a Wii U !

    Not to mention I paid about the same for my Wi U Deluxe that I paid
    for both my PS3 & Vita combined.

    Wii U Deluxe $350

    PS Vita: $179 PS3 $199

    I’d much rather be using the Vita as a second screen/controller than a Wii U.
    The Vita screen’s OLED is much clearer than that of the Wii U.

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