Big Sky Infinity Explodes Exclusively onto PS3 and PS Vita Today

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Big Sky Infinity Explodes Exclusively onto PS3 and PS Vita Today

Good morning earth! My name’s James Whitehead, I’m the boss at Boss Baddie and I’m here to talk about our twin-stick shooter Big Sky Infinity, coming to PS3 and PS Vita with today’s PSN update. Buy it on one system for $9.99, and unlock the other version at no additional cost!

Big Sky Infinity is a lightning-fast, randomly-generated game that adapts to how you play – it’s never the same game twice! You pilot a spaceship that’s flying straight into an alien armada. The further you progress, the harder it gets, with giant bosses, streams of enemies and special things we call ‘Events’. Your ship is equipped with a drill that lets you smash through planets and meteors. It’s less about memorisation and more about reactions and adapting!

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Game Modes

There are a whole slew of game modes that you’ll unlock as you play. You’ll start off with Classic Mode – the real bones of the game. Here you’ll start off with a paltry little spaceship that can barely dent a tractor, let alone alien spacecraft.

Destroying enemies will cause them to drop little starbits which are spent upgrading your ship. Pretty soon you’ll have the most splendid spaceship this side of Jupiter. But the stronger your ship gets and the longer you last, the tougher the bad guys will be!

You’ll unlock other modes, such as Nightmare – the complete opposite of a walk in the park. Then there’s Pacifism, where your laser cannons have been jammed with flowers. And we’ve got an endurance-style mode for Infinity too!

Big Sky Infinity_5

Multiplayer Modes

We’re utilizing unique aspects of PS3 and PS Vita for our multiplayer modes. On PS3 you’re able to play with up to three friends (or enemies, frenemies or relatives). It’s chaotic fun – you can help each other out by sticking together to power-up each other’s weapons, or compete to get the most points.

On PS Vita we have an asynchronous multiplayer mode, where you can challenge PSN friends (or randoms!) to take on your high scores in a turn-by-turn series of matches. We had a lot of fun playing this mode during development!

Big Sky Infinity_3Big Sky Infinity_10


Finally, we have these things called Events. Now, events are crazy, gameplay-shifting happenings that occur every so often, and when you get very good some will happen at the same time!

My personal favorite is the Black Hole event. I won’t spoil what happens, but it would make for a great B-movie plot. But there’s also the Worm Hole event, where you’ll tear through the fabric of space in a swirling vortex. And look out for Hell Cascade, where bad guys get bored of not shooting lasers at you, and decide to do just that.

There’s a lot to see and do in Big Sky Infinity, from the screen-filling, ever-changing bosses, to the gameplay-altering events, to the cheeky cockney narrator.

We hope to see you on the leaderboards when PSN updates later today!

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  • Cheaper Games then the EU yet Americans are complaining that the EU is getting a $10 dollar game ? Come on Gamers are such babies these days nice that Sony throws a Bone to the EU/AUS Customers every now and then.

  • @R_a_z_i_e_l

    I think it”s more about the lack of professionalism and accountability that has been going on for months now…at least for me it is…I could care less about 10$ here and there.

  • Ok I agree with that part then, Sony does goof up alot.

  • Getting the same C2-12383-7 error as well when trying to install the vita version.. Hopefully this gets fixed asap!!

  • im prone to be more annoyed by the cry babies yapping about how greedy they are, how they take everything they imagine for granted and speculating on how sony should run their buisness, while the poor brats probably can barely clean their rooms.

  • First time I buy a digital game and can’t even get it to install.

  • @55

    You know…Sony is worth about 22 billion dollars…yep that’s right…22 BILLION dollars…are you seriously comparing them to something like a child cleaning his/her room? Entitlement has nothing to do with it….it’s about how quickly they fix their errors and how many errors they make on a regular basis….it’s easy to just smile and nod…but that gets old after a while.

  • I’m also getting the C2-12383-7 error whenever I try to install the game on my Vita. I tried customer support but that did not really solve the issue. I also noticed the download size of the file in the Downloads list is smaller than the download size listed in the PS Vita store but I can’t download directly from the PS Store without being charged again so I am unable to confirm whether or not that file actually is able to install successfully either.

  • So uh I know there were 5 pages of comments just moments ago now their are only 2 pages of comments

  • Bought on PS3. Cannot install on Vita, either by direct download or PS3 transfer.
    Seeing the same errors as everyone else.

    When downloading on Vita, the game has a broken icon in the notifications and then becomes a generic download image instead of the game’s icon.

    Called support, they opened a ticket on my behalf. Supposedly will be resolved in 24-48 hours.

  • I thought there was a demo for this…
    no ICG, no demo… and discount? really? or not?

    how could i buy this now…

  • RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!! oops…err… RELEASE A FREE DEMO FOR VITA!!! c´mon, it will not hurt…

  • Same deal as #45 and everyone else. Glad I’m not alone. Please drop a note if anyone hears anything… Thanks.

  • @Morgan

    “I’m afraid it’s only slated to be free for Plus members in EU. That trailer you may have seen around was for EU use only.”

    May have seen around? We all saw it on THIS website. We saw it on Oh…I forgot. It was youtubes fault right? How do you still have a job? It must be nice to work for a company that allows you to screw up constantly and not get fired.

  • I am not buying it sony. Cos u r giving it free for EU and charging us!!!

  • @ adinsane

    uh, the NA and EU PsPlus content isnt always the same, deal with it and dont be childish.

    how often ive seen the NA psplus members(including myself) enjoying way WAY better freebies/discount than the EUR ps plus members….

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