PlayStation Plus: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Free for Members

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PlayStation Plus: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Free for Members

This week PlayStation Plus continues the piping hot delivery of updates to keep you warm this December. Last week, you took the plunge into the underwater world of Rapture with BioShock 2 joining the Instant Game Collection. This week, you’ll be busting out your shoryukens and controlling gravity with two great games: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Rochard!

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December 11th PlayStation Plus Update

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (PS3)

Free for Plus members

Street Fighter IV was already a bonafide hit when it ushered in a new era of 2D fighters. Take that winning formula, refine and balance one of the best fighting game engines, add four new characters (Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu, and Oni), take part in new online modes and you’ve got one of the most complete fighting game packages ever. See you online; I’ll be the guy using this handy guide to my all time favorite fighting game character.
Rochard (PS3)

Free for Plus members

A PSN gem, Rochard brings fantastic puzzle-platforming in the form of taking control of astro-miner John Rochard. Though a humble premise it may be, you’ll be addicted to the gravity control mechanics of Rochard as you solve environmental puzzles and explore new ways to navigate the wonderful trappings of this galactic platformer. It’s a PSN exclusive that, if you missed, you should definitely make the time to play. You can read more on the game from the PlayStation Blog’s coverage. Please note, this title will only be available free in Plus for one week.

That’s it for this week’s update, and remember that the above updates will be in effect once the PlayStation Store updates on December 11th; usually between the times of 2:00pm – 5:00pm PST. Also, for those wondering, we do have PS Vita games on the way in December that will add to the already great library of content on PS Vita Plus. Watch for those to be announced in this space later this month.

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Please remember to jump in to the PlayStation Community Forums in the Plus space where you’ll find threads (or start your own!) to discuss Plus. Of course, leave your thoughts here as well and remember, giving specific feedback is always the best course. Enjoy the update, and see you in the comments.

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PlayStation Plus 12-11-2012

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16 Author Replies

  • wow very lucky there… i was about to buy it soon jaja… thanks for the update!

  • SSFIV… another game with a bunch of DLC to buy from the store.

    Your mentality: “We’ll give it to them for free and we’ll make money on the micro-transactions.”

    And Rochard is another game that probably sold really bad so you might as well give it to us for free.

    I already own Arkham City, so I don’t care if you offer it to PS+ or not, but the fact that Europe gets it and North America doesn’t speaks volumes about the terrible job that you’re doing in working with publishers to get quality games for PS+ members.

  • What??? First KoF XIII… Now SF4:AE! I love PS+. I had SF4 on 360. After I sold my 360 and got a PS3, I got SSF4. Didn’t feel like getting AE since I already bought the game twice. This is a great reason to get back into it.

  • I second escape plan for plus, one of the few Vita games Im holding off on buying since its perfect for PS+

  • I love how people complain about the perk of plus…….to get free games!!!

    We are getting these titles for free, yes they are random and we don’t get to pick which ones are free but, within the first month of a plus subscription we already got out money’s worth with the amount of content we get FOR FREE.

    Also maybe EU doesn’t have the subscriber base that the US has so they need an incentive to get subs there, idk. From a business standpoint it makes sense, offer shinny things to those who aren’t already paying for your service.

    I love plus and will continue to sub into the next gen.

  • and I want Motorstorm Apocalypse and Resistance 3 on ps3 ps plus thanks.

  • I lost almost all my PS3 save data since 2008 yesterday due to a hard drive corruption and accidental previous erasing of my full backup. The drive WORKS FINE, it just had some minor corruption or bad sector that HDD Regenerator said it fixed. However, not good enough for the PS3. The file restore still insisted on reformatting. It is RIDICULOUS that I could not grab my save data off an otherwise good drive just because of a minor corruption! So disappointed with Sony right now. And I have to re-download 948 items now from an UNSORTED list in the PS Store. Sony, why don’t you allow us to SORT THAT LIST?? Ugh.

  • by the way i bought Sorcery for $15.99 and boy im glad i did, thanks a lot for bringing Sorcery to ps plus, i think its the best psmove exclusive game by far, excellent game, loving every single second of it.

  • I wish I could end my subscription to plus and get refunded at this point, free games are good, but I haven’t been able to benefit from them personally due to my tastes in games for the last 4 months. Every week I tell myself that’s it… this week will be the one but nope. PS plus in december does not get better in my opinion.

    I’m not dissing the service, it remains one hell of a deal breaker but PS plus US choices aren’t for me and following these blogs for quite a while, it seems SONY doesn’t even bother listening. Once my sub ends, I’m making an EU account, I heard from my friend that it was possible so great.

  • good game, and still people keep complaining when the game is as AAA and popular as it could be, and people saying US ps plus is getting screwed should really stop looking the only neighbor with greener lawn.

  • This is complete manure, you can keep this update SCEA.

  • Another fighting game?
    Nothing for Vita?


    i am really disappointed

  • still hoping something good for the vita ps plus… rayman origins and mortal kombat, or littlebigplanet would be nice :D

  • Good games, but, since I don’t have a PS3 I picked “nothing for me this week” in the poll.
    I hope next week we get some stuff for the PS Vita.

  • Why do people still say/think we’re getting free games?

    We’re paying a subscription for Plus that alone means nothing we get is free.

    Then you add the fact that you only get to play the game as long as you’re a member, you don’t actually get given the game to keep.

    This makes Plus a Rental service and anyone who says we’re getting ‘free’ games is either speaking incorrectly, or just plain wrong despite how simple it is to understand nothing we’re getting is free here.

    Since it’s a paid service that has become a Rent really old (for this gen) games service, we have very good reasons to complain or criticize, especially when we see other areas getting far better rentals (or even if your personal tastes dissagree, the rentals are at least far newer).

  • Suggestion: voucher for 30% off vita memory cards!


    PS+ US is improving each week! Good job!

  • Morgan you need to send me a box of tissues I have been crying the last 3 months with these plus updates. I don’t know if I will ever recover from the sadness of these updates.

    What happened to Big Sky Infinity if anyone else watched the trailer on the drop post yesterday it said free for a limited time for plus members but here it is not listed as a free plus game. That is really disappointed news and false advertising.

  • The free games are great and all (really, they are!), but I just got plenty of money from my birthday this past weekend, so… discounts? Really? No Holiday sale?

    Also I’m just curious – will next week be the last PS Store publish of the year?

  • I’m wondering if Vita updates will be monthly since they have such a small pool of potentially free games to pull from. I’m guessing we’ll see Hot Shots, MK, or Little Deviants next and not much else until January.

  • @48 Will EU plus let me play the EU downloaded games on my NA account?


  • @48 yep you can i have a japanese account bought things there and can play normal on any acount

  • Dear Playstation,


    But anyways, I find it funny that I was planning on getting this game and it will soon be free for PS+ members. Keep it coming Sony, I have alot of hard drive space that needs to be filled with games.

  • Been an Xbox subscriber for years, we never get free stuff. 25 Cents for our Birthday which is kind of insulting considering we paid $50-$60 a year for each year of Gold.

    Last year I decided to try PS+, I can’t even list all the free stuff I got for that subscription. I get much more value for my money with PS+, even with the differences between here and the UK we still do pretty good. I’m still trying to convince my Xbox friends of the perks of PS+. Some have jumped, I’ll get more as time goes by. But if you keep adding games like these, it will make my argument a lot easier.

    Thanks Playstation.

    P.S. I’m not renewing my Xbox Gold subscription when it expires in Feb.

  • what’s with all the complaining here? I mean, come on, these are two great games. Rochard was one of the best psn titles released last year, and SSF4 is probably the best fighting game to come out this console generation. Yeah they may not be most peoples cake, but you are getting fantastic games for a low yearly subscription. And don’t forget, there is still more to come, december’s not over yet.

  • @ 49

    It’s all subjective. Some weeks hit and some don’t but when you look at the overall picture of what we have gotten over the entire year PS Plus is easily worth the price of admission. Like I’ve said from the beginning PS Plus is the best service around.

  • btw. Although the results will change over the day, whens the last time a Plus poll had such a high percent of people choosing the nothing for me this week option?

    • to be fair, we haven’t had a ‘nothing for me this week’ option before. But I’ll be including that option in the polls every week from here on.

  • @people who answered my EU plus question

    Thanks thats great to know, now I just need to find where to buy the Europe Plus cards or PSN cards and I can sign up for the version of Plus people actually want :)

  • god…another boring fighting game. And Rochard?! Really?

    Why couldn’t we get the new Black Knight game free instead. God, i’m so sick of these crappy game selections.

  • GREAT update! Not interested in Street Fighter, but Rochard looks awesome!

    Nice to see you guys are throwing a mix of everything for free. Still enjoying Bioshock 2! So many games for only $50, I LOVE IT!

  • Cool, I always wanted to try SF4. Never played it before, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t going to pay for it. (Well, there was that lousy iOS version… wish I had kept the dollar!)

    Of course, my heart does belong to Tekken Tag Tournament 2…

  • No vita games :( that makes me a sad panda.

  • I think this Morgan guy doesn’t listen to what the community wants and he’ll say differently but at the end of the day he works for PlayStation and he’s going to say whatever he needs to:-(.
    I know a whole lot of PlayStation plus members that don’t even come to the blog to write about not being happy with what they’re getting and it’s easy to say just create a European account because because you’re not the one forking up the money and you don’t know how long my membership is paid or my friends. They should base games that they’re giving for free base on what type of games most people are playing and I can guarantee you it’s not fighting games still love plus as a service!

    • I’ll always say what I can to answer questions on based on the information available. But perish the thought of me not reviewing these posts and getting feedback back into the company. It’s a slow process, and Plus is growing by leaps and bounds every day. But I’m always in favor of getting good info back into the company to help us continue to improve Plus over time.Thanks for your feedback!

  • (Looks at this post, looks at download list, looks back)

    Well then, time to play more Street Fighter…..sigh….my god….

  • Another great plus update! Love the street fighter games but there not at the top of my list so I typically can’t afford them because all the other amazing games that come out! Can’t wait to see the vita content later this month! Plus= greatest deal in gaming history!

  • Does Sam Andreas work well with the PSVita?

  • I don’t care too much for Street Fighter. If it has online multiplayer, then I may give it a go. I love puzzle games, though, so rochard (and its dry humor) is a good fit for me.

  • My question is, will my game save from the disc work with this digital version of SFIV? If so I will DL this and sell my physical copy. I hope some one can answer. I find some games do this and some don’t. Also, please give us Batman Arkham City for Xmas (or whichever holiday one observes). Thanks!

  • Good update. I have SF IV already but nice to see such a great title for free

  • Actually this update makes me quite happy!, i was just about to buy this game a little ago. Still wating a solution for the Sonic Collection issue though!

  • No discounts this week?

  • Another fighting game???? You guys aren’t even trying anymore, huh?

  • Hi Morgan,

    I’m just wondering, since Christmas and New Years lands on a Tuesday, will you be publishing the store content a day before or a day after the respective holidays?

    Thanks for the update, Rochard looks fun! (Too bad I’m terrible at fighting games) =)

  • @74 thats kinda funny. I hadnt even touched my xbox (other than when I moved) in over a year, but thanks to the new cruddy version of Plus I signed up for 360 Gold Live for the first time in years, the other week. So the opposite of you lol.

    I use to brag to my xbox friends about Plus, now I stay quiet to avoid the mocking after all the changes that took away every part of Plus Id be bragging about (who would want to brag about paying 5 or 6 bucks a month to Rent really old games? Costs less to do in person at a rental store.

  • plus comments are always intriguing….. but it’s clear the service wasn’t intended for people who purchase a ton of games regardless of region

  • Nothing really for me in this update but I still love PS+ for all the great games it has given me. I would love to see Tokyo Jungle join the instant game collection since I haven’t had a chance to play it yet. Also if Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning were added to the instant game collection I would do a happy dance right in the middle of my living room.

  • Personally, I think this is another great update. SFIVAE is a fantastic game, and one that I miss being able to play. I was actually getting ready to drop money on picking it up, I’m glad I didn’t! And Rochard is one the better indie games on PC, so having it for fre eon PS3 is certainly nothing to complain about.

    Keep it up, Morgan and the PS+ team! Looking forward to seeing what’s ins tore for PSVita+ as well what’s coming around Christmas.

  • sigh….unless you haven’t already purchased Rochard, that game is a good time! Yet again, games I have already purchased.

    {Perhaps being a Playstation Plus member just discourages purchasing games from PSN.}

    And it kills me. Unfortunately I haven’t bought Journey OR The Unfinished Swan. This kills me….the idea that these games will be made “free” someday in the future, so I save my cash now. I could buy them now, scrap the idea of being a Plus member?

    What do I do Mr. Haro?

  • Love these games and I own both. I’ll gladly download a digital copy of SF though. Any body know how big the file is?

  • @94

    to completely different service…. why compare them

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