PlayStation Plus: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Free for Members

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PlayStation Plus: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Free for Members

This week PlayStation Plus continues the piping hot delivery of updates to keep you warm this December. Last week, you took the plunge into the underwater world of Rapture with BioShock 2 joining the Instant Game Collection. This week, you’ll be busting out your shoryukens and controlling gravity with two great games: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Rochard!

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December 11th PlayStation Plus Update

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (PS3)

Free for Plus members

Street Fighter IV was already a bonafide hit when it ushered in a new era of 2D fighters. Take that winning formula, refine and balance one of the best fighting game engines, add four new characters (Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu, and Oni), take part in new online modes and you’ve got one of the most complete fighting game packages ever. See you online; I’ll be the guy using this handy guide to my all time favorite fighting game character.
Rochard (PS3)

Free for Plus members

A PSN gem, Rochard brings fantastic puzzle-platforming in the form of taking control of astro-miner John Rochard. Though a humble premise it may be, you’ll be addicted to the gravity control mechanics of Rochard as you solve environmental puzzles and explore new ways to navigate the wonderful trappings of this galactic platformer. It’s a PSN exclusive that, if you missed, you should definitely make the time to play. You can read more on the game from the PlayStation Blog’s coverage. Please note, this title will only be available free in Plus for one week.

That’s it for this week’s update, and remember that the above updates will be in effect once the PlayStation Store updates on December 11th; usually between the times of 2:00pm – 5:00pm PST. Also, for those wondering, we do have PS Vita games on the way in December that will add to the already great library of content on PS Vita Plus. Watch for those to be announced in this space later this month.

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Please remember to jump in to the PlayStation Community Forums in the Plus space where you’ll find threads (or start your own!) to discuss Plus. Of course, leave your thoughts here as well and remember, giving specific feedback is always the best course. Enjoy the update, and see you in the comments.

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PlayStation Plus 12-11-2012

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16 Author Replies

  • o god there is going to be a bloodbath in here. i honestly don’t get why you guys keep doing this to US plus subscribers. i love plus but this disparity between eu and us is getting ridiculous.

  • This is a really good update in my opinion. Two high-quality games, the definitive version of the SSF IV series. Got a question though for anyone reading. As someone who has NEVER been a part of the fighting game scene, even casually, is it fun trying to get into Street Fighter? I don’t own an arcade stick and don’t foresee that kind of investment any time soon. Will it be worth my time to try and learn a controller since I don’t want to get good enough to actually play online?

    Pumped for Rochard. Physics puzzles are my bread and butter!

    • Street Fighter is probably one of the best bets to try out the fighting game scene; especially this entry. Like anything else, there’s a learning curve, but whether you’re playing online, or with friends in the same room, if you take a bit of time to find a character, and get good at that character, you’ll have a blast.

  • I know I said I wanted more Japanese games, but I’m good on fighting games now! You can stop, it’s okay.

  • Never saw this coming. Great update!

  • why isn’t there any themes or avatars anymore?

  • And vita ????? o.O

  • SSFIV:AE is awesome, now I don’t need to get off my butt and bother putting the game disc in my PS3: Thanks PS+ team.

  • now THATS what i’m talking about, already own SSF4AE but these are the types of games we need to get…kudos

  • and this is one of the main reasons why I let my + expire.

  • Complaining about the games we get doesn’t make sense to . why should we be given games that sold extremely well? many people already have them! keep giving us well reviewed but lower selling games, Sony.

  • ugh i see that you guys are trying but..its xmas time!!! and Europe store is kicking the US butt…i love street fighter but thats all im pumped for.. hoping for a bada$$ update next week

  • I’m not the one to complain about PS Plus because it’s an exceptional service and the best service around. With that being said their is disparity between U.S and EU PS Plus. I was hoping we can get Crysis 2 or something along the lines that EU gets.

  • Where’s Big Sky Infinity? The teaser trailer says that it will be free for a limited time for PS Plus. Is that next week?

    • I noticed the trailer on The Drop this morning. I’ll request this trailer be removed from the US Blog as it’s only been announced for EU Plus at this time. In the items I’ve seen, the game isn’t set for NA Plus in the immediate future. Sorry about the trailer usage there. *shakes fist* youtube!

  • hmmmm, hope there would be Game Discounts. guess only tommorow will tell but from this post i dout it.

  • Heck yeah! this is a really good update! XD

  • You alredy gave us 2 fighting games and now a third one… its ok, i like the update but seriously im tired of them plus i alredy own mortal kombat and its much more better than this game but oh well.

  • Another fighting game wow to be expected something that PlayStation fans don’t want this is why Morgan does it weekly and the monthly so the backlash won’t be as bad as it should be I just can’t believe what we can compare to the UK this is getting ridiculous. Morgan should say wait for next week so you could be disappointed again. How many fighting games to you think we want what about adventure games or shooting games not the BioShock isn’t a good game because it is but this weekly thing has to go so you could say now if you don’t like what we have will there’s always next week that’s a copout :-(

  • Pretty nice update this week, and pretty civil here in the comments so far. Frankly I’m just waiting for the complaining to start, it’s always fun to watch people make a fool of themselves.

  • Still no ps plus info for vita :(

  • Not interested in another fighting game but thanks for Rochard. Looking forward to the Vita offerings coming soon.

  • two retail games in a month.. thats a first.. SSF4AE would be a good deal if i didnt already have it!! -sigh- (i didnt even know that game was available digitally btw).. i have two questions:

    1. On The Drop for this week the Big Sky infinity trailer video mentioned it would be part of the instant game collection.. soo will we be getting that too on ps3 (or is that the vita version)?

    2. Bioshock 2, SSF4AE and Rochard makes 3 free PS3 games this month… we usually get 3 free games a month. So does that mean now we wait til January to see what the next (disappointing) free game(s) will be.. or being that its the month of xmas, will we be getting more than the usually 3 free (ps3) games this month?

  • I do appreciate the update. PS Plus is the best service around. I am glad ths is the “complete” version of SF4


  • Can I please make a request: Motorstorm Apocalypse has been free in the EU store and even though it retails for 19.99 in stores it is STILL 59.99 on PSN store

    I love buying digital, but Sony needs to compete more with Steam-prices, especially on their own 1st party games

  • First off

    @morgan what happened to Big Sky Infinity? Right on the trailer it says Free for plus subscribers for a limited time.

    Looking forward to trying Richard, but wow. I am with @1. The comments are going to get really really ugly. 2 fighting games in a few months wow the EU vs US complaints are gonna get to pay per view level today.

  • btw nothing for me this week.

  • I try not to jump into the comments with negativity a lot, I know you guys read these and I like to voice support for the work you’re doing when I’m into it while still recognizing that not every update is for me.

    That having been said, this is really disappointing. Sony JUST released a huge fighting game that people should be trying and experiencing (and buying, IMHO). Not to mention the fact that SSFII Turbo HD Remix and KoF were free not that long ago. I understand that they’re different games, but if you’re not into fighting games much, they all kind of blend together. We’ve had a lot of fighting games come through plus in the last few months (SSFII Turbo HD, KoF XIII, SSFIV Arcdade) while SCEE has given away Limbo, Arkham City, Red Dead Redemption, and Crysis 2 among others.

    I know that each region has different strategies and whatnot, but I’m still really hoping SCEA’s strategies with Plus will start aligning with my interests a little more :-\

  • Rochard rules highly recommend it and now that it is free no excuse for not playing it!

    And I AM PUMPED FOR SF IV. Gosh first KoF now Xf….sony ps plus…I love ya!!!

  • The disparity in quality (in my opinion) between the US and EU Plus releases is pretty frustrating. I’ve already played Arkham City and Vanquish, but would be THRILLED to be able to revisit them, while I have no desire at all to revisit Bioshock 2. A good shooter for those that haven’t played it, but not a lot there to make you want to come back to it if you played it three years ago. And I like Street Fighter fine but am not a particular advocate of fighting games, and we just received one a few weeks ago.

    NOW, on the other hand I am excited to play Rochard. The last PS Plus offering that interested me in the slightest was Quantum Conundrum, and Outland and Walking Dead before that, so clearly I’m way more interested in the PSN offerings than the retail ones.

  • Thank you for the early update, they really make my Mondays at work. I am looking forward to Rochard.

  • Plus is a joke, Seriously! I’ll take my $18/50 that i would spend on a sub and go buy a game that i want.

  • This is some kind of joke right?


    We’re paying good money for the Plus Rental Service and you still can’t figure out how to offer us anything but old games to rent? And another fighter?

    So we’re paying for this “Great” service and other than uploading to the cloud, all I’m seeing is a bunch of old games to rent/borrow.

    It’s a RENTAL service now for gosh sake, RENT us some NEWER games or there’s no point to this service!!!!

    Yes we shouldn’t compare regions (according to you) but the EU somehow manages to let their Plus subscribers RENT much much newer games.

    Just what the heck is up with NA Plus, it’s continuing to give us old, cheap, bargain discount bin games to RENT (not even own), it’s almost Xmas and it seems like the updates are just geting worse. Happy holidays to us…

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET US RENT MORE RECENT GAMES!!!! Otherwise plus is just a joke.

  • Fantastic update. SSF4 was totally unexpected. Best of all it’s the Arcade Edition. I’ve heard of Rochard but never played it. Barman AC and Vanquish would’ve been great, but I’m no longer disappointed.

  • I am in no means content with Plus yet but this is a definite step in the right direction guys, try not to complain like we did with bioshock 2 cause SSF4 is miles better than bioshock 2

  • Bioshock 2 last week, now this, ok its not new and GOTY like the EU but finally the thing it’s getting more equally.
    No crap psn games like the last months…

  • @20 Is it really that hard to read the blog post?

    “Also, for those wondering, we do have PS Vita games on the way in December that will add to the already great library of content on PS Vita Plus. Watch for those to be announced in this space later this month.”

  • Awesome, I’ve been wondering when I’d finally get around to playing Rochard!

    Excited about SSF4:AE too. I bought SF4 when it released but Capcom released updated versions shortly afterwards like they always do. Nice to know I can finally get all of the updates for free; thanks Sony!

    • same. I wanted to get to it back when it first came out on last year’s “Only On PSN” event, but never got around to it. Now I have no excuse

  • I started my trial 2 weeks ago. I spend most of my time playing LBP2, and you guys bump games off too quickly for me to play through them. PS+ service is too ADD for me to make use of, so I think I’m going to just pony up for LBP2 digital @ $20 at the end of the month instead of $50 for a year of PS+.

  • I love PlayStation plus I just think the team behind it! is out of touch with what the consumers want :-/

  • Not bad, but seriously, I want me some of that Vanquish that EU PSPlus members already got.

  • Let me think…

    Batman AC or SF IV AE????….

  • Whoaaaaa….Street Fighter???? :D

    Playstation Plus, the best deal in gaming!

    BTW, you guys that want the EU Plus updates, you do know you can just make an EU account etc. etc….

  • Request:

    Crysis 1

  • I’m fine with the update although I don’t really need another fighting game. think comparing the EU and US plus perks is kind of silly. The retail games the service offers are always either tied toward upcoming releases or are games with a ton of dlc. That has to be the hook for publishers to allow the games to go out free in the first place. I suspect some of these titles have dlc that still sells well in one region and not the other, hence the disparity in titles. Looking at those differences just reinforces the idea that the grass is always greener. If every month featured a SSFIVAE and Rochard along with the discounts Plus offers, I’ll look back on it as fifty bucks well spent.

  • Come on and VITA Game? EU store have best free games.

  • @39 When games get bumped off, you don’t lose them. They’re yours to keep until your subscription requires. All you have to do is “purchase” them while they’re free. You don’t even need to download them…just get them into your download list and they’ll stay there even after the game comes off of Plus.

  • For those who like to say ‘ you can just sign up for the EU plus’

    Will EU plus let me play the EU downloaded games on my NA account?

    No point in gaming if I have to use someone elses/a fake account instead of my own.

    Assuming the people who recommend this have actually done it and know how it works of course.

  • Awful update, best thing was Morgan spouting his usual “next week is going to be amazing” line last week like he does every week.

  • how about Little Deviants, ModNation Racers Road Trip, Escape Plan or Resistance Burning Skies for psvita ps plus?

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