DmC: Devil May Cry Demo, DLC Detailed

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DmC: Devil May Cry Demo, DLC Detailed

Hello, Dominic Matthews here from Ninja Theory bringing you an update on DmC: Devil May Cry.

First off, I want to tell you about some DmC add-on content that we just announced. Called Vergil’s Downfall, it features six brand new missions, in new environments where you play as Dante’s twin brother Vergil.

Vergil has his own unique combat system (if you know Vergil from the previous games you’ll recognize some of his signature moves) and the story, which is intertwined with the events of the main game, takes place in Vergil’s very own personal hell. Lovely!

You’ll also get to take on new enemies and upgrade Vergil’s combat as you play. Once you’ve completed all the new missions you’ll have four new difficulty modes to unlock including Son of Sparda and Vergil Must Die, both of which feature unique enemy waves and enemy behaviours that are different from those in the three default difficulty settings.

The reason that we’re telling you about this add-on content before the main game is even out is not because it’s finished (because it’s not, there is still a lot of work to be done!), but because we want to offer it to you for free when you pre-order DmC: Devil May Cry.

It will be available to buy if you wish, but if you pre-order the digital version of DmC: Devil May Cry on PSN you’ll get to download Vergil’s Downfall at no additional cost when it is released early next year. So if you like your add-on content meaty and you like it for free, pre-order DmC. Update: The Vergil’s Downfall content will be free for GameStop pre-orders only. PSN pre-orders will get the Costume Pack DLC for free.

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The second piece of news I wanted to give you is that the DmC: Devil May Cry demo will be available to download on PSN starting today. The demo includes two missions: Under Watch, which takes place in the heart of DmC’s city streets, and Secret Ingredient, which is a boss battle against the adorable Succubus demon (you’ll see what I mean when you meet her!).

When you start the demo you’ll have the choice of three default difficulties to select from, but if you complete both missions on one of those three settings you’ll unlock the demo’s Son of Sparda mode. This presents the demo’s hardest challenge, featuring a unique set of tougher enemies and enemy waves to take on.


From the start of the demo Dante is equipped with his Rebellion sword, His Ebony and Ivory hand guns, his demonic axe the Arbiter and the angelic scythe Osiris. We wanted to give you a really good feel of how the combat plays so we’ve started you off with quite a few upgrades on all of the weapons in the demo too. Try my personal favourite, the Stinger (forward, forward, triangle). I’ve been stabbing demons in the eye with the Stinger for a couple of years now and I still get a kick out of it.

If you like the demo, pre-order the game on PSN and get Vergil’s Downfall for free. I’ll be taking your questions below – please fire away.

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  • @50 suvic
    I’m 21 years old, I had played all 4 DMC games long before NT released their first trailer for the reboot two years ago, and I like this new Dante. Why? Because I find the look aesthetically pleasing. I’m an art major in college right now, and I like the way this game looks. I like the way the gameplay looks, and I can’t wait to try this demo out.
    So what’s the point of giving you this bit of insight into my personal life?


    Nobody likes people like you. You decide you don’t like something and you can’t validate your own opinion without pretending that everybody agrees with you. Then, when you find somebody who doesn’t, you immediately belittle them and treat them like they’re inherently wrong just because their opinion doesn’t match yours.
    How DARE you say something so disgusting and hateful to Ninja Theory when they’ve worked like crazy with Capcom to make this game stand up alongside all previous titles while still standing alone as it’s own game? How DARE you pretend you know what Ninja Theory should be doing when all you can complain about is Dante’s look? Don’t comment here again. Your opinion is unwanted and juvenile, to say the least.

  • Where The Hell is The Demo Ive Been Waiting For Almost 12 hours now and all Ive seen is a crappy new version of The PlayStation Store

  • and you got the wrong time on here is 6:07 not 3:07

  • I haven’t tried the previous DMC games but they look kinda interesting. This however has the distinct aroma of another games company who views its customers as something that only exists to support them. Not a good attitude to take if you want to last in the working world in the future. But enough of that, As others have said all the press releases, pics, trailers and so forth give this game the sort of appeal that caters only to the most negative crowd.

  • ITS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @51 Completely Agree… Im Huge DMC Fan (I Run Trenchcoat Trio In UMVC3 & PPl Hate!!) & Im Really Looking Forward To This Game… Nothing About This Game Has Turned Me Off Yet… So Why Do So Many Ppl Complain About Something They Havent Even Checked Out Yet…. ITS DEVIL MAY CRY Not GAMERS WILL WHINE… I Cant Wait To Learn Some Combos

  • @54 CaptainJames99

    I don’t understand where you’re getting that impression from. If Ninja Theory only cared about the financial support of the customer base, they wouldn’t have changed the game so much. They would have just put out a generic DMC clone, which is originally what they were planned to do (at least with Dante). It was Capcom who forced them to repeatedly change Dante’s design until it become something completely different.
    NT is taking an franchise and making it into their own artistic statement. They’ve proven through their previous titles and this new DmC that they care far more about telling a story and making art out of gaming than using their customers for cash flow. Even this huge DLC expansion they’ve come up with is completely free if you preorder the game…

    And yes Irishboy3173 is right, it is now up! Just finished installing. Game time.

  • Who is Dante? – Explore Dante’s early years in a gripping narrative featuring familiar faces from the series alongside all new characters its back in his old days

  • Ninja Theory I’m looking forward to playing your version of DMC.

  • @azureflamelord, actually as an aside thats an accurate name for you. But back to the point: your claim their making some kind of “artistic statement” and not pandering to corporate cash grabbing is patently absurd. No it has no basis in reality. And to where I get facts. I look at everything from press releases and other media regarding this, I do so to make intelligent choices to what games I do or don’t buy. Something you should start doing with a critical unbiased eye. Resorting to the same tired fanboy groupthink, while humourous, helps no one least of all you.

  • Idk why ppl are complaining about the new DmC take… It looks awesome and I’m sure the game is gonna rock!! It’s a new DmC game for crying out loud! It can only get better! It’s almost like saying they prefer to play 80’s console games than PS3 games. LOL! :P Wait till’ some of these *trolls play that Demo!! LMAO!! [Trolls]

  • will see if you can walk the talk Ninja Theory

  • @ 50 supvic – You are 100% right…and who don’t agree with you…isn’t a true fan of DmC.If they didn’t listened to the fans when we asked to change this gay-looking Dante than they shall learn in the sales.They spoiled Dante completely and not just him…look at the personality of Vergil…WTF is that?…both great characters gone.

  • I tend to keep away from Unreal Engine games but I’m still surprised how badly this game performs.

    All the usual UE stuff: tearing, slowdown (extreme in cutscenes), lack of effective anti-aliasing.

    But there is some sort of anti-aliasing filter, it just doesn’t work very well and affects the 2D HUD, even the main menu making the text shimmer. Most developers applying PPAA do it before adding the 2D overlays so you don’t have this problem.

    Self shadowing is really low-res blocky, it’d look better with none! Dante’s hair is chunky and opaque, Nathan Drake’s hair in Uncharted 1 even looked far better.

    The sound skips regularly. THE SOUND SKIPS! In one spot, a water sound shifts immediately between left/right audio channels but there’s nothing obvious making the sound and the volume shouldn’t shift that dramatically.

  • A lot of the non-tiled environment textures are really quite low res, like the archway uprights near the start of the demo. This dead ivy stuff starts to fade out when you’re still really close to it, either to improve performance or as part of the otherworldly look, but either way it doesn’t look good.

    Looking down at the tiled ground next to the fountain after the first big jump, moving the camera slowly, the ground had a really strong shimmer effect, similar to when something’s badly upscaled and animated. If it’s part of an animated water shader effect, it doesn’t look like the water’s there..

    I hope for Ninja Theory and Capcom’s sake this demo is from a significantly outdated build of the game.

  • LOL The demo frame rate sucks balls, another lazy port for the PS3

    I feel bad for those who pre ordered this sh…….. ops game.

  • For comparison

    Metal Gear Rising is always + 50fps and practically doesn’t tear on the PS3.

    and this thing called DmC doesn’t even hold 30fps LOL

  • One more thing, and I think it might be another Unreal Engine trait (always using BINK video encoding) but the intro FMV quality is awful. Some of the blockiest video I’ve seen since the original Gears of War.

    If it’s like this in the finished game, it’s an insult to the Blu-ray Disc it’s stored on.

  • @51, are you freaking kidding me? you’re saying an “aesthetically pleasing” Dante justifies radically changing (and ruining) his look and turning him into something he’s NOT?! you’re missing the point, this is a HUGE insult to the original fans from day one regardless of how and what they change, it’s the principle!

    and you must seriously be living under a rock if you think I’m the only person who disagrees because over 90% of the feedback I’ve seen over the last year has been EXTREMELY negative, the worst I’ve ever seen in the history of gaming. Just youtube “DMC reactions” for a start.

    I’ll keep making my voice heard until they get the message that the fan’s WON’T accept this BS.

    and don’t give me that BS about “free” DLC when everyone knows it’s just content withdrawn from the game then released later as if it’s something new and bonus we’re suddenly getting for free. It’s just clever marketing, but it’s so painfully obvious it’s insulting.

  • @60, So the moment I defend a game I legitimately like based on everything I’ve seen (and now played), I’m considered a fanboy? Based off of this demo, this is the first DMC title whose combat I’ve legitimately enjoyed this long, and this immersed by. I recognize the game as art because it’s an experience that immerses me and feels like more than another clone of the last game. I’m glad you are able to base your entire opinion of something on what other people say about it, but I’m going to appreciate the game for what it actually is by experiencing it.

  • @68 I’m aware of the number of fans that complain about this game. Some of them have opinions I actually respect. Yours I do not. You just whine because you don’t like Dante’s new character, which in no way defines the game. What really bothers me though is that you called anybody who liked the new Dante a child, which is so ridiculously condescending and baseless that I had to call you out on it. You have no right to insult other people’s opinions just because you don’t like something. If you want to criticize, actually think about something to critique the game with. Don’t post hateful, meaningless crap. Oh and lastly, YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE PEOPLE. Let the people speak for the people. Speak for yourself or shut the hell up.

  • This is easily the worst game I’ve seen this generation, and it really hurts me that you people are ruining one of the best franchises to come out of the PS2. I really hope this game fails miserably. It deserves to.

  • @ Supvic

    The game is set in a parallel universe which means by definition Dante should look different than he did in any other incarnation. Also, by that same definition his attitude should be different as well.

    Your opinion as a fan of the game does matter but in the end the company making the game makes its own decisions, as it should. Are they supposed to call you up and say “hey supvic, are you okay with this design for Dante? No, it sucks? Okay, we will get something else together and run it by you again until we get your personal approval since you represent all DMC fans”That’s how you sound. You do not represent all of us who are DMC fans and how dare you think you have the right to decide who is a true fan or not. As for changing the look of Dante, it’s called artistic license, a word that I doubt you know and one I suggest you look up.

    How would you feel if someone came up to you and just started insulting your life’s accomplishments (provided you have any)? Lastly, don’t you feel ashamed of yourself in hoping that someone’s work will fail? Gee, why don’t you just walk into a high school or college and tell someone you hope they will fail to graduate?

  • Actually I DO represent the majority of DMC fans, I’ve been following this game since it was first announce and the feedback has been overwhelmingly negative, there is NO doubt about that. If I were the only person who disagreed then of course I’d have no right to whinge.. but I’m not! It’s the majority, and you only need to watch any DmC video to read what most people think. And based on conversations with people who do like this new Dante, they ARE kids, it’s based on experience I didn’t make it up.

    and I KNOW it’s in a different universe, THAT’S THE PROBLEM! they had no right to change his look and attitude, it’s just freaking insulting! No one wants it and the only people who don’t care never grew up with or respected the original character.

    So no I don’t take back a WORD of what I’ve said, it might be harsh but it’s just the truth, blame Ninja Theory for disregarding the fans. The fan feedback was overwhelming right from the announcement trailer and nothing has changed, so they shouldn’t be surprised, but they never cared in the first place.

  • @74 supvic
    If you really were paying attention, you’d have noticed that, as NT and Capcom worked more closely together and improved the combat with jump-canceling, combo moves deliberately taken from Dante’s original move set (such as stinger), and beefing up Dante’s look to be less a nervous wreck and more a rebellious teenager, the general view started shifting in a more positive direction. I have seen a ton of positive response for this game, especially since the release of the demo. The critical response (people who have actually played the full game) is also mostly positive.
    Vic, you do not speak for everybody, and you have no right to insult people who like the game. That’s the point I was making. It doesn’t matter how many people agree with you, because I don’t. My opinion will always be just as valid as yours. Anyway, thanks for at least being civil with your responses.

  • @ Supvic

    Really? Do you want to show me where thousands upon thousands, possibly millions of people granted you the right to speak their thoughts for them and who accepted you as the person to represent them as fans of DMC? Also, they have every right to alter the game and character as they choose. They own the content and the legal rights to it, not you. Hell, if they wanted they could make him traipse through Limbo wearing a Barney costume and they would still have every right. Capcom chose Ninja Theory to design the game. As such they gave them their full support as a publisher and any changes to the game were obviously approved and cleared by Capcom. I suggest you gather some knowledge as to know the game industry works because you are clearly lacking in knowledge there. Btw, I played the demo and I thought it was cool. I especially loved how they made it easier to change between weapons with the R2 and L2 buttons. They also left the Demon Grapple arm in. I like the rebellious teenager Dante too. Now, are you going to tell me again like you have been telling everyone that I don’t have a right to my opinion?

  • I have my doubts on the new dante, but honestly, after trying the demo a few times and seeing what’s been done with the gameplay, I’ve gone from no interest to a possible day 1 purchase and pre order. It definitely seems like this will be Ninja Theory’s best game no doubt, and even though I’d love to see what would have been, had there been a Capcom developed DMC, I enjoyed the demo quite a bit and I’d like to see where the rest of the game goes.

    The demo turned me around quite a bit. I’m open for new takes on games, and this one is far better than what could have happened.

  • Devil May Cry DMC is awesome! I mean, let’s face it, what a hell of job Ninja Theory and Capcom did working together. I saw some people saying “I will wait for MG R so I can play a 60fps action game”. What the hell the game media did with OUR children ?

    I remember renting Resident Evil 2(for PSOne) and at the same time buying Mario Kart for SNES and I did not bother if one was 3D and other was 2D or even if they were in 1 million FPS (lol). What is good is good, period.

    Btw that child or no (scary) said that statement 12 hours BEFORE DMC demo was available. That’s what scary me. It is so hard to download, install and play?. If it’s hard, let me have a conversation about waiting for 3 mouths for a PREVIEW or the time that there were no DEMO games for public.

    In the end DMC is great, and I’ve been playing the series since I was 13 and I must say I’m very positive about continuation and the young Dante. that’s not wrong with it. The game is solid, amazing graphics, amazing combos which I haven’t be so pleased on DMC 4. Anyway, I’m pleased after playing the demo.

  • The same people that says “Capcom did not have the right to change Dante’s look, hair, etc” are the same people who do believe in Robert and Kristen love, who KNOWS that Kristen pictures were a fraud and the same old-new childish that uses phrases like “you are INSULTING me for saying that’s ok the new Dante’s hair”. That’s about the same people that was mad about Harry Potter in the past.

    Yeah, like Dante’s hair, clothes or voice is the best important thing in the game. What have media or we did to our children or adults (that’s what makes me wonder..) ?

  • a less nervous wreck? the old Dante was the complete opposite of that! It sounds like you just described the new Dante. I’ve got no respect for Ninja Theory and I’ve lost all faith in Capcom (who were my favourite devs during the PS2 era). I’m just expressing the overwhelming majority of the feedback I’ve seen. We’ll have to agree to disagree, if you enjoy it then so be it but there’s not a chance in hell I’m ever buying this.

    @jb_x105strike, when did I say others don’t have a right to their opinion? you just pulled that comment out of your *** because I never said or remotely hinted anything near that.

  • I never played any DMC before but after trying this DEMO, I have to say that I LOVE IT. I don’t know about old DANTE, but I like the way New Dante acting. The problem which I don’t like in this game is Blur effect, it makes my eyes Bluuurrr. However, I love this game, and I’m very happy that I can download it on PSN. I will pre-order it but not right now, may be 1 week before it launch. Thanks for you guy support Digital version. Because physical disc is not easy to get in my area.

  • @80 supvic, I WAS describing the new Dante. I was saying he started looking like a nervous wreck in the 2010 trailer, struggling to control his powers and his anger and resorting to methods like smoking. When they threw smoking out, they also started beefing him up and actually making him look young, which got rid of a portion of the negative response right off.

    And if you don’t want to play the game, that’s fine and I respect you for it. I have my own reasons for liking this style for Dante, and I like the gameplay itself even more. That’s just me though, and that’s why I’m going to get it.

    (By the way, I think what x105strike is referring to is your initial statement that claimed anybody who liked the new Dante was a child, implying that such an opinion could only come from not knowing any better.)

  • Please, give Heavenly Sword IP another chance. Heavenly Sword was lovely and my favorite game this generation. Please do not waste the material, characters, world, art style, story potentials, etc. It was truly a breathtaking experience.

    Heavenly Sword 2 please!

  • Just came to comment that I’ve tried the demo and it’s f-ing cool!, great work ninja theory!,

    I really like this game, will definetely buy it.
    And to all the people complaining, it’s a rebirth of the series (or reboot), get over it. It’s happening.

    I have to admit the first trailer and the first concept of DmC was HORRIBLE, FUGLY.

    But you change it, and now is a LOT BETTER.
    Looks great and plays great (from the demo), and I really like this new Dante, it’s a fresh take on the series.

    I wasn’t a fan of Devil May Cry before, never played them, but since I knew about this game, (specially since I saw the changed dante,*not the one from the first trailer ever released*) I became interested in the series, I even bought the Devil May Cry HD Collection, and it’s great to see this new direction your taking.

    Can’t wait to get the game!.

  • The new DMC DEVIL MAY CRY its awesome,i really like it and i am gonna buy it.

  • @azureflamelard, seriously, I base my statments on FACTS to the point some here tire of me saying the word. You on the other hand spout poorly written marketing propoganda so yeah your a rabid fanboy and it shows. You’re spouting the most absurd nonsense. Get over yourself cause your just wasting evryone elses time.

  • @CaptainJames99 Give me some actual facts then, bro. I want to see you legitimately prove your “all they want is our money” crap. The people who make God of War only care about money. The people who make the CoD games only care about money. How do I know? Because they release the same game repeatedly with minor updates knowing that the mindless masses will shell out for it.
    NT intentionally took a risk and made this DmC their own personal project instead of just making a weak knockoff (like what most of DMC4 was). Yeah they’re not perfect, but at least they’re actually trying to put some art into their game designs.
    You, on the other hand, are just an arrogant elitist who shouts “SHAM!” from the rooftops so you can be part of the popular crowd who are currently crying into their novelty Dante panties over this game.
    Seriously, go write news reports for Fox so you can be among your own kind. Nobody needs people like you. And by the way, the only time being wasted here is yours and mine because you keep replying. You came here to insult something you know nothing about then pretend to be an intellectual about it. Do you have any idea how absurd YOU’RE being? Of course you don’t.

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