DmC: Devil May Cry Demo, DLC Detailed

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DmC: Devil May Cry Demo, DLC Detailed

Hello, Dominic Matthews here from Ninja Theory bringing you an update on DmC: Devil May Cry.

First off, I want to tell you about some DmC add-on content that we just announced. Called Vergil’s Downfall, it features six brand new missions, in new environments where you play as Dante’s twin brother Vergil.

Vergil has his own unique combat system (if you know Vergil from the previous games you’ll recognize some of his signature moves) and the story, which is intertwined with the events of the main game, takes place in Vergil’s very own personal hell. Lovely!

You’ll also get to take on new enemies and upgrade Vergil’s combat as you play. Once you’ve completed all the new missions you’ll have four new difficulty modes to unlock including Son of Sparda and Vergil Must Die, both of which feature unique enemy waves and enemy behaviours that are different from those in the three default difficulty settings.

The reason that we’re telling you about this add-on content before the main game is even out is not because it’s finished (because it’s not, there is still a lot of work to be done!), but because we want to offer it to you for free when you pre-order DmC: Devil May Cry.

It will be available to buy if you wish, but if you pre-order the digital version of DmC: Devil May Cry on PSN you’ll get to download Vergil’s Downfall at no additional cost when it is released early next year. So if you like your add-on content meaty and you like it for free, pre-order DmC. Update: The Vergil’s Downfall content will be free for GameStop pre-orders only. PSN pre-orders will get the Costume Pack DLC for free.

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The second piece of news I wanted to give you is that the DmC: Devil May Cry demo will be available to download on PSN starting today. The demo includes two missions: Under Watch, which takes place in the heart of DmC’s city streets, and Secret Ingredient, which is a boss battle against the adorable Succubus demon (you’ll see what I mean when you meet her!).

When you start the demo you’ll have the choice of three default difficulties to select from, but if you complete both missions on one of those three settings you’ll unlock the demo’s Son of Sparda mode. This presents the demo’s hardest challenge, featuring a unique set of tougher enemies and enemy waves to take on.


From the start of the demo Dante is equipped with his Rebellion sword, His Ebony and Ivory hand guns, his demonic axe the Arbiter and the angelic scythe Osiris. We wanted to give you a really good feel of how the combat plays so we’ve started you off with quite a few upgrades on all of the weapons in the demo too. Try my personal favourite, the Stinger (forward, forward, triangle). I’ve been stabbing demons in the eye with the Stinger for a couple of years now and I still get a kick out of it.

If you like the demo, pre-order the game on PSN and get Vergil’s Downfall for free. I’ll be taking your questions below – please fire away.

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  • I want Heavenly Sword 2: Nariko’s Resurrection, thank you.

  • o god this post is not going to be pretty. capcom haters, new dante haters, heavenly sword lovers etc… . good luck and i will try out the demo because i never played any of dmc before.

  • I’m really looking forward to the demo… not that I need to make up my mind about the game. I’ve had it pre-ordered at Amazon for a while. The game looks gorgeous and I like the direction you’ve taken with the art direction. I’m glad that the game is in your hands cause we’ve seen what Capcom has done with some of its big franchises and it isn’t pretty.

  • No thanks…

    I’ll waiting for a truly 60fps action game which is MGR: Revengeance.

  • That’s Great! My fist time with DmC. I never played any of DmC before.

  • Despite the criticism of the so called “fans”, i really love the new DMC, Ninja Theory have proven themselves before as an excellent Developer, Enslaved and Heavenly Sword were booth awesome games.

    I want Enslaved 2!

  • Never played a DMC game before but seeing Ninja Theory is making this pretty much guarantees a purchase from me. Enslaved is one of my favorite games this generation.

    So as soon as the store updates with the demo we can pre-order the game?

  • Devil May Cry is a great franchise but I’ve been disappointed over the year awaiting for DMC5 to release I hope its here to be an KNOCK OUT!

  • Whether you like the DMC series or not, you have to admit this new game just looks bad. The whole idea of basing it around our time of “Fox News-style propaganda” is really tired and uninspired. The main character is annoying and unlikeable, and they’ve made him “cool” by having him swear all the time, which is great if you’re thirteen. As for the gameplay, they’ve simplified the hack-and-slash combo syste so that even if you’re terrible you can still get an S-rank.

    Anyone who’s considering this should just get the HD collection instead. Three whole games and they’re much cheaper, and better, than this new one will be.

  • lol Im getting tired of all these digital releases….

    if i buy it on PSN I save 5 bucks (because of the lack of tax) but if i buy the disc.. I save hard drive space…. my hard drive isnt gonna like me much if Im dling 5gig+ games every month (and Im sure a game like dmc would be in the 10-15 gig mark)

    I only did it with RE6 and most wanted because of the 20 dollars back for spending 100+ in the ps store in oct… AND one of the two games had a ps+ discount ALONG with no tax… so unless DMC will have a PS+ discount as well Ill get it digitally, otherwise Ill throw away an extra 5 bucks and save some hard drive space.

  • Heavenly Sword 2!!!

  • This looks really cool, Go Ninja Go, Ninja Go.

  • I’ll try the demo, i’m skeptical of NT based on previous comments made by them.

  • Is this per order bonus only for the PSN copy or is it for retail copies too? Also, is there going to be a discount on the digital copy? I know everyone always asks this and unfortunately no one really answers …. Until they find out there’s not.

  • I’m a huge fan of the original DMC. but I’m not one to judge until I’ve tried something. So I will not only play the demo, but I will also play the game when it’s released and give Ninja Theory a chance.
    But looking at videos of the game, it looks very promising. So we will see how well they have done with this game.
    I’m hoping I do like it (maybe even love it), because this game looks like a lot of fun, and I’m so wanting to try Dante Must Die! and Hell or Hell modes.

  • Who will be to blame this time if another NT does not sell well? Fans? Capcom? Sony?

    Going multi-plat because Heavenly Sword did not sell well, then the multi-plat Enslaved sold even less, blame was put on everyone it seems but NT.

    I have high hopes for DmC, but previous statements do not sit well with me made by NT.

  • @16: Yeah, Ninja Theory’s attitude doesn’t make me happy at times. They make good games though. I love Heavenly Sword and Enslaved.

    Only thing I dislike about this game right now is the fact they’ve just released a trailer for DLC to a game that’s not even out yet. Announcing DLC before a game is out is bad enough, but showing off a trailer for that DLC is just not sitting well with me.

    I’ll try out the demo and see what it’s like. I was always planning on buying this, but this DLC trailer is putting me off big time.

  • Oh and before someone explains what the post says, I know. I read it. Doesn’t change how I feel. So save your “breath” as it were.

  • Devil May Cry 1 is my fav game of all time, a great Sony exclusive and launch title over 10 years on the PS2. It is incredibly dissapointing to see the original character of Dante and his storyline completely abandoned. Nintendo would never do this with Mario, Sega would never do this with Sonic, Konami would never do this with Solid Snake. Why would Capcom reboot DmC?

    My advice. Consider making a new Devil May Cry game with Platinum Games. Hideki Kamiya has made it clear he is ready and willing to work with Capcom again.

    To Ninjatheory, I applaud your effort, but this is not what the fans have been waiting for.

  • They don’t make “good games”, almost every criticism levelled at NT is regarding their horrible or broken systems. Graphics and game-flow are rarely a problem. They make “good” stories – if you’re not very well read, that is. And they do “good mocap” or facial animations. Period.

    I’m not convinced that such an action heavy title as this should have been given to NT. They are way out of their depth. They should be making CGI movies, not games. The demo should be revealing.

    Oh, and the pre-release DLC is typical of this gen, and not welcome.

  • And yeah, when this sells under the radar, look for them to blame Capcom. Its always the “your fault” problem with NT.

  • lol DMC fans are about as mad as us Splinter Cell fans are with the direction that Sam Fisher has taken.

    Really wish game developers would wake up and start making games for their fanbase and stop trying to pull in more fans by appealing to EVERY type of person.

    Only developers who seem to be doing what THEY want to do are Rockstar and Naughty Dog.

    Ubisoft, Activision, EA, and Capcom..god damn it you guys are annoying.

  • I’m not trying to sound hostile or close-minded, but I’ll express my opinion. This is not the Devil May Cry I want. I just don’t like the direction this game is going. I’d rather have a 5 than a reboot. I will not be supporting this game.

  • cant wait to play demo and full game

  • I think after RE6 underperformed and DmC and Lost Planet 3 bombed in terms of sales, Capcom will go back to his senses and will starting to make good games again.

  • no thanks. The story is too screwed up for me to be interested in this.

    And also as others said: This game is not Devil May Cry, they should have named it something different.

  • would be cool if capcom kept the original DmC series running parallel with the reboot.. Id be fine with that NT can keep their version of DMC while Capcom makes sequel to the old version.. and we get double the DMC,.. heck maybe even a cross over once or twice… see both Dantes team up… or fight eachother and prove which one is the most all around badass… Id happily except that direction

    But yeah NT at the very least does make good stories so if nothing else even if Dante is painful to look at, hopefully the story is worth the eye torture

  • Wonder when Capcom will make another full ps3/360 retail game without any DLC what so ever. Doubt it will ever happen so I wonder when the last one was? I tend to shy away from their games now a days for this reason. I know this DLC is free for preorder but that could easily just be the gateway into more.

  • i was never interested in the original DMC series and even less so this emo version. But i’ll try the demo since its free.

  • “Oh, and the pre-release DLC is typical of this gen, and not welcome.” Exactly, nothing makes me pass up a game faster. Hmm says right here the game will be $85 because they are going to release dlc a week after the release. Yeah, I will just wait if I want the game with DLC at a resonable price. Not going to give a company more money for some thing that should have just been on disc at release anyway. Best scam ever.

  • I look forward to playing it at 9pm when the store gets updated

  • @ 5 WARFFOX – Thats not great lol…you definitely should play DmC 3…and see what DmC is all about.Easy one of the best games ever made.

  • So when can I expect the demo to be up? .. USA eastern time frame wise? (If that makes sense to anyone .. )

  • digital preorder? I’m all about that if it’s a game series I love. Yeah you just earned my support. When it goes live I’ll preorder it. Definitely want it with Vergil DLC!!

  • @20: Opinion.

  • @20. Fact. Almost every review for their games praise the story-telling, narrative and characters and lament the game-systems.

    It its “opinion”, its the popular one.

  • I enjoyed enslaved (even bought it’s overpriced DLC in order to support Ninja theory’s publisher, Namco Bandai) and Would love to see enslaved 2 and a sequel to Sony’s Heavenly sword. Hint..hint.

    But because i dislike Capcom due to their business practices and stunts they pull on us gamers…i’ll have to stick with The IcedDice777 protocol # 7 (NEVER PAY FULL PRICE FOR “ANY” CAPCOM PLUBLISHED GAME).

    I’ll wait for the bargain bin edition…they go between $9.99 – $19.99 and it comes packed with a FREE cup of ramen noodles!

  • People are a lot more aware of Heavenly Sword now than they were back than. Kind of like what happened with Arrested Development. Now they’re making a new season! PLEASE make Heavenly Sword 2!!!

  • Hello,

    Out of curiosity is there a chance we can download and play Vergil’s Downfall without having to have DMC? Similar to Infamous 2 and Festival of Blood.

    Thank You

  • I really wanna know from NT…..why did you guys spoiled two of the most awesome characters that capcom and even more…all games have ever had.Why’s that?…please answer…it was capcom that asked you guys to do this?…damn they really wanna bring DmC series down dont they?
    The game may be good……but these two aren’t Dante and Vergil…nor this game is DmC.

  • Just one more thing….this trailer isn’t the trailer for Vergil’s Downfall DLC.

  • I will not buy this game digitally on the PSN, but I can’t wait to try the demo!! this game looks so cool!, I will definetely buy it ;)

  • I don’t understand why so many people hate on this game simply because of the graphics and the story… This is still DMC, its a reboot with non anime looking characters. I grew to like the darker tone as it fits the music nicely.

    This game seems more story focused than DMC1 and 2. Dante hardly talked in those games! DMC3, Dante spat out corny but sometimes funny lines! DMC4 wasn’t that great as you were playing the same game twice but with different characters. Play the demo and judge it off the gameplay. All the previews for the game have been positive and people are just basing a book by its cover. I can’t wait for this game to come out.

  • Trying to find the demo and not seeing it.

  • were is our DMC demo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I checked on the American and British PS Store….and no demo in sight.

  • still no demo!!
    i am waiting since morning!!!

  • Take it easy ppl!! The Store is not updated yet!!! LOL!! I totally understand the urgency to play it, I know I’ve been waiting for this DEMO for like, a year now? It’s about time!!!

    Well… One question(I don’t know if someone already asked it yet), I thought the Pre-Order DLC Bonus was not only on PSN but the actual game disk pre-orders from other qualified Game Stores. Is it only PSN? I understand the Promo but I’ve always been a supporter/gamer or this franchise and I will definitely get this game… Thing is, every single time(always!! no lie!!!) I download a full game(bunch of GBs) through PSN the game never works properly. According to support its “corrupted” data but I do follow all troubleshoot steps and its always the same. Games lag and skip constantly every time. Maybe its just my PS3 but its just my case. I cant download full PS3 games from PSN cause they NEVER work. I’ve been PS+ since day one and you have no idea how this issue has affected all my PS+ full games. Anyway, Pre-Order Bonus only through PSN? (Pardon my redundancy, its just awful I cant enjoy PSN games like they are meant too. -_-)

  • Only kids like THIS Dante because they didn’t grow up with the original Dante from 2001 onwards. This Dante is an insult, it’s disgusting to see our favourite gaming protagonist EVER become completely ruined and unrecognizable, not just in terms of his looks but also his tone and attitude, it’s simply NOT DANTE anymore, it’s some emo try-hard wannabe and it’s a slap in the face to all the loyal fans. I’m NOT buying this no matter how good it is. I don’t care if I miss out, buying this would be saying “yes I like this new Dante” but I don’t.

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