First PlayStation All-Stars DLC: Kat and Emmett Join the Battle Royale (For Free!)

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First PlayStation All-Stars DLC: Kat and Emmett Join the Battle Royale (For Free!)
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Kat

What? Me again? Wasn’t I just here to let you know that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale had gone gold?

Have you ever wondered what dev teams do after a game goes gold? If all is going well, often times they get down to business with DLC. And in fact that’s exactly what we have begun. I’m here today to announce the first DLC characters that will be joining the All-Stars roster: Kat from Gravity Rush, and Starhawk‘s Emmett Graves!

In addition to the signature weapons you’ll remember from his duels with the Outcasts on Dust, Emmett’s playstyle will also utilize Starhawk’s unique “Build and Battle” system, calling down help from the sky.

Kat’s approach turns gravity on its head with some mind-bending new ways to move as she positions herself for her unique brand of aerial assault. Together, they make up one of the most original duos in All-Stars.

These DLC All-Stars still have a long way to go before they’re ready to be shown off, but we wanted to let you know what the team will be working on now that we’ve gone gold with the main game, and that you can look forward to playing them… for free!

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Emmett

Yes, you heard that right. We’re very happy to announce these first two DLC characters will be free to everyone for the first two weeks once they are available for download early next year.

That may sound a little tricky, so let me be clear: once Kat and Emmett are finished, we’ll put them up for download. They’ll be totally free for two weeks. The only limit is that you have a two-week window to claim the characters. Once you have Kat and Emmett, they are yours forever. That may sound like a lot to remember, so don’t worry, we’ll be back closer to their release to remind you of all these details.

Everyone at SuperBot, Bluepoint, and Santa Monica Studio has tried hard not only to make a great game, but also to keep the fans very firmly in mind, offering the most we can wherever we get the chance. So far we’ve offered exclusive free pre-order costumes, an amazing digital version for PS Vita at no cost when you buy the PS3 version, frame-accurate cross-play, and now Kat and Emmett coming soon for free!

We’ll have more information about these characters and more DLC news coming soon, so stay tuned here for more announcements, and thanks again to everyone that has supported us as we prepare to cross the finish line. Come join the party on November 20th as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale launches, and I’ll see you online!

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  • I’m now sold on getting this game for sure! Kat’s inclusion was something I was waiting for since PSAS was announced!

    I secretly hoped she would somehow be a secret Vita exclusive character, but who cares now, she’s in! AND FREE.

  • That is awesome! can’t wait for these!! Kat! curious on how Emmetts build and battle will work. Can’t have too many shooter people though.

  • how about Gabe Logan to Playstation All Stars and Syphon Filter to Vita and ps3 or ps4, Nathan Hale to Playstation All Stars and Resistance 4 to vita and ps4 launch title, thank you.

  • Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    You guys are freaking awesome
    you added my favorite character in Kat, the game is officially a 10 for me now
    and they’re free too

    Thank you SuperBot, You guys are indeed super

  • Great news!!! 2 DLC characters for free and more DLC for the upcoming year!!! Good Superbot!, you learned form Capcoms mistakes and you seem to belistening to fans.

    I was really waiting to hear frm the FORGOTTEN BIG 4 though (Cloud, Crash, Snake and Wander). Anyway, time will tell :)

  • YEAH!!
    Thanks Seth, SuperBot and Sony!!

  • welln ow im buying this game day one knowing you guys are putting lots of effort into this games dlc to make it even bigger. This si what Brawl should have been if you ask me. And having it on ps3 and vita is awesome too

  • btw are they rivals? Is that how ur gonna be revealing DLC characters? In rival duos?

  • oh and it being free is a huge plus for me!

  • Yes, the developers mentioned that all DLC characters will be like on-disc characters with story and rivals, So I guess Kat’s rival is Emmett Graves.

  • Kudos to you for handling DLC the way it should be. I never ever bought any day one DLC. It should have come in the game for the full premium price we already paid for it. Wasn’t considering buying this game, but this might change my mind.

  • @ Ryumoau

    Emmet has some cool magic stuff going on actually (rift energy) and his level 3 super will probably see him summon one of those awesome StarHawk Mecca :) – Not really a generic shooter guy, but i get why you might think that, as stawhak was made mainly for the MP shooter crowd, with the story not really in the limelight.

  • This is wonderful news…but still. SPYRO!…had to get that out. :)

  • @60 thats good. i was afraid they would just be characters you can only use online. Glad the developers are taking the time to add story for them.

    btw, where did you find that avatar? is it on the NA store?

  • So happy to see this. Was looking forward to Kat, but Emmitt is a huge surprise! Us Starhawk fans are overjoyed!

  • Sorry Bid Daddy, you’re not my main anymore. Move over cause’ here comes Kat! Woo!

  • Kat and Big Boss are on the top of my list of characters. 1 out of 2 so far is not bad! Keep supporting this game, I’m doing my best to get my friends into it.

  • Seth and SuperBot !!! Can you use your connections to get MEGA MAN as DLC on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? Make it happen!

  • good stuff. gravity rush seemed goof from the little i’ve played…vita was stolen a few weeks back :( and I may have to give starhawk a shot now since I havent even tried it

  • great news for all. at first i was a little upset that they add two coles in the game but thanks to these two being added to the roaster, im alot more greatful to superbot. i wonder if free dlc stages will be added along with these character also. if not no big deal(but will be totally awesome if it were).

  • Thats great news! but im still hoping for mystery characters already in the game loll. Ill probably be disappointed but anyway ill try the game next tuesday

  • I’m still awaiting news on jrpg characters from the PS1 era.

  • Well, I am happy to see Kat. I am one of those people who was disappointed that there were not enough Japanese characters in the lineup, especially Final Fantasy characters, since FF is one of the first titles anyone would think of when thinking of Playstation. Not that excited about the Starhawk guy, to be quite honest, but I really like the way you are offering them.

    I will keep watching, the DLC characters will determine whether or not I finally pick this game up. Here’s also hoping that guys have, at least 10-12 DLC characters since the lineup is quite sparse at the moment.

  • Also, the creators of the Oddworld Games and the Disgaea series have said they would love to have their characters as DLC, so get to making Abe and Etna DLC! Those would put me over the top in my decision on whether or not to buy this!

  • I literally gasped with excitement!

  • @ clupula668

    There are less Japanese characters because Japanese games are much less relevant in today’s market. All the modern gamer wants to do is go:


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  • This is awesome news!!! I was buying this game Day 1 anyways….

    I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but Crash, and Sypro have to be n the game. I would gladly spend $3.99 for that DLC as a pair.

    None the less, so far great news, and keep them coming!!!

  • @74

    As much as I love Etna, I think Laharl would be a better choice. That way he could call in Etna (with Prinnys) and Flonne for his supers so that we get to see all three. :)

  • This is awesome for so many reasons!

    1) Kat was one of the most wanted characters. (Not counting Crash/Spyro.)
    2) Starhawk was not represented character-wise before this. (The more you cover PS history, the better!)
    3) An additional female character!
    4) It’s FREE!!!

    Thank you so much for this, SuperBot and Sony. This is absolutely class. Can’t wait for more DLC announcements. (Lightning/Cloud and Wander, maybe?) ;)

  • SuperBot, Bluepoint, and Santa Monica Studio ARE THE BEST! :)

  • will they have two costumes if you preordered the game?

  • Best news all month, great work guys

  • Great to see Kat join the roster. Now perhaps give us Ellen from Folklore? =3

  • SETH!!! So you didn’t confirm whether or not Kat and Emmett would be rivals, so does that mean we can expect 2 more DLC to be their rivals?!!

  • Glad to see these two would make it in. Feels like you guys ran outta time to fill in the last two positions. It’s ok though I want to see all stars succeed. Can’t wait to see more modes, characters and levels!

  • @79 – Honestly, I think if we get a NIS character, it’ll probably the Hero Prinny or something, but as much as I like Laharl, I think the game needs more female characters, so I would prefer Etna. Plus, she is like the crossover Queen as this point.

    @76 – I’m aware of that. But this is the PS3, where an unadvertised and underhyped game like Valkyria Chronicles sold close to a million copies in the West and Final Fantasy XIII sold more than twice as many copies as the 360 version. Not to mention, if you look at the monthly top downloads, every month, the majority of the top 5 PS1 classics are Final Fantasy games. There are a great number of JRPG fans who are also fighting game fans, since they are primarily Japanese genres, so I think they’d be doing themselves and us a great disservice to ignore us completely.


  • I’m so glad to see Emmett joining the roster. Thank you Sony & Superbot!

  • DLC characters i’ll gladly shell out some ca$h as long as their not $5 per character like how CAPCOM did with MVSC3.

    Characters I want in as DLC.

    Sephiroth as one of the Playable characters and a bonus boss.

    Tidus or Cloud(Final Fantasy)
    Sora(Kingdom Hearts)
    Jaster Rogue(Rogue Galaxy)
    Toan(Dark Cloud)
    Asbel Lhant(Tales of Graces F)
    Fei Fong Wong(XENOGEARS)
    Crash Bandicoot
    Eva Brea(Parasite Eve)
    A SUIKODEN character from one of the 5 games.

  • @80 – A Lightning/Cloud DLC pack would probably also be enough to make me buy it the day that was announced.

    I remember when this was first announced and part of me hoped that Sephiroth would make it in as, at the very least, a midboss.

  • @90 – I can already guarantee you that you won’t see Samanosuke, since the Onimusha characters were based on real actors. Too many royalty issues.

    I also doubt we will ever see Sora.

    And just on a personal note, if you’re going to pick a Tales of Graces F character, I’m saddened you went with Asbel when Pascal or Hubert would be so much more fun.

  • OMG! Kat and Emmet!! YES!! I can’t wait to see Emmet’s alternate costumes and I want him to have some cool rift energy tricks in the game, like how Sweet Tooth’s alt is his rift energy getup. :D

  • This is really cool. I like both of those characters. Good to see exclusives too.

  • @87

    Good point about Etna being the more popular crossover character. I nearly forgot about just how much she’s been in. Heck I’d be happy with Laharl or Etna, and it would be good exposure for NIS given that the original three are being brought back in a big way for Disgaea D2.

    Totally agree with you about the Japanese game representation as well. I think one thing that a lot of westerners forget is that the roster is shared between all regions and North American and European J-game fans aside, Japanese gamers themselves would likely love to see more Japanese representation as well.

  • i ifgure kat would be dlc beciase the fan wanter her in and also gravity rush is also omar favorite game but emmett surpise me

  • Seth! First off, this is great.

    But! You guys have a chance to make a really unique character here! PLEASE do not just have emmett drop down a building for a super. Let him have a whole button dedicated to dropping down structures that give him a vantage point or advantage unique to his character! It would be unique and unlike any other character seen in a fighting game before!

  • Good job, SuperBots.

    Really love choices of DLC characters! Looking forward to see what you have for future downloadable contents.

    I have a question for Kat and Emmett DLC, will they have minions, challenges and costumes? Raven for Kat’s Minion please! :)

  • Q1 – Will there be a “GOTY Edition” release for PS All-Stars much like what happened with LittleBigPlanet where all of the DLC characters are included on disc? Mainly for tournaments and those of us who dislike DLC in general.

    Q2 – Will the pre-order costumes eventually be purchasable through the PS Store for late adopters?

    Q3 – Should a PS All-Stars sequel be made, will it include the DLC characters on-disc or would they reman as DLC (Barring the previously mentioned possibility of a GOTY release). As you should know Seth, some people were irritated that Jill & Shuma weren’t included on the disc(Well, unlocked at any rate) for UMvC3.

    • 1) That would be cool, but no plans in place yet–the game isn’t even out yet :)

      2) I don’t know for certain, but that’s usually the way these things work. That said, why wait? If you preorder now, you’ve got them for sure and for free.

      3) Again, talk of a sequel or GOTY edition is just too early at this point, but adding the DLC characters to the on-disc roster would be great.

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