First PlayStation All-Stars DLC: Kat and Emmett Join the Battle Royale (For Free!)

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First PlayStation All-Stars DLC: Kat and Emmett Join the Battle Royale (For Free!)
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Kat

What? Me again? Wasn’t I just here to let you know that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale had gone gold?

Have you ever wondered what dev teams do after a game goes gold? If all is going well, often times they get down to business with DLC. And in fact that’s exactly what we have begun. I’m here today to announce the first DLC characters that will be joining the All-Stars roster: Kat from Gravity Rush, and Starhawk‘s Emmett Graves!

In addition to the signature weapons you’ll remember from his duels with the Outcasts on Dust, Emmett’s playstyle will also utilize Starhawk’s unique “Build and Battle” system, calling down help from the sky.

Kat’s approach turns gravity on its head with some mind-bending new ways to move as she positions herself for her unique brand of aerial assault. Together, they make up one of the most original duos in All-Stars.

These DLC All-Stars still have a long way to go before they’re ready to be shown off, but we wanted to let you know what the team will be working on now that we’ve gone gold with the main game, and that you can look forward to playing them… for free!

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Emmett

Yes, you heard that right. We’re very happy to announce these first two DLC characters will be free to everyone for the first two weeks once they are available for download early next year.

That may sound a little tricky, so let me be clear: once Kat and Emmett are finished, we’ll put them up for download. They’ll be totally free for two weeks. The only limit is that you have a two-week window to claim the characters. Once you have Kat and Emmett, they are yours forever. That may sound like a lot to remember, so don’t worry, we’ll be back closer to their release to remind you of all these details.

Everyone at SuperBot, Bluepoint, and Santa Monica Studio has tried hard not only to make a great game, but also to keep the fans very firmly in mind, offering the most we can wherever we get the chance. So far we’ve offered exclusive free pre-order costumes, an amazing digital version for PS Vita at no cost when you buy the PS3 version, frame-accurate cross-play, and now Kat and Emmett coming soon for free!

We’ll have more information about these characters and more DLC news coming soon, so stay tuned here for more announcements, and thanks again to everyone that has supported us as we prepare to cross the finish line. Come join the party on November 20th as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale launches, and I’ll see you online!

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  • Huzzah to both! Can’t wait to start playing this!

  • Kat is so hot!!

  • Great to see, people were asking for Kat! Thanks Seth!

    • It’s truly our pleasure–great characters and at an unbeatable price :)

      Apologies in advance regarding further replies here on the blog today–I’m actually in Madrid in Spain and replying from my phone on a shaky connection. I’ll do my best to reply as much as I’m able…

  • FREEEEEE =D thats awesome build and battle in all stars haha

  • Neat to see that DLC will be free for release. I like that. Thanks to the banner I saw at the top of the blog, however, I now hope to see Monster from Papo y Yo in the game. That’d be epic! His level 3 could be eating a frog and going ape all over the screen!

  • YES!! thx for the early reveals. Keep up coming and some people who were swayed my buy the game yet! Still tryna win the game btw!

  • Do DLC characters have single player stories? are these 2 rivals?

    • Yes, happy to say both Kat and Emmett have full story modes complete with rivalry cinematically. Are they rivals? Hmmm…

  • Additional free characters? Superbot, you’re doing it right!!!

  • this is GREAT news ! how exciting … so, all the naysayers complaining about the 20 character roster – whoa, more on the way ! the possibilities are endless … I’m curious to know how much the additional characters will cost when they are not free, & also if extra stages are sold as DLC, can they be played online MP is the other players did not purchase the add on, or will the match making deal with those issues ? thanks … now, any chance you can break the street date & release now ?? dare to dream, I know – I was spoiled with LBPV a week early ….

    watched the live stream on IGN yesterday – wow. those unseen characters have some moves …. will be really hard to pick a fav.

  • Now lets see if we can get Spyro and crash to be DLC. How about LUBU from Dynasty Warriors.


    Thanks SuperBot, for listening to the fans. <3333

  • Hey Seth quick question

    Are these two rivals with each other? Also when can we expect some more DLC cause, I’m curious to see if you guys were able to get people like Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

  • This is awesome for Plus members too! Since Starhawk was free for the solo campaign and PSVITA plus just announced Gravity Rush as free too! These characters are awesome! Can’t wait to play it!


    Thank you Superbot. People will really love moves like these, including me. :)

  • So I read you folks will be treating DLC the same as the final roster, and that they will get their own story/rivalry.

    Is this true? If not, this is still great news, so many wanted Kat in so it was a given just nice to see it confirmed. Emmet I was actually surprised to see, but he’d fit right in with this game.

    Now if I could just get some spending money together to buy the game Day One.

  • Great news about Kat!! But a bit dispointed too se Emmett in the game. I mean he is nothing really special.

  • Can we get Raven from Gravity Rush as a DLC character :-D

  • Releasing the game now and having that acclaim under your belt should be helpful in convincing more developers to let you guys use their characters for DLC, so I’m excited to see who joins the match in the next few months. Everything about how you have released this game, from beta testing to Cross-Buy, has really driven home that this game is fan service. Very well done, guys.

  • Kat was ovbious haha!
    I can’t wait to see them!! And for now, i’m waiting for Abe, he must be in!! ^^

  • Kat in PSASBR?!? OMG, yes

    I love you Sony!

  • I am no expert, but i think that it could be a good model to offer the DLC for free at least for the first day in every game (at least from Sony first party games). Most of the time DLC is more expensive than it should be and by offering it for free for a short amount of time (even for a day) would benefit a lot of people.

    On topic: It´s nice to see that the roster is increasing, and that you are offering them for free. Do you have to own the game to be able to get them?

    I am more excited for a sequel. I have a feeling this games was just a fan service, and will serve for a test to do a much better sequel in the future. So I hope this game is successful enough to guarantee one.

  • Great characters. For once I thought Tomas “Sev” Sevchenko from Killzone and Nathan Hale or Joseph Capelli from Resistance series were going to be the first. Heck maybe even some Chimeras! hahaha

  • This is fantastic news!!!
    First they listen to our pleas for a Vita version, then they give us free Pre-order costumes, then they give us the Vita version for free, and now free DLC!? Not to mention that they are both fantastic PlayStation Characters!

    How can this get any better? Will SuperBot come visit me on launch day personally and thank me for buying the game?

    Thanks for the fantastic news Mr. Killian!
    I can’t wait to wreck some fools online this Tuesday!

  • I like the choices, here’s hoping for some more Japanese characters like Yu Narukami and/or Old Dad from Nier.

  • Good on you guys for making the DLC free and not pulling a Capcom.

    I will be buying the game Day 1 without hesitation now.

  • Kat, I love you

    and is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome. I can’t wait to play as Kat. I hope to see Sora from KH :P


    You are too good to us Superbot. I didn’t expect Emmet but am so pumped for him. I loved Starhawks and still play it! He’ll be an amazing character I’m so excited to see his movelist.

  • On the topic of DLC, I hope that you fine folks at SuperBot don’t stop with just additional characters!
    I’d love to see some more fantastic stages, as well as costumes, and maybe even game modes.

    But maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself :P As there is already so much content in the retail release alone!

    • Honestly, that all sounds good, and for the record, we absolutely want to do stage DLC. Hopefully I’ll be back here with more good news on that front soon :)

  • Hurry up and announce U1 already

  • Amazing job! Already pre-ordered in PSN Store.

  • I’m very happy to see Kat in the game. I was kind of surprised she wasn’t in it from the start.
    I pretty surprised to see Emmett but his play style sounds interesting.
    I always hate it when fighting games have paid DLC characters. I guess them being free for two weeks is better then nothing, But it still kind of sucks for the people who won’t be able to get it for free later.

  • YES!!! I’ve been hoping for Kat to be in the game (Thank you for granting my wish =). I can’t wait to see who else makes it into the DLC character roster.

  • Those two characters are awesome and best of all free 99.… I’m loving it

  • They should of been included as part of the original line up, instead of those marketing based 3rd-party-character-with-a-game-coming-out additions, who have nothing to do with PlayStation.

    You could of avoided the backlash & losing a lot of good will.

    Still, at least you guys have made a effort to put things right. Emmit is a nice surprise though, I suggested on him blog way back that he’d be good for the game – something different, while strengthening a new sony character asset which could become quite popular in the future, kinda like Kat.

  • So we get Kat but next year, am I the only one who thinks Evil Cole should have been a DLC or unlockable character? I just think Sony’s roster of characters is so great to have 2 versions of the same character in the main roster. I wanted Kat since I heard PSASBR was being made, I just didn’t wanna wait that long.

    • I understand why people would be hesitant about two Coles, but they do play very differently (“evil Cole” is one of my personal best characters, while I’m worthless with “good Cole”). It was also kind of a necessity given the way inFamous treats the two, but I’m really happy with the way they both turned out. Evil is kind of a bulldog powerhouse and Good is much more technical and acrobatic.

  • Awesome news Seth, wasn’t expecting Emmett but I am sure his gameplay will be great. Also will this be the last inclusion of DLC characters, if so that is fince since the roster is already awesome, just wondering if we should be expecting more after Kat and Emmett. Thanks for all you guys hard work on this game can’t wait for Nov. 20.

  • Good to see Kat finally made it in. I will await to see how Emmett plays.

    You know, Seth, Ellen from Folklore and Jennifer Tate from Primal also have many abilities that would do well in a game like this.

  • Who said Sony doesn’t know how to throw a PlayStation All-Star party?

    Gravity Rush free with plus, StarHawk free DLC and now Kat & Emmett free. Next week will be great.

  • Those are great additions, especially Kat! Can’t wait to see them in action.

    Any chance we can still get Kazuma Kiryu?

  • Wow, was not expecting DLC to be announced before the game came out – and have it be free, no less. Kat was a shoo-in but Emmett Graves? Really dug Starhawk, so I’m definitely hyped to play as him! This is going to be my GOTY for sure now.

  • Nice to see Kat added to battle royale, though with her popularity, I am surprised that sony hasn’t released her DLC for Hot Shots Golf yet. She has been available in Japan for some time now, as I am enjoying her on my copy right now.

  • I knew Kat would be DLC XD Awesome that we’re getting both for free. Guessing they’ll be rivals.

    Also, question: Will they come with combat trials related to their character like the on disc characters have?

    • Yes! In addition to their own story mode, DLC characters will have their own trials and challenges, as well as additional unlockable costume, plus a very cool little thing we like to call their “minion” :) We treat downloadable characters just like the full fledged on-disc characters.

  • Wonderful news Seth, this has without a doubt made my day? Will we be seeing any stages with these fantastic new characters?

  • one small step for man… one giant leap for mankind.

  • Glad to see Kat is coming but the Starhawk guy just looks like generic soldier number 16. Hope the rest of the dlc characters are more memorable.

  • Wow! Can’t wait to see how you guys implemented each of their fighting styles, build-in-battle and gravity…man I can’t wait!!! Digital copies are a must for this game, pre-ordered mine already!


  • I don’t care for Kat, but Emmett Graves + his build & battle would be cool.

    Problem is it is only free for 2 weeks, I’m on vacation on January and no way to access PSN during that 1 month period. I really hope they don’t release it in January 2013 :(

  • @46: I agree, generic humanoid/soldier is so boring but Sony has full of these characters… Same with Cole, Nathan Drake, Dante.

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