Grand Theft Auto V: Official Trailer #2

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Grand Theft Auto V: Official Trailer #2

New Grand Theft Auto V trailer. Here it is.

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  • I’ve found a way to watch the trailer. I went over to and downloaded the trailer for quicktime player. THANK YOU SO MUCH ROCK* FOR ANOTHER GREAT TRAILER!

  • Beautiful, engaging trailer. I still use my GTA 4 lockbox everyday that came with the special edition package. I’ve read about pre-order bonuses for GTA 5, but any word on another special edition package?

    I know, I know….too early and such. I’m just excited. Still remember playing the first GTA on the PC back in the 90’s…..hooked ever since.

    Keep up the good work, Rockstar!

    • Hey, that’s great to hear you’re using your lockbox! However, as we haven’t announced any plans for a collector’s edition of GTAV, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you.

  • wow!!! this looks really cool!! cant wait to play this, GJ guys

  • No gameplay? lame.

  • Did I see a GTA version of an Aston Martin DB5 at 0:52?

  • Already pre-ordered this incredible looking game. I know there is little chance of getting any extra info, but I would like to know if there are going to be any collector’s editions for this game. GTA IV’s safety deposit box, soundtrack, and duffle bag were awesome, I hope there is something equally as cool in the works for GTA V.

  • Awesome trailer! Really getting that San Andreas type of vibe, great job R*

  • Wow!. I dont think I have ever finished a gta game because they are so damn big but this another must buy. Looks good guys.

  • Stevie Wonder?
    I must say
    *puts on glasses*
    I didn’t see that coming….

    Sorry lol
    Great trailer though, Rockstar always delivers.

  • Looking forward to GTA V…Collector’s edition please! Now, let’s cut to the chase…RED DEAD redemption 2 better be on the works! Also where’s GTA: San Andreas HD remastered with trophy support? I thought R* loved having the licence to printing their own money? Make this happen!

  • omg GTA5 looks so amazing, no doubt this will be a great improvement over GTA4 & it’ll be an obvious GOTY contender

  • The scene where the jeep drives out of a plane and the driver ejects in the sky = breath taking.
    Love the over the top action/dramatic moments in GTA. Can’t wait!

  • @macswhip4: You know, you should actually try finishing them. They’re great stories they should be completed.
    I know too many people who get GTA every installment, but don’t even bother experiencing the story. :-(

  • “As with all our games’ trailers, it was made entirely from in-game footage and nothing was pre-rendered”

    Such a misleading reply. Sure it was made from in-game footage, but it won’t look ANYWHERE near as good on the ps3/360 when it releases. Take this trailer, lower the resolution, lower the framerate, add jaggies and you’ll have a more accurate representation of the final PS3/360 version.

  • I recognized CJ’s voice actor. Is that CJ? or are you guys just using the voice actor to voice a side character?

  • @64 if you think this trailer’s bullshotted, you don’t have very high standards for image quality. It looks very ordinary for a ‘AAA’ PS3 game. 720p with some post-process AA.

    I’d just hope that is actually representative of the PS3 version, or it gets better still. I read that R* were demoing the game on PS3 so that’s somewhat promising.

  • Impressive…a GTA game without crap graphics…BTW there are some things that I noticed that I’m really curious about…like the Audi symbol…that means that we’re getting “real” cars now?…and the thing that most caught my attention was the Dog…yeah I hope that isn’t just in cut-scenes but in the streets while you’re walking…it’ll be possible to see dogs,cats and any animal that is possible to see in a city streets…I always saw this as a mistake of GTA games…not even a single animal in the streets.Anyway the trailer looks nice.Let’s see what the game has to offer.

  • Can we see this game on the store when it comes out. and can you put this video up on the store so I can download it please.

  • GTA V looks AWESOME!
    I can’t wait, had it pre-ordered since the day I could.

    Hell yeah Rockstar you guys ROCK!

  • I hope you guys make a Collectors Ed! I still have the Lockbox which has been in use since i got it (tons of stuff in it lol), the little R keychain has been on my keys since then too, and also go the Rockstar bag but dont use it like i use to but its still here.

    Always nice when a company makes a Collectors Ed that actually is/was worth it!

  • I dont know if its positive or negative that R* is posting on our blog.(wonder if they do the same with “other” blog, if they have one) for the way they have treated us , where’s Agent? I dont like this game(gta5) either.

  • Hey R*Q! Please pass on to rockstar that we want A day one digital release for this game! This is a game that many of us surely going to play for a very long time. And think of the money you guys would save from not having to print it to disk and shipping it out to us. Not to mention the money you would save from people borrowing the game to other people and selling used copies to GameStop wink wink. Please please please consider this, can’t wait to play the game!

  • toology01

    no thanks i think many of us would prefer a disc version then ALL digital. plus im sure lots of us can use the extra hdd room. oh and the Poster and manual booklet.

  • do we get to pick who we play ass

  • as* sorry lol


  • also that redneck or whatever looks like the guy off 30Rock lmao

  • ik PainOfSarrow big mistake man lol

  • Yep. As soon as Spring rolls around, I’m going to need this in my life.

  • One thing keeps jumping out at me during this trailer….those amazing puppy dogs.

    It’s asking a lot, but I would like to have one of those for a pet in the game. I can choose whether or not they stay at home, and when along help to disarm/bite thugs faces off.

    Maybe? I would let them ride shotgun!

  • Looks amazing!

    What platform is that footage from? Because if that’s PS3, I am absolutely blown away.

  • @Welmosca I always thought that Rockstar didn’t include animals (or children for that matter) in their grand theft auto games because of problems like potential lawsuits from “____rights” organizations like PETA and such if any harm was brought to them. Just my opinion but I’m glad to see them in there (and if you can have pets I would definitely want a siberian husky).

  • Game looks great, definitely going to have to pick it up. More so due to the trophy list being available right away, instead of after I get all the trophies like what happened with the last one. >.<

    Did anyone feel like they were looking at Kane from Kane and Lynch while watching this? Not a bad thing, always wanted a game where the character you play as is less of a "gangster" and more of a straight-up badass like that.

  • There wont be much of variety of things like its usual . There willbe just 1 race of dog

  • the blog is finally working agn amen..

    Uhm i have 2 questions one being off topic

    1 Is it 3 main characters to use inthe game>?. Thats what i take from the trailer..

    2,Off topic. is it possible to release gta vice city and gta san andreas for ps3/psn in the near future.. because alot would like to see that here in the near future from rockstar games.

    vp psn legioairre group

  • PainOfSarrow

    Whoever said they wouldnt do a disc version? Of course they’d do one, I would just prefer to have both options so I can pick what works for me and you can pick what works for you. Id much rather have it on my hard rive, I have a 500gb, space isnt an issue, and its way more convenient. To me, the only point of getting it on disc is to be able to sell it later, which to me isnt good for the developer or games in general.

  • @2: Vaporware if there ever was.

  • Excellent trailer, no words.

  • Excellent trailer! Rockstar, I just wanted to let you know that you always have top quality stuff whether it be merchandise, games or whatever. You even care enough to include awesome manuals/posters with your games which is rare to see these days. I’m looking forward to Grand Theft Auto V and I hope to see an awesome Collector’s Edition!

  • Looks great! Can’t Wait!! Hears an idea. Grand Theft Auto V San Andreas Stories for Vita! Instant Buy!!!

  • Can we please have this video on the next store update. and can we get gta v on day one one the store please

  • I am disappointed by the trailer because I just want to have the game in my hands ASAP! Was the trailer footage from a PC or console?

  • toology01

    hacked ps3’s do exist. eather way ppl are still going to get free copies. it will reduce it yea but it def wont stop it. also not everyone will be selling there games later but i do see your point.

  • ugh 6 months +/-!? :( I’m pretty excited although I’m sure it will simmer down alot before spring… graphics look great ! Would like to see some actual gameplay though.

  • Are you guys going to screw over Playstation fans by giving us dlcs a year later again?

  • Day 1 for me.

  • Looks fun and all, but something about modern gang culture themed games just grates my nerves.

    I’ll wait for the next Red Dead.

  • Just have a question for Grand Theft Auto 5, will it come out for the PSN on day one? Also will you guys get that BlacksOps 2 for the PSN? I’m getting a 1TB harddrive put in my playstation 3 once I get it back from being serviced, (need more space on my playstation) just waiting on the box to arrive to get it shipped off to you guys. I recently just purchased the playstation plus for a year, (not including the 3 months I already have on it) I prefer getting my PS games from the network, gamestop is Ok, and I have disc games, but I love downloading them, So I’m hoping to get these games straight out of the PS store.

  • ehh looks okay.

    im more hype for Yakuza 5 than this game.

    let’s see if it can be on par at least with Sleeping Dogs or Just Cause 2

  • @99 You prefer Just Cause 2….over GTAV? You.. have terrible terrible terrilble taste. Just Cause 2 is worth no more than $5. There’s no substance to it. It’s fun to drive off a mountain with a monster truck, but there’s nothing to do after that.

    I haven’t played Sleeping Dogs or Yakuza so I can’t say they’re better or worse. And I refuse to base opinion off of video game ratings as they are bullcrap anyway.

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