Grand Theft Auto V: Official Trailer #2

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Grand Theft Auto V: Official Trailer #2

New Grand Theft Auto V trailer. Here it is.

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  • Hey everyone, hope you’re enjoying this brand new trailer for GTAV and we’re pleased to be able to bring it to PlayStation.Blog. We know you’ll have tons of questions about the game and, while we might not be able to answer them all directly here, we’ll be back to bring you guys more as we approach the game’s spring 2013 release.

  • So where’s Agent? That’s all I care about.

  • Is it not working for anybody else?

  • Video not working….

  • Doesnt seem to be working on the rockstar Site either :(

  • Nope. Not working on ANY site. Not even Rock*

  • eh, nada

  • Hey all, if you’re having issues seeing this stream then you can catch it over on our YouTube channel:

  • Thnx ^^

  • awesome trailer RS you guys are amazing just a question was the trailer from in gameplay footage or was from cut scenes?

  • Looks amazing, the series gets better and better.

  • Can not wait! I love the fact you can control 3 different characters! The animations look top notch. Really pulls the best from GTA4, Red Dead, and Max Payne 3.

    This will be THE game of the year for 2013 without a single doubt.

  • OMG why does that Redneck guy’s Voice sound so familiar

  • This game is cool an all, but what’s the status on Agent? I’d like to know whats happening with that game. Any screen shots of development?

  • Why did you guys decide to make GTA5 and not Red Dead Redemption 2? Red Dead is a way better game.

  • AMAZING!! :D The city size is HUGE! And, so many things to do and the variety and the city just looks so alive! Very impressed! Animation and subtle touches are top notch as well!

    So, one big question… I see trains, can those be hijacked?!?! :D
    I seen one being used in the cutscene/mission but would be awesome if you got to control them, too. ;)

  • I am in know way trying to be a party pooper, I’m actually going to pre-order this. I’ve just been interested in Agent for a few years now.

  • I guess im the only one holding excitment back until i know more about the gameplay and dtoryline. cause GTA4 to me was terribly boring. i dont care how good the game looks all i care about is how much fun it is. also well ps3 owners have to wait a year after 360 to get DLC. i still remember your guy’s crappy deal with GTA4.

  • This gonna be awesome!

    @15 because they can do both ;)

  • Yeh, looks pretty slick.

  • Looks amazing. Definite day one purchase. Now, just to ask, is there any chance that we could get a Day 1 Digital release? I’m not asking if there will be, only if it could happen. If contracts have been signed elsewhere making a digital release upon release impossible, that’s fine. I think a midnight PSN release would be huge and a great investment. Make a digital version available to preorder next week, I think you guys could break the PS store.

    Excellent job no matter the digital thing. Can’t wait. Rockstar is probably one of the best studios out there, between amazing properties, astounding technical prowess, and a team that still supports their games even after years of being out and plays with the community regularly. I think you guys should consider running a seminar for other studios so they can get better.

  • This looks amazing! My question is, will this game be supporting Games for Windows Live or will it be using Steam Works? I’m probably getting it both on the PS3 and the PC.

  • Looks amazing, can’t wait to play it!! love the soundtrack, goes with the trailer ;)

  • Hi R*! I know you probably won’t be able to answer my question, but hey, hope is what keeps us going right? Are you allowed to talk about the games Rockstar is working on for the Vita? is it a GTA? If so, I’m so sure it’d sell heaps! Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories for the PSP was a dream come true. My gamer/geek life would be complete with a portable next gen GTA, and I know many friends who would buy one just for it! Thanks :]

  • i’ll find that Sasquatch this time!!

  • Wow can’t believe it’s already been a year since the last trailer. I hope we’ll see a GTA for vita someday…..

  • Sad to say, I wasn’t a fan of GTAIV…though the Episodes From Liberty City were fantastic! There’s already more personality in this 1min 50sec trailer than the entirety of Niko Bellic’s exploits and you can bet that has me excited. Nice work R*!

  • Looks like a big Soprano’s influence: The arguing between mother and daughter, the pool-side drink, the ghetto-influenced son, the reference to his therapist.

  • Love the See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil at the end. The father/son dynamic looks like an awesome thing to explore within the narrative. Can’t wait!

  • Awsome its look great ! i so gonna buy it ! i hop there is be lot of fun :)

  • That sounded like Johnny Knoxville as the old messy looking guy!

  • awesome trailer

  • awesome trailer

  • Please launch the game in May, that’s Rockstar month for me where I play solely your latest games each year now. Plus there are a lot of games releasing in the first 4 months of 2013, I want to be able to give GTA V all my attention in May!

  • Please tell me that this game requires 5 DVD’s but 1 Bluray for us :P

  • Does the PS3 version of this game have any exclusive features?

  • Looks ok graphically speaking i’ve seen much better.
    I can’t say anything about gameplay before i see gameplay videos.

    What about AGENT? Is there any hope? I only care about exclusives cause multiplatform games are never well optimized on PS3. GTA4, RDR are really low res on PS3.

    What system is this trailer taken from ?

  • so cant wait… leave it to the PS Blog folks to show the lack of excitement im seeing on all the other sites… as soon as the first logo showed up for the game, i was ready for it to come out immediately… of course, with all great things, patience must prevail… Great trailer.. loved the humor and look forward to the game making me laugh.. thats a huge positive in my opinion… it’s realistic humor….

  • this looks AMAZINGGGGGGG. my FAV game series of all time once again on the rise. i have every GTA game that exist and this soon will be right there with it. its greattt to see RockStar on the PSN blog. there my fav and this game WILL be Epic. day 1 Purchaseeeee. one question, can you actualy Walk Dogs in here ? maybe you cant tell me at the moment but would be SICKK, my whole city going be in the house playing this. everyone loves GTA series where im at. going be a ghost town for ah whilee haha. Luv the Trailer, Hell Yeahhhh

  • Dope! DOpe!! DOPe!!! DOPE!!!! This gonna be THE reason for me to turn my PS3 on again. RockStars you Rock!!!

  • @16, if im not mistaken, we were able to drive the train in San Andreas, correct?? that title had trains in it… there was a mission involving it, im sure… otherwise, there wasnt really much functionality to using it…

  • So how about Sony think a bit more about this scenario:
    In the span of about 1-2 months (after Xmas) these games will all release:
    GTA V
    MGS Revengeance
    GOW Ascension

    Sounds awesome! Yes! Good for Sony? No. MGS and GOW will not sell due to bad timing. GTA V is bigger than both and Sony has to hope that Spring 2013 means more April and May than March.

  • Yeah I didn’t care GTAIV at all, was pretty boring.

    However GTA V looks great, not just graphically. I’ve been following the game since the announcement, pretty stoked for it, gonna pre-order as well.

    Only thing I’m not looking forward to… Getting DLC because of Microsoft (We know it’s going to happen) late. :T

  • @39 Painofsarrow yeah I noticed the dog too, you don’t see many animals in GTA games.

  • I am just not that excited to be switching around between 3 different characters. Seems like it will be a clusterf**k. Bring on Red Dead Redemption 2 instead.

  • Great video, Rockstar!

    Talk about the good, the bad and the ugly! hahahahaha nice one! Can’t wait to get my copy next year!

  • BlueBl1zzard nahh you sure dont. they mainly contain of just birds flying around. saw a pic of one of the main characters holding a thick Leash chain around his dog. soo hope its possible.

  • Nothing against Rockstar. but the media i wont listen to this time. cause all they did was praise GTA4. and then when i finally played it. to me it didn’t deserve the high reviews it got. im hoping you guys listened to all the complaints from gamers not the media.

  • awesome to have an actual response from R* on my post… love all the GTA games that i’ve owned.. some more than once… look forward to more information on the soundtrack as well.. great choice with Stevie Wonder, a musical icon, to be sure…
    oh, and for the record, i drive a Jeep and i’ve sported a Rockstar logo on the rear window since i bought it, not to mention one on my previous Blazer for several years… gotta give support to the developers who know how to make a worthwhile game… Keep up the great work….!!

  • Any chance that there’s going to be a collectors edition?

    • Hi there, as we haven’t announced any plans for a collector’s edition, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you. Great to hear you’re looking forward to the game though.

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