Tekken Tag Tournament 2: PSN Release, Free New Characters Tomorrow

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2: PSN Release, Free New Characters Tomorrow

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I wanted to give the PlayStation Nation the inside scoop on some cool things we have coming up for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 this week. Starting on Tuesday, November 13th, we will be offering Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a download on PlayStation Store for $49.99. For those of you doing the math right now, that’s $10 cheaper than a Blu-ray copy of the game. And for those of you who have not purchased the game yet and are looking for another excuse to download or grab a copy, we will be releasing the final timed character roster update this week as well! BOOM! HYPE! WISDOM!

Monday night we’ll unleash the final Tekken fighters from their cages and let them loose on the internet for our dedicated fans. The new unlocked characters for feature three returning favorites: Dr. Boskonovitch, Unknown and Violet. It’s been a while since players have been able to get their hands on these characters and play as them themselves, with Dr. B last playable in Tekken 3, Unknown last playable in the original Tekken Tag Tournament and Violet in Tekken 4. It’s been a long time, but we think it has been worth the wait when you see the changes the team has made to the new characters. These guys are absolute beasts in the ring with new move sets since the last time we’ve seen them.


And in addition to that, we will also be releasing Ancient Ogre, Angel, Michelle Chang and Kunimitsu to everyone as well. These four characters have, up until now, have only been available for players who pre-ordered the game. Now with everyone able to use them, I’m super interested to see what you guys can cook up in the lab with them. To top all that off, these characters are absolutely free and are added to your character select the next time you boot up your copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and are connected to the internet.

So be sure to download Tekken Tag Tournament 2 from the PSN Store this Tuesday, grab all those unlocked characters, brush up your skills in the Fight Lab and let’s take this fight online. My PlayStation Network name is Filthie_Rich if you want to go a few rounds. And make sure you sign up for a World Tekken Federation account to join online teams and receive detailed analysis of all your past fights. Also, follow @ Harada_TEKKEN on Twitter for the most recent status of the development team!

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  • want to know the total size of the game?

  • Why did i even preorder the game then?

    you get it 10$ cheaper still get the DLC content and for free too.
    well good to know that my snoop dogg stage and bikini’s still remain preorder exclusives
    For now……

    Maybe i should wait to see if Dead or alive 5 is going to take this route.

  • That sounds excellent *lee voice*
    HMMM!? Now if there was an update to stop spammers and ankle biteing low kickers..

  • @51: You got the game on launch day (presumably).

    I guess that isn’t enough anymore. Things go down in price, deal with it or never buy something until you can find it on the street for free. I mean, otherwise you may have wasted money buying it!

  • dammitt this would come out when i am saving for black friday T_T

    oh well i can get it the following week ^_^

  • Using the 3 new characters now! Great job on the new characters Namco… so much fan service!!! Thanks for making the best fighting game of the decade even better. I’ll be playing TTT2 for YEARS to come.

  • Tekken tag on the vita please.

  • I’d take any Tekken game on the vita. Just please give us one!!

  • the dlc 4 TTT2 is worth more than going 4 SxT dlc, which capcom is 2 greedy to be generous for. at least u guys r fair ;)

  • About time. Too long wait to release 3 characters not in original update.

  • You have too many friends :C Not fair~

  • Update is great. But very disappointed in the complete lack of customization option’s for ‘unknown’. I kinda understand why this might be but we should at least be able to change the color of the purple slime around her body. It only really looks good on the boss level on some it’s really looks jarring and not very good due ot the lighting. Because of this I want to make it a darker purple.

    Other than this very minor gripe. good work on this game namco.

  • how do i gt the update ive connected to the internet on my ps3 and like the other updates i thought itll do it automatically but it still wont update :(

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