Tekken Tag Tournament 2: PSN Release, Free New Characters Tomorrow

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2: PSN Release, Free New Characters Tomorrow

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I wanted to give the PlayStation Nation the inside scoop on some cool things we have coming up for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 this week. Starting on Tuesday, November 13th, we will be offering Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a download on PlayStation Store for $49.99. For those of you doing the math right now, that’s $10 cheaper than a Blu-ray copy of the game. And for those of you who have not purchased the game yet and are looking for another excuse to download or grab a copy, we will be releasing the final timed character roster update this week as well! BOOM! HYPE! WISDOM!

Monday night we’ll unleash the final Tekken fighters from their cages and let them loose on the internet for our dedicated fans. The new unlocked characters for feature three returning favorites: Dr. Boskonovitch, Unknown and Violet. It’s been a while since players have been able to get their hands on these characters and play as them themselves, with Dr. B last playable in Tekken 3, Unknown last playable in the original Tekken Tag Tournament and Violet in Tekken 4. It’s been a long time, but we think it has been worth the wait when you see the changes the team has made to the new characters. These guys are absolute beasts in the ring with new move sets since the last time we’ve seen them.


And in addition to that, we will also be releasing Ancient Ogre, Angel, Michelle Chang and Kunimitsu to everyone as well. These four characters have, up until now, have only been available for players who pre-ordered the game. Now with everyone able to use them, I’m super interested to see what you guys can cook up in the lab with them. To top all that off, these characters are absolutely free and are added to your character select the next time you boot up your copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and are connected to the internet.

So be sure to download Tekken Tag Tournament 2 from the PSN Store this Tuesday, grab all those unlocked characters, brush up your skills in the Fight Lab and let’s take this fight online. My PlayStation Network name is Filthie_Rich if you want to go a few rounds. And make sure you sign up for a World Tekken Federation account to join online teams and receive detailed analysis of all your past fights. Also, follow @ Harada_TEKKEN on Twitter for the most recent status of the development team!

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  • Any idea how large the file will be?

    • "Filthie" Rich Bantegui

      The file should be quick small and painless! Remember how we did it ninja style for Slim Bob, Miharu and Seb? It’ll be the same.

  • Ahahahaha, a guy named Violet.


  • @Jesszman

    Violet is Lee’s Alterego.

  • YES!!! FINALLY!!! Looking forward to playing Unknown (her combo exhibition on Youtube is CRAAAAZY!!!) and Kunimitsu. I did pre-order, but only got Angel and Michelle (along with the Snoop/Bikini bundle) and not Kuni and A. Ogre. I’m ready to get it in once again!!!

    • "Filthie" Rich Bantegui

      We hope you enjoy the new characters you will be able to play! Hopefully you enjoy my favorite character Ancient Ogre!

  • What about releasing Street Fighter X Tekken right now too? Or other PS1 and PS2 Street Fighter games on PSN?

  • Been waiting for this to be released on PSN! Dunno if the game’s still gonna require us to install, or if it even matters. I think I read with PSP games it was still better if you installed anyway on a downloaded game.

    And is this a PSN first — a download version of a recent retail release that’s actually cheaper? My goodness.

  • Excellent news!

  • @triple_lei

    Not sure if this is a “PSN first”, i could have sworn i’ve seen a similar “download cheaper” recently, i just don’t have proof atm.

    Excited for new characters. It will bring me back again.

  • Awesome THIS IS HOW DLC’S SHOULD BE :D FREE ! thank you MR HARADA and NAMCO bandai :)

    • "Filthie" Rich Bantegui

      Shablaaammoo – Follow us for more random ranting on @Harada_TEKKEN and @Filthierich. Hopefully PlayStation blog lets me write more things like this


  • @2 They’re on disc so probably 100kb.

    Glad to see them come out. Just waiting for the WiiU version to release so we can get the rest.

  • Oh can’t wait for Kunimitsu and Dr.B….oh damn its been a while since I last played with Dr.B and also Ogre….good old times of Tekken 3…….and I’m eager to see Kunimitsu moves in Tag 2…anyway this is an awesome work from Harada-san….I’ll be always supporting Harada-san…thanks for free characters and for making the best fighting game EVER.

    • "Filthie" Rich Bantegui

      I think that you will really like the new characters. All the characters featured for this update will have a ton of new moves. Dr. B for example is now in a stand up mode with a few stances that you can mess around with to add a ton of combo capabilities! Ogre will bring back memories and win streaks with his high-damage output!

      We’re glad to hear you are hyped and excited – I’ll see you online!

  • sadly Dead or Alive 5 has way better gameplay than this.

  • @gohan16ken Because Namco would have anything to do with Crapcom property?
    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 best fighter this gen. Roll on Tekken X Street Fighter, can’t even wait for the music especially if sanodg is involved as much as he was in TTT2. :)

  • Wow it’s actually cheaper than Gamestop’s or Amazon’s prices I’d better write this down a once and a lifetime occurrence.

  • Good stuff Rich! Been diying to get on tag2 since it came out; being a tekken fan since t3 and hearing anything but praises to the game i think this is game you can not miss, if i get PSN card by xmas ill buy this game no doubt about it.

    PS: Tell harada we are waiting for news on tekken x street fighter :)

  • Cool I’ll def double dip so I can have the game on my HDD! I still like having physical copies of my games but I can’t resist the convenience of the PSN releases. Now if only the downloads off PSN were faster… >:/

  • Awesome news! Can’t wait to use Unknown and Kunimitsu!


    Can’t wait to use Ancient Ogre, Unknown, Kunimitsu and Angel !!!!!!!!

    I just hope there will be a last character.

    But without , Ttt2 still best game EVER

  • Will this be available at midnight 11/13? Wanting to get it asap! This is exactly the excuse I needed to buy this game.

    • "Filthie" Rich Bantegui

      IT’ll be available just like the time says! I’ll be online waiting for the update as well – Maybe we can get a match before its available!

  • Vita version? Please?

  • Oh Yeah! Now were talkin’ Been waiting for these last three characters like forever now. Glad to hear there coming out now then. YAY! All i need now is my TTT2 Madcatz Fightstick and i’ll be all set!

  • @number 6 This is NAMCO game… Street Fighter is Capcom! Not related so they can’t release what ur asking!

    It would be nice if they would release Tekken 3 PS1 Classic to the PS Store thoe! Make it happen Namco!

  • @20 if they do the update it can be anytime tonight…. Now if this were on the PS Store we have to wait till tommarow evening/night to get em’ But these should be a direct Update without using PS Store!

  • @13 Well DOA5 is rated M and we all know Rated M always outranks T games! LOL!

  • I was completly stunned once i got slim bob and the other two, now im am just stuck in complete AWE. Harada You are AMAZING!!!!! But just to be clear, Voilet, unknown,ancient ogre,michelle chang,angel,and kunimitsu,will they all be available for players who bought the game disc tommorow (or tonight)?

  • any avatars coming ?

  • @gohan16ken – Last I checked Street Fighter X Tekken should be on PSN today and if not today then soon. but anyways yes I’ve been waiting for the new character update. Now all we need to new customization items like more classic outfits and the reminding LED’s screens.

  • Will the “Snoop Dogg” stage and the “Swimsuit bundle pack” also be released for everyone ?

  • I have a question on behalf of those that plan on getting this game for the Wii U if u don’t mind answering:
    Will the Wii U version contain ALL THE SAME DLC? I have NOT downloaded the paid DLC because I see myself buying this for the Wii U once i eventually get a system either in late December or next year. I am gonna ask u the same question on twitter just in case i don’t hear from u on here. Thanks for this great series, a lot of fun. :)

  • Thats kool cant wait to play as Unknown , Please tell me you guys are adding Tekken avatars to the store tomorrow , ive been checking every week since Tekken Tag T 2 came out and havent seen any.

  • FInal? so after this there won’t be any more characters? I thought you would put the old Heihachi and more.

    :( so what are you going to do with all that space in the character selection screen?

  • oh god yes! I can’t wait for this,now I got to unlock items for them too oh man… yo Rich your Heiachi is a beast man! he damn near whooped my @ss but I pulled a cheap win. looking forward to Angel,Kunimitsu,Michelle & Ancient Ogre…and don’t forget bikinis & Snoop Dogg/Lion stage

  • @monterossa if you’re a DOA fanboy get outta here. We’re having a good time with our favorite game and we don’t need any hateful off-topic.

  • omg true!!! Rich! Will we ever have TTT2 for Vita? I must have that game on the go!!

  • I agree with DARKJUSTE! Will there be a Tekken Tag Tournament 2? The PS Vita needs love too! Does anybody know if we have a chance of bringing such an awesome game to the Vita? A simple yes or no would be nice! :)

  • So what about Kunimitsu and Ancient Ogre? I preordered the game and got Michelle and Angel.. when we’ll get he others preordered DLC characters?

  • Thank You!!!

    Finally we’re getting Unknown :D

    Mr. “Filthie” Rich i have a request for you and can you please at least let harada knows what im about to say.

    we’re still MISSING characters or skins from Tekken Hybrid, mainly True Devil Kazuya and True Devil Jin from the Blood Vengeance movie.

    they are already playable from the “Prologue” game.

    i was surprise the skins didn’t made it from the full version


    can Devil Kazuya at least be a separate character slot so that we could customize his Devil Form as well as use his True Devil Costume.

    and costumes from the Hybrid version like school girl Alisa and Xiayou and Biker Nina from the Blood Vengeance movie.

    please we NEED this!!

    even if it’s paid DLC we are willing to pay it.

    the assets are already done all you need is to put them in place.

  • as for DLC items, just put the Tekken 6 costumes. Tekken 6 Jin cape and the exclusive clamp costumes, Jinpachi Devil form from Dark Resurrection.

    for characters the only ones missing are either Devil Ganryu, Shin Kamiya and Devil Yoshimitsu.

    but the most important ones are the Hybrid costumes True Devil Kazuya, True Devil Jin, school girl xiayou and alisa and biker nina.

    we already have the portraits of True Devil Jin and True Devil Kazuya in the game, why not the skins also since it’s already done?

    sorry for the long message, i don’t want to force harada or anything.

    i just want to make him aware that there is still content they can potentially use for the future.

    i hope you read this Mr. Filthie Rich and Thank You Soo much Harada san.

    putting extra characters we didn’t even ask like Sebastian and Slim Bob is really very awesome of you.

    definitely will continue to buy Tekken Games for ETERNITY!!


  • Hey Filthie Rich!

    Is this update also going to include the Snoop Dogg stage and the bikini bundle also?


  • So there will be no more DLC for TTT2 in terms of characters and stages after this update? And by DLC I mean like us going to PS Store and downloading the content. If that’s true then… :( I was really looking forward to an underground fight club stage like in Tekken 5 :(

  • When can we play as these new people and do they have items and weapons that you can customize?

  • Did they say how late monday night that they are going to release the final 3 characters?

  • Will the special SNOOP DOGG stage will be released soon and how much?

  • Hey Filthie Rich any chance you can get us remote play enabled for TTT2 so I can use the vita to play when the wife is watching TV plus not to many games have the feature enabled and it would be a good selling point for the game.

  • Namco, thank you so much for your support and free stuff. I like when a company treats me like an actual person, not like a soulless entity that just wants to milk me.
    You have my support and positive attitude, which isn’t something other companies can say (I, of course, support Sony in the same way too).

    Thanks a bunch and I hope other companies will take note!

    Also, I might write an article about how this is a good business practice.

  • Also, I would LOVE a Vita version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I played so much Tekken 5 on my PSP, it would only be right to have the sequel on my Vita.

    Tekken Tag 2 on the Vita would be another day one purchase for me. I hope you take that into consideration!

  • is it available im in asia and checked the psn store yet is only soundtrack and movies only is the update a patch type or psn worldwide release

  • thank you NAMCO~

  • Man, you tempt me so… I may have to pick up this game.

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