Ragnarok Tactics Out Today on PSP, Playable on PS Vita

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Ragnarok Tactics Out Today on PSP, Playable on PS Vita

Greetings, and welcome to my first tentative steps into the world of PSN blogging! My name is Mike Engler and I will be your guide into the weird and wondrous world of Aksys Games‘ upcoming PSP title, Ragnarok Tactics. The game is out on PSP today at retail for $29.99, and on PlayStation Network for $24.99. As one of the text magicians responsible for the game’s translation (along with translator Asuka Yamataki and copy editor Karen McOscar), it was decided via a flurry of pointed fingers that I be the one to give you an overview of what the game is all about.

So, what is Ragnarok Tactics? The quick and dirty description is that it is a fairly involved strategy role-playing game that takes place within the Ragnarok Online universe, complete with its familiar monsters and job classes. Add to that already appealing formula a story with no less than five unique endings and a hero(ine) who is a doer of deeds rather than a speaker of words, and you have the recipe for an incredible portable gaming experience!

Ragnarok Tactics on PSPRagnarok Tactics on PSP

…Okay, now that I got the required hyperbole out of the way, let’s dive a bit more into the game. The story revolves around the aftermath of the Holy War, where gods, demons, and humans fought it out for control of the world. Humanity came out on top, but without an outside enemy to ally against, mankind naturally turned on each other. Eventually, two dominant nations emerged; the Aura Republic and the Branshaldo Empire. Each of these countries firmly believes that they alone saved humanity and therefore have the right to rule. However, after literally decades of fighting each other, neither side has overcome the other, and a truce borne out of exhaustion and attrition sort of came to be.

The player is a member of the third main faction of the game, a small band of do-gooders known as the Toren Militia. Initially out on a mission to exterminate the monsters that have been plaguing the area around where they lived, the player’s character becomes involved in the turmoil and political intrigue that eventually throws the world back into chaos. Depending on whom you ally with or the conversation choices you make, you will achieve one of five different endings. When it comes time to respond to others, I’d think twice about being a jerk…

Ragnarok Tactics on PSP

For the game play, you start by creating your character, including job class, gender, name, basic appearance, and voice type. As you progress through the game you can change jobs or master your first pick, allowing you to access more powerful versions of it. And like all strategy RPG’s, you will have to build a party of complimentary allies with which to decimate all who foolishly stand in your way. You can do this by hiring mercenaries from the taverns located throughout the world.

You can swap your characters’ jobs and gain access to more advanced jobs by mastering their entry-level counterparts. Story-specific characters cannot change jobs, but they make up for that by just being so darned cool.

One thing about battles; combo attacks are your friend! Different combinations of classes have different Über-powerful attacks, so be sure to experiment! The most innocuous job may have the biggest potential for carnage and destruction…

Ragnarok Tactics on PSPRagnarok Tactics on PSP

There is a lot more to the game such as significant optional quests, the ability to go back and take different story branches without losing your progress in the one you first chose, and the ability to swap characters and weapons with friends via the PSP ad hoc functionality, but if I spill the beans about everything, there’d be nothing left for you, the dear reader, to ask questions about. So please feel free to ask anything about the game in the comments section and I’ll try to answer as best I can, or side-step the issue entirely if need be.

Oh yes, Ragnarok Tactics is playable on PS Vita. I knew you’d be pleased.

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  • Awww, can’t find it on my Vita Store. or anywhere… Won’t Australia get any Ragnaroks? This would be PERFECT for me!

  • I bet Call of Duty MW3is the number ! game in the PSN (PlayStation Network)

  • MIKE! can u pls tell me if someday we can expect the Ragnarok MMO on the vita? U know, the ragnarok online one with the sprites and prontera and everything awesome? PRETTY PLS?!!!!

  • awesome stuff Aksys :D

  • Well I’m happy to see the PS Vita has another RPG day 1 digital game. Keep it up Sony now let’s get that 3rd party support.

  • I was impatient I cancelled my preorder on amazon and bought a 50 psn card. This is unusual for me but due to hurricane sandy I can’t wait for this game via shipping. I hope this doesn’t discourage companies from making physical copies. I eventually buy both.
    Now for the Aksys rep
    please localize fate/ccc after its eventual release in Japan. Love that series
    or the fate.stay night visual novel for the vita. Its the all ages version
    random pleas over
    please excuse any errors

  • Ive been looking forward to this game for so long

    bring over more rpgs

    keep it up

  • Let me play all my PSP UMDs on PSVita for free or almost non existent price and I will purchase a PSVita.

  • If not, I won’t buy one for a very long time, maybe at least two years.

  • Whoah! Definitely overpriced. I will purchase when the price drops.

  • Ooooooo, a PSP game! I’ll be sure to download this game. I would use my 20 DOLLARS TO BUY IT! (Yes, I’m still butthurt over not getting it yet.) But it is a PSP game so I have ‘other’ ways of getting my hands on it >¦}

  • @61: People like you, entitled tools, are why the PSP had lack luster support in NA. Imbecile.

  • Probably a total noob question but I still have to ask.. if I purchase and download Ragnarok Tactics will it work on my EU psp? I know umd’s arent region locked but does that also includes digital downloads

    This game looks perfect for my tactical rpg fix…. its had a void for a long time

  • @62: Whaaa? Meee? So the fact that the PSP had a lot of bad games had NOTHING to do with that right? People like me…You must mean people not stupid enough to buy just any god awful game. That must be what you mean right? Right?

  • I’m really interested in downloading this, but I’m a little muddy on the gameplay. I’ve been looking for an SRPG to play ever since I finished Jeanne d’Arc. That was my first game in the genre, and I loved it. One of my favorite PSP games. I tried Disgaea, but couldn’t really get into it because I found the characters a little annoying. Knights in the Nightmare was way too complicated and micro-manage-y for me. I also really loved Valkyria Chronicles. So I guess what I’m asking is, as someone fairly new to the genre who loved Jeanne d’Arc and Valkyria Chronicles but not much else, is this game accessible?

  • SoleAddict23 on November 6th, 2012 at 8:31 pm said:

    “Let me play all my PSP UMDs on PSVita for free or almost non existent price and I will purchase a PSVita.”

    i agree my psp just broke, was thinking about a vita but i have 45 UMDs that would become just worthless, im likely going to go out an buy another psp. also i dont game game on the go, i always have my psp hooked up to the tv, why cant the vita do this?

  • No trophies :(

  • Why can’t we play all PSP/PSVITA on our PS3 console?????? It’s not like the PS3 isn’t powerful enough to emulate them… Franckly, I don’t play portable games for numerous reasons, but I’d love to play those games on a big screen.. Would be really nice to play tactic ogre, or ragnarok tactics, on the PS3…

  • So I booted up the game, ran through the tutorial, and noticed translation fail :)

    Under Stats

    FREE – Governs the success rate of avoiding enemy attacks. AGI and equipment type used influence this stat.


  • @36/37 “I think the numerous crappy jrpgs that Nisa/Gust/Compile Hearts keeps churning out has soured the entire genre in some people’s eyes.” dood you do know NIS = japanese game company and NISA is a company that license’s and translates it into english right? GUST usually makes alchemy rpg’s… i agree with you on compile heart, they do make bad games (IMO) but know your facts before you say something. be even glad we get games with dual voice options.

  • @70 no you heard me right. They are all inferior crap to me, compared to the quality jrpgs that used to grace ps2 and ps1. I couldn’t care less about the boring Alchemy titles or the repetitive Disgaea series either.

    I want more quality rpgs on ps3. Thats why Ni No Kuni will be such a breath of fresh air.

  • @DrFish62 : If you loved Jeanne d’Arc ( just like me ) I recommend You to give a try to Ragnarok Tactics. I just started playing , and I can only say I love it ! Not too complicated ( like FFT or Knights in the Nightmare ) , so you dont have to worry about it.

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