The New PlayStation Store Now Available

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The New PlayStation Store Now Available

As you may have noticed, the new PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 is now available in the United States, Canada, Brazil and Mexico. Great new features like streaming trailers, improved search, new filter and sort options, as well as improved graphics, more game and video information, and easier access to add-ons are just some of the highlights.

With so much content available, it’s a great time to jump in and check it out. We value your feedback and will continue to make enhancements, so please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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  • I would HIGHLY suggest splitting “Games” and “Video”, again. I have never been interested in watching movies on my PS3, so the function to not see them all was great. The new visual design seems nice, but just a bit sloppy with all the varied content.

  • Seems like most of the complaints can be remedied with a little digging.

    SORT FUNCTION? It’s there…there’s an option set to sort by a number of categories, look in the upper right corner in each section you’re viewing.
    DOWNLOAD LIST? It’s there…
    SMALLER ICONS? It’s there…you have to go into the full view, not the “Featured” preview section
    SLOW SPEED? Seems like this is a provider issue. I’ve had some hiccups, but it’s faster than the old store.

    Demanding a refund for a service you don’t pay for? That’s ludicrous. Seriously, you’re having growing pains on a new interface, that’s to be expected with anything unfamiliar and new.

    Things I agree with?

    WISHLIST/GIFT. Why we can’t buy digital content for friends, or add items to a wishlist? This needs to happen.
    SOUND EFFECTS. I really don’t need my store to pop/bing/whistle with every gesture/confirmation.

  • Aside from the store not consistently loading properly, crashing regularly, makes it very difficult to find things(no sorting option, no search in download list, etc.), and sluggish feel, unfriendly user experience, and just overall confusing. Aside from all that, it’s not too bad.
    I can definitely see it getting better once they implement the things all the consumers have been asking for since day one.

  • Keep up the good work guys! Cant wait for ps4!

  • I hate change! Well itill take some getting used to just like how you guys remade youtube.

  • The new store is terrible. Sure, it looks nice, but at the cost of navigation ease. Trying to find new content is a pain, even with the sort/filter options. The search option is slowed down by rollbar typing & frustrating because not all content is listed. Organization seems to be lacking all around; one example I remember was while browsing games by release date I couldn’t find Tokyo Jungle or Derrick the Deathfin but was able to see Malicious, a far older title. Errors & crashes are frequent. The aesthetic makeover also seems to have slowed the loading of categories, something that becomes really annoying when trying to see what other DLC is available besides the Street Fighter v. Tekken pieces that seemingly go on forever…
    Yet my biggest complaint isn’t that the new store is broken, it’s that preexisting problems weren’t fixed. I now have over 1,500 items from the PSN games store & there is still no way to search my downloads other than the default list sorted by purchase date. The inability to sort PSN games saved to my PS3 HDD alphabetically remains my second biggest gripe. Really wish Sony would address problems such as these instead of breaking things that don’t need to be fixed.

  • all of the arguments are so stupid. Mine loads up fine and your add ons are even easier to find because they are located where the game the add on is for is. The search clearly states what is a game and movie and you dont need to search by game because the revamped search does it for you. It’s probably slow because all the people using it i’m glad they put out a new store actually and hope they redo the xmb menu.

  • all of the arguments are so stupid. Mine loads up fine and your add ons are even easier to find because they are located where the game the add on is for is. The search clearly states what is a game and movie and you dont need to search by game because the revamped search does it for you. It’s probably slow because all the people using it

  • @53 Sound Effects may be tied to the keytone option.
    Slow downloads? I had trouble downloading a 60 min trial game earlier.

    @56 Youtube app isn’t that great on 360 either.

  • Thank goodness my wallet does not have any money to speak of in it. Neither my son nor I can find a darn thing in the PS store. There were add-ons for one of my son’s games. We gave up looking for them. After searching in vain we tried to watch the ‘What’s New’ information. That effectively froze the PS3, after around 30 seconds of not responding in any way, we restarted the PS3. My son just ‘discovered’ the store a few months ago and was excited about getting a few more characters for one of his games as rewards for doing well in school. Is it possible to use some type of ‘classic view’ or are we just s*&$ out of luck and just need to give up on the store? (Which is beyond useless to us in the current format.)

  • @53 The wishlist thing was also suggested for Xbox Store, but no go.

  • Congratulations to the team that redesign and rebuilt the store. I think it’s great, faster and totally focus on the usability. I loved it. Not sure why so much complaints. Probably a bunch of teenagers that don’t understand a thing about what’s required to provide a service like this, all the technology, research and effort. They would use a dial-up connection like mentioned.

    I have one suggestion: “purchased” items could be highlighted, maybe a red color like it was in the old store? It’s just because it’s hard to differentiate purchased items from non-purchased items (like in the “free games section” at PSN+).

    Other than that, again, congratulations to the entire team, from designers, UX experts, developers, QA and even the Project Manager. :D

  • I happen to think the new store is great.
    Everytime Sony releases something, people have to complain.
    Just be glad we as gamers can play for FREE. Unlike the Xbox, which you have to pay for.
    Can’t make everyone happy I guess.
    The old store was slow, and it was hard to see a lot of things (especially text), especially with the backgrounds they changed all the time.
    Kudos to you Sony, keep up the good work.

  • The new store is GARBAGE!!!!!!! Can we get the old store back? My downloads list won’t load, the content is jumbled and hidden, and the interface is counter intuitive. All in all, the programmer should be fired at least, dragged out and shot preferably.

  • Jesus, are you mf’ers ever happy?! The new store looks and works great for the most part. Things are easier to find. Could it be a little fast? Yes, but give it time. Stop complaining about everything Sony tries to do to make things better. You ungrateful bastards.

  • I think it looks nice.

    I had no trouble using either the old, or new store. People complain too much.

  • p.s.
    Untill the store is fixed, and usability restored, you will get NO money from me for digital distribution, and I will not renew plus. If I can’t access my content, I will be requesting a refund for the money I paid to renew my plus, why renew if I can’t access my PAID FOR CONTENT!

  • I did discover one thing like someone else said..
    Call of Duty MW2 is missing when you search… I’m sure some other games are too.

  • Are good but the old store is better!

  • can someone please ask why sony hasn’t release a software update where u can play your ps2 games?

  • nooooo its like the youtube app , anyways i don’t like it , its not loadind fast the design doesn’t want me to stay an buy . it says get out of here don’t buy nothing

  • @66
    My complaints are with what DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE. I would simply boycott their digital if I had access to the Plus content I PAID FOR.
    My opinion is that the new store is garbage, if Sony doesn’t want my money that’s fine, but the moment they cut off my access to the content I PAID FOR with my plus membership, it became a problem. It is in no way acceptable to take my money, then refuse me part of the service I just paid for. If it isn’t resolved soon, I WILL be reporting to the BBB and the state attorney generals office for failure to live up to a contract that I have already fulfilled my obligation for. I paid for a service that includes access to games I have paid a rental service (PLUS membership) for and they are not allowing me access, that is a problem that must be remedied. The old store worked fine, this new one doesn’t. They have my money, and each day I don’t have access to that content should be refunded to me, as this is most definitely NOT an act of god, this is an act of Sony incompetence.

  • The look of the store is nice, but having it as a separate app is really annoying. Also it’s SUPER SLOWWWW. Really wish this were an option instead of a forced update :(

  • @66 &67 “People complain too much” No, what they do is give feedback, just like the article ask us too. Sony is a corporation not a child, they do not need people defending them because you don’t like what consumers are saying.

    The new store does move much slower then the older one. It’s not something that is mind numbing, but the is a noticeable difference. I do like the increase resolution of everything, though aesthetically it does appear a little clunky on some pages. The sound effects can be toned down, it didn’t bother me at first but the more pages I went through the more it began to grow annoying.

    The search function I love. Some people have pointed out some of its issues with finding specific products though. This new store isn’t bad it’s just the other one was better in certain aspects.

    It’s early so I hope Sony responds to the feedback of its users and clean up a promising store.

  • I posted this in the share section of the blog but i figured i would post it here also.

    PSN needs a “things you own” section for the XMB and the store so i don’t have to look through a big list of things in my download history to find the things i have purchased. I would like the games i own on PSN to show up under the game section on my XMB, either in a “Already purchased” tab, or for them to just show up like any normal game i have saved on my hard drive, even if they are not downloaded, so i can just browse my library. And when i hit triangle on a game a section for DLC for that game should show up in the options, so i don’t have to hunt for a pre-order bonus, costume, DLC or online pass i may have deleted. Same should apply for video, music etc.

  • I like the new app, but you are missing a few things.

    1.) I can’t find the PS3 version of Zen Pinball 2 (or the add-ons) anywhere. I can only find it via the search. Yet, I can find the PS Vita version and add-ons in an instant. This game should also be in the Cross Buy section, but it’s not.

    2.) No “view all” option for add-ons. You only list “top”, “new” and “hot”. Right now the only way I can find add-ons for older games is via the search. Very annoying!

    3.) Still no way to separate the PS3, PSP and Vita games from the search. This makes the search completely useless to me, because I’m afraid that I might buy an unmarked PSP/Vita game by mistake.

  • Zzamaro is right, we shouldn’t have to add a demo to the cart, then go to check out just to get it to download. I would rather it download while I browse the store than sit in my cart. Having to go through the checkout just to get to the download for a demo seems pointless.

  • For the most part I like the new lay out. Granted there may be a few issues for some people but give it time. I for one have had no problems with it, the videos load fine and its easy to nav and load quick on my end. Guess some people don’t like change.

    Thanks Sony for the new store and hope for more things to come. Keep up the great job

  • I updated & installed the new store last night in under 90 seconds … not sure what all the complaints are in terms of speed … it must be your internet provider if it’s taking so long …. I like the new look, & for those of you saying you can’t find add ons, just search the main game, & directly below will be the add on interface – can get to DLC from there …. I only spent about 30 mins. checking it out, but seemed pretty workable to me … I liked being able to scroll the items & watch videos / trailers from the game page …. I haven’t checked to confirm that my + perks are still all working & available, but I assume they are …. not sure I like that I have to go to the checkout to get my content DLing, but it’s a minor complaint ….

    all in all, I thought it was a pretty snazzy presentation …. look fwd. to becoming more familiar with the new interface ….

  • Wow, I never thought that I’d see so much complaining about the new store. I think it’s fantastic. It’s way easier to find things. The search function is much better, the tons of filters are great, and everything is a lot slicker. I don’t have any problems with speed either so I’m not sure what that’s about. They already said that they have the ability to add new features to it all the time so it’s only going to get better. Sure, I found a couple of games in the wrong genre but I think it’s a great start. Don’t change it back. Give people time to get used to it.

  • I like the new look but ………

    1) The loading take to long.

    2) Search option is useless and really really BAD !!!! . Its doesn’t list half of the games I’m looking for. Example….. I was looking for Record of Agarest War 2 , it only listed the first and Zero. I had to go to PSN Games and do sort then scroll all the way down to the R’s before I found it and its not even listed under the “ADD FILTER: Genre RPG”. Really need to fix this search option. AND why can’t I just use my keyboard to type my search !!!!!!!

    3) The “ADD ONs” section is a joke. I’m having a harder and longer time finding ADD Ons that I want.

    AND ……..

    4) Sony should really give us the option to switch back to the old PSN STORE if we choose.

  • I found COD Black Ops and MW2 plus the problem as to why they won’t show up in search. This is only a small problem.

    To locate those games:
    Select Games
    Select PS3 Full Games
    Sort by Name: A-Z

    If you look down that page you can locate both COD Black Ops and MW2. The problem is something with the naming. When you select those games the title simply shows up as “with Stimulus Package” or “With First Strike”.

    The standalone games seem to be missing though, unless they didn’t have those.

  • I have no complaints so far. It was slow and clunky the first time I ran it, but now it’s fine. I didn’t have any trouble finding anything I was looking for. My download list loaded instantly. All videos and screenshots on game pages I viewed loaded absolutely fine. I’m downloading 2 games right now and the speed is just as fast as the old store. I also love all of the filters that are available.

  • On a quick try out, i like it. But guys, with all the psn games coming out, i need a wish list so i won’t forget the games i want to get. Is that possible.

  • @82

    As a fan of niche titles as well, I’ve noticed its really bad for people like us… it seems they do their searches by popularity, so it makes it really tough to find the addons or game pages for niche titles. It took me a while to find Mugen Souls addon page last night since all they care about pumping up everywhere on the store are the big FPS games.

  • Also I gotta say I’m jealous of the Japanese store… I just checked my Japanese account and its still the same as before. You know theres problems when I can navigate the Japanese store better than the American store, and I only know rudimentary Japanese!

  • The Games and Movies sections are separated, not sure why someone was complaining about that.

    The overall speed for me is faster on this than the other one, not sure if the difference in speeds people are experiencing are because of different models of PS3 perhaps or real low on HD space or internet connection or just a fluke, I have a PS3 slim that I’m using.

    I do feel the search function is somewhat worse than it was, if you replaced the scrolling single alphabet list with the keyboard from the previous version for the left side of the screen and kept the right side of the screen as it works now then you’d have a winner in that section.

    As others have mentioned already, some games are missing from various lists or even just through the search function, I complied a list on my blog but will repost it here and hope it actually copies it all.

    Alpha Protcol – not listed even in search
    Ar Tonelico Qoga Knell of Ar Ciel – not listed in RPG category, can be found through search
    Atelier Meruru – not listed even in search
    Atelier Rorona – not listed even in search
    Bioshock 2 Ultimate Edition – listed in RPG category

    Continued below

  • Continued from above

    Cross Edge – not listed in RPG category, can be found through search or all games listing
    Disgaea 3 – not listed in RPG or Strategy categories, can be found through search
    Disgaea 4 – not listed in RPG or Strategy categories, can be found through search
    Final Fantasy XIII – not listed even in search
    Final Fantasy XIII-2 – not listed in RPG category, can be found through search
    Game of Thrones – not listed in RPG category, can be found through search or all games listing
    Hyperdimension Neptunia – not listed in RPG category, can be found through search
    Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk 2 – not listed in RPG category, can be found through search
    Last Rebellion – not listed even in search
    Nier – not listed even in search

    Continued below

  • Continued from above

    Record of Agarest War 2 – not listed even in search, can be found through all games listing
    Record of Agarest War Zero – not listed in RPG or Strategy categories, can be found through search
    Resonance of Fate – not listed in RPG category, can be found through search
    Risen 2 Dark Waters – not listed in RPG category, can be found through all games listing
    Sacred 2 – not listed even in search
    Scott Pilgrim vs The World – in RPG category
    Trinity Universe – not listed even in search
    Trinity Souls of Zill O’ll – not listed even in search
    White Knight Chronicles International Edition – not listed in RPG category, can be found through search or all games listing
    White Knight Chronicles 2 – not listed in RPG category, can be found through search or all games listing
    Wizardry Labyrinth of Lost Souls – listed in Action category

  • @88, 89, 90

    Yep, just as I thought. If you’re a fan of niche jrpgs, this new update totally screws you. I really hope they do something about this.

  • The new store takes forever to load and I keep getting error messages. The store wont let me add funds to my account using my credit card error(56) so I went to to buy a psn card to add money to my wallet.

  • Could someone please tell me where I can find the games that are on sale, cause so far the layout is confusing and I can’t find it?

  • you told us that we wouldn’t get the new store in till you had all the bugs worked out ! i think you left a few cockroaches behind !

  • I really wanted to test it out before commenting, so gave it several runs…

    First up, The “Search” function is either broken or not complete.
    Many of the items that could be found with ease prior to the update are simply not there. Two days before the update I purchased a add-on for Sleeping Dogs, after the update I was going to purchase another…however after 20 mins of looking in the games area, add-ons area, using the search function and so on…I was unable to find anything. (During this time I changed my mind on the impulse purchase, which cost Sony some money)

    Second, the store is running like a app now, not a store front. Yes its pretty, has some flash to it and looks very well done, yet it is simply not user friendly or intuitive in the slightest, despite what the intro videos for it showing otherwise.

    As much as I hate to say it, Sony, you have a history of this. Why not have just done what users have been asking for most over the years, the ability to search/sort previous downloads?

  • im excited to check this out :D

  • With a new store, a removed feature. No more store browsing for remote play. Why Sony, why????

  • @93 Try Games > Hot On PS3 > Weekly Deals and then you have some options there.

    If you just want to browse by price then you could do Games > PS3 Games > All PS3 Games and then filter by price at the top left where you can pick Free, Under $1.99, $2.00-$4.99, $5.00-$9.99, $10.00-$19.99 or Over $20.00 or to narrow it down or use the sort feature on the top right and do Price: low-high.

  • This new store sucks. Keep videos and games separate. While the new design looks nicer, the old get up was better.

  • Damn!! Even the US Store eventually get this awful update.
    Longer to load, less organized, more difficult to read or find what you’re looking for, and even some functionalities are missing … just to make it looks more flashy ?!
    As always on the PS3 generation, you keep making mistakes Sony.

  • Is remote play access to the Playstation Store going to be reinstated?

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