The New PlayStation Store Now Available

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The New PlayStation Store Now Available

As you may have noticed, the new PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 is now available in the United States, Canada, Brazil and Mexico. Great new features like streaming trailers, improved search, new filter and sort options, as well as improved graphics, more game and video information, and easier access to add-ons are just some of the highlights.

With so much content available, it’s a great time to jump in and check it out. We value your feedback and will continue to make enhancements, so please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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  • Is there any way to get back to the original store? I liked how it used to separate games from videos. It looks mixed here.

  • Why is there not a “By Game” list in the Game Add-Ons section?

    I find the way the addons section set up useless.. I’m not looking for random addons.. i’m looking for addons for a specific game

    I could search for the game.. but then there’s a problem. Search for “call o” and 2 popular games: Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 aren’t even in the database so who knows how many other games are missing

  • Return the store to the original the new one horrible. Harder to navigate, longer loading screen, and some games were screwed up it transition, such as wipEout HD.

  • I’m really liking the new store but it really takes longer than I would expect to load when selecting it, though. Maybe because it seems to be used as an app because I can quit the store with the PS button now.
    Well, once I get in there, everything seems to load much quicker than the old store, it’s easier to find what I’m looking for, even little things like how it now displays how big the file is for every download. But, when I went to go vote on something it took ages for it to go through and the downloads list is still… in need of improvement. Overall, though, I give it a big thumbs up! ^_^

    • Thanks for everyone’s feedback. We are aware that some people are experiencing slower than expected load times and are working on resolving that issue.

  • Hey guys, how about a “new store” sale? *wink, wink* :D

  • Pretty much none of the videos I attempted to watch would load. Unlike the previous store, where you could watch the video in its normal resolution, or choose to watch in full screen….that option seems to have been removed, which would not be such a problem if the videos actually played.

    The new lay out is not really better. It takes a lot longer to load.

    You should release an app that allows you to browse this new store on a smart phone. I hope you fix out all these problems that users are pointing out to you…

  • BRING BACK THE BLUE, the new store sucks!

  • I was using this last night and I have a few issues:
    1) Sound effects…. OMG the sound effects…. I want to just disable audio on the store together as they are far more annoying than the old store. I feel like I’m closing something out every time I select something and the feeling is just jarring. Who ever engineered your audio needs to go look at the vita and how it transitions with audio. Soft pleasant, easy to stomach sounds. These sounds are utterly repulsive and annoying. If I can’t disable just the store sounds or you guys don’t fix the sounds themselves then you have a problem.

    2) Downloaded List some how got worse. Takes even longer to traverse and still doesn’t organize them in a way that is easy to find what I’m looking to redownload. I have over 1200 items right now… this is a problem. I could traverse the store, but i don’t feel I should monkey around with Search (which should work on download list) or hunt it down in an interface that doesn’t always know I already own content to find it. Just fix this.

  • I love the new store. The only gripes I have is that it loads slow and the add-on section is a little confusing, Other than that… great job.

  • Oh and an odd request I know, but In Store XMB please.

  • Been trying to download the update for the store and I keep getting an error occurred during the download operation. I Try more then ten times so far and keep getting this message. Anyone else have this issue with the store update?

  • @2

    I’d have to agree with this guy on no “By Game” option. Thats like… one of the basics. Why should I have to manually type in a search or go through an entire listing just to find one specific game? All that does is waste my time.

  • This new store looks cool and has some neat ideas BUT IT TAKES TOO LONG TO LOAD and STARTUP and takes FOREVER TO CLOSE TOO. Now I don’t even want to go in the store anymore. I used to always check for new stuff between gaming sessinos

  • So as a plus member I have lots, and lots of themes. After updating the store and my system last night – these themes have become unavailable.It gave an error message stating I had to sign in as the user who purchased these items. Only about 2-3 of my themes were available out of more than 100. Ridiculous.

    Moreover, when attempting to play games as a different user on my system is did not allow this and stated you must sign in as the user who purchased these items and activate the system. I did this and still did not have luck.

    I do not typically come onto the boards to complain about updates and am usually very pleased and excited about them. However, I am not yet sold on this new store. I feel like the store is crammed with too much info/items. I feel that without using the search bar; things are now harder to find for a new user. The store is sloppy and lacks true organizations from the startup interface.

    We now have to dig into the store to find what we want. I guess this is an attempt at impulse buyers or new users of the store to purchase more content because they will probally purchase several items before they find the content they truly wanted to begin with.

  • I have watched the store grow and blossum since its humble beginnings. From my first purchase of PAIN to today. It is very unfortunate that the store is now a mere copy cat of the rival ad-driven and content cluster**** that the other system uses.

    Please roll out the updates for those of us who actually want to purchase and browse content without getting sensory overload. The amount of items being pushed our way is in no way appreciated. I dont want to dig through the bargain bin and I do not want to be force to use the Search and Filter every time I enter the store.

  • Finally I got it to start to download. I guess my online connection was acting up? Oh well I just check out the new store when it done.

  • I downloaded It yesterday and also bought something from the store. While It did take about 1Min to start up, It was smooth when I closed and reentered, so I guess It was just the set up. I actually like the new store. It looks a little more sleek and the sub options are well detailed also. I like how the Promo code entry is now just 1 full entry and not 3 seperate entries like before. Having the option to view game video and picks on the selected game is also a really nice touch. All in all, I think It feels more smooth than before.Great job sony.

  • Sorting/easier searching of your download list really should have been addressed. plus there are some games that don’t show up in the store unless you explicitly search for them, that’s really crummy. Otherwise I kinda like the look of it. Since I assume it’s HTML5 that could mean it will be relatively easy to modify so I hope you guys actually LISTEN to feedback and get the crappy things worked out.

  • Okay, so new store is awful. It’s sooooo sloooooooow. It uses up a ton of resources, and now it takes forever to queue up background downloads – last night, it straight up crashed my PS3.

    The sound effects are annoying as well, and the download list is AWFUL (PROTIP, GUYS: You can still access the old, slightly-less-awful download list via the Account Management option in the XMB).

    All this, and there was not a single useful feature added in. No wishlist, no ability to sort/filter/search the download list, and we STILL can’t access the XMB while we’re browsing the store, which, frankly, is asinine.

    But it is pretty. I mean, I don’t really care for it, but it looks worlds better than the ugly blue 90’s store. So yay that, I guess.

  • It’s nice, fast and all but there are problems I have found. My problems with the new one:

    -It takes long time to load. Not only the startup, but when I close it, it takes way too much time too.
    -I tried a demo, and the FB app to ask me if I want to publish it on my account isn’t there anymore. I’m not sure if it was removed. New earned trophies still appear on my FB account.
    -When searching for something like a psn game, I want to look for something with the letter D. I have to scroll down a lot because there’s no way to use letters in my search. The A-Z filter doesn’t help at all.

    Hope something can be done.

  • Oh, and when I downloaded the demo, I can’t believe I had to go to checkout. It was a long process. In the old one, it was just click buy now it that’s is.

  • Can we go back to the minimalist themes?
    They were simple, effective and to the point. Just needed a few enhancements here and there.

    Please, do not turn into Xbox Live Marketplace with this additional flashy gaudy stuff. Really. I’m begging here.

  • Another thing. The way you have to scroll through the letters when searching is horrendoous. Bring back the more useful and easier to navigate keyboard. WTF.

  • where’s a free Resident Evil 5 for plus subscribers?

    was it a false advertise?

  • I’ve seen many people complaining about the store with a few legit complaints, but much of what people are complaining about is purely just being unfamiliar with it. As people spend more time and get more familiar with the new store, I’m sure many of them will come around.

    As someone who spends a lot of time in the store, I rather like the new design. It’ll take some getting used to, but in the long-run I think it’s a great thing. Though, some complaints (such as longer loading times) are completely true and should be looked at for further improvement. I’d also appreciate having the option to use the old search or the new one. I like the way the new one functions, but having to scroll through the letters rather than having the on-screen keyboard can be rather time-consuming.

    I hope to see improvements made while keeping this design.

  • I know people do not like change and you will get a lot complaints…..i just have 1

    ITS SLOWWWWWWWWWW! all that fancy stuff that was added made it super slow.

  • I’m having mixed feelings about the new store design as of right now, though generally they’re bad.
    It looks GREAT, but aside from that I feel everything else took a major step back. Load times are increased (Download list load time is just plain ridiculous) and navigation is a bit more difficult in general .

  • Yeah I looks beautiful but it takes really long to load.
    Before to get an unlocked full game key I used to just go to the game from the store now that option is no longer there. now I have to go to my downloadable list and scroll through each game into I find it that’s a horrible experience! before all that I had to do was go to the game that I knew that I wanted to unlock pick it from the store and it would tell me if I wanted to download the unlock key that option is no longer available

  • Why is the new store so slow. I like the new look of the store but other than that I don’t like how it went from fast to slow. Also I don’t like the more steps that were added to buy something from the store.

  • I think the stores been up since Thursday night there should’ve been a post a lot earlier to tell the consumers that find out information through the post you guys put up.

  • OK so my first time starting up the store took some very lengthy amount of time. So check the store and anything so far loaded up faster then the old store did. I really like the now look. So exit out of the store and go right back in the store and the start up was very fast. I didn’t have any of the issues that some of the others are having. Great job Sony and keep up the great work!

  • I love the new look and the overall theme of the store! So props to that! Everything seems a bit faster and the streaming videos are nice. My only suggestion would be to not force checkout if something is free. Then of course that filter option for the download list would be nice.

  • It’s slow

  • Not sure why you wanted to copy Xbox 360’s market place (cause it’s gaudy and horrible and discourages me from wanting to buy from it).

    But could you PLEASE add a option to see the stuff you can buy in Mini Icons and Text just like before?

    Also a option to get rid of the top half of the screen saying what ever category it is in would be nice to.

    Makes me dizzy and feel confused when a few games are made huge and shoved only into bottom half of screen.

    This is coming from someone who has spent thousands of dollars on your online store and was literally about to buy a bunch last night but got to disoriented and appalled to buy anything.

  • 1) The new PStore is too slow to show up
    2) Where is the option to search in my Download History?
    3) Where is the option to list all games like the old store?
    4) When I rate some content like DLC and Videos the integration with Facebook fails :(

    I miss the old Store

  • I find it to be faster than the old one, idunno’ what kind of dial up all these people are running, but it’s way faster, and runs a lot smoother than the old store. I did however(relative to all complaints) notice that some things are missing or have yet to make the transition, and/or don’t search up properly. I love the new elegant design, although the angry user comparisons to 360’s dashboard/marketplace are not unwarranted, it is very reminiscant of it so people will drag up that comparison repetitively in the future, what they need to realize over time is it’s just the playstation storefront/marketplace, and the xmb still owns the XB dashboard by miles.
    Anyway just wanted to chime in on this topic, and also add my two cents, keep up the great work, and here’s hoping the tiny details get ironed out soon, like where is our $20 for spending $100+ last month?

  • Bang up job guys. Seriously, good job. This is a large improvement both aesthetically and in usability. I have no complaints about speed or lag. I don’t know where those are coming from. It stutters occasionally but it doesn’t negatively affect my experience. I’m able to find things much easier with the new store and I love the Top Games lists.

    I will say it’s a little confusing to have top games listed in two separate spots in the navigation tree. Simplify as much as you can. There are always improvements to be made but I just want to give you guys credit for doing better than the last store.

    Again, well done and thanks.

  • Any changes to the new browser by traditional letters and confirmations reduce purchase a product and once done that the store will be relatively decent!

  • Do you plan on making wish list and gifting features available? Also, I think the new store takes a bit too long to start up…

  • Who put xbox live on my PS3?

  • i want the old version

  • In all honesty, its a downgrade. You’ve gone for style over substance… sure, it looks nice, but you’ve made it tougher to find what you want and made everything take longer to load. So in the end, it makes a worse experience for people trying to find the things they want to buy on the store.

  • Oh also… ( I always end up double posting because I forgot to mention what I came here to mention)

    I was wondering if there is any plans to add a search function to the (my downloaded list) or a sort function, because manually scrolling back to 2007 on the download list can be painfully annoying for some people, granted it’s a first world problem, it’d be nice to hear if a solution is planned. Sometimes you or a friend might decide to go install a game from 4 years ago, and find you want the DLC installed too, it can take up to 3-4 hours to find/download/install, and begin playing… sometimes longer depending on game/add-on size. I’d be extremely happy even with the simplest solution of an alphabetized sorting function.

  • I loved the new store, it was much more pleasant, easy to find and the filters work better. Great job guys.

  • The only thing I did not like were the sound effects. =p

  • Yeah, I think it’s pretty alright, but I’m a graphic designer, so I tend to see new interfaces as an opportunity rather than an annoyance.

    One thing I would like to see is some basic state-saving: If I put a filter on a games list, click into a game listing, then back out, the list should still be filtered.

    Same goes for searching. If I want to check out all the games in a series individually, I have to re-build the string after viewing each listing. I do think the linear search interface is an interesting concept – you rarely actually need an entire string before filtering a list down far enough to get at what you’re looking for – but having to wheel my way back through the alphabet over and over just to look at the same list of games is a chore.

    I think this is a nice starting point, just as long as it keeps improving from here.

  • Love it but you should give the opinion to people that want the new store or old one.

  • Absolutely worst update ever. How about instead of ‘reimagining’ something that was working well into something that doesnt work at all you instead reimagine yourselves U N E M P L O Y E D. I can only guess this was a last ditch attempt to reach out to the only consumers you havent alienated already, the four year olds who simply wouldnt know any better?

    Heres the problems: First, its not working. Second, its not working and third, its really, really, really not working.

    Ive been sitting here ‘loading’ for about 30 minutes trying to access my previous purchases. Any attempt to browse anything on the store is met with a big loooooooooong ‘loading’ bar and absolutely nothing else. The free $5 voucher doesnt make up for not having access to $$$ I have already invested.

    Seriously SONY you have done virtually everything wrong in the last two years. Consumer faith in your ability to compete in this market has deteriorated to the point that your brand name in the gaming community is laughable.

    I for one demand a refund of the old, WORKING store please.

  • Honestly, I feel as if the new layout is going to work against me spending money. I went on last night in order to pick up a few add-ons and games planing on spending about 40, and I spent 15 mins going though it and just kept my money. My wife thanks you for making a system that saves her money. I however would at the very least like a classic view options or something. It’s sad that the first comment I make is driven by a feeling that you didn’t want to take my money last night.

  • OMG people give Sony a break. If its loading slow its your internet provider. I have none of the issues everyone is complaining about. Yea the first time it took a 2 minutes to load up but after that it works perfect. I love the store. I find it easy to navigate and the videos stream fine for me. The Sony store needed a change. I liked the old store but this is better. Give it some time and it will grow on you.
    Great job Sony keep up the good work. I know you guys will turns things around and be ontop again. You guys have been hearing our crys and have responsed. The only two things I don’t like is the 7 botton presses for checking out and the download list. But knowing you guys, your hard at work fixing the list.
    Thanks for theupdated store. Looks sexy.

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