Ragnarok Odyssey: Giant-Sized RPG Assaults PS Vita Today

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Ragnarok Odyssey: Giant-Sized RPG Assaults PS Vita Today
Ragnarok Odyssey: Giant-Sized RPG Assaults PS Vita Today

Are you ready, guys? Because right now it’s Ragnarok Odyssey happy hour! Or more like Happy Day, since today we celebrate the release of our precious PS Vita title. It’s been a lengthy localization journey, but we’re proud to bring out the Ragnarok Odyssey Standard Edition for $39.99, as well as the Mercenary Edition, which includes a meaty monster guide with artwork, a full soundtrack, and 10 randomized collectable monster cards out of over 50 for $49.99.

The game itself is the real star of the show, though. Think of it kind of like Monster Hunter or Gods Eater, but with more of a Norse mythology twist and a battle system that’s all about knocking your enemies high into the air, then flying up after them and flinging them all over creation before slamming them back down into the hard dirt below. It’s a great game to pick up and play anytime, as you can just grab a quest and head out to go attack all manner of creatures and loot lots of goodies off their hacked-up remains. And if you don’t want to go it alone, you can always bring three friends with you through ad-hoc or infrastructure multiplayer – which might be a huge help when you face off against some of this game’s mammoth bosses, who can be hundreds of times bigger than you are.


And since this is basically a really cool party, I’ll be talking about those multiplayer features here today. While we weren’t able to play together too often (naturally, we’d get far too distracted trying to get our characters to properly high-five each other), the times we did play it in the office left us in fits of giggles and a welling flame of camaraderie for taking down big dudes. Because some of the dudes you fight are… well, really big and stuff.

The maps of multiplayer are the same exact maps used in the single-player campaign, and while single player is accessed through the local Guild, multiplayer is accessed through a nearby tavern. So what’s the difference, exactly? Difficulty. Multiplayer is much more difficult in comparison, and will reward players who take it on with better items which you can use to create new clothing, weapons, or just sell for some extra cash. Luckily, this difficulty isn’t closed to those who are venturing solo and want the extra challenge – single players only need to enter the tavern alone to progress through the game with a higher difficulty (y’all are crazy, though, for real).


So can a brand new player instantly be fighting on one of the last maps in the game if one of their partners is farther ahead? The answer to that is no. If you have two, three, four people in multiplayer, the quests available for your team to choose from will be decided based on the ‘youngest’ player. This means that if you have three players who are at Chapter 5, and one on Chapter 3, you’ll only be given quests up to Chapter 3. Help that last guy conquer a few familiar foes, though, and you’ll be taking on later chapters together as a team in no time.

The game has a few multiplayer friendly in-game features, too. While you can’t use voice chat, there are a flurry of emoticons and silly to serious body language options to choose from to let your comrades know how you’re feeling. There are also equippable cards that are friendly to playing with others, too, such as a card that spreads certain leftover stats to your allies should you fall in battle, or a card that helps loot gravitate more to you than others (because if sharing was caring, things wouldn’t be as fun, though some drop items are split amongst the party).
Oh yeah, and so long as someone has a North American copy of the game, you can play with them, meaning don’t sweat having everyone play in the same room to enjoy some monster hunting. It’s all online, baby!

So be nice, have fun, and do your best on conquering the toughest Giants the Sundered Lands have to offer!

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  • I tried to go online to get help but the game just released and no one was on. Anyone want to play add me NYCREDUDE.

  • @nycredude

    hey just send you a request but i have to wait til the ps store updates, so we’ll kick that orc ass later.

  • This looks interesting I just might check it out! XSEED has published some gems before so I have faith in them.

  • @diegohp69

    Great I’ll check in a minute. I’ve a prisoner in my home today cause of the Hurricane in NY so I have nothing to do but play. By then I might be pass the Orc King but I’ll take pleasure in kicking his butt again!

    • I know how you feel at this moment. I’m stuck on the east coast for an extra few days due to airports being closed. Hurricane bros!

  • It will have a DEMO VERSION too?

    • We’re running a little late, but we’re scheduled to release a Ragnarok Odyssey demo on November 13th on PSN. Be ready for lots of monster hunting!


  • amazing stuff :D

  • @NYCREDUDE – Dude… so jealous that you’re playing now. Still waiting for PS Store to update. I’ll add you later when I get on. if anyone wants to add me as well – PSN ID – Aevanilla (label it RO in body please). I’ll be on later today (hurry up SONY!). Hopefully we can get a good group going to tackle on these giant bosses that I so want to fight xD!

  • still waiting for the the store update…

  • when is the store updating?

  • Grr I wish the store would update soon. Its 12:17pm right now where I live and nothing yet =(

  • its 15:14 where i live =( and nothing yet

  • Don’t be. The store will be updated before you know it. Hopefully they do it earlier since alot of people are not working due to Storm. I’ll add you now.

  • My previous comment was for Aevanilla.

  • I’m a solo-play kinda guy. Will I still be able to enjoy all the games content solo? Or will I HAVE to join up co-op to complete quests or monsters?

    Also, do the quests/monsters scale accordingly if there are more people? So if it’s just me it’s difficulty is appropriate for just me? OR if I team up with more people are the monsters just that much easier to take down?

    Thanks for your reply. Game looks great!!

    • I played through the majority of the game solo, and still found it quite enjoyable. Especially the boss fights! They’re challenging as all get-out, but does it ever feel good when you beat them. The game is designed to encourage co-op, but if you want to play solo, you’ll still have an enjoyable experience.

      Single player experience is easier if you accept quests through the Guild, and harder for a single player who accepts the same quests through the tavern. That higher difficulty doesn’t change with more people- having 1 or 4 persons accepting quests through the tavern doesn’t change the scaling there. It’s definitely a way to play hard mode, if you’re up for the challenge (especially since later bosses can be especially tough, even with more people)!

  • well last week the ps store updated around 6 pm or 5 pm (where i live) so might take a long time, i just hope that sony update this as soon as possible…..PLEASE!!!

    PSN ID = diegohp69

    add me anyone who wants to slay some giants!!!

  • Will this game allow me to use ad-hoc party to play with fiends?

  • The game is 1104 MB for the person who was asking about it :)

  • @ Raymyster14
    It has Ad Hoc and online mp

    There are two places to access quest. The main area is for single player and is easier. You can access the multi-player in a tavern in town, which is much harder for multiple players. For those who want a challenge you can access the single layer in the tavern but it is very hard.

  • Yes! finaly! =)

    Happy Halloween to my vita! =P and to u all of course =)

  • Finally! How long I have been waiting for this game to come out. Can’t wait for it to arrive so I can play it. Thank you XSEED. =)!

  • Xseed: I work at Gamestop and I am working today mostly going to pick up my reservations of AC3, ACL and hopefully RO. I reserved the CE and it is in our system to release on the Oct 31 and Standard on Nov 2. Could someone in your office email Gamestop’s Home Office to allow them to sell the reserved copies today if they are in store.

    • Today is the official ship date, so if anyone at Gamestop wants to verify that, they’re welcome to check out the news section on our site!

  • I absolutely cannot wait to buy this from the store when it updates!

  • Thanks for answering my question. I knew either way you answered I still 100% planned on buying the game. I’ve been waiting for this one for far too long. I can’t wait to give you my money in exchange for this awesome Action RPG. Thanks for the reply and the game!

  • $40 is overpriced for PlayStation Vita games. Release games fair prices and watch as games sell so much more. There’s proof of this by the way. Also, why isn’t this game on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita with “cross buy” and cross save? I would definitely purchase this game if it was.

    • We always try to balance the selling price necessary for us to stay in business with what we feel is fair to the consumer. Sometimes people think we offer an extremely good value (like people talking about all the added goods with the Mercenary Edition for only $49.99), sometimes people accuse us of wanting their first-born in exchange for our latest release. We can never please everyone with our pricing, but we will continue to try to hit the right even ground to please as many people as possible. :>

  • @h2omasnah

    Dude this is a quality game way more worth than the $40 price tag. you will get more out of this game than 95% of all “full” console games which cost $60.

  • @75 as much as i wished there was a PS Plus discount at least, this game does seem to look great for the $40, especially since its an original game for Vita. They are charging that same price for a port of Street Fighter x Tekken over at Capcom, which is ridiculous.

  • @77

    Capcom is know for that lately. They are just releasing remakes and ports. Sad.

  • This is the game that I bought a Vita for. The first to “define” the device as it were. I buy everything from XSEED though, so this is really no exception, but still.



    IF this game is a whopping success for you and all the darlings at XSEED, please, please, please try and get Lord of Apocalypse from SE’s clutches. Its been a year, and they’re clearly not interested in localization. You’ve worked out licensing deals like that before (Nintendo: Last Story) and filling in an RPG/ Hunting niche in the Vita software would be beneficial not only to the customers and XSEED faithful, but to XSEED’s bottom line itself.

    Thanks! See you in RO!!!

    • Oh, I like the sound of that! “Define the device.” We’re honored!

      And hey, anything is possible! Drop a line in our forums, since we consider everything fans suggest.

  • I also find it ironic that someone who complains about the price of a game which is at least 50 hours long and cost only $40 doesn’t have PS Plus. If you like good prices on your games then you should have at least PS Plus.

  • Aww, I bought the Collectors Edition at Gamestop but it might not show up Friday. WEEAAK!

  • *show up until Friday

  • $40 is fine for a game with this much content. Please stop complaining folks. They made the physical copy ridiculously attractive if you’re into all that collector’s crap too.

  • Re: Lords of Apocalypse. I’m playing the Japanese version, and its brilliant. From a development/ localization standpoint, there’s scant text and little voice work. If you did a DD only release you could circumvent the lack of English VOs issue that Sony sometimes adopts too.

  • Yeah, $40 is a great price for this much content. Oh, and the reason this isn’t crossbuy is because there is no PS3 version of the game :P

  • Great job Hatsuu! As usual, Xseed with a phenomenal release! I am also excited for Tom’s baby: Corpse Party BoS! Great year for Xseed!

    I hope 2013 is even more successful! But hopefully less stressfull! Maybe you need an intern to torture Hatsuu, it seemed to help Jess with you! ;)

  • I actually kinda wish there was a reverse remote play for games like this, where i could use the Vita to play the games while its projected on my TV through the ps3. This looks like it would be just as fun on the tv screen.

  • @IceColdEskimo i work at gamestop the shipment came today all gamestop has the game available for people who reserve it

  • PSN needs to do Midnight releases like the Big Box stores… I picked up an AC3 Vita today just to play ragnarok!

    I guess thanks for AC3 and the memory card, now please update the store so I can play RO.

  • I called purolator and my game is ready to be shipped. I have a tracking number and I’m hoping its here by tomorrow or the next day! I’m Canadian so..hopefully other Canadians will get their copies too!

  • Seems to be a problem, I keep throwing money at my PSV and nothing is happening. WTF?

  • Gorgeous website for Ragnarok Odyssey :D Xseed rules

  • I wish i could play it but im kinda in a pickle with hurricane sandy messing up my area. hopefully i can play this soon i really want this game

  • OK, anyway I’ll probably buy the game next week, if I don’t buy assassin’s creed first xD

  • I pre-ordered it but my local retailer have yet to receive their copies … I might cancel preorder and get it digital then …

  • Picked up two copies today, one regular for my daughter and one mercenary for me. Cant wait to start playing.

  • Just went around to all of the Gamestops and Walmarts in my area. None of them have it. And I still don’t see RO on PSN. I’m going insane.

  • @head20: Hopefully I just asked the wrong person there then. Time to call. Thanks, man

  • Is it releasing in store today? My area didn’t got it in stock today at 1:30 pm in pacific area.

  • I pre-ordered this from GameStop forever ago, was disappointed at the midnight launch and instead bought psn cards and now I’m checking the psn store every half hour. This wait is torturous! I want to play this game so badly! I haven’t played a bad xseed game yet and this looks like the killer Vita ip I’ve been waiting for. PLEASE, Sony, give us our R.O.!

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