Ragnarok Odyssey: Giant-Sized RPG Assaults PS Vita Today

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Ragnarok Odyssey: Giant-Sized RPG Assaults PS Vita Today
Ragnarok Odyssey: Giant-Sized RPG Assaults PS Vita Today

Are you ready, guys? Because right now it’s Ragnarok Odyssey happy hour! Or more like Happy Day, since today we celebrate the release of our precious PS Vita title. It’s been a lengthy localization journey, but we’re proud to bring out the Ragnarok Odyssey Standard Edition for $39.99, as well as the Mercenary Edition, which includes a meaty monster guide with artwork, a full soundtrack, and 10 randomized collectable monster cards out of over 50 for $49.99.

The game itself is the real star of the show, though. Think of it kind of like Monster Hunter or Gods Eater, but with more of a Norse mythology twist and a battle system that’s all about knocking your enemies high into the air, then flying up after them and flinging them all over creation before slamming them back down into the hard dirt below. It’s a great game to pick up and play anytime, as you can just grab a quest and head out to go attack all manner of creatures and loot lots of goodies off their hacked-up remains. And if you don’t want to go it alone, you can always bring three friends with you through ad-hoc or infrastructure multiplayer – which might be a huge help when you face off against some of this game’s mammoth bosses, who can be hundreds of times bigger than you are.


And since this is basically a really cool party, I’ll be talking about those multiplayer features here today. While we weren’t able to play together too often (naturally, we’d get far too distracted trying to get our characters to properly high-five each other), the times we did play it in the office left us in fits of giggles and a welling flame of camaraderie for taking down big dudes. Because some of the dudes you fight are… well, really big and stuff.

The maps of multiplayer are the same exact maps used in the single-player campaign, and while single player is accessed through the local Guild, multiplayer is accessed through a nearby tavern. So what’s the difference, exactly? Difficulty. Multiplayer is much more difficult in comparison, and will reward players who take it on with better items which you can use to create new clothing, weapons, or just sell for some extra cash. Luckily, this difficulty isn’t closed to those who are venturing solo and want the extra challenge – single players only need to enter the tavern alone to progress through the game with a higher difficulty (y’all are crazy, though, for real).


So can a brand new player instantly be fighting on one of the last maps in the game if one of their partners is farther ahead? The answer to that is no. If you have two, three, four people in multiplayer, the quests available for your team to choose from will be decided based on the ‘youngest’ player. This means that if you have three players who are at Chapter 5, and one on Chapter 3, you’ll only be given quests up to Chapter 3. Help that last guy conquer a few familiar foes, though, and you’ll be taking on later chapters together as a team in no time.

The game has a few multiplayer friendly in-game features, too. While you can’t use voice chat, there are a flurry of emoticons and silly to serious body language options to choose from to let your comrades know how you’re feeling. There are also equippable cards that are friendly to playing with others, too, such as a card that spreads certain leftover stats to your allies should you fall in battle, or a card that helps loot gravitate more to you than others (because if sharing was caring, things wouldn’t be as fun, though some drop items are split amongst the party).
Oh yeah, and so long as someone has a North American copy of the game, you can play with them, meaning don’t sweat having everyone play in the same room to enjoy some monster hunting. It’s all online, baby!

So be nice, have fun, and do your best on conquering the toughest Giants the Sundered Lands have to offer!

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  • I’ve been looking forward to this. Going to wait and see what people are saying before going ahead with it.

  • Ty awesome Avery ! I am really looking forward to playing this on my vita specially since you guys made it extra awesome !!

    • Sugar, Spice, and everything Awesome. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little game.

  • hello, I wonder what is the size of the game to download?
    thank you

    • I’m actually away from the office and don’t know the size number off the top of my head, but I’ll make a post later in this thread once I figure it out!

  • Finally today is the day :) but the playstation store doesn’t update yet ggggrrrrrrr!!!

  • This looks great. Planning to get it on psn, though i’m kinda afraid Sony will just give this game out free next week without warning for Plus members considering how incompetent they’ve been lately.

    I know that online co-op is a big feature of the game, but i hope its just as fun solo since my wifi isn’t great in my room where i play Vita. Also, will psn version have any kind of discount?

    • I played most of the game solo, and was able to enjoy a good 40-50 hours out of it, so no worries! As long as you enjoy monster hunting, you’ll enjoy this solo and/or with a friend. Also, the PSN download version will be $39.99, same as the physical copy.

      Hope that helps!

  • playstation store doesn’t update yet ggggrrrrrrr!!! [2]

    Sony, let me play Ragnarok and AC3 :)

  • Will there be an online pass? Please say no!!!

  • Been looking forward to this game as well. Haven’t seen any reviews on it, but I’ve heard good things from those that have played the japanese demo

    • Reviews should be slowly trickling out soon, and hopefully they’ll be just as favorable as the things you’ve heard about the demo! :>

  • Here’s to hoping the store updates as early as possible! It’s too bad that we have to wait to get games on the PSN Store when we can just go buy them at Gamestop almost a full day earlier.

  • I’m debating which game to get for my psvita, Ragnarok Odyssey, Assassins Creed Liberation or Need for Speed. I can only get one today not because money issues but time, i don’t have that much time to play video games now so i dont know what to get, i want to play all three games but it has to be one at a time.

  • @VengefulTorture – I’m picking up the merc edition after work today. You going to go straight to multiplayer or do some offline first?

    Lets hunt together sometime. I’ll message ya if I see you on.

  • Assassin’s Creed is up on PSN

  • Been waiting for this since XSEED announced the localization, need-Ragnarok-Odyssey-NOW, please update the PlayStation Store soon 8D I can´t hardly wait to start the game with my Assassin

    • PSN Store will hopefully update around noon, but that’s all Sony! We’re excited to see it go up as well.

  • Argh! Update the PS Store already so I can download it and play it nonstop!!!!

    @D-Squad3, Brittany answered you previously. The game can handle multiple saves/characters on with one copy of the game. So multiple people can TAKE TURNS playing their own character with one copy of the game. But if you want to play with them at the same time, each of you will need your own copy of the game.

  • @Aevanilla on our own Vita? Our own memory card? Our own PSN ID account?

    • If each of you want to play together, you have to have your own Vitas, PSN ID accounts, and your own copies of the game. If you want to play one at a time, just one copy will suit you, since there can be multiple save files in one game! But it doesn’t cost extra to access multiplayer itself.

  • This game will be mine tomorrow!! I want to play it now!! :(

  • Still no sight of NfS , so long to wait with abt 10hrs left. Grrrrrrrr

  • Waiting for this from Amazon is killing me slowly.. Why didn’t I just go to Best Buy????

    • Patience, grasshopper! You chose well, since Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target won’t be carrying Ragnarok Odyssey. It will soon be in your hands and ready for playing!

  • @D-Squad – Pretty sure yea. From what my friends in Japan has told me, the online play was actually patched into the game. There is no online pass/code to play online. Also I believe it was answered that “There is no cost to play online.” on the last thread. This is if you are all taking turns, not playing at the same time with each other.

  • I just bought my PS Vita to play this game, pleace update the PSN Store right now :3

  • ARGHH! So many great games coming to the Vita right now and I can’t afford them all!

    Definitely will pick this one up. Also have to put AC3:Lib and Burnout…er…NFS:MW on the must buy list. Looking for to this game! Thanks XSEED!

  • @Rennatus The digital download takes up 1104 MB iirc. (Now how can I send you guys my resume, Brittany?)

  • Any reason why it is delayed until Nov 6th for Canadians? I really want my mercenary edition. However once the psn store updates I will be getting the digital version!

    • Hmm, it might just be taking a little longer to ship than usual. If it’s not there yet, we’re estimating Ragnarok Odyssey should be in stock with Canadian retailers by the weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • I went to my local store to pickup a limited edition copy and they said that the game has been pushed back into November.

    Anyone at Sony know anything about this? X.X

    • Everything is shipped now from our side, so it might just be taking a couple extra days to arrive to some retailers. Hopefully not too long!

    • Looks like we won’t know the exact answer until PSN actually updates. Which will hopefully be quite soon!

  • I may be in the minority here but I’m actually looking more forward to this than AC Liberation. I really feel RO will have more replay value than ACL. Don’t disappoint me XSeed I’m buying RO instead of ACL. =)

    • Right now, you can’t use the Vita chat functions in-game, but it’s something the dev team is looking into. Still, the emoticons and body language options in the game are a pretty entertaining alternative, ha ha.

  • This game is awesome. I’ve been playing it all morning and I love it, even though I was going to the tavern solo and getting my butt kicked! I didn’t know it was harder there!

    For those looking for a quick review. After choosing your character and appearance, you are brought in as a rookie to join a group of defenders again the monsters than have broken into our land from the Sundered Land, which is a place that has been isolated from the world until the giants broker through the mountain that separate it from our world.

    The central hub town is where you buy thing to equip your warrior and prepare for the quests that are given out to you. These quest start out very easy with you killing cute little porings but soon get much more challenger as the monsters get much larger and stronger.

    There are a lot of different customizations. Weapons can be customized, armor can hold cards which gives the character upgrades in ability such as higher level resistance to poison, higher HP, etc. Sometimes these also include detriments such as lower defense. You can dye and change the color of your gear in the game also.

  • …Continued

    Combat is real time and very smooth. There is a small attack and a strong attack that you can charge which is used to throw enemies in the air and attack them in the air (ala GOW). Combinations are easy to put together. You can dash on the ground and in the air anytime to dodge which is essential to fighter the larger monsters. Hold down and let go of the left trigger to lock on or let go of a target. once you lock on you can change targets either with the right stick or dpad buttons. Overall combat system is very fun and addictive and very challenging. You are bumrushed by up to 30 monsters at the same time in the first chapter!

    Graphics are very pleasing and crisp with very nice lighting and the models are nice. Aliasing is not very apparent and the game runs very smooth. Although no the best looking game on the Vita it is very pretty!

    For fan of Ragnarok Odyssey, Monster Hunter or God Eater this is a dream comes true!

    • That’s awesome! I’m happy you’ve already had such a good first impression. And don’t worry, I was taking quests through the tavern at first, too. I was wondering why the Orc King was so hard before realizing the tavern was meant for multiplayer! And you’re using Hammersmith, right? Riiiiight? :D

  • @28 and 29, thanks. Sounds like fun.

  • I’ve had this game since August; imported the Chinese+English version and have already put dozens if not hundreds of hours into it. I won’t be picking up the strictly NA version, but it’s definitely one of the best games on Vita, and I have no doubt that you all are gonna enjoy it.

    Shame that I apparently won’t be able to play with the NA copy-users, though.

  • I am a HUUUUGE Monster Hunter fan, but I am so very, VERY excited for this game. Two questions:

    1) In Lord of Arcana (another monster hunting game), you traverse the map like you’d expect, but when you touch an enemy, you’re pulled into an encounter arena type area. I didn’t really like that as much as just fighting in the normal map area without going into a locked encounter. Do you handle combat sequences like Monster Hunter (they take place in the map ad hoc) or do you pull the players into an encounter sub-map like Arcana?

    2) One thing I LOVE about MH is the level of complexity and upgrade paths available for gear (weapons and armor). Can you give us an idea of how many different weapons and armor pieces there are? Also, how many armor pieces are in a “set”? For example, in MH there are 5 (head, torso, arms, waist, legs).

    Thank you so much for your time and especially for this game. I’ll be buying this one today.

    • I am happy to answer an excited fan’s questions! :>

      1.) From your Fort, you choose quests, which will take you to various sizable maps, but there are no maps within maps. You choose which map you’d like to go, and voila! Monsters, all over the same field you’re traversing and ready for hunting!

      2.) RO equips Armor & Weapons, but you’re not limited to your job class when it comes to outfits. After a couple chapters, you’re free to take advantage of the armor/look of a Cleric when you’re technically an Assassin. Dozens of weapons can be found in-game, and IIRC I found 4 or 5 major types of weapons per class; however, each individual weapon has their unique own strength & stat advantages. Plus, since you don’t gain experience through the game, equipping cards to your armor (the more you upgrade your armor, the more cards you can equip) makes for for heavy stat customization.

      As for physical appearances on your armor, there are several outfits per class, plus more outfits. My favorite outfit is the Pioneer outfit! :D And you not only can change your weapon and armor at any time, but your hair style/color, face, skin color and voice can be changed throughout the game as you please.

      I hope this helps!

  • @ModSquade

    I don’t know where you are but in NY it released today.

  • Buying this tonight!!!

  • @pendherker

    Combat is in real time on the map!

  • So first off. I’m pissed
    XSEED You guys lied to me directly and went from one of my Favs to one of my least fav publishers in 2 seconds. What did you guys specifically say. The game releases Oct. 30th if you guys are going to screw Canada atleast say you are. There is NO excuse for why we have to wait til Nov. 6 for Ragnarok and you guys don’t say anything, and act like everythings all good. And don’t tell me no Digital Download. I buy PHYSICAL, memory cards are way to expensive and I like physical media. Plus I have a full 4GB since launch. I’m getting tired of this Canada getting screwed act that’s being pulled lately, I gave up ACIIIL, SFxT etc for this game and I get screwed. Wow talk about appreciation for your supporters. Apart from Ys I don’t think I’ll support XSEED unless we get a PUBLIC apology. Yes Canadian gamers deserve a apology. Also this ruins everything I had planned for this, cause I was suppose to play with american friends through the game and they ain’t waiting a week smh

    • We have no control over when physical product reaches Canadian retailers. They pick up the product from our warehouse the same time our shipments for the US get out, so it’s up to them on how quickly they get the product into Canada. Our guess is that they are being conservative giving a 11/6 date, and that it will probably be in stores by this weekend.

  • Finally the day has arrived !!!, I’ve been waiting for this since it got announced for NA, which I thought it would never be, thank you Xseed !!!! My copy is already out for delivery, now to wait the hours for UPS to get here, hope its soon !!! ><

  • I’m going to pick up the collectors edition but had one question: Are the cards inside the CE random? And is there a set list us collectors can look at so we know how many there are?

    So excited for this game!

    • Yup! Just like a Pokemon or a Yu-Gi-Oh pack, the trading cards are randomized cards of different rarities out of a set. They’ll be numbered for you on the card, so you’ll know which ones you have. If we have any extras leftover from manufacturing, we might look into making them available somehow.

  • One more thing, as a side note; when the lot of you reach the first point in the game that you hear the song they used in that launch trailer, you’re very likely about to get unceremoniously pounded into the dirt. Just a heads-up.

    Anyway, yeah. Excellent game; one of my favorite Vita titles. All this hype around the NA version’s release kinda makes me wanna go back and pop in a few hours in my imported one.

  • Yay! Been waiting for this day for so long! I can’t wait get my mercenary edition and start playing.

    Thanks XSEED

  • You can consider this bought, XSEED — 12

  • been looking forward to this.

    finished new little king story (working on platinum)

    now i await my mercenary edition of this :)

    idk who says the vita doesnt have enough content….im pretty backed up

    • The Vita is crazy populated with great games these days, isn’t it? Good to know Ragnarok Odyssey is on that list for you!

  • OMG! PSN only execute this query “INSERT INTO Games (Name, Plataform, Genre, Price) values (‘Ragnarok Odyssey’, ‘PS Vita’, ‘RPG’, ‘FREE’);” … simple like that xD

  • Those screenshots look soooooo cool. If it is priced at 36 on the PSN store i might get it instead of ACIIIL

  • If it weren’t for AC3 and Liberation coming out today, then this is what I would be picking up. Not to worry, XSEED, because it is definitely on my list. Are there any plans to release the second and third chapters of Sora no Kiseki, or Legend of Heroes VI as it is called in the states?

    • Nothing official to share, but it doesn’t mean that we’ve given up! We are continuing to talk to Falcom to see if anything can be done to overcome the huge hurdles in releasing those titles.

  • Been waiting for this one. Actually wanting this one more than AC3 and NFS. XSEED doesn’t disappoint.

  • I went to go pick up my copy of Ragnarok Odyssey. They told me the release got delayed again!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We’ve already shipped all copies from our warehouse, so people are seeing it in stores starting today. There could be a few places that are taking a couple extra days, though, possibly because of the weather.

      It will be in your loving arms soon!

  • If only PSN would update sooner Dx
    I’ve been waiting quite a while for this game :P

  • Is it too late to add the term “waifu” in the game?

  • @Brittany

    I am using Sword Warrior. Orc King Kicked my butt all over the place. You have to really exercise patience when fighter the bosses.

    • Oh, Sword Warrior is good! Definitely the best in terms of balance. And man, the bosses will only get crazier. Orc King is just the tip of the iceberg!

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