Okami HD on PSN Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

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Okami HD on PSN Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

At long last I’m pleased to share that the great goddess Amaterasu is ready to save the world once again! Ōkami HD is launching on PSN today in North America and will be available to download for $19.99 later today with the PlayStation Store update.

In case anyone needs it, here’s a quick refresher on all the things we’ve added to Ōkami HD:

  • The critically acclaimed classic brought to new life on PS3
  • Full native 1080p visuals brings Ōkami’s stunning visuals into the HD era
  • PlayStation Move motion controller support allows players to enjoy the celestial brush in new and intuitive ways
  • Trophy Support, including a Platinum trophy, gives players all new challenges to complete

I’d like to extend a big thanks to the PSN community as well as PlayStation.Blog for all their support for Ōkami HD. Your support helped make this project happen and it is greatly appreciated! I can say for myself that this title was hands down the most fun I’ve had working on any project here at Capcom. I hope you all enjoy the game as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to you.

Check out our launch trailer above. Will you be picking up Okami HD today? If so, will you be playing on DualShock or PlayStation Move?

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2 Author Replies

  • This is a perfect game for… PS Vita ! What do you wait ?

  • Wow, a lot of people whining about no discount on a TWENTY DOLLAR GAME. Seriously, it’s not like it’s $60 you’re dropping like on a full-fledged ps3 blue-ray game. Personally, I’m more than willing to pay $20 to re-experience this game in higher quality with some fun little trophies for the completionist in me.

    Though I agree with what someone above said. It’s very disheartening when a “tuesday release” on the store isn’t until late in the evening. I feel sorry for anyone who ordered AC3 on PSN, for instance, because anyone who ordered a physical copy from GameStop (or whatever other store) is already sitting in their underwear at home with junk food enjoying it while the people who did their “Day 1 digital” order of AC3 are still sitting here on Day 1 without their game because it takes so long for you guys to update the store. Please do something about that.

  • If this game can play on both console and portable, it would be epic.

  • I was going to buy this without a doubt if it was priced fairly, but it seems like it’s not at $20. Correct me if I’m wrong of course, but this game is over six years old, not only that, but it has been released on PlayStation 2 and two years later on Wii so profits have definitely been made and it doesn’t seem like a HD port costs so much money that validates a $20 price.

    On top of that, HD ports of games are released at $10 and even less and on physical format. The Ratchet & Clank Collection has three games in HD for $30 which means $10 per game and the God of War Saga Collection is five games HD, one being a PlayStation 3 2010 release for $40 which means each game is $8. That right alone proves Okami HD on PSN is overpriced.

  • Capcom, I will not be buying this game at $20, release it at $10 and you have a purchase. If you keep doing all these dirty practices like overpricing your content, disc locked content and all the others you will only give yourself a very a bad name (worse than it already is) and it will only get worse for you.

    I suggest every consumer to stop purchasing and supporting dirty practices that are anti-consumer practices because besides the fact that you’re getting ripped off, the companies won’t stop and it will only get worse like history shows because more dirty practices keep happening.

  • @ 55+56: I agree, don’t blame Capcom, blame the gamers that are allowing this to happen. All of the “remastered” games/collections are overpriced, as are new video games too.

  • I am really byuing this!

  • I wish this was a PS Vita title aswell.. :(

  • @h2omasnah

    oh boo-hoo. You better get off your high horse because no one cares that lil ol’ you isn’t going to buy this game because you think Capcom is a evil greedy corporation that doesn’t deserve anyone’s money. For every handful of people who don’t buy this game because they think it’s over priced, thousands more people WILL buy it. So I don’t think Capcom will see it as a loss that a few disgruntled people such as yourself didn’t buy it.

    at the end of the day Capcom is just a business making money in whatever way they can, you think they care what the consumer thinks? You really think Capcom will ever change their ways? hah. So you go on ahead with your tirades about “dirty-anti-consumer-practices” because no one is listening.

    Okami is an incredible game. They can have my 20 dollars. Whenever the PSN store updates uugh I was really looking forward to downloading this game this morning.

  • No hurricane will prevent me from downloading this tonight and playing it until I fall into a coma. Okami is one of my favorite games ever.

    Damnit, Capcom, you used to be so cool.

  • @56 and 57

    Sorry. Buying. See, I pay for what I think something is worth. I think this is worth 20 dollars. If you don’t, don’t buy. Blame gamers if you want noonen, but I blame people like you for the state gaming is in now. You want so much and you’re not willing to support the people who put in the work. Quick to complain though.

  • I would love a Vita version of Okami HD ! :)

  • Disappointed at some people complaints at the price. Capcom actually took the time and effort to do a solid HD Port (Recent reviews shows it like IGN – 9.4) and they actually added Playstation Move Support and a Platnuim Trophy. Something they didn’t do for Resident Evil 4 HD at all. At this rate Okami 2 will probably get shut down too at Capcom HQ just because there wasn’t enough interest or revenue in it just like MegaMan.

  • @62

    Have you seen the exodus of gamers from consoles to mobiles? Console developers and game developers need to pay attention or the game console will become a thing-of-the-past.

  • @64 yeah, but i suppose some people wanted extra content and not just better graphics and trophies slapped on. I don’t mind it so much, because i never finished the original ps2 version, so most of the game is new to me.

  • Okami did have a squeal. It was OkamiDen. Was on the DS.

  • oh man I am SO excited for this! And a plat to get, hell yea. Love this game, EVERYONE BUY IT! If this does well maybe they will consider a sequel for main consoles continuing the story of Amaterasu =D

  • I CAN’T WAIT… I wish the store updated as early as this site.. lol It’s dumb waiting all morning and most of the afternoon just to download a new game :l

  • Capcom better not remove the credits from Okami hd like they did with the wii version

  • Was worried that Sandy would a put a halt on my plans to play this tonight (among other more important concerns obviously) Was without power for a 16 hours or so, but now I’ve got power and internet and am all set provided PSN is also up.

    Okami is my favorite PS2 game; in fact I think it’s my favorite game from that console generation, period. So I’m looking forward to this – hopefully the port quality it good.

  • a Vita version would be cool =D Ill grab it for PS3 eventually though when ive got money

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  • I agree with #60 and #62. If you don’t think it’s worth it, don’t buy it. Honestly, no one cares if you’re going to “stick it to the corporate leeches” by not buying their game. Fantastic, you don’t want to buy their HD remake because it’s too expensive. Well too bad. You can either pay the designated price if you want it that bad. And if you don’t want it that bad, obviously this release of this product is not aimed at you.

    Many of us feel a nice nostalgia from this game and the remastering as well as addition of movement controls and the plat. trophy are enough for some of us to want to buy it again. That’s our choice. Just like not buying it is your choice. But don’t sit there and whine about how you think gamers that buy the HD remakes are ruining gaming.

    I’m honestly hoping the Move motion controls are better than the Wii. I’m not sure if it was just my Wii or if this was a common problem but sometimes the Wii controls were a bit jittery or didn’t want to stick where I pointed them. We’ll see, I suppose.

  • It’d be great if you could update it on a set schedule. -.-

  • As usual, I agree with Blakseed. Always common sense, dude. I am not joining the cheapskates’ pity party! I had this game on wii & had to give up on it because the wiimote is the suckiest controller I’ve ever used. For the HD remake we can use the dualshock or the Move. They spent money to bring this to us & the price is very reasonable.

    Look, I used to be cheap when I was poor. I get it. But most of us are going to happily buy & play this, & many more games to come.

  • capcom when will okami hd be on the psn

  • I’ll be using my move! Thank you so much for supporting it capcom. It was becoming to collect dust!

  • I’ve never had the opportunity to play this game, & now I do in HD this will be a blast to play with Ps Move of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yes it out thank you capcom

  • Downloading right now, about 25% done. :D

  • Downloading right now

  • Given the time i will put in this game, even for 20$, i’ll get my money’s worth, i estimate i will likely put 20 to 30 hours in it, that is twice what i put in most 60$ titles i buy these days. In terms of time/$, definitely worth it.

    Also, almost done downloading. I’ll dust up my move controllers for this, there was practically nothing that i wanted to use the move for, but given that the Wii controls were okay for me, i’ll try the move controls. Hopefully, the minor issues i was seeing with the Wii won’t be there with the move. At least there won’t be crappy nunchuk sensor nonsense for the dodge technique this time around.

  • Vita version please!

  • Seriously, these are the kinds of games (Journey, Unfinished Swan, etc…) that need PS+ discounts at launch (for the first week), just another under utilization of the PS+ program. I hope then when you introduce the PS+ to the Vita that you give us some good discounts on the few, but great Vita as well as some of the many great PSP titles out there. I personally need more incentives (discounts) on highly anticipated PSN games such as this one if I am to renew my PS+ Membership for another two years.

  • Hi everyone ! please I have question to people from Quebec or Canada … Okami is also available in french language on the Canadian store or not? (with the ps3 configurate in french). It’s really important for me, I only have the Canadian store and I love Okami but i’m not very confortable with english…

    thanks for answers

  • Tristan do you know it ? please

  • Since Capcom’s Marketing Manager is here, any chances for a Resident Evil sale for Thanksgiving PSN sale? I’m going to buy Okami HD and One Piece and I’m Looking to spend the $20 I get back from the promotion on Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection but it’s $27. Dang, help me out here Capcom. Haha.

  • I bought it, downloading it now. I played the PS2 version a long time ago and loved it. One of my favorite games of all time and I’m glad to see it upgraded to PS3. Thanks.

  • Been playing for an hour… the game is still brilliant and having motion controls is a great option. I wish the RE HD remakes had been given the same amount of care.

    As for those complaining about the price, sure, $15 would have been the sweet spot, but remember that the money you spend keeps great developers and programmers in jobs, and also provides capital for more games. Publishers/developers are not a charity. While there is some price gouging in the industry from time to time, Okami HD is worth the price for the game you’re getting.

  • Awesome game :-)

  • @lisatsunami

    That you much. :)

  • Loved this PS2 game – just running around, listening to the music, taking in the scenery, kicking imp.
    Really would love to play it again.

    Or at least just *buy* it. It seems that PSN has recently implemented a HDD Nanny that Buy-Blocks me, saying I need to free 13+GB off my HD, but that’s not an option right now.
    So, Questions three I have of thee (or anyone, really):
    1) Who decided it were a *BRILLIANT* idea to prevent someone from just *buying* something because of the size of one’s drive? How recently was it implemented? It was after this past summer, as I had less than 800MB for much of the summer, but it allowed me to buy the “Doctor Who” PSN game (1.2-1.6GB IIRC), amongst others.

  • 2) How do I get around it? I would at least have the *option* of D/L’ing it when I finish enough of my other titles (.3GB – 1.8GB each) that I can D/L it over the course of 2-9 days (FiOS, 2-5 hrs a night if no programs stop D/L’s like “DarkSiders2”). Purchasing w/out D/L’ing a title is something that I’ve done over the last 3 years, and it has worked well for me when I finished a game or got into a gaming funk.

    Probably wrong forum, but:
    3) Why might PSN say I haven’t purchased “Nights into Dreams” last month when both my D/L history & Purchase history says that I have?

  • If you want to try to win Okami HD, join the Dying2Win Competition:

  • still sickens me how poorly this game did. it was hands one of the best games to grace the PS2. Unfortunately gaming has fallen a bit to the wayside for me but I can’t wait to revisit, play, & finish Okami again. This game should look incredible in HD and while I prefer the comfort of my chair will definitely be looking forward to seeing how well Move support works. TY for bringing it back! Hopefully it reaches a new audience and gains some recognition it well deserves.

  • Opps… didn’t answer the Q @ the top – Most likely the DualShock3.
    My wrist doesn’t rotate smoothly, and has little “click” spots where it snaps ~1/4th inch, and often not in the direction my hand was heading. A (near-)perfect circle or a long line in a short time is practically impossible with either hand. :(

    I hope CapCom has been able to work out some sort of solution to their licensing issues regarding Clover Studios and the band that did the song in the credits. Since the music was licensed to CloverStudios & not CapCom, it wasn’t included in the Wii version. Also, since the song is tied directly into the credits video, data-wise, and the original video source was “lost” in CloverStudios’ closure, the Wii edition had no ending credits. That is, IIRC the little debacle.

  • Why is still not out on EU PSN store?

  • I just want to chime in and say I’d buy it on Vita too.

  • thank you so much CAPCOM!!!

    I got Okami HD on day 1!!! :)

    PS: please REMAKE the older Resident Evil games in HD!!

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