Okami HD on PSN Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

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Okami HD on PSN Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

At long last I’m pleased to share that the great goddess Amaterasu is ready to save the world once again! Ōkami HD is launching on PSN today in North America and will be available to download for $19.99 later today with the PlayStation Store update.

In case anyone needs it, here’s a quick refresher on all the things we’ve added to Ōkami HD:

  • The critically acclaimed classic brought to new life on PS3
  • Full native 1080p visuals brings Ōkami’s stunning visuals into the HD era
  • PlayStation Move motion controller support allows players to enjoy the celestial brush in new and intuitive ways
  • Trophy Support, including a Platinum trophy, gives players all new challenges to complete

I’d like to extend a big thanks to the PSN community as well as PlayStation.Blog for all their support for Ōkami HD. Your support helped make this project happen and it is greatly appreciated! I can say for myself that this title was hands down the most fun I’ve had working on any project here at Capcom. I hope you all enjoy the game as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to you.

Check out our launch trailer above. Will you be picking up Okami HD today? If so, will you be playing on DualShock or PlayStation Move?

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2 Author Replies

  • Will be mine. :D

    I should wait for my $20 rebate… but I can’t.

  • Game looks absolutely gorgeous. Mine!

  • I’ve owned every version of this game and it is the only game in which, after finishing it, I started the game again. I’ll be refreshing the PS Store hourly this afternoon so I can get this as soon as possible. Thank you to all the people who made this possible.

  • I really want a Vita version.

    A guy can dream can’t he?

  • I can’t wait! I love Okami :D

  • I wish it had a Vita version.
    It would be the perfect console for it. :~

  • Would have been super nice to have a limited edition/collector’s retail release with a hardcover art book and a small statuette or something.

    Will I be getting this when it goes up? You betcha.

  • This game would be perfect on the PS VITA! Touch screen controls! Hope Sony pushes for capcom to make a PS VITA version!

  • when it out Sony ? 1PM ,2PM or 5PM ?

  • looks interesting, though i’m afraid to buy since i know Sony will probably just discount it half price or give it out free next week. :/

  • Wish a PSV version too… Will be nice if every PSN title come to Vita too! Anyway, Sony call it as PSN title, not a PS3 title

  • Hope the store updates very soon, really looking forward to purchase Okami as well as soom other content.

  • I’d probably buy this and play it again if it had an option to turn off the “voices”.
    I’d also double dip if it was on Vita (and had the option to turn off the “voices”).

  • Sweet! My avatar will probably become less common for awhile now. Got it pretty early on in my ps3 life, can’t wait to buy this. Hope i can plat it, will try anyway. Really really hope you can skip cenematics/talking though, loved it but those scenes took to long sometimes.

  • @Ryumoau

    Then why don’t you buy it to help support the guys that bought it to you in the first place then, huh?

  • Love it on PS2. Too bad the ps2 version could not make good sales despite of its high quality. Hope Ps3 version will make a surprise. I wiil buy it at the time it’s out. Cause I just need only 20$ of Okami to make a perfect 100$ of October.

  • Finally! The game I’ve wished for since I became a Playstation gamer in 2009. Thank you, I’ll buy this ASAP!!!

  • @14 yeah that small company Capcom really needs my money to survive. :/

  • 1. def getting this game 2. needs to be on the vita as well 3. now all we need is viewitful joe HD remake

  • Can’t wait to buy it again. Everyone should own Okami.

  • looks beautiful guys

  • @17

    Not sure about Capcom, but I’m sure the people that took the time to do the HD remaster right would appreciate it. If it does well enough, people might even get that Vita port they’re asking for.

  • Why in the hell do you always update the store late in the day? You need to start working better and update it early in the day instead.

  • Is this in 3d? And any extra features? Like art or music downloads.

  • Definitely picking it up but must do the obligatory DO VITA VERSION WITH CROSS SAVE FUNCTIONALITY post–Okami is one of the few games I would absolutely not mind paying for twice in this case.

  • Also, really want the store to update BEFORE 7pm please. The’tuesday’ update is such a joke when its not till late in the evening. It really should be early tuesday. I love sony, im not trying to hate, but please. Update sooner rather then so late. Do that, and give us a search download history option for the store and i’ll have no complaints. Plus is wonderful, and those have been my only dislikes. Update sooner. Add download history SEARCH function.

  • vita vita vita vita vita vita vita vita vita vita vita … please

  • I really enjoyed the game on the ps2 and i still have it so Im waiting for Okami 2

  • Why doesn’t the PSN Store update at a schedule time? Seems like it just randomly updates at anytime on Tuesday… That trailer I just watched said “On Sale Now.” Apparently not…

  • I’ve yet to have played Okami yet, I keep planning to, but it keeps getting put off. Oh, why must the developers murder our wallets in the span of two months. Lol.

    I definitely have to pick this up. I fear I’ve been missing out for far too long. If only it was out on the Vita also. Though, I wonder if we purchase it now, would we be able to just download it in the event that a Vita port did come out? If they do it, I mean. Still, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one interested!

  • Never played it, so I’m really excited for this!
    Though I wish there was a physical game and not exclusively available through PSN. Having a physical copy is always much better! :/
    Also, a Vita version would be amazing as well!

  • I’ve been waiting all day for this!! FINALLY!!! I GET TO PLAY SOME OKAMI GOODNESS!!!!!

  • I’m totally getting this one ! The wait was killing me, can’t wait to play when the store uptades !

  • But yes, probably buying it. Is it going to be $10 or $15? And to answer the other question, I’m will be playing with the DS3.

  • Instant purchase for me.

  • @34: Read the article, it says $20.

  • No PS+ discount? Booooo!

  • I must say, Capcom made a really smart choice to release this now. The timing is absolutely perfect ;P

  • Never got a chance to play this on the PS2. Can someone tell me if $15 is a good deal for this game

  • Sorry, meant $20, don’t know where i got the $15 from

  • I would buy this if I hadn’t already played the PS2 version to death. One of my favorite games.

  • Oh yes oh yes oh YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okami is the game of forever for me. I love it SoooO much and I’m sooooo excited to play it again in HD!!!!!!! THANK YOU CAPCOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Athough it’s kind of bitter sweet.. it was sad to see Clover Studios get shut down not long after this game was created)

  • So can’t wait to get it. Though rather see Vita get OkamiDen HD. Hope dose show capmon we do want Okami 3.

  • Now if only you didn’t have to wait until evening to download it.

    The really late updates lately are rather annoying. The store never seems to update before 7 PM EST these days, and I’m a little tired of having to wait that long. Now so long ago I recall a time when the store was always updated before 1 PM EST, and sometimes even before 12. I hope eventually we can get back to that.

  • get hype :D

    let’s see if they still replace the clover studios credits.

    don’t do this capcom

  • any special price for plus????

  • Downloading as soon as I get home from work!

  • Can’t wait to download, whtas the timeframe for the Store Update today.?

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