PlayStation Plus Update: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 40% Off, PS3 Plus Bundle

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PlayStation Plus Update: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 40% Off, PS3 Plus Bundle

October is just about over, but before we say goodbye to this month (which brought Payday: The Heist, NFL Blitz, and King of Fighters XIII free to PS Plus members), we wanted to point out a great new PlayStation 3 Bundle only on that includes one year of PlayStation Plus.

PS3 Plus Bundle

Get the PS3 Bundle with 1 Year of PS Plus

If you know anyone who has yet to dive into PlayStation 3, this might be a great item to recommend (or buy them if you’re feeling generous). With a one year membership of PS Plus included, this bundle will keep anyone plenty busy with great games, awesome discounts, and exclusive access to PS3 features throughout that first year with Plus.

Now then, let’s greet some of those great PS Plus discounts that will help you take your gaming dollar further.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or click here to get access.

October 30th PlayStation Plus Update

One Piece: Pirate Warriors

40% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $49.99, PS Plus Price: $29.99)

If you’re fan of the iconic anime One Piece, you won’t want to pass up this extraordinary deal on a PSN exclusive. Take control of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew of pirates to battle hordes of enemies from the One Piece universe. With an amazing brawler engine designed to give your character unique abilities to tackle waves of enemies, it captures the look and feel of the anime; complete with the original Japanese VO. It’s only on PSN, so grab it today. It could be just the purchase to put you over the $100 October spend limit to get $20 back in November.

Wonder Boy in Monster World

80% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $1.00)

SEGA keeps reminding us of their amazing classic gaming roots with another $1 PS Plus gem. Wonder Boy in Monster World is the direct follow-up to Wonder Boy in Monster Land, which is leaving the $1 price point for PS Plus members with tomorrow’s PS Store update. Show your support for this classic, which includes 2D action RPG elements, Trophy support and timeless music, and download it for $1 when tomorrow’s PlayStation Store Update arrives.
WWE ’13 Fan Axxess

50% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $19.99, PS Plus Price: $10.00)

WWE ’13 is releasing tomorrow in retail stores everywhere and fans couldn’t be more excited to once again live larger than life through their favorite WWE SuperStars. The WWE ’13 Fan Axxess gets you all the announced DLC coming October through January with more SuperStars, Championship Titles, and moves. Normally priced at $19.99, PS Plus members get all three content packs, exclusive WWE Superstars Diamond Dallas Page and Golddust and more; all for just $10. For more details on the content, check out the full listing on IGN.
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz – Complete DLC Bundle

80% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $1.99, PS Plus Price: $0.40)

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz released last week on PS Vita. If you like what you’ve played so far, it’s a no-brainer to pick up the Complete DLC Bundle! This bundle includes all 8 pieces of DLC; each of which enhances the Custom Level Creator to create all-new maps using fun pieces with plenty of references to SEGA’s classic games and systems.

Lastly, let’s wrap up with a poll. Remember, polls are important to us, but are only one factor we consider among many when we’re making decisions on the posed questions.

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That’s all for this week. Check back next week where we’ll announce a new free PS3 full game coming to Plus and more. Until then, leave your feedback in the comments, and thanks in advance for your feedback.

PlayStation Plus Update 10-29-2012

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16 Author Replies

  • Ok, so I didn’t love Plus in October either, but have gotten a lot of it during the whole plus run, so I’ll be patient and hope November brings something really cool.

    End of month updates are rarely very good so I don’t know why people are acting surprised by it, all the better offers come in the earlier part of the month and this month has 5 Tuesday updates as opposed to 4 in other weeks, so getting these discounts is actually pretty nice if you’re someone that benefits from them (not me, though, I maybe would have bit if it was d/c on Warriors Orochi instead).

  • AWWW, nothing new for Instant Crap Collection??

    Well, at least you’re consistent…consistently disappointing.

  • Man, suckers who bought the WWE ’13 Fan Axxess thing early (because for some reason you guys put it up a week or two ago) are going to be pissed.

  • Oh, I was hoping for an Okami HD Discount, but well, I´ll get it anyways!

  • Well this is it SCEA . All of the games for PS+ in Europe are quality titles!!!
    If I could easily buy PS+ for an European account I would’ve switched ages ago!!
    For all of you saying people like me shouldn’t complain for getting free games I can only say that I wouldn’t be doing it if every PS+ user were getting the same content, but seeing how Europeans are getting clearly SUPERIOR content makes it only natural to feel cheated!

  • Give me my Crysis 2 D:<

  • I like weekly updates in principle. But only if there’s actually something interesting to look forward to… i.e. a free game to try out.

    If getting weekly updates means that several updates each month (e.g. twice in a row now!) contain just some meager discounted games… then these updates will just create disappointment.

    Unless you can make the weekly updates worthwhile, maybe its better to have just a monthly update that actually has something interesting in it… unlike this weeks and last weeks update. All these updates are saying to me is

    “Look we promised you an update, but have nothing interesting for you, so let’s just remind you what you already got this month”.

    I don’t need posts like that, I pretty much know what we already got this month. Moreover if its something I didn’t like/enjoy (which is sometimes the case :-)… you trying to sound upbeat and positive about how great this month has been is just plain annoying.

  • i’d love to buy onepiece, but there isn’t paypal option in the store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank god im a both PSN+ subscriber (EU & US) , so if something is missing in US store i got it in the other.

    Please morgan , we may be able to change our ID online someday via an update or something ? i cant stand mine anymore . THANK YOU.

    CRYSIS 2

    OH WAIT…


  • Even if it’s “subject to change,” I’d like to see a monthly overview in addition to weekly updates. The monthly update helps me plan which games to start playing and/or buy. For example, if I know the next month won’t bring anything of high interest for me, then I might go ahead and purchase a game or two on my wish list. On the other hand, if I see a good sale for Plus members coming up or that one of the “free” games will be of interest to me, I can hold off on buying something else. Though I’m picking up Sports Champions 2 tomorrow, at this point I’m somewhat in a state of limbo about what the rest of November looks like for me, between all the other big fall releases, Plus, and games I haven’t finished yet.

  • You would be a fool to buy that PS3 bundle. Why would you buy that over the new 500GB model with ACIII?

  • My SCEA and SCEE + subs expire in December, guess which one gets a renewal? November has alot of making up to do imo. Don’t just surpass what SCEE is doing, nor copy it, but exceed it. Thanks #UncleMorgan and /punch.

  • Lol smh, i remember when i was paying $50 a year for ps plus when they only had Ps1 games for free. Now if you sign up you get LBP2,infamous 2, just cause 2,starhawk. All of that is way over $50. I can understand if you guys are mad that Eur is geting RDR, deadspace 2 and RE5 for free. But dont write comments saying another disapointing week, since we just got 3 free games in the last 3 weeks. Remember it used to be one or 3 free PS1 games for a Month.

  • in EU crysis 2 & in JP God of War 1 y 2 HD

    but for us, only discounts? and mini games? that don`t like me

  • I appreciate alot of what Plus has given in the past, but lately it seems like we’ve been getting the crap end of the stick. The grass sure seems greenier on the other side of the pond.

  • sure wish i knew about the discounts earlier in the month. I got both one piece: pirate warriors and the wwe13 fan access. 2 weeks ago. thats why it would be nice to know at least all the potential plus discounts at the beginning of the month.

    CRYSIS 2
    OH WAIT…

    I just had to login to post this. Too funny :)

    Also here is a poll idea.
    Which Plus offer do you prefer?
    1) The United State/North America PlayStation Plus offering
    2)The European PlayStation Plus offering

    And people are actually disappointed by this Plus update? You think you guys would come to expect this every monday. Maybe Morgan Haro should run for office because for some reason, people are buying into this “wait until next week/month” PR statements

  • This is the first thread I’ve commented on. It’s nice to see other people voice the same frustrations I have regarding lack of quality games for US compared to EU. But I’m also very impressed that Sony has someone on here responding to comments and questions. Didn’t expect to see that and it makes me feel a lot better. Just hope the powers that be are listening to what the PS community is saying…

    • always. Feedback is tough to implement overnight, but I really feel that the direction we have going for November and onward (which is based off of community feedback) will be quite impressive. But of course, it will never be everything to everyone, but the voice of the community is always tremendously important to the team here. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Morgan are we going to get the nwq store tomorrow. Can you please help me.

  • I feel kind of duped by PS+ now. I understand that the Instant Game Collection wasn’t going to give me 12 new free games every month, and I’m fine with that. However, so much fanfare was made about “full retail” ps3 games coming to plus with LBP2, inFamous 2, Ratchet & Clank All 4 One, etc.

    When the IGC was announced, we had 8 PS3 retail releases and 4 PSN games.

    If you signed up now, you’d get 4 retail releases (LBP 2, InFamous 2, R&C All 4 One, and KoF 13) and 8 PSN Games (Payday, Blitz, Double Dragon Neon, Scott Pilgrim, Bloodrayne, Outland, Pacman DX, & Renegade Ops).

    To me, this is a big downgrade in the Plus service. We need to have more turnover on the retail games here and there too. Instead, we’re seeing free retail games removed and being replaced with $5-10 downloadable titles, which is a loss of value. I understand that it must be easier to keep Sony exclusive titles in there like LBP 2, inFamous 2, and R&C All 4 One, but Sony must understand that a lot of Plus members are core Sony gamers that play all the exclusives. I’m kind of disappointed that I just bought another year :-\

  • im soo happy i waited before buyin ONE PIECE!

  • $30 for One Piece?

    Seriously, isn’t this a huge middle finger to people who just bought the game just a month ago?
    I happen to have a Plus account and now I seriously feel cheated about the 40% discount. $20 could have gotten me another title on PSN…

    Perhaps it’s my problem for not waiting, but it’s also Sony’s problem on dropping new game discounts like this.

    Pretty much teaches me not to buy any new games from the PS Store anymore… as long as I’m a Plus member.

  • This is simply not fair Sony, One Piece is already on sale in Canada and the United States and we in Latinamerica are still waiting for the release of the game
    What is the problem? Is not like One Piece is on the hands of another company here considering we dont get neither the manga nor the anime

  • For the vita plus next week, Legend of the dragoon. And mod nation racers! I HAVE SPOKEN!!!

  • @3: I absolutely agree with you!!!

    This PS Plus update is VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!!!

    Where are the sci-fi shooter games like Crysis 2, Red Faction: Armageddon, Killzone series, etc?

    You need to do better, Morgan.

  • Oh and one other thing, Plus started off as a really promising service. A real good one in fact, I was happy when I first joined for the Instant Game Collection.
    But the udpates so far in comparison to the EU PS Plus is laughable, downright horrible.

    It’s understandable both SCEA and SCEE operates differently, thus we can’t get the same content across both regions. But WHY are we getting content which are WORSE than the EU PS Plus?

    Sony, if you can’t give us the same content… at least, give us something that has EQUAL VALUE and WORTH.

  • Its disappointing that we did not get any scary games for plus in the month of October. Also I don’t remember getting any themes or avatars this month.

    And exactly how many of those free games do people care about? If you go by user rating, all those games are mediocre at best.

    What do you want
    CRYSIS 2

    Double Dragon Neon….. one of the worst game of the year
    Bloodrayne….another terrible game
    Blitz Neon..meh
    Scott Pilgrim..good
    Outland…haven’t played it
    Pacman DX..really packman?
    Renegade Ops…this game is pure garbage

  • Playstation plus seems like it isn’t even worth it anymore. Xbox live which is more expensive seems better at this point. Sony seriously needs to step it up because as of now i don’t even use my playstation consoles for anything but a movie player. I guess what they say is true. Ps3 has no games.

  • I understand this is to drum up sales on One Piece but you’re not exactly gonna make money by scaring people into waiting for a sale in the future. There are many things in the store that could use a sale or a price drop (Some first party titles have recently dropped in price, yet the digital format price remains unchanged). Yet instead, we’re discounting a game a month after release and leaving some feeling bitter about it. I think the problem lies in that in retail, we expect the price to drop. The PS Store decides to do it whenever it feels like it. Maybe a month after MSRP change, sometimes never. So we’re in a state of mind where we expect whatever price a product goes up, that’s the price for a long while. Until digital price changes day and date with retail, I don’t see people seeing this like a normal store.

    That said, I’m perfectly happy with my $50 purchase and glad to see it at a more appealing price that more will consider. Perhaps if more pick it up, Namco/Bandai will be more willing to give us more One Piece games.

  • I can totally understand the “we need to give a discount to get more sales” method.. but I still think it’s totally unfair that I paid full price for a game day 1 and people that waited a little while can pay less.. shouldn’t it be the other way around? “HEY PEOPLE BUY THIS DAY 1 AND GET 40% OFF! FULL PRICE AFTER THAT.”… that is the fair way to do things like that. :l I got one piece for 49.99 and the DLC recently for 14.99… yet other people are being rewarded for not buying lol Bleh.

  • @greggysmalls1
    If you really want to see Sony community mangers engaging with the community that post both good and negative response, I advice you to check out the European Blog. They respond to every comment regarding if it’s praising sony or venting their frustration with a service.

    On the North America blog, you see 99% of response only to people that praise the community manager or ask stupid question that everyone else already know the answer to.

  • Morgan when you told the guy that red dead redemption’s wasn’t in the card and the reasons you gave.
    I give you credit for being straight forward with us the community kudos one up

  • What do you want
    CRYSIS 2

  • Damn! Another crappy week for ps plus users. Just having discounts in garbage games (no offense) and now not even a free one… This won’t encourage anybody to become a ps plus member.

  • How do I go about contacting customer service about a potential money-back on the recent purchases I have made that are now at a discount for plus?

  • I want Motorstorm Apocalypse, Sorcery and Resistance 3 on ps3 psplus
    Modnation Racers Road Trip, Resistance Burning Skies, Little Big Planet, Gravity Rush, Wipeout 2048 and Uncharted Golden Abyss as part of the instant game collection on psvita. Thank you

  • bi-weekly…since that’s how often PS+ updates tend to be

  • Yeah well… When I got my PS3 I was suppoused to get a free mounth of PS+, but I didn’t and it wasn’t inside so… Yea thanks Sony.

  • Wow, the comments on the blog just keep getting worst.


  • Will there be an update with all the discounts and price drops for tomorrow as well as a full release list? I’m ready to buy 3 games but not until I know they won’t be discounted tomorrow.

    Also, Morgan, come on. Drag those guys in suits to a computer screen and show them the comments on the Plus update every week, especially October.

    I hate seeing a headline on Polygon that Crysis 2 is coming to PSN for free, and I instantly think to myself “I bet it’s Europe only.”, and then my assumption is affirmed in the post. The gulf in perceived value between the two territories is enormous.

  • Seriously Playstation Plus USA…. Learn something from your european brother.

  • So I bought WWE Fan Axxess the day it went up on PSN and I get this spit in the face? This is ridiculous. I never expected something like this to go on sale. This is BS. I have been a member of PS Plus since day one and I basically own a PS3 BECAUSE of the WWE games. I am super happy that PlayStation is discounting the Fan Axxess but why now? Why not when it first went up? This is BS! I want a refund of my $10. Who can I talk to about this?

  • Seeing how this is not a Plus offer for November, I’m not to disappointed. I also wanted to pick up One Piece, but 50 dollars was not my ideal price. 30-40 dollars is more in line with the price I wanted to pay for it. Good things come to those who wait.

    Discounts on season passes is what I want more of; Maybe we will see more of it, for upcoming titles or previous ones.

    I’ve got my monies worth since I became a Plus member and knowing I’m saving 20 dollars is great for me.

  • People will moan and groan that PS+ sucks, but if u compare this service to what xbox gets (never anything for free) than we are getting a major GREAT deal.
    But of course it’s tweens on here that expect every game they love to be free.

  • I’m loving these $1 SEGA games we’ve been getting every week! It’s fun to go back and play some old classics once in a while.

  • @Dwilson (#98)

    That’s like asking for your $50 back if you bought a new tv for it to go on sale the next day.. it won’t happen. Patience is a virtue.

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