PlayStation Plus Update: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 40% Off, PS3 Plus Bundle

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PlayStation Plus Update: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 40% Off, PS3 Plus Bundle

October is just about over, but before we say goodbye to this month (which brought Payday: The Heist, NFL Blitz, and King of Fighters XIII free to PS Plus members), we wanted to point out a great new PlayStation 3 Bundle only on that includes one year of PlayStation Plus.

PS3 Plus Bundle

Get the PS3 Bundle with 1 Year of PS Plus

If you know anyone who has yet to dive into PlayStation 3, this might be a great item to recommend (or buy them if you’re feeling generous). With a one year membership of PS Plus included, this bundle will keep anyone plenty busy with great games, awesome discounts, and exclusive access to PS3 features throughout that first year with Plus.

Now then, let’s greet some of those great PS Plus discounts that will help you take your gaming dollar further.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or click here to get access.

October 30th PlayStation Plus Update

One Piece: Pirate Warriors

40% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $49.99, PS Plus Price: $29.99)

If you’re fan of the iconic anime One Piece, you won’t want to pass up this extraordinary deal on a PSN exclusive. Take control of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew of pirates to battle hordes of enemies from the One Piece universe. With an amazing brawler engine designed to give your character unique abilities to tackle waves of enemies, it captures the look and feel of the anime; complete with the original Japanese VO. It’s only on PSN, so grab it today. It could be just the purchase to put you over the $100 October spend limit to get $20 back in November.

Wonder Boy in Monster World

80% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $1.00)

SEGA keeps reminding us of their amazing classic gaming roots with another $1 PS Plus gem. Wonder Boy in Monster World is the direct follow-up to Wonder Boy in Monster Land, which is leaving the $1 price point for PS Plus members with tomorrow’s PS Store update. Show your support for this classic, which includes 2D action RPG elements, Trophy support and timeless music, and download it for $1 when tomorrow’s PlayStation Store Update arrives.
WWE ’13 Fan Axxess

50% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $19.99, PS Plus Price: $10.00)

WWE ’13 is releasing tomorrow in retail stores everywhere and fans couldn’t be more excited to once again live larger than life through their favorite WWE SuperStars. The WWE ’13 Fan Axxess gets you all the announced DLC coming October through January with more SuperStars, Championship Titles, and moves. Normally priced at $19.99, PS Plus members get all three content packs, exclusive WWE Superstars Diamond Dallas Page and Golddust and more; all for just $10. For more details on the content, check out the full listing on IGN.
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz – Complete DLC Bundle

80% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $1.99, PS Plus Price: $0.40)

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz released last week on PS Vita. If you like what you’ve played so far, it’s a no-brainer to pick up the Complete DLC Bundle! This bundle includes all 8 pieces of DLC; each of which enhances the Custom Level Creator to create all-new maps using fun pieces with plenty of references to SEGA’s classic games and systems.

Lastly, let’s wrap up with a poll. Remember, polls are important to us, but are only one factor we consider among many when we’re making decisions on the posed questions.

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That’s all for this week. Check back next week where we’ll announce a new free PS3 full game coming to Plus and more. Until then, leave your feedback in the comments, and thanks in advance for your feedback.

PlayStation Plus Update 10-29-2012

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16 Author Replies

  • 50% discount on WWE ’13 Fan Axxess? YES! YES! YES!

  • Great update, was hoping to buy one piece and not lose the opportunity. Thanks. xD

  • Wow, what a horrible ps+ update. How disappointing.

  • Another crap week for plus.

    EU get Crysis 2



    • We’ll be back next week with an all new PS3 Full game to bring to Plus members, and from there, it’ll be a blast fof month in November with games, Plus on PS Vita coming online, and more.

  • What an effing joke.

  • I’m glad I waited that little bit more before purchasing One Piece: Pirate Warriors. I’ll definitely be buying it this week.

  • @I_Montano_I You get free games and discounts all the time. Please stop being greedy and a jerk about it.

  • not seeing much for me here

  • This update is going to make a lot of people mad

  • nice, now i might just doenload one piece. still wish there was a discount for sports champiom 2…oh well, im content

  • @Morgan Haro When can we expect the $20 refund for spending $100? Nov. 1st or is it unspecified yet?

  • I dont get why people are complaining… we got our free games this month… this is just more discounts! im gonna get wounder boy btw. Next week we should be getting an update for free games and what not! and Vita ps+ :D

  • Another disappointing Week.

  • As a fan of One Piece I was a bit disappointed to see that the game was 50 bucks but now with this discount it’s gonna be a MUST BUY title! Thanks :D.

  • Love Wonder Boy in Monster World. Definitely snagging it for $1.

  • What Happened to Christina and PS Pulse?

  • Are you freaking kidding me ? Yet another crappy PS+ update . What’s up Sony i mean seriously make it woth my wile to stay a PS+ meber . I’m suppose to renew next month but at the rate it’s going i’m seriously considering not renewing . You didn’t even pur out any exclusive Halloween content like you did last year . Step it up Sony or your going to lose a loyal Plus member , not that you’ll care .

  • I voted for weekly posts, I really enjoy seeing what’s coming out the next day every Monday. It’s a nice surprise.

    Not much for me this week that I’m interested in, but I’ll grab Wonder Boy.

    Now next week, there’s an update I’m really anticipating. Can’t wait to see Plus on my Vita.

  • I just bought OP Pirates Warriors at the start of this month at full price wish I would of know this was going to go on sale this soon would of waited for this. Is there a way to get a refund of the amount it went on sale for? I know some stores have if it goes on sale within a certain amount of time you get money back does that work on the PSN store? Also do you know when we’ll find out what will be day 1 digital for November?

  • 10 comments in and we already have people complaining about not getting MORE free games. Have you guys even beat the ones they gave out already? smh

  • yeah its a pretty crappy update but morgan said last week that last week and this weeks store update will be crappy..but in nov. its gonna be a badass ps store update

  • Offer a discount for DOA5 next month please :)

  • I feel like playstation plus pulled a bait and switch on me. I signed up expecting to get the caliber of games that EU is getting. Instead they appear to be moving in the direction of discounts and duds. They really need to redeem themselves with the next free game announcement. Crysis 2 would be nice.

  • And by step it up i don’t mean giving us free crappy games that aren’t selling well and you decide to throw at us . Or DLC for games most people don’t care about or haven’t even heard of . It’s sad .

  • I can sure understand the best intentions of the Plus team and whatever, but giving such a high discount on a game that has just launched is like showing the middle finger to its early adopters. Why buy on day one if I can save a lot waiting for just one month?

    • I feel like this is pretty common practice these days though, no? If you’re excited about getting a game on Day 1, that’s the advantage is being the first to play it. But it’s pretty common that if you hold tight for a bit, you’ll find discount opportunities. Certainly not for every game ever, but it’s fairly common.

      However, if you recently purchased One Piece as a Plus member, but then saw the price drop occur, you may want to contact Customer Service as they review these on a case by case basis.

  • Morgan,

    You guys have wasted a great opportunity this month. October=Halloween, and yet we didn’t get a single Halloween themed game for free this month, or a single retail game for free. This month is a prime example of why US PS+ members feel that we’re getting screwed over. Add me to the growing list of people who are unhappy with the content we US subscribers are getting.

  • I just bought Wonder Boy for $1.00 yesterday… and now you’re telling us it’ll be on sale for $1.00 tomorrow. What!?

    This same thing happened with Spelunker a couple weeks ago. It was on sale, then it went on sale again… but for the same price. What’s going on?

  • Disappointing week for me again. Hopefully we’ll see more free games next week.

  • Oh nevermind… I see one is Monster Land, and one is Monster World.

  • Darn. I was kind of hoping you’d announce something I was interested in on my birthday, but I’ll live.

  • YOU ALL SUCK!! How can you discount One Piece just one month after it’s release!!!! I paid $50 dollars for it when it was released and I was fine with that. I love the game and think it was worth it for me. But seeing it get such a steep discount so soon feels like a swift kick to the groin. Adding that to the fact that you told us about the $20 back deal a week after I bought $90 worth of stuff from the store and I’m really starting not to like you who ever is deciding these things. -_-

    You need to make some kind of post-purchase price adjustment program So we don’t have to be afraid to buy things for fear of them being discounted a week later.(that’s the reason I’ve been waiting until tomorrow to buy Unfinished Swan and other stuff to put me over the $100 dollars for the sale.)

  • @whiteboyfromco As a matter of fact i would if they actually gave away games worth playing . And quit being a Sony brown nose . And isn’t it hard to type with your head so far up Sonys butt Lol

  • Awesome update, really surprised one piece is going on sale so definitely getting it. Do hope you guys dont disappoint with ps plus for Vita.
    hopefully you guys have something to match EU’s Crysis 2 for ps plus in Nov for US, too many fighting games in the US IGC imo.

  • jesus christ,stop doing that,why EU gets nice games and we get 80% of a sega genesis game for a send time,and btw One Piece: Pirate Warriors – should have been 30$ from beginning not on a short PLUS super discount,its digital,I can’t sell it once I finish it.


  • Sounds like the PS plus satisfaction and renewal rate is in real danger.

  • Can you confirm whether or not next week’s update will detail the PS+ offering on Vita that was promised for November?

    And if not, when can we expect it?

    I’m holding off on all vita purchases waiting for this, it is extremely important for me as a consumer and a plus subscriber.

    • We’re working on delivering PS Vita information as quickly as possible, however, I can’t confirm that it will be revealed next week. Not saying it won’t happen, but it’s not planned on anything at this time. However, the program will be launching in November and I know everyone is hungry for information on it, so I’m working to make that happen asap =)

    I feel so frustrated I need to make another post of read caps!!!

  • As disappointing as this Plus update is and Plus has been in general lately, the screenshot at the top of this post says it all. Sony has an Uncharted 3 GoTY bundle, an Assassin’s Creed III bundle a PS Move Bundle and now a 1-year of Plus bundle…

    Sigh… and what they SHOULD have done is brought the new slim PS3 with the 12 GB of flash memory to North America for $199. Isn’t the whole point of reducing manufacturing costs so that you can sell the product at a lower price, thus selling MORE?

    How is bundling games and selling the whole package for $270 and up going to move more hardware? I’m affraid the only bundle that will sell huge volumes this holiday is the Halo 4 bundle for the Xbox 360 (Hint – Sony you need a current, highly-anticipated exclusive game to bundle in with a system).

  • when will we get RE5 ?

  • Lousy update. If these updates continue to disappoint like this, I will definitely not be renewing my subscription.

    • Good news is that from here on, we’re making a very concerted effort to have 1 game every week. Keep in mind that it’s not a guarantee, and there just may be some times when it’s not possible, but it’s something we’re in a pretty good position to deliver on, and it’s based off the feedback that you guys have provided over the past few months.

  • STILL WANT RED DEAD REDEMPTION MORGAN. Do you know listen to people that post on the forms? Obliviously not!!!! GIVE US THE FREAKING GAME ALREADY. JESUS!!!!

    • To manage expectations, Red Dead Redemption isn’t in the cards for US PS Plus members at this time. It’s not a matter of listening to the community, but rather, there are other factors that make this tough to do, for now. Just being upfront with ya =)

  • Another horrible plus update can you guys actually give us some value? you don’t have to give us a free game every week even though that would be nice :-) I think discounts are amazing but there should be more to choose from I would like to see more season pass having discounts as well is games and DLC in one plus update. I can only imagine how bad it’s going to get for the PS3 when Vita gets plus and and you have to bring content to both please prove me wrong.
    PS. you’re loyal consumer

  • I think I want monthly updates back, I’m tired of not knowing if I should buy something because It might be discounted later.

  • Good stuff!

    I am so curious about november PS Plus updates!

  • Wow, a modern Japanese game! Too bad it’s still $29.99 even with the discount…

    Btw, I think it’s fantastic Sega finally went to M2 for their classic game releases in the West, the improvement over their old developer is pretty clear to me. I certainly don’t mind picking these up for $1 even if they’re games I’m not interested in; but I payed full price for Monster World IV and enjoyed it immensely.

  • How about you give all the One Piece DLC for free to make up for practically ripping me off with these sales..

  • I think it’s time for you to start giving us the same games as the UK in terms of full retail titles I know it’s something the community wants and hope you guys are listening
    In the other side of the pond they’ve got in such great games
    And yes I might on most of them but it’s not about me it’s about the community and what they’re asking for. :-/

    CRYSIS 2
    OH WAIT…

  • ONE PIECE FOR 29.99$!!!!!!
    ima sooooo get it tomorrow!!
    and what about the ONE PIECE DLC? is it possible for any discount on it for ps+ too please?!

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