UPDATE: GameStop Gets Exclusive God of War: Ascension Pre-Order Items

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UPDATE: GameStop Gets Exclusive God of War: Ascension Pre-Order Items

God of War: Ascension - King Leonidas Pre-order Bonus

God of War: Ascension - King Leonidas Pre-order Bonus

For the first time ever, King Leonidas will be brought to life in God of War Ascension’s multiplayer as depicted by Gerard Butler in the blockbuster film “300.” If you pre-order God of War: Ascension standard or collector’s edition at GameStop, you will receive a voucher code that gives you access to history’s most heroic Spartan.

We are very excited to partner with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment to offer you the chance to play as one of the biggest badasses in Greek history on the God of War: Ascension multiplayer battlefield. Donning King Leonidas’s red cape, iconic helmet, and armor you will stand apart as one of the ultimate warriors of Sparta. King Leonidas also comes with his iconic spear, which has its own set of unique combat moves which boasts a unique appearance and shares the same combat abilities as the other spear weapons in multiplayer (note: updated for clarity).

In addition to the “300” King Leonidas skin, you will also receive an exclusive double-sided God of War: Ascension poster.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your day one online experience. Stay tuned for more updates on God of War: Ascension here on PlayStation.Blog!

*“300” is available from Warner Home Video

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  • I already preordered it in amazon since June 8, this is ripoff unacceptable! i suggest if you buy 300 bluray they include this freaking skin!

  • The whole reason retailers do this is because they need the money. It is only a matter of time before games go all digital and then retailers will lose out on all that money from games, and it will be a huge hit to their bottom line and probably will see gamestop go out of business when that happens. I don’t blame them, I already pre-ordered the game at Gamestop before this announcement, so I am good.

  • I hope they sell it on psn store just like the gow3 gamestop preorder bonus forgotten warrior skin then later the release it can be purchase at psn store or better in a bundled skin.

  • Awesome stuff! Already have my Collectors Edition pre-ordered since a few months back, I still have my GOW3 poster hanging up on my wall, this one ill look great right next to it :D

  • Will this game come out as a 1-day game on the PSN ??…….

  • @52: Like CDs! Oh wait.

  • Bad shipping charges + tax, no thanks.

  • I dont mind u guys adding online but DONT CHANGE THE TROPHIES TO ONLINE now another thing thank u for the disc version i will always buy disc i rarely buy online maybe once in a blue moon but dont listion to the ones that only care bout online i will nvr forgive u if u stop making disc anotherthing i know u guys have a plan for the psv now were is the trailer for that god of war,so keep up ghe good work on disc and thanks :)

  • Like i said the day theres no disc is the day i dont buy games thanks guys and what ever u do PUT THE GOW GAME ON A CARD OR ELSE I DONT BUY

  • Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!

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