UPDATE: GameStop Gets Exclusive God of War: Ascension Pre-Order Items

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UPDATE: GameStop Gets Exclusive God of War: Ascension Pre-Order Items

God of War: Ascension - King Leonidas Pre-order Bonus

God of War: Ascension - King Leonidas Pre-order Bonus

For the first time ever, King Leonidas will be brought to life in God of War Ascension’s multiplayer as depicted by Gerard Butler in the blockbuster film “300.” If you pre-order God of War: Ascension standard or collector’s edition at GameStop, you will receive a voucher code that gives you access to history’s most heroic Spartan.

We are very excited to partner with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment to offer you the chance to play as one of the biggest badasses in Greek history on the God of War: Ascension multiplayer battlefield. Donning King Leonidas’s red cape, iconic helmet, and armor you will stand apart as one of the ultimate warriors of Sparta. King Leonidas also comes with his iconic spear, which has its own set of unique combat moves which boasts a unique appearance and shares the same combat abilities as the other spear weapons in multiplayer (note: updated for clarity).

In addition to the “300” King Leonidas skin, you will also receive an exclusive double-sided God of War: Ascension poster.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your day one online experience. Stay tuned for more updates on God of War: Ascension here on PlayStation.Blog!

*“300” is available from Warner Home Video

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  • THIS IS SPARTA!!!! (Boot to the chest)

  • Awesome!!! What a great idea to make King Leonidas armor for GoWA!!! I may just take the bait on this.

    #1 has one of the greatest quotes already typed out!!!! Nice!

  • When I first got my ps3 and decided to finally delve into Blu-ray I said to myself: “My first Blu-ray needs to be 300”. And I am proud to say that it was.

  • You have to be kidding me. These retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses have to stop. All they do is abuse gamers who want to have the “complete experience” by removing their choice in retailers.

    I for one won’t be participating in this. Please stop pulling crap like this.

  • hey great cant wait for this!
    an discounts ?

  • yeh im i have enough of this crap. DLC exclusive to gamestop ebgames WHY?!?

  • Hmm…might actually have to change my pre-order now, because playing as Leonidas would be pretty sweet.

  • Publishers constantly complain about used game sales hurting them, yet they continue to support the retailer that hurts them most. I don’t understand any of this.

  • @8 – Agreed. It’s plain idiocy on their part.

  • AKA Deimos Skin

  • Why only in multiplayer mode? I want play with this epic skin in single player mode too! >.<

  • If im not mistaken retailers pay the DEVS/Publishing companies money to have these exclusives.

  • Ugh.

    Why can’t you guys do what you are doing with PS All-stars? Say this is THE preorder bonus. Doesn’t matter where you buy it.

    I preordered this at FutureShop during e3 and I’m not cancelling it now but I better get something.

  • Now, this is interesting.. Sony wants to be seen as a legitimate place to buy new games, digitally on the release day. To be able to compete with retail chains, they need to be competitive in their offers. This, being a first party game, needs to be one of their stepping stones to being seen as the choice of PlayStation gamers, if preorders would be impressive digitally, other developers would strongly consider giving us offers equal to retail chains. Sony has three things they could do to get high sales: discount, exclusive preorder bonuses, or midnight release. I personally think any combination of two out of the three would work best. Preorder bonuses and midnight release would probably be more likely once third party developers hopped on board for real, but I think Sony going all out with all three options for first party games would be the most impressive (though highly unlikely). In truth, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale should be the first game to implement the digital presence for Sony..

  • Gamestop is THE largest video game retailer in the world, and publishers know this. Gamestop’s used game sales do not hurt the publishers, but actually helps them by advertising. They still make a lot of money on DLC and potential future game sales. Personally, I exclusively shop at Gamestop because of all of these great pre-order exclusives. I mean, why not shop there? You’re still supporting the games and companies you love, and you get extra stuff.

    You can choose Burger King over McDonald’s because you like their fries better, but you will choose a different retailer over Gamestop because they are giving you an incentive to shop there, even though no matter where you go you’ll still be supporting the publisher? Absurd.

  • Does Best Buy get anything? I’m not a huge fan of Best Buy.

  • Have to say this was unexpected but very welcome! Cant wait.

  • @15

    GameStop rips off their customers by giving them less than 20% for a trade-in, while charging only 10% less for a used game.

    Buy and sell your used games on sites like Amazon or Ebay, where you can deal directly with other gamers. The seller gets more money back, and the buyer gets a cheaper game. And the selling fees are way less than GameStop’s margins.

    I’m more annoyed at Sony partnering with GameStop for content like this, because it’s so hypocritical. If you buy this game new at GameStop you get a bonus. But if you buy it used, you better believe you’ll have to cough up a fee for the Online Pass.

  • Yes Sony, we get it, you like the extra a lot, but please show something about THE ACTUAL GAME.
    It’s like everything in Ascension is about the F-ing multiplayer. I really hope all the trophies are obtainable inside the campain. Thank you.

  • Thankfully, its just a skin, so I’m still buying from Amazon.

  • dislike gamestop so probably will still go w amazon here but this is pretty cool

  • @18

    You are right about the prices of used games and the little that you get for trading, but there are ways to take advantage of that. If you’re a pro member, you save money on all pre-owned games as well as get points towards coupons, and they really do add up. Ive saved hundreds of dollars with these points, it really does make a difference. Also, you may be paying less by shopping at amazon or ebay, but by going to Gamestop, you are paying for the convenience of instant gratification. It’s like paying extra for one day shipping on amazon. To some people it’s worth it. It just comes down to personal preference at that point.

    To me, waiting for a new game to become available used in order to save money is a stupid idea. You buy it new, you dont have to buy the online pass, you may get extra stuff through a pre-order, and you get to unwrap it (best part). You buy a used game that’s been out for quite a while, price has dropped significantly, and if you do need to get an online pass, youre still saving a few duckets and still supporting the company. It’s a win win win situation.

  • The armor an spear are a costume for Kratos in SP, or it is only for MP??

  • just read the post only for MP :(

  • Why they have to team up with Warner Bros, if 300 was based on a graphic novel?? Shouldn’t they team up with the novel creator and publisher instead???

  • Stupid preorder exclusives are stupid, at least is non-essential/substantial stuff!!

  • For SPAAAAARRTAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Yes!! I love it!!! Bring it!!! :D

  • Do we get the super awesome double sided poster when we Pick Up our pre-order copy when the game launches or earlier??

  • @18 yeah maybe but i’d take any amount of trade in credit as opposed to not being able to return a game at all after i’m done with it.

  • The Achilles armor are very exaggeradet but this is awesome, i can´t wait for buy this game!!!

  • Yes this is totally great that it is now possible to play as Leonidas during multiplayer! I almost wouldn’t mind buying this just for the multiplayer so i can play as Leonidas :)

    I agree with #2, that #1 said it all.
    In response to #27 “AH-HOO!”
    In response to #1 “AH-HOO! AH-HOO!! AH-HOO!!!”
    To the rest of you, know that my comment makes more sense if you’ve seen 300.

  • “Respect and Honor”- King Leonidas, in the movie 300.

  • Lol no. Amazon.com as always for me

  • okay this sort of pisses me off. One I preordered this game back in June when it became a preorder from Amazon. I have been a loyal fan for years and preordered every game except the first game because I was in the Army overseas when it came out and I didn’t hear about it until I got back.

    Yet they split the exclusive content all over the place. Gamestop get Leonidas as a skin, Best Buy might get something else. Amazon might get something else.

    Does Santa Monica expect their fans to buy 5 games to get the content? This is unfair to gamers and it is a mockery!

    Why do they do this is absurd and ridiculous. I am still sticking to my Amazon preorder but Amazon should have something up their sleeve on this content.

    If it is something that the other content (dlc)can be sold on the PSN than I wouldn’t mind!

  • also this blog irritates me. So Warner decides to team up with Sony Santa Monica to bring Leonidas to God of War. Yet it is only exclusive if you purchase it through GameCrap! They are not smart at all when it comes to marketing whatsoever!

    I think gamers should ban Exclusive DLC!

  • But, I pre-ordered from Amazon :( Hopefully this will be avalible as DLC later.

  • Tonight we dine in hell :-)

  • I hate retailer exclusive pre order items

    It’s a slap to the face to fans who pre orders elsewhere

    This crap has to stop


  • this game is gunna be EPIC!!!

  • Wow you guys are going all out with pre-orders for this game! I can’t wait to try the multiplayer, I really hope it will have a long lasting community.

    Thank goodness I’ve already pre-ordered the CE of this game!

  • I hope this will be available as a DLC later on, I really don’t want to pre-order from GameStop. :/

  • I already have the collectors ed reserved this is making the deal Gangnam style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sounds great!, cant wait to tell my dad he is a fan of the original 300 as well as the new one, and loves to watch me play god of war series games aswell, i got to go to gamestop asap to upgrade my pre order to receive this mad pre order and get my poster and frame it right next to my last god of war 3 poster gamestop gave me.just wowed! THANKS!

  • Pre-order exclusives need to die.

  • O.O Why GameStop?!!

  • I hope you guys give an EXCLUSIVE pre-order goodies to Best Buy. :)

  • Only GameStop?

    This is blasphemy! This is MADNESS!

  • What an odd tie-in considering 300 came out five years ago.

  • Much as I hate this, I’m just gonna wait until it inevitably gets released onto the store. I don’t always get DLC skins, but this one might just be worth it.

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