PlayStation Plus Update: Pre-Launch Discount on Need for Speed: Most Wanted

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PlayStation Plus Update: Pre-Launch Discount on Need for Speed: Most Wanted

What a month it’s been for PlayStation Plus in October. With NFL Blitz, King of Fighters XIII and PAYDAY: The Heist all free to download for Plus members, there’s a lot to play. You also got early access to The Unfinished Swan as well as an exclusive PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Beta on PS3 and PS Vita, and an assortment of discounts to boot. This week, we want to remind you of some of the great perks you’ll see in Plus, along with a bit of news on additional discounts.

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October 23rd PlayStation Plus Update

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Pre-Launch Week Discount (Regular price: $59.99, PS Plus Price: $53.99)

It’s not often you get to save some cash on new releases, but with your Plus membership you can nab Need for Speed: Most Wanted for $53.99, as opposed to the usual new release price point. The discount is only applicable on preorders for Plus members, so get ready for its release on 10/30 next week and make sure your preorder is in to get the Limited Edition version of the game. (Note: Non-PS Plus members can still preorder to get the Limited Edition and exclusive theme, it just won’t have the 10% discount.)

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Exclusive Timed Trial

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is set to deliver an aggressive, gritty and authentic experience that puts gamers in the boots of today’s most precise warrior, the Tier 1 Operator. Plus members will get to have their hands on the full game for 1 hour and get an enhanced peek into the action they can download when it releases at retail and on the PlayStation Store as part of the Day 1 Digital event with the 10/23 update.

Hell Yeah! – Pimp My Rabbit and Virtual Rabbit Missions

20% off for PlayStation Plus Members

If you snagged Hell Yeah! Wrath of the White Rabbit with a launch week discount thanks to your Plus membership, you can now save on the Add-Ons! The Pimp My Rabbit DLC comes with 50 new masks for Ash, plus 11 new driller skins and even some familiar SEGA faces. The Virtual Rabbit Missions will test your action and shooting skills while adding more than three hours of gameplay. If you dug Hell Yeah! get this new DLC at a steal of a price with Plus.
Wonder Boy in Monster Land

80% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $1.00)

SEGA shows off its old school gaming roots once again with the Master System classic action RPG Wonder Boy in Monster Land. Getting the PS Plus special price at $1 means you may not be able to pass up this sequel to the original Wonder Boy. Highly regarded as one of the best titles on the Master System library and playable on PS3, you owe it to yourself to check it out. And with nostalgic boxart like this, how can you resist?

That’s it for this week. Make sure you check out tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update post to see all the details for this week’s Plus update. Thanks for reading, and as always, I’ll see you in the comments.

PlayStation Plus Update

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  • That’s a pretty nice Plus perk, a discount on NFS. Not for me, since I suck @ racing games, but appreciated anyway. I’m still $40 away from the $100 but Okami & Dark Souls DLC should get me close. Probably a couple themes. By the way, NEVER change the XMB. I love it. I bought 2 Halloween dynamic themes (3 if you count my UK acct) & I really enjoy having 20 different themes so far. I hate the advertising interface that the other console has & I’m not very enthused about the new store look either so the delay is good.

    Thanks, U. M.

  • Why would anyone pre-order from the PlayStation store is beyond me. You get no preorder bonus like the retail outlets. You can’t pre-download a day or two before and the game will be activated at mid-night of release. You have to wait until 7PM-10PM EST for the PlayStation store to update, wait an hour or two before it finish download an install. You can’t even download the game at mid-night.

    Look at Valve and their Steam service. You can pre-download a game a week before release and it will become activated at midnight. You get the pre-order bonuses and better deals and discounts.

    Look at I can pre-order a game, get the bonuses, up to $20 back, and day one deliver at 11AM-1PM EST.

    PlayStation Day One Download is a JOKE compare to other services. As a technician, it’s even a bigger joke because of the lame excuses they give you when you ask them why you can’t download the game at midnight or pre-download it before release.

    I know this comment is going to be overlook because unlike the European blog, the United State people don’t have a spine and can’t understand constructive criticism.

    I just needed to get that out of my system.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Yeah no question, there’s tons of room for improvement. However, we’re paving the way for this with steps like Day 1 Digital and pre-order functionality. We’re the only console that you can find this service on (again: console). we’ve got our eyes on all sorts of ways to improve the service, and fully recognize that it can get even better.

  • Morgan, any idea how much NFS: Most Wanted will cost on the vita?

  • Another horrible week of plus :-(

  • If you guys put up Black Ops 2 as a Day 1 Digital release WITH the Nuketown 2025 map, I’d warrant you would make A LOT of people happy. It’s not like that pre-order map is exclusive to one retailer, it’s actually for all that I’ve seen so far so it shouldn’t be that hard to implement.

  • here is an idea that maybe sony can try to help make plus a little more tolerable based solely upon the last 2 months, instead of a monthly poll on what people like give a poll that goes on both ends of the spectrum good and bad maybe the flaws can be ironed out by a majority count content that was negative across the board can be skipped on the next go around and positives can be used to keep the good content coming but last month and this month its like plus is moving backwards in progress the good stuff is removed and were getting bargain bin games and then the time when a game or 2 that are worth the download times come up its trial or small discounts i already get 10% off my games being that i work at walmart and use my discount card and dont have to wait till tuesday at 2 pm before i can start my download then maybe just maybe after the download and install i can play by 6, but i dont have to worry about that because my game is ready to play immediately after midnight

  • Morgan. You said the 100 get 20 ends when the store updates on the 30th. Does that mean the ac3 bundles don’t count. I need this to be clear.

    • I think I said the Halloween Sale ends on 10/30, not Buy 100 Get 20 back. If I did make that slip, I apologize, but the Buy 100 get 20 event goes until 10/31 at 11:59PM. So yes, if you buy AC3 from the Store on 10/30 or 10/31, you’re in.

      Of course, you could also pre-order it now =)

  • No free games this week? Minis? PS1 games? Themes? Avatar? OMG!


    NO RE5?


    Next week the same?




  • Hey Morgan. thanks for the update! NFSMW looks really good.

    Do you know when can we expect an update for the PSN Day 1 Digital program? Its gonna be on November too?
    I hope you release CoD Black Ops 2 on PSN on day 1.

    Thanks again!

  • @52 yeah it seems like they only respond to positive feedback and questions that were previously answered

  • Hey Morgan do you have any news about PayPal comg to us? I would be mor gge practical for me. Thanks.

  • @59 if you want to preorder black ops 2 go to gamestop they hook you up on their black ops 2 preorders

  • By the way, october was a great month for PS plus, so please keep things this way, Thanks

  • Ok, now I’m really confused. I bought the Pre-order, digital version of NFSMW, about a week ago, but i didn’t think it was the Limited Edition, and i bought with this price, 53.99 (i’m PS+ with another account). So, if i had the discount already, and already bought it: what’s in there for me this week (NFS related)? For having bought it earlier, i get the Limited Edition bonus?

    Can someone explain it to me?

    Besides that, Plus has been a wonderful service, i don’t regret subscribing, even with all the free games EU is having.

    • you’re good. The NFS thing here was mainly a high level reminder. If you’ve preordered the game already, the Limited Edition is yours.

  • @63 I’m not on the US dude :/

  • Hey pretty good update, I know you said that there maybe no day1 for coming months, but I do hope there is an effort to bring new digital titles to the store with an discount, midnight release, and standard preorder bonuses on par with other retailers content. Do it right or don’t do it at all.(An alt would be to bring these titles a month or two later to psn with $20-$40 discount, and cut prices on dlc all at one time not weeks apart.) What does the psteam think? Anyway hope Far Cry 3 is one of these titles :)

  • Sry, the number was @62 xD

  • @65 ;) preorders come packed there as well

  • and they mail them so you recieve them by the release

  • Hey Morgan! Please tell me that Playstation All Stars Battle Royale will be releasing on PSN. The reason why I ask this is because I plan to use the $20 voucher code that I will be receiving on November towards that. Please say yes!

  • dam you character limit….
    back to my venting

    As a Plus member, I gave up caring about the games we get for “free” because it’s just a rental until your Plus Membership is up. Seems to me that our voice isn’t be heard and just ignore on the US PlayStation Blog because we don’t get straight answer regarding the quality of games the EU get and what the US get. If it wasn’t for the automatic updates, trophies sync, and cloud save, I would have not renew my membership.

    To the people that complain about the price being the same as the retail version but doesn’t come with a disk or case…. These games are on a server that require money to maintain, upgrade to support more content and improve performance, buy more “add-on” to increase the storage space and back up. As a tech, I understand why the price is the same.

    End of my rant.

  • I absolutely love PLUS…..however, this has been an extremely disappointing month for freebies. This is October, Halloween……yet NO free Halloween games?! I definitely appreciate the Halloween Sale ( I spent over $50 alone on it). But again, I can’t believe that we got nothing free Halloween related….not even some lousy themes. I know you already said that nothing is free next week either, but PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU, give us some Halloween related game and/or content for free.

  • @52 i agree completely. You don’t get the bonuses that retail stores do and you don’t get a real discount either.

  • Hey Morgan, I have a quick question. The Pre-Order for NFS is the Limited Edition that you can get at any retailer for pre-ordering right?

  • @56 wow….do you not know how to use a period? One long run-on sentence. >_<

  • Which is better or your personal favorite, Monster World IV or Wonder Boy in Monster Land?

  • @75 sorry. trying to type in a rush before work, and also not big on grammar in a rant lol

  • This Update sucks

  • only Medal of Honor: Warfighter Exclusive Time Trial is salvageable, because another fullgame expected this week … disappointing

  • Ok… *sigh*.. Mr. morgan, this month had nothing for me.. could you at least acknowledge the fact that not all ps+ members are into shooters and figthing games primarily?, i know there aren´t as many platformers/action/racing games… but for all that´s good you could switch it up every once in a while!, i wouldn’t really care if it´s not a “newish” game so as long as it´s good (ratchet and clank a crack in time would be ace).. would it be to much to ask for to take variety of genres into account when it comes to the free games we get?, id appreciate a response.

  • Seeing a picture of the new Need for Speed Most Wanted on this post had me thinking it was gonna be a free Ps Plus game lol, wishful thinking~ haha
    Not really interested in this ps plus update but I have a question I’d like to ask about buying Street Fighter X Tekken for the Vita on Psn. Will those who buy it digitally in the first week be eligible to receive the pre-order bonus that comes with buying the physical copy of the game? Would love to know before I decide to get the physical copy because I’d prefer having SFxT digitally.

  • Alright, I will try to be more constructive and less negative. I think that you should go back to the monthly updates if all of the good stuff will be released in the first two weeks of the month anyway. I think that there should be more emphasis on free games than discounted games. The main reason I signed up for Plus is for the free games. If you are going to give free PSN games I would prefer them to be more recent games like The Walking Dead. I’m sure that you guys will give something I’ll like before my subscription runs out so it will probably still be worth the $50. But I have to say that this month was not great in my opinion. Payday is okay for what it is. Borderlands was a great free game but I already had it. I also liked it when we got minis and PS1 Games.

    Here is a list of games I’d like to be free in the future: Bioshock, Bioshock 2, The Walking Dead 3 and 4, Bulletstorm, Darkness 2, any Uncharted, Tony Hawk HD, Batman Arkham City or Asylum, Resident Evil 5, Red Dead Redemption, Madden, NBA 2k, MLB: The Show, UFC3, FIFA, NHL, Dead Island, Magic 2013, Twisted Metal, God of War III, Resistance 3, Portal 2, Killzone 3, Crysis 1 or 2, Counter Strike GO. Pure Chess.

  • @80 i’m still waiting for them to give us at least one rpg for a Plus free game. We’ve had every other genre but that. It doesn’t even matter what type (japanese or western) just as long as its not those crappy Nisa games like Neptunia.

  • This is a pretty disappointing update. A couple of small discounts on a couple of games. There’s nothing to be excited about. As a dedicated PS3 gamer/Plus subscriber I really look forward to these updates to see what games I’ll be getting (either for free or with a discount) so it bums me out when there’s nothing for me for a month straight. The Halloween sale was great though but I already owned all 2/3 of those games. Hopefully next week will have more content?

    I guess the thing is–the Plus subscription is the same cost whether or not we’re getting anything out of it.

    • Although there are some great discounts this week ( I mean, you really can’t find a better deal Day 1 on great games like NFS Most Wanted), I knew that a handful from the community would be a bit disappointed to not see a game to download in Plus. That said, we’re working on getting things to weekly games as best as possible, but it simply may not always be the case. When PS Vita Plus comes online, it’ll lend itself greatly towards a game to look forward to every week, but again, it’s not a guarantee that this will be the case. Appreciate the feedback!

  • The only good thing about this plus update is the MoH Warfighter 1hr trial and a couple of discounts on the Halloween sale but NOT enough for me to waste my money on ps+. Whats funny is I saw on the Europe store they have an American flag avatar but it was never put on the USA store, what the F**K sony?!? If I every buy ps+ it will be on a Europe account, why? More free FULL PS3 GAMES. If I want some second rate psn games for free I’ll buy US ps+. LOL.

    @52 They don’t have a spine and they love to answer the same questions over and over and over as long as sony is be praised.

  • I strongly disagree with post #82 on the going back to a monthly update… because it makes the next update wait excrutiatingly long.. (evenmoreso if the update isn´t to your liking).. at least with weekly updates you can hope that the next week will have something up your alley.. so.. i vote HELL NO! to going back to a monthly update.

  • I am fearful that, for PS3 gamers, NFS: Most Wanted will be this year’s Skyrim for us. We’ve seen very little gameplay on PS3. No demo has been announced. And, Criterion has offered very little beyond pre-rendered video hype.

    Will the game run at 60fps as Paradise did? Or, will it suffer cardiac arrest to barely reach 30fps a la Hot Pursuit?

    Most Wanted is a multi-platform title, and as excited as I would love to be for it, I just have this nagging feeling that PS3 gamers who make this game a “day-one” purchase will spend many subsequent months having to field B.S. rationale from Criterion’s version of Todd Howard.

  • I also don’t value these trials at all. I’m not gonna wait 3 hrs for a game to download so that I can play it for 1 hr.

  • Plus for vita should be out the first week of November and now when you think it’s time we don’t give you our money when we think it’s time to Morgan and the rest of the slacking team step it up

  • Hi Morgan, im a plus user from Colombia and im so happy with the + service, the halloween discounts are just AMAZING!!!! I, like other users, im waiting for RE5 and maybe one old school RPG… thanks Sony!!!!

  • @86 Well I guess you can go ahead and hope. But don’t expect anything good for the 3rd, 4th, and sometimes 5th Tuesdays of the month. Because it’s not gonna be good.

  • So I’ve decided to break my promise of never posting on here again just to laugh at how horrible this US plus team is…I have not broken my promise of not buying anything on psn anymore, however.

    Look at my profile…I’m level 18…I play a lot of games and used to buy something almost every week…but you guys have just cemented my belief that you’re doing your best to drive away your best customers.

    How long does it take to get a download list that I can sort?
    How hard is it to understand that nobody wants your horrible, old psn games?
    How tough is it to offer a decent discount on new releases?
    What incentives are you giving anybody to buy anything from you?
    What makes you think I would buy a game available at retail when I can get pre order bonuses that you don’t offer?

    Sad…just sad.

  • Quick question… I don’t have a ps vita yet, but I’m planning on getting one this christmas. If I buy a playstation vita game from my ps3, will I be able to download it on my vita when I get one? Thanks.

    • Yep. You’ll have the download entitlement all activated from when you buy on the PS3; you’ll just have to wait till you get your PS Vita to play. So if you’re a Plus member, you can download any free PS Vita games that are in the program, and then hold on to them for when you get your Vita. Just make sure you’re still subscribing to Plus, of course.

  • Was told to comment on twitter so here it goes….Comment :P

  • Bring on Ps Plus for the Ps Vita ASAP, not much this week but i’m actually glad.So i can pick up need for Speed Most Wanted & i can play it on my Ps Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pre-ordering on the PS Store is something I have no interest in whatsoever. WHY is the “functionality” even there? You don’t get something for pre-ordering. You can’t redeem it at midnight. Realistically, you pre-order the game, it goes up at about 6pm the day of release, and takes at least 3 hours to download (with the retail games ranging about 10+GB). I could’ve had the game for the past 20 hours if I had bought at a brick-and-mortar or on Steam or something.

  • Blogpost like these is why we should have these once a month instead of once a week. Some people look forward to these updates all week, hoping to see a free game. And there’s none. I understand there can’t be free games every week. But it’ll be better if we knew the schedule for the month before.

    Also, no @ the first sentence. You gotta do better than that.

  • @vanwinkle
    It’s just them doing their best to combat the used game market…too bad they’re not very good at it, lol

  • @freshprincepbg

    They lured everybody in with their “instant game collection” full of great games at the start…and then…slowly but surely it’s been reduced to a collection of mediocre freebies.

  • @88 i agree the full game trials are very impractical

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