PlayStation Plus Update: Pre-Launch Discount on Need for Speed: Most Wanted

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PlayStation Plus Update: Pre-Launch Discount on Need for Speed: Most Wanted

What a month it’s been for PlayStation Plus in October. With NFL Blitz, King of Fighters XIII and PAYDAY: The Heist all free to download for Plus members, there’s a lot to play. You also got early access to The Unfinished Swan as well as an exclusive PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Beta on PS3 and PS Vita, and an assortment of discounts to boot. This week, we want to remind you of some of the great perks you’ll see in Plus, along with a bit of news on additional discounts.

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October 23rd PlayStation Plus Update

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Pre-Launch Week Discount (Regular price: $59.99, PS Plus Price: $53.99)

It’s not often you get to save some cash on new releases, but with your Plus membership you can nab Need for Speed: Most Wanted for $53.99, as opposed to the usual new release price point. The discount is only applicable on preorders for Plus members, so get ready for its release on 10/30 next week and make sure your preorder is in to get the Limited Edition version of the game. (Note: Non-PS Plus members can still preorder to get the Limited Edition and exclusive theme, it just won’t have the 10% discount.)

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Exclusive Timed Trial

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is set to deliver an aggressive, gritty and authentic experience that puts gamers in the boots of today’s most precise warrior, the Tier 1 Operator. Plus members will get to have their hands on the full game for 1 hour and get an enhanced peek into the action they can download when it releases at retail and on the PlayStation Store as part of the Day 1 Digital event with the 10/23 update.

Hell Yeah! – Pimp My Rabbit and Virtual Rabbit Missions

20% off for PlayStation Plus Members

If you snagged Hell Yeah! Wrath of the White Rabbit with a launch week discount thanks to your Plus membership, you can now save on the Add-Ons! The Pimp My Rabbit DLC comes with 50 new masks for Ash, plus 11 new driller skins and even some familiar SEGA faces. The Virtual Rabbit Missions will test your action and shooting skills while adding more than three hours of gameplay. If you dug Hell Yeah! get this new DLC at a steal of a price with Plus.
Wonder Boy in Monster Land

80% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $1.00)

SEGA shows off its old school gaming roots once again with the Master System classic action RPG Wonder Boy in Monster Land. Getting the PS Plus special price at $1 means you may not be able to pass up this sequel to the original Wonder Boy. Highly regarded as one of the best titles on the Master System library and playable on PS3, you owe it to yourself to check it out. And with nostalgic boxart like this, how can you resist?

That’s it for this week. Make sure you check out tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update post to see all the details for this week’s Plus update. Thanks for reading, and as always, I’ll see you in the comments.

PlayStation Plus Update

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31 Author Replies

  • Another nice week to be a PS+ user. Can’t wait for Plus to come to Vita next month.

  • Very nicee!!! I hope that Fat Princess could be a free psn plus game ;d *.*

  • No freebies this week eh? Not complaining I just like my freebies. :P

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been a free horror game this month for us. :(

    • No free games for Plus members this week, and to set expectations, next week likely won’t have any either (unless something switches up), but the week after that and thereafter, we should be in a pretty good position.

  • they are not my cup of tea, but it looks its going to be a good drop this week, hoping for some RPG or Strategy games myself

  • Morgan I never heard back from you from last week.

    I bought two 50 dollar PSN cards and was just trying to make sure since I am adding 100 dollars funds to my wallet when I spend the 100 dollars I will get my 20 back in November right???????

    Yeah it was disappointing to not get a free horror game I would of thought Siren blood curse would of been a good one since it is the month of Halloween.

    • as long as you SPEND those $100 before month’s end, you’ll be good. Just adding $100 to your wallet via retail cards by itself won’t get you there; you have to then spend that $100 in your SEN Wallet.

  • Definitely getting Wonder Boy in Monster Land (really looking forward to getting farther in Monster World IV), but otherwise… maaaybe I’ll get the Hell Yeah! Missions, but considering how much undue RAGE! the built-in ones instilled (when there wasn’t even a trophy or anything functional for clearing them all), I may pass. What I’d really like would be just more areas to explore and monsters to nuke. And definitely a New Game Plus feature, though even some of the monsters were absolute pains (juggle this guy a dozen or more times without being able to see the screen well. Oy… That and the more than awkward requirements to jump and shoot simultaneously.

    tl;dr – Hell Yeah! has a lot going against it, for as much as I want to enjoy its ridiculousness.

  • I love weekly updates really keeps a person who puts in over 100 hours of gaming in a week occupied

  • I’ll be happy if we get Hell Yeah! or RE5:GE for free next week. Either seems like good Halloween additions to the IGC.

  • Pretty nice update and thanks for the constant content throughout the month so far. On a side note, Rey, who presents the Drop each week, has received a lot of feedback in regards to him not responding to people who make comments on the Drop posts. Some of the posts that people are making include corrections to some of the descriptions for the titles of the games that he posts. It would be nice to see maybe a reply or two a week in regards to the Drop where necessary. I’m not sure if this is the correct forum for this but it seems like a good place to start since you, Haro, are the Community Manager.

  • I love the being a Plus member and look forward to it coming to Vita.

  • I hope the exclusive Plus Halloween avatars from last year come tomorrow. If not, then I’m sad :(

  • Hey, Morgan, when do you all usually add free full retail game for playstation plus users, i know you just released King of Fighter 13 not to long ago but whats the day of the week you release on? Other then that its good stuff this week for PS Plus members :)

  • The Halloween sale still available?

  • Boooo. I have a PS+ account because it gives me free games. When you stop giving me free games, I stop paying for the service(which technically doesn’t make them free… but regardless).

  • No more details on Vita Plus? We really have to wait until November, I guess…

    • Trying to get as many details on this secured as quickly as possible. Everyone on the Plus team knows you guys are hungry for info, so we’ll be working as hard as we can to get more details to you guys asap.

  • Hi Uncle Morgan, do you know if next week we will receive avatars or themes?

  • No chance the Plus discount also applies to the vita version of Need for Speed does it?

  • I’ve never commented in on these forums before but after all the crazy stuff plus has givin me I just wanted to say thanks. I just subscribed to plus a little over 2 months ago and I’ve gotten enough free games to cover the cost of plus for over 6 years. Not to mention the discounts. Just last week I got one $20 card and got Plants vs Zombies, Dead Nation, Costume Quest complete, Sega Rally, and Monster World and I still have a dollar left(which is now going toward Wonder Boy). Anyway I do have one question, if I delete a plus game that is no longer free in the store can I redownload it later, and if i can is there a limit to how many times I can do that? I really need to know cause my harddrive is full thanks to plus:) So thanks once again for the best deal in gaming history. Plus member for life!

  • Awwwww kind of a bummer, I did not find anything I liked this month besides the PS All Stars Beta.

    Would have been nice it Sony through us a free Horror game before Halloween. I was actually thinking this might happen.

    Oh well, please give us a few Awesome games in November if possible. Remember when you give out awesome games it creates a Buzz on the internet and many large gaming sites post news about it, then you guys get many more PS Plus Subscribers. Games for specific people Id imagine don’t have a large impact on new PS Plus subscribers.

  • First off I wanna say I LOVE PlayStation Plus. I’m a GM at Gamestop and I encourage any person buying any playstation product to sign up, it’s been worth every single penny. My question is about digital games like Assassins Creed and Need for Speed. If I pre-order the game will I be pre-downloading at playing at midnight, or will I have to wait for PSN to update on that Tuesday? The bonus content that comes with retail pre-orders…. will that be available for purchase day 1? Finally…. If I start buying more digital games instead of used at GameStop, am I better supporting our industry?

    • Great questions, and thanks for your support at GameStop, it means a lot! As far as preordering, we weren’t able to do midnight releases for this content, but it’s something we’re looking at for the future. For now, it’ll be available for download when the PS Store updates. Bonus content for retailers, from what I understand, is exclusive for preordering with said retailer at this time, but not sure if you can buy it later.

  • Nice update precedent to 3 weeks of freebie.,at Morgan still no update, on when the new Ps Store is going to be up?

  • Hey Morgan, thanks for the update.

    When can we expect to hear specific details about PS+ for Vita?

    I ask because I plan on purchasing the Vita version of Need for Speed Most Wanted and I would like to know if you all are going to offer a percentage off like you are for the PS3 version.

    If not then I’ll just order a physical copy from Amazon.


  • @Morgan Haro I have and need to spend 4.00 usd more to get to the $100 this month and I want to get Costume Quest at $3.75, is there anything in the store like a cheap avatar for $0.25??

  • I know you probably can’t tell me, But how likely is it that Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack will be in the Vita PS+ collection next month or the month after? I’d like to know if it’d be a waste for me to buy while it’s on sale.

  • Cannot wait for ps+ on the Vita. And what you guys have for the ps3 in November.

    Morgan can you guys offer some more non-gaming goods like avatars and themes again? And maybe later Vita Banners?

  • I have a disc copy of MoH showing up on Wednesday. If I play the “free preview” hour of the digital version tomorrow, will I pick up with my progress on Wednesday when I boot up the disc copy? or does that progress only unlock with a full digital purchase?

  • @14

    PS+ gives 3 games per month at least. Any additional games are considered to be extras not part of the collection, like Starhawk SP. With that said, it’s disappointing that there were no free horror games this month.

  • Thanks Sony! I was hoping for a way to play MOH Warfighter to test it out so this works out nice. Getting NFSMW for the PS3!


    Is there any word on what day in November Playstation Plus will be coming to the Vita?


  • Anyone who complains they don’t get enough out of PS plus probably isn’t enough of a gamer. I have been a subscriber since Day One, and have never looked back. Even through the infamous outage, I just couldn’t wait to get back at it. Thanks Sony, and all other devs & publishers that continue to support this service. PlayStation 4 Life-since 9-9-95!

  • Hi Morgan,

    Sony Santa Monica said that Unfinished Swan would be 30% off for PS+ subscribers. Is that still happening? I want to buy it ASAP, but I’d rather wait if there’s a discount coming soon. Thanks!

    • No, this was a miscommunication; there is no 30% Plus discount for TUS. They deleted that tweet about 10 minutes after they put it out.

  • Pretty sure I picked the worst possible month to sign up for PS+. Oh well. Won’t make that mistake again.

  • Morgan, I have a question for you regarding the $20 PSN credit back in November.

    I bought a 12 month PS Plus card last week without thinking about the promo.
    If i redeem the card in this month does it count ($49.99) toward the $100 that i have to spend?

    • I’m afraid not. Since those Plus retail cards simply grant you the entitlement for Plus, there is no money leaving your SEN Wallet, and thus it doesn’t count. I know that must be a bit of a dissapointment, sorry about that =| If (IF) you are able to return that Plus voucher, what you can do is purchase retail cards for PSN $$, then use that money to buy Plus on the PS Store.

  • @forevergreen, yes itll be in your download list if you delete it from our hdd so you can redownload as long as you a Plus member for free stuff.

  • another week, another game for a dollar!! Love it!!

  • the sad thing is the only benefit this week is the medal of honor 1 hour trial and with the load times and all the 1 hour is almost pointless

  • very pathetic. no free game at all. i couldn’t care less about a Trial for the crappy Medal of Honor game, especially with Black Ops 2 coming in just a matter of weeks.

    i might get that Monster Land at least, since the one that went on sale last week was pretty fun.

  • Here’s a repeat of a question asked once already over here and perhaps even in other threads, would there be any kind of pre-order or discount offered for most wanted vita version?
    And yeah, another bad month for Plus users in the US, what can one do then to wait for a magical month or believe the promises of “but the week after that and thereafter, we should be in a pretty good position.”
    For a long time PS Plus was plain awesome, I could not stop recommending it to all my friends, and now I find it hard to recommend even myself a renewal.

  • @polo155, Awesome, thanks.

  • @Morgan, Oh hey, we gonna here about November Day1 next Monday?

    • Day 1 Digital was a one time event for October. While we’ll continue to be bringing you guys more new games the same day as retail, I don’t think they’ll be labeled as a Day 1 Digital or anything in the PS Store. We’ll announce when games are coming to PSN as we’re normally able to, but not as a month long outlook or anything; but it may be something we can look into for sure!

  • @#32 Nathan2- I think that question has been addressed before, and the answer was that you have to spend directly from your SEN wallet, so the 1 year subscription specific card won’t count.

  • @32 Nathan2 – All that counts are wallet funds spent. So, no, a code for a PS+ subscription won’t count. If you redeem a code for $50, than use those funds to purchase a PS+ subscription, that would work.

  • Cannot wait for Plus to hit Vita next week! As for this week, pretty decent update… I’m quite happy about the 1 hour trial on Warfighter as I’m still on the fence about the game.

    • to be clear; Plus isn’t hitting PS Vita next week. It’ll be in November, but when in November, that hasn’t been revealed yet.

  • Im not one to complain much but this month hasnt been a good one on the chalkboard for plus..I guess the discounts are good but when you got empty pockets like I do, the “free” games are what someone like me looks forward to in plus. None of those were good except Payday which I bought when it came out so I hope November will be a good month..Also looking forward to Plus on the vita but something tells me it wont happen till near the end of November which im okay with but it’d be nice to have right out of the gate.

  • Thanks for the info Morgan.

    I tried that yesterday. They said there is no returns on cards.

  • All the freebies in this month were crap (Payday,Kof XIII,seriously?????). I hope the freebies are better the next month

  • I see no reason to get MoH W on the PSN store, on the store i get the LE edition, BF4 beta, a sniper rifle, the first DLC free and something else, but on the PSN store you get nothing, just the game, so why get it on the PSN store??

  • aww….no re 5 for free…….so much for a resident evil year… : (

  • I am really pumped for both Most Wanted and AC3, but why no pre-loading? It seems like such a missed opportunity to further incentivise pre-ordering these titles. Seeing that our friends across the pond have been able to do this on full-game digital titles for many months, I wouldn’t think there are insurmountable technical hurdles… so what gives?

  • What happened to the discount for AC3 for being a plus member I thought it was on sale for 53.99 or was it just timed discount that I missed out on. or maybe I have know Idea what I’m talking about:) but its 59.99 now with no plus discount.

  • Any word on a NFSmostwanted Demo for PS3 or Vita ?

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