Update on the New PlayStation Store

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Update on the New PlayStation Store

New PlayStation Store

As you may know, we launched the new PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 earlier this week in Australia, New Zealand and several countries in Europe. Although the new PS Store is operating smoothly in most countries, there have been some issues that caused inconvenience for users.

While we’ve already solved many of these issues, we’ve decided to postpone the October 23rd launch of the new store in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. We want to be certain that you have an exceptional experience with the new store, so we appreciate your patience as we complete the final phases before launch.

We’ll update you as soon as a new release date has been set. Until then, the existing PS Store will be fully operational with the game, movie and TV content that you enjoy today.

Thanks again for your patience.

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  • hey, make some new way of payment fo us, like paypal

  • I want a new web browser and a new XMB would be terrific!!!

  • One of the complains I have with the current store is that it is very slow in some parts (like loading the price and details when you select an item).
    If this extra time is used to optimize and give us a better experience, it will be a good thing.

  • Why does it show my avatar as sackboy? I havent had that as my thing for months…

    Also, I hope this store update will fix the issue where my Playstation branded Credit Card suddenly stopped working for no reason 2 weeks ago.

  • Just put a bunch of items on sale for us and we’ll be happy :D

    The download list is the most unfriendly piece of junk ever created. I apologize but I have over 1,000 items on that list and it’s just a big ol pain in the rear to try to find items on it! I have heard rumors that the new download list shows even less items and is even slower to navigate through.. that’s just terrible news. Let us sort it! Give us options! From what I’ve seen the store has been updated to better advertise games (which is fine) but it seems to not add a single thing to the user friendliness aspect of the store. That’s very short sighted, Sony.

  • today i went on the psn store to download something but i didnt know how to download it can someone please help me please p.s new psn store is great the only problem is i dont know how to download stuff


  • shame, i was really looking forward to see the shiny new look!!! :( …. any ETA on when we are going to see it?

  • TO THE GUYS AT PLAYSTATION: Nevermind the Negative comments being made here. while we’re all are kind of “Taken back at the Delay, Myself included” We all do feel that the new PS Store needs an Exceptional Launch, Great Additions like Paypal and a new Download list and a Good Review by all.

    Take all the time you need to make it right, just know that you have the Most Loyal and Respected Community of gamers in the history of gaming that understands that all good things comes to those who wait.

    I know you guys will work the necessary Kinks out and figure out the right date to launch it.

    Til then The old Version will do just fine, just keep putting up more great games and keep me in the know on what you’re doing. and I Promise to #NEVERSTOPLAYING

  • That’s good to push it back updating the Ps store, because it’s a huge overhaul of the store & it needs to be done right.

  • *sigh* And I just became a Plus member…

  • At least we’ve got a new commercial to look forward to on Oct. 23rd.

  • Lol I didn’t know about this new store update until now. So no disappointment here lol. I’ve been checking the PS Store every single time I turn on my PS3 for the last 4+ years. Even when I know there’s nothing added its still the first thing I do. It’s a little OCD of mines I think lol. Cool to see the PS Store is finally getting a new look. I’ve always been jealous of Xbox Live’s Marketplace. I’m glad there are others asking for PayPal. I thought I was the only one who wanted it. My only complaint about the store for a long time now was being forced to “fund” our wallets if we were using credit/debit cards. It reminds me of the stupid “Microsoft Points” system. Its like they’re trying to get a little extra cash from us. Anyways lol, can’t wait for the new Store update. I’m going to enjoy Doom 3 BFG this weekend.


  • I’m going no where, so The wait won’t be much for me. Just keep doing what’cha doinng.

  • The Playstation Plus and Playstation Store has always been the best deal i made…And the new redesigned interface looks good and slick…Take your time Sony,i’d rather wait and use the store properly without any hiccups than get a laggy experience….and BTW, i got the Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition free…much much thanks Sony….!!!!

  • I’m glad Sony is not rushing to store. Make sure it’s 100% complete and bug free before releasing!! Smart move.

  • i hope change for old xmb

  • Looks great, however I’m concerned with this new search system. It looks a lot like the seach in the youtube app, wich is fine but on that, you aren’t able to use your PS keypad. It really feels like it’s becoming obscelete :/

  • PayPal option is a great suggestion.

    New browser? I only use Firefox.

    Better competitive prices so I won’t have to spend any more money at GameStop.

  • Leave it to SONY for the unfortunate. I would really love to have tried this new store. I’d be more excited though if we got a better web browser and XMB redesign, that would be amazing!

  • I like and waiting for download Need for Speed MostWanted.

  • I would love it if something like this can replace the XMB.

  • I tried it out my only issue is that it takes waaaay too long to start up. It’s an app now, so it takes the same amount of time to open as Youtube or Netflix :/

  • I waiting store update in 23 October., And waiting download Need for Speed MostWanted. Digital 1Day.

  • @74: Please leave. Never come back.

  • Do I see Resident Evil Gold Edition for FREE on PS PLUS? Is this going to be in North America?

  • Don’t set your expectations too high, my American friends. When they launched it here in the UK, they had to roll it back again after several hours of complaints from customers… and although some of those complaints were about stuff that was clearly broken, the majority were criticising the new design/layout.

  • Hi Eric,

    I have one last final suggestion. When you search for a title using the alphabet to scroll down or up…How about you make the alphabet break into two columns instead of one only.


    A N
    B O
    C P
    D Q
    E R
    F S
    G T
    H U
    I V
    J W
    K X
    L Y
    M Z

    Each column has 13 alphabets then. That would save gamers a lot of time without having to scroll a long way down or up.

  • Hi, I noticed that we can’t log on to the PSN until now. Was wondering if there were any updates regarding this.

  • @ jkirk13

    Actually the resident evil 5 freebie adverted on the new store is currently available on playstation plus account.

  • ►I dont mind the wait. My major request is to redo the download list I have near 1,700 things in my download list it takes me near 30 minutes to find what im looking for if I have to re-download a game I want to play after upgrading my PlayStation 3’s Hard Drive to a Solid State.

    ►To anyone that might be wondering of you can use a SSD in a PS3 Slim it works. Im using a 512GB SSD in my 120GB PS3 Slim and anyone that’s wondering does it make it faster. Loading times decrees by seconds sometimes not by allot but any second counts. Also it improves the speed of the XMB while in-game checking on messages which is a major plus because the in-game XMB was a pain while in the middle of playing a game and need to reply to a friend.

    ►Can’t wait on PS4 having more memory to improve menu speeds and added much needed features.

    They way I see the future PlayStation console its looking bright already. :)

  • ►Can’t wait for the new PlayStation Store update.

    ►Wonder if you can use a USB Keyboard for Searches?

    ►I’ll have to run a video test of my speed results vs others on YouTube when the store goes live.

    ►Let the Speed Test’s begin.

  • 1) If it takes you more than 1-2 minutes to find something in your download list, just go into the Store, navigate to the item and select “Download”. It’s not that hard.
    2) Morgan just said in the other thread that the new store is built on HTML5, so while they won’t have a redesigned download list on launch, it is definitely something they can now patch into the store, and most likely plan to do so.
    3) This entire update is mostly cosmetic and I wasn’t at all “excited” about it, so I really don’t care that it’s been delayed either. It’ll come out when it comes out.
    4) For the love of God, ignore all the Xbot trolls begging for an annual XMB redesign. I’m perfectly happy with all my System Themes working, and not having to rebuy them every time you change the XMB. Thank you for thinking about us, rather than just your bottom line.

  • Nice to see Australia being used as a guinea pig once again for technology that doesn’t work. I have 2 games pre-ordered on the playstation store being released next week so i wanted to add funds to my wallet to pay for them when they become available & of course i can’t. I have been getting a message that i assume is an error because it won’t let me add any funds. It just keeps saying “Funds could not be added to your wallet (56)” so that’s awesome. I am starting to think it might be time to get rid of the PS3. If i can’t add funds what’s the point. It would be nice if you released things that actually worked for once.

  • The PSN store is not broken although slow and functioning OK but rather clunky.. Yogi Berra logic here..

    if it ain’t broke do not fix it…

    The problem i see(as user) is the extra bandwidth needed to display game title graphics…Text based PSN store would be great ..

  • How about some info on the OTHER regions of the world? Asia, Africa, and The Middle East? You do know those exist, right? I’m tired of Sony always ignoring us. Whenever a game is released, we get North America, Europe, and Japan release dates. What about the rest of the world? All the games and consoles are sold here. I bought the PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, and Vita, and while I’m not looking for any reward for that, it would be nice if at least our existence was acknowledged. We already get screwed on the games because no games are released here so stores end up importing them from Japan or Europe and we end up paying $80+ for each game.

  • i don’t care about new look, i just hope they don;t delay dark souls DLC next tuesday

  • Please!! put Paypal in US PSN
    i need buy dark souls DLC next week

  • Why didn’t you guys have a beta for this?

  • cant wait till U.S launch

  • Can someone tell me why i can’t buy INCEPTION without it freezing every time i click on the movie on the PlayStation Store?

  • Pretty disappointed, but at the same time I’d rather you guys postpone it as much as possible than release it only to have people getting crashes, freezes, and payment issues (which is actually one of my main concerns of the redesign).

  • When the new store layout is out, will we have the option to continue to use the old one?

  • I am hoping that the store has gotten better and not worse. When looking at this video in all aspects the store has gotten worse than what it was hopefully this is not the truth. Take a look at the new store and old store side by side and tell me this is not true.


  • Are we not allowed to post links here on the blog ??? Thats news to me

  • Good. The new store looks awful. A combination of Xbox live market and the abismal youtube app.

  • Take as much time as you may need, is better to start with all the bells and whistles already fully working than rollback several times to fix the issues, HEY the Web browser idea is not bat, you already have apps that works with Google, why not make a deal with them for a stripdown Google Chrome browser PS exclusive???

  • Be happy that they are waiting with the new store – up to now its a desaster (Speed, Search, more clicks needed than before – and DL-List is still not usable) and i am not sure if it is repariable. It seems the whole basic design is crappy.

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