Update on the New PlayStation Store

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Update on the New PlayStation Store

New PlayStation Store

As you may know, we launched the new PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 earlier this week in Australia, New Zealand and several countries in Europe. Although the new PS Store is operating smoothly in most countries, there have been some issues that caused inconvenience for users.

While we’ve already solved many of these issues, we’ve decided to postpone the October 23rd launch of the new store in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. We want to be certain that you have an exceptional experience with the new store, so we appreciate your patience as we complete the final phases before launch.

We’ll update you as soon as a new release date has been set. Until then, the existing PS Store will be fully operational with the game, movie and TV content that you enjoy today.

Thanks again for your patience.

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  • That sucks.

  • So is the reload reveal postponed too?

  • I’m glad you are holding off to give us a great experience with it.

    One question: I noticed in the picture above the Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition is listed as a PS Plus freebie. Is this going to happen or is it just show for the picture?

  • ok i’ll wait , but what about a new dashboard and a new web browser?

  • Take as much time as you need. The new store looks great and I really want to experience it but I rather wait and have a smooth launch. I’m sure we’ll survive buying things with the old layout for a little while longer :P

    • It’ll be worth the wait! and you’re right on the money, we want to make sure it’s a great experience out the gate. But it’ll be here before ya know it.

  • U should of done a beta test on this. I hope u guys resolve this issue before the end month. I’m lookin’ forward 2 the new look PSN Store.

  • @3 No, they already said that it won’t be in the previous post.. it was just a mock up.

  • I can wait, No worries.

    But I like that new web browser idea. *cough*GoogleChrome*cough*


  • Hopefully you guys will be able to work in some of the feedback from the users in EU. Saw a few videos where you had to go through 7 steps to download a free demo.

  • While I am sad to hear that we have to wait even longer to get the new store, I appreciate the effort you guys and gals are going through to work out all of the kinks and make the first experience a good one when it does launch. ^_^

  • take your time :P

  • Take your time, make it great AND add PayPal as a payment option… :)

  • Nice!!!

  • When the new store goes live, will you be able to change game prices so they at least match the official MSRP set by SCEA themselves?

    Since AUGUST:

    Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational – $19.99
    Little Deviants – $19.99
    ModNation Racers: Road Trip – $19.99
    Reality Fighter – $19.99
    Resistance: Burning Skies – $29.99
    Uncharted: Golden Abyss – $39.99
    Unit 13 – $29.99
    Wipeout 2048 – $19.99

    God of War: Origins Collection – $19.99
    Infamous 2 – $19.99
    Jak and Daxter Collection – $19.99
    Ratchet & Clank Future: All 4 One – $19.99
    Sorcery- MOVE Required – $19.99
    Twisted Metal – $39.99
    Uncharted 1&2 Dual Pack – $29.99

  • are we gonna get PayPal support as UK already got?

  • Good to know you guys are working on making the new store fully functional instead of just launching it as is. Looking forward to the new store whenever it launches :)

  • Sounds like a good move. I’m hoping that the following is fixed:

    * The search is fixed (just add a regular search option like Vidzone). The search doesn’t work as you would like for several titles.
    * The slow start up times.
    * The ability to download something that is free straight away without going through the long check-out process.
    * Remove the half-screen ads and non-game related items (dreaming I know)

    Other than that it really is a lot better.

  • i don’t mind waiting
    i know this has nothing to do with the update but is playstation allstars battle royale coming out on the 20th or next tuesday? plz i need an answer

  • I really hope this new store is faster. As a PS+ member I hate clicking add to cart on a bunch of items just to have long delays when adding them.

  • Not to sound too harsh, but perhaps you shouldn’t show/announce things before they’re ready. You’ve traded one disappointment for another. You want to delight customers, not let them down.

    You drummed up excitement and anticipation for a store update and now you’re not delivering on that set date. Not a huge deal but if it’s a regular occurrence it can be disastrous for a company because it seeds mistrust.

  • Wow this is why Microsoft will continuously crush Sony in the online market. So much incompetence in one company’s division. What is that, you’ll take my money, but won’t fix the playstation stores download error? Nope, Xbox Live will get it instead.

    Maybe when you guys can operate a fully functioning service like your competitor I will give you more then a few dollars.

  • I hope the “View Downloads” section will have ways to categorize and reorder the list.

  • @23, it won’t they already stated they are not doing anything to improve the download list (with the update), even though its a store overhaul and its one of the biggest complaints people share.

  • Take as much time as you need. The current store still works fine and even though it’s not as good, I would rather just continue to use the current store instead of use a new buggy piece of crap store. The current store will remai up and It’s not like the new store is coming with free games or something, so some people being so butthurt about the delay makes no sense to me.

  • @25 People being upset about something that was suppose to be thats not going to be makes them butt hurt?
    Maybe when you get older and actually are part of a business you will understand that this is not how a company should operate.

    Stupid kids these days.

  • As a concerned Plus member I have a question regarding the recent Starhawk release made available for us for “free”… We all know that once our subscription expires ALL free games accumulated are rendered unplayable. Starhawk, I assume, is no different. That said, Starhawk’s SINGLE player was free. Does that mean if I buy the add on online pass I won’t be able to play the game any longer after my Plus membership expires?? Or by virtue of the fact that I bought the pass will I be able to play the game in it’s entirety AFTER the Plus expiry? OR…. will I continue to play multiplayer ONLY?

    Your program is really vague on this kind of stuff… Please clarify!!

  • @15 They will never answer you

    And this is some BS

  • Yeah, better to wait and work out the kinks instead of rushing it. Take your time sony. I don’t mind waiting

  • LMAO, DelayStation.

    That name seems to be making a comeback. As a longtime PlayStation user (used to be a G.A.P. member, remember that?) one can only laugh as this.

  • @3 Resident Evil 5 IS free and Morgan is incorrect that isnt technically a “mock up” the twist is that in the picture thats the EU playstation store in which Resident Evil 5 is INDEED free but thats only in Europe (again they get the GOOD PS+ stuff) we in the US dont get that for free

  • No worries. I’d much rather have a PS Store that functions as intended with little bugs any day. Please still look into working on the downloads list too please. Even being able to sort downloads lists by PS3, Minis, PS Vita, and PSP would help.

  • “Not to sound too harsh, but perhaps you shouldn’t show/announce things before they’re ready. You’ve traded one disappointment for another. You want to delight customers, not let them down.

    You drummed up excitement and anticipation for a store update and now you’re not delivering on that set date. Not a huge deal but if it’s a regular occurrence it can be disastrous for a company because it seeds mistrust.”

    THIS. Well said Qatsmasher, my thoughts exactly. So many messups from Sony lately, no wonder the stock is in its lowest points since the 80’s…

    Stuff like this is just unbelievable from an established company & brand, how about testing stuff before rolling it out live before millions of customers??

    And how did anyone think it was a good idea to make people go through a complete checkout procedure to download a free demo??

    Seriously Sony, I love the PS3 but sometimes you wonder if your dept heads have all their ducks in a row…

  • Plus thanks for at least being honest and not releasing the new PS Store while it’s not quite ready. It seems people are quick to jump but don’t want to admit that this was the right move. Info before the designated date.

  • @22: More updates doesn’t make it better. The 360’s dashboard has gotten worse and worse with each update.

    Don’t even compare the two.

    Besides, this change looks awful. So delay it forever for all I care Sony. Search is going to be tedious. I can type out the full game’s title faster than I can get through 4 letters on that kind of crap. Sony, you shouldn’t be adopting the fails of the 360.

  • @26 Actually, no. A problem came up they didn’t expect and they didn’t release the product. They explained the situation when it came up. They didn’t release a buggy thing upon their customers. They did exactly the right thing.

    It’s regrettable that the store doesn’t get it’s update, just as it’s regrettable that some concerns fall to the wayside. It’s also regrettable that some people can’t deal with disappointment constructively (such as comment 21) and instead chose to insult people. Maybe when you’re older and have interacted with more people you’ll act more like an adult.

    Then again, this is the Internet. That’s probably too much to hope for.

  • Please add a wishlist feature during the delay.

  • The new store will be launching with The Last Guardian on the Ps4 lol.

  • @35 What would be nice is if they gave an option to keep the old system for those who don’t like the new one. There’s probably a host of problems with that, though.

  • @26: Um, what exactly are we missing? A new store design. We’re not missing out on any new content, just the way it’s organized and displayed.

    You still get the same stuff.

    It’s not as big of a deal as people are making it. You’re the childish one.

    If this was adding a host of new features, like wishlists, download list organization, gifting, actual reviews, and a big sale for the launch… then sure. That would be annoying.

    But it’s essentially the same thing. At most I’ve heard in Europe they got paypal options. Which I don’t remember reading or hearing about coming to NA in the video or previous article about this update.

    Classic gamer overreaction to something.

  • In the new PSN Store is their Rate system for rating games, movies, and ect? If not re-add it back on with new design. I have some idea’s what you can add that could be 100% helping to all PSN Users; redesign download list that is super easy to find what you need re-download again. How about adding this one; rename your PSN-ID for 1.99$ one time change only. How about showing users how much Money their have left on the new PSN Store next to their PSN-ID that their didn’t use up yet.

    I would love to rename my PSN-ID to something cooler then what i have now. Long story on why i name myself this name, lol.

  • Hopefully this is not the Last Guardian nor FFV13.

  • Once again, people showing why PS3 has the worst community in the history of the industry. Nothing but entitled know it all whistle blowers.

  • Oh well there’s always next year!

  • I can’t believe people are making a huge stink over this. It isn’t taking away content and they are still adding content every week as usual. All this update was was a visual and navigational update to the store. It’s all cosmetic. It’s slow as dirt and inconvenient to navigate and clearly needs a lot more polish. Do you really want them to release it as the mess that it is? I’m glad they delayed this and if they delayed it forever I wouldn’t even care. Why? The only thing wrong with the current store is the download list and the new store changes nothing about that either.

  • I see some video of the new psn. New look is great but the store is slow to access and loading thing. Hope it will be fix. Also, in I see that the download section (all the content someone download) is like the old one who is not so good. You need to add more option to see more easily thing. I have 656 + download and it’s very difficult to navigate and find what I want in this section.

  • At the end of the day the PlayStation stores is where I buy my DLC and PSN games as long as Sony keep making great games the new look for the playstation store can take as long as it wants peace I’m out ,

  • Don’t misunderstand this comment.
    How does this always seem to happen Sony?
    Is there not enough testing?
    I mean I appreciate you holding it back until we have an exceptional experience, after all it’s all about user experience. It just seems these things always plague PS launches. Online servers go down on launch, things require day 1 multiple GB patches, now this.

    I know you can do better Sony, and thank you for the update well ahead of launch I like this transparency and communication.

  • Amazing. I’m glad you guys are making sure this experience is exceptional. Hopefully the new store isn’t as slow as the current one. Also where is the download list? But thanks Sony. I’m definitely looking forward to this store now.

  • By the way I agree with MassBR, we should get the prices of digital games dropped since you know in stores the prices are cheaper at the moment than even some HD Collections. Not to mention other games like Infamous 2, and a ton of others.

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