Need for Speed Most Wanted: 4 Things You Need to Know

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Need for Speed Most Wanted: 4 Things You Need to Know

Hey, it’s great to be back on the PlayStation.Blog. We’ve been working hard on Need for Speed Most Wanted, our second Need for Speed game after 2011’s Hot Pursuit. I’m pleased to tell you that we’ve just put the finishing touches on the game, and we’re winding up the online servers to take a beating from you guys come launch day — October 30th.

It’s a pretty exciting time for PlayStation fans, and we’re really excited to be able to talk not just about the PS3 game, but also our first for PS Vita. If you don’t know anything about Most Wanted, here’s the deal. The original Most Wanted was our favorite Need for Speed game. We loved the epic cop chases, hot cars, and most of all that unbeatable sensation of fast, reckless driving while on the run from the law.

So after finishing Hot Pursuit, we set out to create a game that brought you all these great elements, but fresh for 2012 and with a little Criterion DNA running through it. That means it had to be about online, friends and competition, with a Most Wanted twist.

There’s a whole lot of game to talk about, but here are four things you really need to know.

1. It’s about causing trouble

You get to drive amazing cars like a maniac through a big open city, get in massive chases with the cops and ditch them in style. The whole game’s pretty much designed so you’ll want to break the law. Restricted area? Bust into it. Speed camera? Rip past it. Jump? Hit it. Parked car? Steal it. Cops? Not an issue.

2. The world’s always connected

Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS3

In Hot Pursuit, we introduced Autolog. We started tracking everything you did and comparing it with your friends in leaderboards called Speedwalls. Autolog turned your newest and most hotly contested events into play recommendations and notified you and your friends to reheat the competition.

This time, Autolog lets you leave your mark across your friends’ games. It displays record speeds, pursuits and jump distances throughout the city. Cruise past any speed camera, Jack Spot or jump to view its Speedwall, and then take a run up, hit the gas and see if you can top it. Hit the biggest air off any billboard jump, and we’ll display your face on the billboard. Your friends will need to beat you to get rid of it.

Everything you do earns you Speed Points and eventually increases your Speed Level. Earn more Speed Points than your friends to become the Most Wanted.

3. You can drive pretty much every car from the start

Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS3Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS3

This is hard to get your head around, but bear with us. Grinding through hours of gameplay to get the cars you really want to drive doesn’t actually make sense, when you think about it.

So, most of the cars in Most Wanted are just parked up in hundreds of Jack Spots throughout the city. If you find one, you can just switch to it. Obviously, there are still great unlocks waiting to reward the most skilled and dedicated players, but if you want to drive a 918 Spyder, Evo X, RS500, V12 Vantage and many, many more, you’ve just got to get out there and find them.

Each car has a series of events, designed to showcase its unique qualities. Master each car in your own time, and you’ll earn Speed Points and rank up. Score enough and you’ll earn the right to take on 10 of the hottest cars in the game – the Most Wanted Racers. Beat them all one-on-one to become Fairhaven’s Most Wanted. Swing the odds in your favor by modifying your car with such pursuit-busting delights as: Reinforced Chassis, Reinflating Tires, Impact Protection, Powershot Nitrous or Track Tires.

4. Our multiplayer is way more than just racing

It wouldn’t be Need for Speed without killer racing, so that’s the heart of our online, but we also wanted to mix it up a bit. It’s still tight, competitive and fast, but there are some twists.

Every Race starts with a Meet Up. Race there, jostle for position, watch for the start and boot it. Time your move right for a headstart. Get it wrong, and you’re a sitting duck. In Speed Tests, you get 90 seconds to set a high score. Hit the longest jump or drift, be fastest through a Speed Trap or set the fastest time between checkpoints. In Challenges you do stuff like hit 5,000 yards of drift, accumulate 2,000 yards of jump distance, access a rooftop or jump over each other. Anything goes!

PlayStation Vita

Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS VitaNeed for Speed Most Wanted on PS Vita

PS Vita represents a huge step for us. We’ve managed to crowbar the entire PS3 game onto the system, including almost all the races and events, the online play (albeit with four players rather than eight on PS3) and the massive open world. It’s all right there in the PS Vita version.

That’s pretty cool on its own, but everything you do on your PS Vita copy earns you Speed Points, inching you closer to that top spot on your friends Most Wanted list.

PlayStation Move Racing Wheel

And that’s not all! We love to play with new hardware, from Burnout Paradise’s Mugshots (using the original PS Eye) to the full online multiplayer in Burnout 3: Takedown (in the very early days of PSN). So we thought we’d see what we could do with the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel.

You can use it to control the car, obviously. When you’re happily ripping through town, it glows green, but attract the interest of the cops, and it flashes red and blue. Hide out in a CoolDown spot, and it’ll glow cool blue.

We’re out on October 30th. Hit this link to pre-order from EA, or head over to the PlayStation Store to pre-order your Day 1 Digital copy now.

We’ll see you online soon.

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  • they really should have made this game a cross-buy AND a cross-save game…since it looks as though none of these things are happening, I will ONLY be getting the PSVITA version

  • Is there Cockpit View? That’s the decision maker for me.

  • I have a few questions about the Vita version, if Criterion would like to answer them.

    1. Is it going to be the SAME open world? Every billboard, every street, every alley, …

    2. In terms of Graphics, how does it compare to the PS3?

    3. Will there be a Demo released??

    Thank you.


  • Will it support driving wheel, like the Logitech G27? If it does, I’m in for the PS3 version. Otherwise, I will think about buying the Vita one. The game looks amazing and I really like Burnout Paradise and the work Criterion did on it.

  • Lost my purchase with no visual customization and no manual transmission option. When I think of being the Most Wanted racer in a city, I think of having a car that is uniquely mine that all my rivals know its me just by the look of the car. You know…like the BMW M3 GTR E46 in the real Most Wanted.

    By reusing the name of arguably one of the best received NFSs of all time, you really got my hopes up and then it turned out to just be a Burnout clone. I hope people enjoy the game, but I can’t.

  • The fact that Mr. Chubb has ignored every question asking about cross-buy and didn’t mention it in the blog post indicates to me that EA has no intention of offering a cross-buy promotion. I guess they expect us to purchase two copies of the same game. I have no plans to purchase two copies of the same game myself.

  • Does anyone know if there will be split-screen on PC version. Or local 2 players, not LAN ?

  • Why the PS Vita was delayed until March 2013? I wanted to have it this October!

  • My most anticipated game of 2012. I’m more excited for this game then my B-Day, and my B-Day is Oct. 31. I took off the 30th, so I can buy this game day 1, and am working on my B-Day.

  • Why PS vita version was delayed until March 2013? I wanted to have it this October!….sorry for the previous message, not wrote the versio :/

  • Been following MW2012 news fairly closely over the last couple months so no surprises here. I pre-ordered the PS3 version back in July and it looks like it’s the only version for me as I (like most people) won’t buy the same game twice, especially at full price. Still the game I’m looking forward to most for the remainder of 2012.

    Gone over this elsewhere but this was a game that Sony needed for cross-buy, cross-play might not have worked but it’s still pretty much the same game and speed points are shared so it still worked somewhat. It’s a fail on EA’s part and a huge one IMO with Sony by not getting EA on board. I do believe that it could have been a system seller for the Vita with CB and in turn at the very least increased DLC sales for EA due to people potentially spending more time with the game and wanting more to do as I would have.

    The Vita version looks pretty good from the footage I’ve seen but it seems like EA is sweeping it under the rug with the lack of marketing for it, more people have posted footage on Youtube than what EA has released officially, even the mobile version got a trailer and while yeah the mobile version is a different game the Vita version needs attention too.

  • Also, would pay for a Most Wanted Vita bundle. *Hint hint*

  • @61 TrestepianYop

    It wasn’t delayed, that was an error on EA Poland’s part that was corrected shortly after they put it out, game sites just didn’t update because most of them are terrible. It’s still coming out the 30th with the console versions.

  • all i want to know is how much different the graphics are from the ps3 version and the vita

  • Totally pre-ordered. Paradise City^WFairhaven, here I come!

  • “Need for Speed: Most Wanted: Grand Theft Auto without the hookers and gangsters.”

  • Will Autolog for NFS:MW work with the iOS app?

  • The devs of this game needs to learn the definition of Need For Speed. This is no NFS. Its just another Burnout game with some elements of Need For Speed.

    I feel very sad for NFS series. it has lots its root since Most Wanted. So far from what i seen, there is no customization. The story will be dull as always.

    I am saving my money for Assassin Creed 3 and Far Cry 3.!

  • Yeaaaaaaaaah more games finally coming to Ps Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So three questions:
    1.) Could you show us more Vita gameplay? It’s been cut dry and very worry some because the vita version has turned into an all talk no show scenario.
    2.) WIll there be demos for both versions (just like Burnout)?
    3.)The question for Cross Buy support hasn’t been answered. It’s been brought up as a considered thought, but will this support Cross Buy?

  • Will it have Split Screen for PS3?

  • Finally games are coming to Ps Vita it’s about freakin time,I loved Burnout Paradise & since this is for Ps Vita this is a game i’m very stoked about!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Some of you gamers here on the blog are sometimes expecting too much. These are 2 seperate games, for 2 seperate platforms, so Its expected for EA to charge for them seperately. I too luv the option of cross-buy, buy just because the game will not offer cross-buy does not mean that I will not purchase It. Cross-Buy is a great offer, but by now you all should know that not all publishers will offer it. If you have both a ps3 & Vita, why not go ahead and support the game on whatever platform you most want It on.( Get It, Most Want-It ) Hahahah… Me myself, I will get it on the vita.

  • cross save has been confirmed months ago…. this isnt a hard game to keep track of considering the lack of news updates/hype… but anyway the game will have cloud saving which saves on the cloud and can be loaded and accessed from anywhere that has teh game..

    for example you can start playing on ps3.. sav on the cloud then reload that save and pick up where you left off on an xbox 360, vita or pc…. save when you get done.. then reload on the next console (or back on your ps3)

    so yeah there will be “cross save”

  • Cant wait for this game to come out. I am sure it will be great and way better than last years Need for speed the run which was only mediocre compared to criterion’s game of Hot Pursuit.

  • The new trailer definitly improves my perception of the new game some of the burnout features seem like a good fit to Most Wanted, however I am annoyed on how criterion changed the car modifications from the orginal title. I enjoyed modifying the looks of the cars that are not exotics. I am wondering why criterion left that out of the new game.

  • This is what I have been waiting for! Pick up something that is available for Playstation Vita, but it’s almost exactly what you have on Playstation 3.

  • Will the game run in 60fps as Paradise did?

  • Really want this and have it reserved…however i do not wan to pay full price for PS3 and Vita as many have stated. So come clean will there be a package deal? If not ill just wait until Blk Friday and get them for $30-45 bucks….the last 3-4 versions of NFS have all been dirt cheap after thanksgiving.

    Here is your chance for day 1 sales.

  • Could we see some Vita footage? Also pretty much a foregone conclusion that there won’t be any Cross Buy?

  • so many plus members here…. “LONG LIVE PLAY” + CRITERION

  • “We’ve managed to crowbar the entire PS3 game onto the system, including almost all the races…”

    So not the entire game then?

  • But… I love to unlock things. ): That’s why I loved Hot Pursuit 2. (still need to pick up Hot Pursuit on PS3)

    I’ve never liked NFS with customization, I just like to work toward unlocking new cars and picking my favorites that way. It gives me something to work for and when I get to a new car that I like it feels like I’ve earned it. Rather than, from what this sounds like, found it sitting somewhere. :/

    Still buying the Vita version, but that’s a bit disappointing.

  • i noticed that someone has said about cross platform save feature….i think it sud have that….i remeber back in 2006 when playin FIFA 2007 on PS2 and PSP u cud choose to play on either platform and then just transfer the save files to continue on the other….that was a nice feature….

  • No customization, no cross buy, no cross save… no buy.

  • @69 manzoor47

    Looks like your first NFS was either Underground or one of the ones that came after like the original Most Wanted. If anyone needs to learn what NFS is or means it’s you.

    @75 DuoMaxwell007

    There is no cross-save, what gets uploaded to your EA profile is your speed points, that’s it. If you play one version and then go to another you keep your speed points but you still have to do everything again.

  • it’s basically a worse version NFSHot pursuit,and NFSTheRun. there is nonthing that resembles the original NFS, No Customization,and No Boss racers. My favorite NFS, and the series general is offically dead.

  • When I first heard about this game I was like oh great another arcade racer. But then i read more into it and while it is an arcade racer it is much more. It is open world which I love(hope its open world online also). Then I watched some of the trailers for it and got excited. I even got more excited when I seen that it was coming for my vita as well. So I had to check out some game play footage for the vita. Needless to say once I seen the game play footage I went out and preordered it. While I may have preordered GT5 a year before release it was the reason I got a PS3 in the first place. This one I am most excited about coming to the vita though. I have this one and one other one preordered and no its not COD. I just hope EA brings back Baseball. I love The Show series but I miss the EA series.

    PS. If you guys haven’t seen it yet, look on youtube for the Need For Speed Most Wanted Live Action Commercial it is hilarious.

    EA keep up the good work. Try to get the new Madden engine on the ps vita for madden 14 plz.

  • @88

    It’s dead to you. Because you STILL don’t know NFS’ REAL classics. The first one doesn’t involved customization. You are missing both the point and the fun!

  • Nice! I Pre-Ordered my limited edition a few weeks ago and i CAN’T wait to get my hands on it! …. but one question… how come the game releases on the 30th but pre-orders at EB game for instants where i got my game are saying to pick it up on the 23rd?

    btw LOVED the live action tv spot video XD

  • So you can’t play as cops this time?

  • This looks great, EA was smart to pick up Criterion as they are a talented group of developers, there Burnout series has the best car crashes in the business , Any chance of releasing Burnout 3 and Burnout Revenge on PSN NETWORK or PS VITA. Those are great games.

  • Are we ever going to see some Official PSVita footage of the game ?
    It is coming out in 10 days .. … .

  • I’ve had Most Wanted paid off for almost 6 months and it has been one of my anticipated games of the Fall. It’s disappointing yet expected that EA is unwilling to offer this as part of the Cross Buy program. Typical for them.

  • Estoy super emocionado con ‘NFS Most Wanted’.

  • I would like to apologize for things that perdir told Previous mind about the Company.
    I only said those things because he had lost the My-‘s Playstation Network.
    I really apologize to the user and SONY

  • I really hope you all are considering cross buy as well. I really love the idea of being able to buy the PS3 version and get the Vita version along side it.

  • I pre ordered my nfs mostwanted at gamestop I’ll be online day 1

  • Can anybody tell me if there is any customization for the cars? No info about customization announced/showed yet…

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