Need for Speed Most Wanted: 4 Things You Need to Know

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Need for Speed Most Wanted: 4 Things You Need to Know

Hey, it’s great to be back on the PlayStation.Blog. We’ve been working hard on Need for Speed Most Wanted, our second Need for Speed game after 2011’s Hot Pursuit. I’m pleased to tell you that we’ve just put the finishing touches on the game, and we’re winding up the online servers to take a beating from you guys come launch day — October 30th.

It’s a pretty exciting time for PlayStation fans, and we’re really excited to be able to talk not just about the PS3 game, but also our first for PS Vita. If you don’t know anything about Most Wanted, here’s the deal. The original Most Wanted was our favorite Need for Speed game. We loved the epic cop chases, hot cars, and most of all that unbeatable sensation of fast, reckless driving while on the run from the law.

So after finishing Hot Pursuit, we set out to create a game that brought you all these great elements, but fresh for 2012 and with a little Criterion DNA running through it. That means it had to be about online, friends and competition, with a Most Wanted twist.

There’s a whole lot of game to talk about, but here are four things you really need to know.

1. It’s about causing trouble

You get to drive amazing cars like a maniac through a big open city, get in massive chases with the cops and ditch them in style. The whole game’s pretty much designed so you’ll want to break the law. Restricted area? Bust into it. Speed camera? Rip past it. Jump? Hit it. Parked car? Steal it. Cops? Not an issue.

2. The world’s always connected

Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS3

In Hot Pursuit, we introduced Autolog. We started tracking everything you did and comparing it with your friends in leaderboards called Speedwalls. Autolog turned your newest and most hotly contested events into play recommendations and notified you and your friends to reheat the competition.

This time, Autolog lets you leave your mark across your friends’ games. It displays record speeds, pursuits and jump distances throughout the city. Cruise past any speed camera, Jack Spot or jump to view its Speedwall, and then take a run up, hit the gas and see if you can top it. Hit the biggest air off any billboard jump, and we’ll display your face on the billboard. Your friends will need to beat you to get rid of it.

Everything you do earns you Speed Points and eventually increases your Speed Level. Earn more Speed Points than your friends to become the Most Wanted.

3. You can drive pretty much every car from the start

Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS3Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS3

This is hard to get your head around, but bear with us. Grinding through hours of gameplay to get the cars you really want to drive doesn’t actually make sense, when you think about it.

So, most of the cars in Most Wanted are just parked up in hundreds of Jack Spots throughout the city. If you find one, you can just switch to it. Obviously, there are still great unlocks waiting to reward the most skilled and dedicated players, but if you want to drive a 918 Spyder, Evo X, RS500, V12 Vantage and many, many more, you’ve just got to get out there and find them.

Each car has a series of events, designed to showcase its unique qualities. Master each car in your own time, and you’ll earn Speed Points and rank up. Score enough and you’ll earn the right to take on 10 of the hottest cars in the game – the Most Wanted Racers. Beat them all one-on-one to become Fairhaven’s Most Wanted. Swing the odds in your favor by modifying your car with such pursuit-busting delights as: Reinforced Chassis, Reinflating Tires, Impact Protection, Powershot Nitrous or Track Tires.

4. Our multiplayer is way more than just racing

It wouldn’t be Need for Speed without killer racing, so that’s the heart of our online, but we also wanted to mix it up a bit. It’s still tight, competitive and fast, but there are some twists.

Every Race starts with a Meet Up. Race there, jostle for position, watch for the start and boot it. Time your move right for a headstart. Get it wrong, and you’re a sitting duck. In Speed Tests, you get 90 seconds to set a high score. Hit the longest jump or drift, be fastest through a Speed Trap or set the fastest time between checkpoints. In Challenges you do stuff like hit 5,000 yards of drift, accumulate 2,000 yards of jump distance, access a rooftop or jump over each other. Anything goes!

PlayStation Vita

Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS VitaNeed for Speed Most Wanted on PS Vita

PS Vita represents a huge step for us. We’ve managed to crowbar the entire PS3 game onto the system, including almost all the races and events, the online play (albeit with four players rather than eight on PS3) and the massive open world. It’s all right there in the PS Vita version.

That’s pretty cool on its own, but everything you do on your PS Vita copy earns you Speed Points, inching you closer to that top spot on your friends Most Wanted list.

PlayStation Move Racing Wheel

And that’s not all! We love to play with new hardware, from Burnout Paradise’s Mugshots (using the original PS Eye) to the full online multiplayer in Burnout 3: Takedown (in the very early days of PSN). So we thought we’d see what we could do with the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel.

You can use it to control the car, obviously. When you’re happily ripping through town, it glows green, but attract the interest of the cops, and it flashes red and blue. Hide out in a CoolDown spot, and it’ll glow cool blue.

We’re out on October 30th. Hit this link to pre-order from EA, or head over to the PlayStation Store to pre-order your Day 1 Digital copy now.

We’ll see you online soon.

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5 Author Replies

  • Will there’s gonna be a demo .

  • Cool. Gonna pick this up on Vita. There’s a lot to get on Vita this month.

  • I love the NFS series, the original Most Wanted, and Burnout Paradise. This game is looking great, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get it both for my PS3 and Vita.

    • If you love Need for Speed and you love Burnout, this game was made for you. It’s a combination of open world, everything connected, freeform online, tons of collectibles, real and awesome cars and epic cop chases.

  • Is this game going to be in the cross buy program? It’s a definite purchase day 1 if I can buy it on PS3 and get it free for vita.

  • For people that want to purchase both the Vita and PS3 versions of the game, is there a cross-save feature that will let us manage our cars, progress, and other things across both versions?

  • I’ve had this pre-ordered for months!
    I can’t wait, Criterion you ROCK!

  • The only thing that kind of sucks is that there is no cross-save functionality. :/

  • I just wanted to thank you fine folks over at Criterion!
    This game looks fantastic (Wouldn’t expect any less from you) and like the perfect combination between Most wanted, and Paradise! I cannot wait to pick it up!

    I’m also REALLY glad to see some much needed Vita support! This would be the perfect game to play on the bus, train, or plane!

    I hope you are all very proud of this, because it looks effing amazing!

  • 1. If I pre-order the Day 1 Digital copy on PSN, will that be available to download on midnight that day, or do we have to wait for the slow PSN store update later in the day?

    2. The PSN pre-order will get the same bonuses as the disc pre-orders, right?

    3. Will there be a demo? if so, when?

  • Please tell me this has Cross-buy. If not getting the Vita version, but I’d gladly pay extra for the PS3 version if it came with a vita code.

  • Will this game have the cross buy feature I would like to know because that will determine whether I purchase digital or not thanks


  • Been playing Burnout Paradise again to get ready for this game. I wish it had cross-buy too. I’m gonna hold off until Black Friday so I can score the PS3 and PS Vita version for a better price. Amazon, GameStop and EA should all have it on sale at this year.

    • If you loved Paradise, you’ll love this. You’ll be playing the next gen of all our open world stuff, collectibles, freedrive and challenges.

      Plus everything we always wanted to do as Need for Speed fans: real cars and wicked cop chases.

  • Already have my copy pre-ordered on PSN.

    I’m guessing owning the PS3 version doesn’t give me access to the Vita version? Cause that would be awesome.

  • Is it Cross-Play/Save?

  • 8 players online multiplayer on the vita = sold, im buying the vita version. I hope San Diego Studio and Evolution Studios take notes on how to make a online multiplayer racing game on the vita.

    • Just 4-player on Vita, I’m afraid. 8-player on PS3. Pretty much everything else from the PlayStation 3 game is in full effect: the whole open world, Autolog, all the collectibles, races and events, all the cars.

  • Do you mean 2010’s Hot pursuit? 2011 was The Run.

    There is a chance I will download Need For Speed Most Wanted. I wanted to know If I preorder and Download, Will I get the limited Edition content that you get when you buy the retail copy?

    I’ve seen Gameplay of the Vita Version and I am impressed. The game looks good, but its no PS3 version good. I’m happy Criterion decided to develop the Vita Version themselves.

    I think there are two many people that are hoping for Cross-buy, but the games have their differences, so I don’t see why it should have one. I’m buying both whether EA supports it or not. I will always hand my money over to good Developers.

  • The Vita version has exclusive events and races, too. Some stuff there, you’ll never see on PlayStation 3.

    Thanks for your kind words. You guys make it all worthwhile. Hope you have a great time with the game!

  • Im most def interested in the Vita version. Question, Is there cross-Buy on these 2 titles ?…
    Kind of off topic, but I don’t know about you guys, but Im stoked for the ps4. Imagine what the combination of Increased graphics, precise game controls and the ability to create more detailed games could mean for us gamers. Long live the playstation.

  • NO LAN option….NO Deal. Given how EA is notorious for shutting down servers, once the servers shut…bye bye multiplayer component. At least with a LAN option we could still race against friends on a local network. DEAD SPACE 3 better offer LAN too or it will be a rental at best on my book.

    Thanx and credits to 2K Games for adding LAN to Borderlands 2 and XCom: Enemy unknown for multiplayer. My .02

  • Since Vita is getting the same game (essentially) developed by the same team, will it feature cross-buy support from EA? I figure this is kind of a stretch, but it should really be in there!

  • New Burnout, please. :)

  • 4 players on vita? why only 4 and not 8? does that mean the vita is not capable enough? even with Resistance Burning Skies and the upcoming Call of Duty vita game those online numbers are really low. Is there something wrong the the system?

  • anyways im still getting the game since ModNation Racers Road Trip and Motorstorm RC dont even support wheel to wheel online multiplayer racing.

  • really cant wait for it. awesome games getting it for both vita and ps3. but 1 question, does pre order on psn get the car and xp bonuses?

  • Oh man, really excited for this game…especially with the Vita integration.

  • I’d like to see some official Vita footage… There’s already three or four videos up on Youtube of people filming gameplay.

    Come on, we’re so close to launching, and you guys are doing a terrible job of hyping the Vita version, which could definitely use it more than any other.

  • Hi well having it on the vita & PS3, does that involve buying it twice? And am I buying half a game for $60+. In other words another $60 in DLC to have access to the real game? I was going to get Saints Row 3 but when I saw there was over $70 of DLC. And I found out they planned on 40 weeks of DLC I decided I wasn’t getting it. In fact I wouldn’t even want it for free, being only half a game! So I’m leary about the DLC & think for $60 you shouldn’t have to buy anything!

  • I’m a bit lost here with how both versions (PS3 & PSVita) work. Correct me if I’m wrong… So they are almost the same game but they are two whole different games, right? What I do in one game won’t count towards the other game except for the Speed Points I earn since its the same SEN/EA Account??? This means PSVita version will only race against players on the PSVita and won’t be able to race against PS3 players and vice versa, right?

  • Any connectivity between the PS Vita and PS3 versions? I’d be interested in shared game progression. If that was in, I would buy both version. Otherwise… not sure, I’ll spend time doing the same progression on both version. Anyhow… really looking for oct.30th to arrive!!!

  • Great use of Dizzee Rascal in the video!!
    Been a very long time fan of Criterion’s work and hoping after seeing the Tech demo for Cryengine 3’s car physics that this sparks some fire to Criterion’s team to outdo them with the next iteration of Burnout on the PS4!!

  • Jeremy Please Please Please Tell me the BMW M3 GTR is in this game, it wouldn’t be Most Wanted without it!

  • Well done Criterion, this was a no buy for me just because of everything that is coming out. I saw one of your trailers and I was hooked! I have this preordered for the PS3. I am glad to hear about the Vita version being almost the same exact game, that is true class!!! Unlike other lame devs that take a 3DS version and port it to the Vita!! I am looking at you Tt!!! I will have to pick up the Vita version later on though. Thanks again for all your hard work! Cannot wait for 10/30!!!

    Sony, please start releasing these preorder download games at midnight or allow predownloading. Thank you!

  • Cross buy or not?

  • BURNOUT 3 ON PSN!!!!
    OMG, this is the best racing game i ever played!!!
    i will play this on ps3, but if this launch on VITA will be freaking awesome!!!!

  • I’m a huge fan of Burnout Paradise so when I learned that this game carried its DNA I knew it was a day one buy. Was going to buy the Vita version and PS3 but I thought the progress could be carried over b/w games. Guess not. Definitely getting PS3 version then and Vita perhaps on a sale in the future.

  • yes! found some info about pre-order bonuses. check out this site if u want more info:

    psn pre-order do get bonuses :)

    ” PlayStation Store (World Wide):
    -Limited Edition Version
    -Unlocking Speedlevel progression
    -LE on-disc content:
    -Double Speed Points for 4 hours- covers both Single Player and Multiplayer.
    -Early unlock of Multiplayer content: the 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S with Nitrous Burn and Aerodynamic Body
    modifications, and the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale with the Race Pack Powertrain and Impact
    Protection modifications “

  • Cop chases from Need For Speed, just about everything from Burnout Paradise, a vita version that include pretty much everything from the PS3 version,what’s not to love? Definitely picking this up although it’s a little disappointing to see no PS3/Vita connectivity. Either way I’ll get both versions just not sure which to get first.

  • There will be obviously no demo unfortunately but could somebody tell us whether there will be a limited edition version for the Vita, or it’s only for the PS3 and PSN preorders?


  • You guys at Criterion are AWESOME!

    I got a few questions;

    1 – Will Most Wanted get DLC’s?

    2 – Is there day/night cycle and weather effects(rain)?

    3 – BMW M3 E46 GTR??? :D

  • I’m a huuuuuge Burnout fan, and absolutely loved Paradise. I liked the original Most Wanted, but didn’t finish it because eventually I lost interest. I just don’t like realistic driving, even if it’s not *that* realistic. It’s what appeals to me about Burnout and MotorStorm and arcadey games like that, and pushes me away from games like Need for Speed, Forza, Gran Turismo, etc.

    So is this new Most Wanted going to appeal to me? How realistic is the handling?

  • this could be a silly question, but will always the gameplay take place in day time? or we could expect some night time in the gameplay aswell?

  • Why won’t you answer the question if this is going to be a cross buy game or not? I will assume it’s not since your avoiding the question. I think you would have had more sales on PS3 if the few vita owners out there could have got it for free. I won’t be getting it now.

  • Well there be VISUAL upgrades and mods for the cars? Will there be a mode to play as the filth? Will those be added after launch if not? I love Criterion and everything you guys do, but you know these are two vital things the fans want. I hope you don’t turn around and charge for them.

  • @44 it wont be a cross buy game. if it was they would have announced it already

  • @45 im not sure about visual upgrades but there will be performance moding

  • My only concern was if there will be a good single player storyline experience like in the original NFS Most Wanted. sadly all i have seen or heard in regards to the game is about random races and auto log. Is there any semblance of a storyline or interesting cast of characters for the games single player aspect?

  • I’m interested in this, but I really hope to see a new Burnout game one day.
    Burnout > Need for Speed.

  • Count me in on one console and one Vita version!

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