Take a Look Inside the New PlayStation Store

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Take a Look Inside the New PlayStation Store

Last week we gave you a sneak peek of the completely redesigned PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3. Along with the re-imagined user interface, we added predictive search and improved filtering to make finding content easier and faster. The new store also offers more in-depth information about games, add-ons and apps, as well as movies and TV shows, letting you browse and discover new types of content effortlessly.

The redesigned PlayStation Store launches in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Brazil on October 23. In the meantime you can get a taste of what’s coming in this walkthrough video:

The new PlayStation Store for PS3 was designed from the ground up to enhance the entire user experience based on the feedback we received from you, our loyal fans.

Watch the video and tell us what you think!

Please note: This video was created using a near-final version of the new PlayStation Store. Some content, categories, or pricing may be different than the Store you’ll experience next week.

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  • Set time for the PlayStation store to update would be great especially if they made it the morning :-)

  • Everyone mentioning the download list, glad he brought it up, but surprised it isn’t already improved. Hopefully it will have the same filtering abilities.

    Might I also suggest a game sync feature (could be part of PS+), where you can select games that you always want on your machine? This would serve as a backup tool, so that if I get a new ps3 and log in to the store, it would look at my persistent sync list and just start auto installing all of the games that I want on my local machine.

    Store looks great, look forward to using it.

  • Waggle3D on youtube have psoted a video about this new psn store. Seem very slowly.

  • don’t like the look of the new design at all, hate all the boxes & tabs, I would rather have a simple vertical list of avaiable content to scroll through.

    in regions where the new store has already been released feedback from users has been extremely negative.

  • I will not watch the video as to not ruin the surprise, but PLEASE tell me the sounds of the PSN Store have been replaced! I have to mute the tv everytime I enter the store because I can’t stand it. I ‘ll never understand how anyone ever approved of those sound effects from the start.

  • Haven’t watched the video (about to nuke my lappy’s visual stuff), but can we, in a week or just “soon”, redownload video content? Kinda really pointless to do anything but rent from the PSN, since one flub and it’s off to support to be able to try again.

    Speaking of which, functionality akin to Steam’s “Verify game cache…” function, where the installed files are compared to (and repaired, if necessary, from) the servers’, would be a load off the mind. And what’s with fresh downloads needing patches? *rimshot* Integrating patches with downloads should happen more often than it seems to, if at all.

  • “Please note: This video was created using a near-final version of the new PlayStation Store. Some content, categories, or pricing may be different than the Store you’ll experience next week.”

    So, Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition may not be free for PS+ users next week? :(

    I liked the new design, but I was expecting some advanced search features like “filter games less than $20” or “order by price”. Sometimes there are a few bucks available in my account and it’s quite annoying having to spend a lot of time trying to search for something interesting to buy :P

  • LOVING this redesign. The new PlayStation Store is looking mighty sexy!

  • Nice! Congrats!

  • I’d like to think my constant whining and comparing the PS Store to Xbox Live Marketplace has contributed somewhat to this awesome re-design.

    All related content for a game in one place = check. Screenshots and/or video of EVERY game (demos included), not just paid content = check, better categorization and search functionality = check. Much nicer looking and easier to navigate = check.

    Now about that downloads list…

  • @56 thats the EU store, THEY do get RE5 free for PS+ and their store redesign launches today, so that info IS up to date for them… thats not the US store so no RE5 free doesnt apply to us… remember EU ps+ gets the good free games while we get crap 90% of the time

  • Still haven’t found a way to organize your download list, though?

    As a Plus subscriber, it’s a real pain in the a to file through my download history.

  • Store looks amazing, can’t wait to try it out with what you’re ultimately looking for, a purchase! I agree with many of the suggestions listed above in the comments, and particularly the one most often commented on and highlighted by Eric at the end of the video; the download list.

    On a personal note, I would like to request the continued use of the red shopping bag denoting the items I have purchased, but would love to see it extended to include the game videos I have downloaded, the demo’s I have tried, etc. If memory (sitting at my computer) serves, it currently only highlights games purchased. I often find myself forgetting if I watched that E3 game video, or already downloaded that demo, etc.

  • Echoing some comments already made. Wish/Watch List would be great. What is REALLY needed is a way to filter AND search our Download List. When you get to 400/500 or more items in the download list it becomes a real pain to find just your add-ons or PS1 games or a specific item.

    Also, is this redesign exclusive to the PS3 or will the Vita get it too?

  • This looks amazing! I’m pretty excited to check out the new interface for myself.

  • Looking forward for the organized Download List. :)
    It will be very useful to me because I’ll be getting the 500gb Super Slim and I need to redownload all my files again. >_<

  • The redesigned PS Store does look very promising, it does fit the current trend of digital store. I like this better then our current one (which I’m not saying is bad but it’s about time to give it a slight modern design).

  • Looks awesome!

    Though one issue is definitely gonna be that tedious looking search keyboard. >.> Thats it though, looks pretty much perfect!

  • Here is what I think so far.

    I don’t want movies mixed in with games. And i want to go staght onto the game section on startup like the old store. I’m in the store for games, I want to go there first.

    I want the menu open when the store first starts

    Icons are too big. I would like smaller icons so there can be more on-screen at once.

    I liked how the old store had a small description of a game while browsing without having to open a game’s page.

    I want the option to download directly from a game’s page like the old store had.

    A wishlist I can put games I want to buy on would be nice.

  • Sony I love the new store and all but can we please get an new XMB as well please.

  • Eric Lempel,

    The store looks fantastic!!! I only have one request, is it possible for you guys to add music to the store? I believe music adds a soothing experience fro the online shoppers. I also believe you should have an option where users can turn the music off.

  • i love the new look it looks awesome i am lookin forward to the 23rd

  • It reminds me of the XBox’s XBL. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it isn’t “fresh”
    The old PSN Store was original. If it just had some added new features this new store has, the original store was perfect. Just my opinion, not that it will change anything.

  • I absolutely love the new design! Very happy Mr. Lempel addressed the download list at the end as well, its very hard,( for me in particular) finding 1 game out of the 810 items in my download list lol

  • Are these load times for real?? tell me this is a fluke because no one is going to want to everrrrrr ever click that store button.


  • I think this really is catching up with the times. All I would like to see is an update to the xmb to be along the same lines as this. It does not have to be the same layout but a visual update to match the store.

  • @76 Saw that in NeoGaf as well…seems theres more steps that need to be done for certain things

  • Great looking store. Just like just about everyone else, I would love to have a wishlist for the store and an easier way to search through my download list.

  • Please have a wishlist! There are a backlog of games I want to get on the PSN but I tend to forget what they are because I don’t have a wishlist. I love the new layout though.

  • would it be possible to add like a search function to the download list? some of us long time PSN users have HUGE lists & its annoying to go through sometimes

  • maybe add categories to the download as well like PS3 games, Vita games, Avatars, Demos, etc

  • Great improvements, but still badly needs the following:

    -Buy PSN games on an online Sony store and have them remotely queue the download on PS3 at home

  • Also, I seriously hope the horrendous load times seen in bball230’s link are fixable. Otherwise I say scrap the whole project because that is ridiculous.

  • Gotta say, the new storefront is looking pretty sweet. Can’t wait to give it a go once it lands next week. Seeing this renovation reminds me of when the store first launched and used the internet browser. Glad to see it’s come a long way since then.

  • Please add an option for text only buttons/links while browsing the catalog. I like to view the table of games/movies by TITLE and not BOX ART. All the art takes up screen space and drastically slows down browsing. Maybe I’m just getting old, but functionality wins over style in my book.

  • Will Paypal be an option for funding your wallet through S.E.N.?

  • i hope yall added a feature that lets me delete unwanted downloaded files…i hate havin to scan through unimportant downloads that ive downloaded years ago…lol

  • Can we use multiple filter to really narrow our search? Genre<Price<Rating.

  • Will the game and all it’s dlc/addons be grouped together in one place this time? With the current store it’s annoying to have to go to different categories to find all the pieces to a game. LBP2 for example…
    It would also be good to link games in PS+ section to their DLC. Thanks
    I like the new look of the store!

  • This is really good news. I take it this is written using Angular.js just like the YouTube app.
    I hope this also means a browser update so that the store actually works – YouTube app rarely works for me on my old 80GB PS3 – if I can’t use the store I will be very displeased.

  • OMG! Playstation Store is updated and redigned next week. Looking forward to the next update.

  • Hope the PS+ content gets better with the store makeover. I’m not re-subscribing if we don’t getting the same quality games that Europe is getting.

  • im trying to conect to the battle star royal beta its erroring

  • @29 come on, you know Sony never looks at that website.

  • I’m not really a fan of the mixed media content. When I look at content I prefer media specific. If I want to shop of games I want to see games, If I want a movie I want to see movies. Mixing them causes confusion and takes up space for content I want to see. Your not going to sell me on the “We got everything” approach, your just going to annoy me when I click on a game and see it’s a movie rental.

    Dear Sony, If people aren’t clicking on your movies and renting or buying them it’s not because we don’t know they are there it’s because they are too expensive…there are plenty of less expensive alternatives.

  • PS

    PS2 content? so where is SOCOM HD?


  • Great work Eric and team. This is looking slick, and the search navigation is much appreciated.

    Probably a lesser-demanded feature, but have you guys considering allowing users to gift a piece of content to another user?

  • Honestly all I care about is that the Download List chronological order stop flipping out on your whenever your scrolling down. Fixing that basic function is a must, but adding additional functions as well like starting from a certain year or what not would be glorious. Make the Download list as fun as the rest of the store and you’ll have the perfect digital shopping experience. Anyone who complains at that point would just be trolling.

  • PPS

    Please fix the transfer of sub-account to master account. My 20 year old would really like to control her own purchases. This is a natural transition of child to adult and should have been built into the ten year life cycle plan.

    Young adults should not have to lose everything and start over on a new account. She has years of content accumulated.

    Thanks again.

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