Take a Look Inside the New PlayStation Store

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Take a Look Inside the New PlayStation Store

Last week we gave you a sneak peek of the completely redesigned PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3. Along with the re-imagined user interface, we added predictive search and improved filtering to make finding content easier and faster. The new store also offers more in-depth information about games, add-ons and apps, as well as movies and TV shows, letting you browse and discover new types of content effortlessly.

The redesigned PlayStation Store launches in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Brazil on October 23. In the meantime you can get a taste of what’s coming in this walkthrough video:

The new PlayStation Store for PS3 was designed from the ground up to enhance the entire user experience based on the feedback we received from you, our loyal fans.

Watch the video and tell us what you think!

Please note: This video was created using a near-final version of the new PlayStation Store. Some content, categories, or pricing may be different than the Store you’ll experience next week.

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5 Author Replies

  • Will this have a working, downloadable copy of Dokuro? Cause right now, Canadians can’t download that game – its not even in the store.

  • That’s a very pretty store.

    I’ll be excited when you announce wishlists and the ability to filter/search my download list. Thanks!

  • Nice. Really fresh

  • Can’t wait for this next tuesday!! The redesign was long overdue. Hopefully the download history list is next. :P

  • Wait?! There are movies, tv shows, music.. what is that?! Never heard of it D:
    Just kidding ;P
    But hope to see it in Europe too once!

  • Im glad he addressed the download list at the end. Keep up the good work SONY!

  • Can we have a way to queue up downloads remotely? It would be great to sign into my PSN account from my Vita or a PlayStation website or mobile app, select and purchase items, and then have my PS3 wake up and download those items so they’re waiting for me when I get home.

  • Interesting new look. The biggest thing I’d like to see is wishlist functionality. I’d love to be able to flag games that i’m interested in then be able to view those in a list. Also, being able to gift games to friends would be great.

  • I am thoroughly impressed guys. Glad to hear you’re listening on feedback for the download list. My HDD crashed and I had to go through over 1500 items just to re-download everything. Any chance you guys could increase the background download queue size? It took a lot longer to re-download everything because the queue size was sort of small.

    Keep up the great work, this is fantastic and I can’t wait for next week.

  • this is really good i like it cant wait

  • Looks excellent. Are the normal keyboard options available as well? I am very fast with the original (3 letters to a number) ps3 keyboard.
    The download list needs to be improved. Gifting purchases to PSN friends through psn message/email is needed as well.
    Wish lists would be nice. If you were sent an email when an item on your wish list was on sale, that would be useful.

    Need Gaikai on iOS and Android with DS3 support.

  • I’m pretty impressed with the new design. I was actually just talking with a friend who had only $10 in his PSN wallet and how the store should have games searchable by price and I noticed that in the video. Can’t wait to see more improvements and features implemented in the future! ^_^

    • We are really glad you are excited about the new store. We certainly share your enthusiasm and look forward to getting this out to you next week.

  • This is kinda unrelated, but would it be possible at all in the future to get XMB supported in ps1 and ps2 classic games? Probably not possible since you’re emulating the games, but just thought i’d ask.

    Its really kinda frustrating to recieve a message during the game and having to completely leave it to read it. Or if i’m playing a game and i just want to check to see what my friends are doing.

  • It looks great.

    In order to be better it needs to add:
    -Preload Preorders (and unlocking the preorders at midnight of release date)
    -Buy PSN games on an online Sony store and have them remotely queue the download on PS3 at home
    -More PS+ discounts for Day 1 digital releases

    • Thanks for the feedback. These are all items that we are looking at very closely. Behind the scenes the new store was built in a way that will allow us to add features quickly without major overhauls or updates.

  • Well eric, feedback as follows:

    1) Competitive Pricing would be nice on both Video and Games. UMDs are still cheaper than downloads new! Vita Games are cheaper on amazon! Tekken 6 a that has been around for years is still full price. Video Pricing is ridiculous at equal or more than the cost of a Bluray. A Bluray+Download program would be awesome so I can buy the movie off the store and receive the disc in the mail days later. Video App for watching Sony Entertainment Network content off the xmb like netflix and amazon would also be awesome.

    2) continued support for keyboard input for the search feature (if it is no longer there like it is on the youtube app then this needs to change I hate that input strip thing with a passion).

    3) An option to filter out Video if that is not already included. I want games I don’t want to see video merchandise as soon as I come in.

    4) Classics Beta program for stuff sony is trying to get actively working, but doesn’t work yet. Let us the community help push these through faster, we’re all willing ot play these games come up with a program that allows us to help get them out faster.

  • Queing up downloads remotely is needed as well. Through website and app.

    Where is the U.S. Playstation iOS and Android app?

  • BTW the Bluray+Downlaod Crossbuy program

  • Assuming downloading demos and other free stuff works the same way it does in EU, it’s disappointing that you guys removed the ‘download’ button. We shouldn’t be forced to go through the entire ‘purchase’ process to download a demo. The extra steps are just annoying.

  • I think one of the greatest features is the links to themes and avatars from the game title screen. Being able to see if Borderlands 2 for example has themes or avatars available is as simple as searching for the game and a couple of clicks.

  • @11 i’m wondering the same. I hate the left right sliding letters thing that the Youtube app forces on you. Its way faster to use the traditional PS3 keyboard. Please give us that option on the new store.

  • It’s be nice to be able to create shortcuts or favorites to areas of the store for particular games.

    Shorting thru the alphabet every time I want to find add-on contents is slow, tedious and just plain sux!

    Maybe the store can get Smart and know what ‘My Games’ are and create a list by looking at the Trophy List on my user account?

    So instant area of the store could be ‘My Games’.

  • Here is 1 feed back everyone will agree with……………………..

    HAVE A SET TIME WHEN THE STORE UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on, every week the store updates at a different time!! Have the store update at 12:00 PST every Tuesday, even 7:00pm PST, as long as there is a set time!!! Come on Sony how hard can that be???

    Who agrees with me????????????????????

  • PlayStation Store PC that allows me to purchase and push content to my PlayStation Products from anywhere int he world. Store is HTML 5 based yes? time to leverage that.

  • I’m with Insomnia999: Android/iOS apps would be great. I would probably spend a lot more if I could browse on my tablet and send content to my console.

  • Will the PSN be down for maintenance again for this update ?

  • The store looks awesome. Really like the design and the simplicity in finding things. Kudos to you Sony. Now fix the download list. That would be my only complaint .

    • We are looking at making improvements to the download list along with deploying many additional new features. We wanted to get this out to you as soon as possible, but rest assured that we will be making additional changes and enhancements to the store in the future.

  • I’ll agree with others, some form of web based portal to queue up purchases is needed. You’re missing out on impulse buys by not having this.

  • Looking forward to the [sleek] redesign, SONY!!!

    Also, please fix the download history, so that it makes it easier to find our old content. Give us multiple options to organize it (for example, by title name, genre of game, DLC vs full game vs demos, etc).
    Thank you!

  • @13 https://share.blog.us.playstation.com/ideas/2010/04/21/ps2-playback-xmbpsn/

    @14 +1 for preload preorders.

    @17 interesting idea. Would definitely be possible for Sony blu-rays. Give us a free download version on ps store.

  • Looks really nice. Hope it runs quickly

  • Hello Eric, Will we be able to access the XMB while browsing the new store?

  • I hope the Vita gets a cool new store as well.

  • Evolving for the better, I love the new ps store looks, I can’t wait to use it =D ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The new store looks amazing

  • something I have been wanting…the ability to download games as gifts

  • @30 good question. XMB access during store browsing would be awesome.

  • God, I love this. I’m also sooo happy you guys are looking into revving the download list (I dread that part of the store)..

  • What I hope for most is that this new PlayStation Store design never inundates its customers with advertising like a certain company that rhymes with “Mike Rowe’s Loft”.

  • Am i the only one that thinks this looks alot like xbox 360’s store/interface

    hopfully its better

  • Great to see a video regarding the update from Eric!
    I’m glad to see the new store design is taking some pointers from the Video Unlimited preview app.
    I see the disclaimer that categories might change, but if Home isn’t displayed on the main screen, could you ensure that it does? I wouldn’t consider it a sub-category of Games, if that’s where it will be.

  • Good day Mr.Lempel
    Now that Sony has brought Gaikai, will the ps3 store ever be able to stream demos right from the psn store, that would be a major blow/advantage over the Xbox live market. And also, I would like to see an update for the YouTube app to allow higher resolutions. Thanks and keep up the good work sir!!!!

  • I was actually really skeptical when I heard that you were changing the store, as I liked the previous one, and knew how to get to everything.

    But this one actually looks a lot better and easy to use. Thanks for putting out the video.

    • Thanks. We’re always happy to put together videos with the blog team to give you a sneak peak at what we are working on.

  • @22

    I agree. They should have it updated before noon in the states. Its ridiculous having to wait till sometime around 7pm EST to be able to buy anything off the store. Unless there is a legitimate reason as to why this still happens, it needs to change, and hopefully it will with this new update

  • Are you guys ever going to give us the ability to queue downloads from within a web browser?

  • I hope you can use those same features so you can filter what’s in your download list. Also, down the line it would be nice if you guys could add a gift option to where I can buy a game and send it to a friend as a gift, like steam does.

  • I was skeptical, but that video reassured me. I’m loving the new look! ^_^

  • That’s looking really sleek. I can’t wait to try it out.
    Also, you said that you are listening for feedback on the new store when it’s released. Where can I go to leave that said feedback?

  • I like that he mentioned the download list. That thing needs proper sorting BADLY. I’ve bought A LOT of content on the Store over the years, and have switched PS3’s a few times. I’m sure things have gotten lost in the fray of that endless list. Also, take for example when Vita launched, it would of be nice to have an easy sort of all my stuff to see what of it can be used on Vita.

    The biggest thing the PS Store needs now though, is a web presence. I should be able to purchase and start downloading content from any web browser (or a phone app!). When the Store updates on Tuesday afternoon (while I’m still at work), it’d be nice to get those downloads started so they’re done by the time I get home.

  • looks pretty snazzy …. anyone noticed that the email receipts for game purchases have become much more professional than the original text only ones …. I was surprised in the video that movie / game content will be mixed … I mainly use PSN for gaming related stuff, not movies too much, so hope it can be filtered for those of us who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the movie genre …. nice to see the upgrades ! on my Vita I can only see Vita stuff, any chance there could be the option of looking at PS3 content too ?

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