Aveline the Chameleon: Personas in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

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Aveline the Chameleon: Personas in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
Aveline the Chameleon: Personas in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation on PS Vita

In Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, you play as Aveline de Granpré, an assassin of mixed French and African heritage. Her assassination skills span multiple disciplines, and she is especially adept at manipulating the perceptions of others in order to move stealthily through all levels of 18th century New Orleans society.

In order to understand Aveline’s talents, it helps to have an accurate picture of the world in which she lived. 18th century New Orleans was a tumultuous place, having just transitioned from Spanish to French occupation. People from all over the world and all walks of life interacted with one another on a daily basis in all sorts of capacities: rich landowners rubbed elbows with freshly imported colonists and wealthy merchants mingled with indentured servants. It was a roiling hodgepodge of nationalities, ideologies, religions, social castes and political affiliations — perhaps more so than any other part of the burgeoning United States.

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation on PS Vita

Born of a French father and African mother through a commonlaw marital system referred to as plaçage, Aveline enjoyed all the privileges of her father’s position as a wealthy merchant. Her mixed race heritage did not impede her ability to blend into high society, as her situation was not uncommon in Louisiana.

As Aveline grew into her role as an assassin, she discovered that she could fluidly switch between social strata just by altering her clothing. This is the basis of the game’s Persona System, accessible through a variety of changing rooms scattered throughout the game world that are unlocked in a way similar to unlocking shops in previous Assassin’s Creed games. Aveline has three personas she can use to blend into different venues: the Slave, the Lady, and the Assassin.

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for PS Vita - Servant persona

The Slave Persona

Dressed as a commoner of the lower peasant class, Aveline can blend seamlessly with slaves, indentured servants and other workers. As such, she can quickly fade into the background by simply picking up a crate… nothing to see here, just another porter, toting a merchant’s goods. Aveline can also call on her fellow workers for aid and incite them to cause public disturbances on her behalf. There are some drawbacks to this persona, however, as Aveline must eschew her traditional tools of the trade. She’ll be vulnerable if her ruse is discovered!

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for PS Vita - Lady persona

The Lady Persona

Some places are only open to the highest echelons of society. In order to access these locations, Aveline will need to adopt the aristocratic Lady persona. Dressing in gilded garb befitting the wealthiest and most influential members of high society enables Aveline to charm or even bribe certain individuals, opening up new opportunities for assassination. Sadly, you can’t stash many armaments in a bustle, so Aveline’s weaponry options are extremely limited in her Lady persona. Of course, certain accessories can be modified for lethal effect… poison dart-shooting umbrella, anyone?

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for PS Vita - Assassin persona

The Assassin Persona

The Assassin persona is designed for combat, agility and durability — as such, you’ll spend most of your time in this lethal, nimble guise that boasts many similarities to the Altair and Ezio’s traditional assassin uniform. Though Aveline has access to a much wider variety of weapons and tools in this persona, the Assassin persona has a tendency to stick out like a sore thumb in most social situations. Consequently, guards will naturally become more alert in the presence of the leather-clad Aveline… just think of how relaxed you might feel around someone with a huge machete strapped to her belt!

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with our heroine Aveline and the tools that she can employ, you’ll be well prepared to tackle Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation when it lands on PS Vita this October 30th. Ignite the revolution!


PS Vita Assassin’s Creed III Liberation Bundle out on October 30th for $249.99, includes White PS Vita Wi-Fi system, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, and 4GB Memory Card. Click here for more photos and information.


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  • will wait for more gameplay :P

  • This was the easiest 40 bucks ive ever payed for a vita game hopefully its worth my money and time it looks good so far i didnt even know it was gonna have multiplayer! even better
    Big question though can you fight with ships in This game??????? can someone pliz ans my question

  • Are there any Pre-Order Bonus for ACIII Liberation?

    BTW you guys should be Happy! This is going to be my First PSVita game that I will purchase since Vita’s Launch date back in February!

  • does the gold edition of AC3 preorder psn is offering that comes with AC3 liberation cover dlc for both? since they are both ac 3 i was just wondering. That is the only reason I haven’t shelled out the $120 yet. The whole King George Washington dlc sounds amazing but I’m not sure if it is worth 30 bucks. If there were more dlc missions coming out for it and some for vita in the pass I’d be all about it.

  • Got a few questions:

    Is multiplayer Like the PS3,PC and 360 version or is it designed for vita? (if there is multiplayer)

    Is aveline able to rank up in some sort of way?

    Does the player get to assasinate history characters?

    will there be some sort of connection with the PS3 version of the game?

    Thanks for your time… :D

  • PS.. I love the wanted picture of her in the background as she is walking haughtily past the guard.

  • I already have my copy of AC3:Liberation pre-ordered on Amazon. Just waiting for it to ship now.

  • I have a couple questions about the bundle. At the bottom of this post it says that the bundle comes with a 4 GB memory card. Most places that list the bundle don’t list the memory card anymore so I had assumed it was removed from the bundle, but now it’s shown up here again. Can we get a final word on whether or not it comes with it?

    Also, will the game come in a clear plastic shell like Madden did with that bundle, or will it come in it’s own Vita case like a regular retail game?


  • Prepaid for the Liberation/White Vita bundle on Amazon and the 30th of this month can’t come soon enough.

  • Aveline in Playstation All Stars. Make it happen.

  • Already preordered and if I didn’t already have a Vita I’d be getting that sexy White Vita bundle. The 30th can’t come soon enough!

  • will AC3 liberation’s support uplay

  • I have a quick question, Will the game when released in Japan come with the English voice acting and subtitles? or will it be translated? I currently live in Japan and still want my AC III L experienced in English ^^ Please reply

  • I want it now. D;

  • Is the game in the AC3 bundle an actual game cartridge or a redeemable code? I would have preferred the former. And is there some kind of cross-gameplay with AC3 and AC3:Liberation?

  • Supermega Excusive! Awesome work!
    iionykz-_maquiro addmeee best Vita games owned only needing friends! Addme and each other!

  • Wait, What about the Mysteries of the Bayou pack Gabe? With the cool alligator hat, MP skin, and pouch upgrades?

  • I find Aveline is so beautiful. My regards to the character designer. Good job!

  • when are we getting a playable demo of the game on psn??

  • I’m very exited about this game, and its looking to be one of best game on Vita. My only consern is that I don’t see much of advertisement on this game. I fear that game would ge over shadowed by ACIII.

  • I already pre-ordered the Vita bundle, couldn’t pass it up, what I’ve seen from the game (its not much btw) I think it looks great and can’t wait to play it. I have to agree with comment #43 though, why hasn’t there been much coverage on this game? I know AC3 is a big deal and all and I’m sure it’ll be a great game, but this game looks great as well and it isn’t being pushed, I doubt sales will be very good on this one because of that very reason.
    To this day I think I’ve only seen about a minute of gameplay footage and there have been no big trailers or commercials on tv or anything of that sort.

    In total I’ve only seen a handfull of screenshots and some very short gameplay that shows next to nothing. I don’t know maybe I’ve missed some stuff, but the game is almost here and there hasn’t been any real big push for it.

  • Already have both the AC3 Collector’s Edition and AC3: L pre-ordered and paid off. Just waiting for midnight on the 29th so I can pick them both up. Even took Tuesday off work so I can play them. :D

    This will be a Halloween to remember!

  • Question Gabriel Graziani, will the AClll season pass be for both AClll & AClll : liberations?, i heard we get cross dlc or something ?

  • pre-ordered this yesterday… now waiting sleeplessly~~~!!! Aveline~~ Aveline~~ Aveline~~

  • I tried the game before, loved it.
    And now I can’t wait to get the game on Oct. 30.

    Just a quick Q : – What are the bonuses we’ll get for connecting AC 3 L and AC 3 on the PS3 ?, and how will it work ?

  • this is my most anticipated vita game this year and i will be buying it along with assasin’s creed 3 for the ps3 just 12 days to go

  • i really can’t wait. i love AC and i have both this and 3 preordered :)

    of course, i will be playing this first, as it is a prequel to 3

  • Are we going to be able to pre order the digital version and get the bonus? I have half of it in my psn wallet. and the rest in cash. lol

  • The 30th can’t get here soon enough. Been looking fwd to this title for a while.

  • @60

    That’s a gr8t idea. Would luv to see Aveline added.

  • Hey I am pre-orderind the AC3 bundle with the season pass that comes with the VITA AC: Liberation!!!! it seems like a really good deal in my opinion….. but I got a question way out of subject n would like for someone to help me out.

    I moved from Canada to Colombia n my VITA still says im in Canada when I use “near” or “maps” and I cant change my location on it how do I change it or who can I talk to that can help me?!?!?!?!

  • Might get these or playstation allstars

  • Ubisoft and Ubisft Sofia all I have to say to you guys is four words, “HERE TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!”

  • Of course I’ll get both, but sincerely I’m more excited for liberation, just 12 more days to be in troubles with my wife lol…two games that will take all my attention thanks UBISOFTfor your support on VITA!

  • I love this game and all, but that story trailer was a joke compared to Connor’s story trailer. I definitely know which one I’m playing first now.

  • To be honest AC games have never magnetized me in terms of storyline before but this one is doing everything right to keep me interested. Great job.

  • AC3 and Liberation look incredible. Does anyone know how many gigs these games will take? and will PSN have a midnight release? Whenever they give the option to pre-order, they should let us know how many gigs we will be using up. IMO. If I knew those 2 answers, I’de know whether to go digital or not.

  • She looks amazing!!! Very versatile!!! All three personas will be intriguing to play in different social situations throughout the game. I wish Liberation would come to PS3 too.

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