Aveline the Chameleon: Personas in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

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Aveline the Chameleon: Personas in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
Aveline the Chameleon: Personas in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation on PS Vita

In Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, you play as Aveline de Granpré, an assassin of mixed French and African heritage. Her assassination skills span multiple disciplines, and she is especially adept at manipulating the perceptions of others in order to move stealthily through all levels of 18th century New Orleans society.

In order to understand Aveline’s talents, it helps to have an accurate picture of the world in which she lived. 18th century New Orleans was a tumultuous place, having just transitioned from Spanish to French occupation. People from all over the world and all walks of life interacted with one another on a daily basis in all sorts of capacities: rich landowners rubbed elbows with freshly imported colonists and wealthy merchants mingled with indentured servants. It was a roiling hodgepodge of nationalities, ideologies, religions, social castes and political affiliations — perhaps more so than any other part of the burgeoning United States.

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation on PS Vita

Born of a French father and African mother through a commonlaw marital system referred to as plaçage, Aveline enjoyed all the privileges of her father’s position as a wealthy merchant. Her mixed race heritage did not impede her ability to blend into high society, as her situation was not uncommon in Louisiana.

As Aveline grew into her role as an assassin, she discovered that she could fluidly switch between social strata just by altering her clothing. This is the basis of the game’s Persona System, accessible through a variety of changing rooms scattered throughout the game world that are unlocked in a way similar to unlocking shops in previous Assassin’s Creed games. Aveline has three personas she can use to blend into different venues: the Slave, the Lady, and the Assassin.

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for PS Vita - Servant persona

The Slave Persona

Dressed as a commoner of the lower peasant class, Aveline can blend seamlessly with slaves, indentured servants and other workers. As such, she can quickly fade into the background by simply picking up a crate… nothing to see here, just another porter, toting a merchant’s goods. Aveline can also call on her fellow workers for aid and incite them to cause public disturbances on her behalf. There are some drawbacks to this persona, however, as Aveline must eschew her traditional tools of the trade. She’ll be vulnerable if her ruse is discovered!

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for PS Vita - Lady persona

The Lady Persona

Some places are only open to the highest echelons of society. In order to access these locations, Aveline will need to adopt the aristocratic Lady persona. Dressing in gilded garb befitting the wealthiest and most influential members of high society enables Aveline to charm or even bribe certain individuals, opening up new opportunities for assassination. Sadly, you can’t stash many armaments in a bustle, so Aveline’s weaponry options are extremely limited in her Lady persona. Of course, certain accessories can be modified for lethal effect… poison dart-shooting umbrella, anyone?

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for PS Vita - Assassin persona

The Assassin Persona

The Assassin persona is designed for combat, agility and durability — as such, you’ll spend most of your time in this lethal, nimble guise that boasts many similarities to the Altair and Ezio’s traditional assassin uniform. Though Aveline has access to a much wider variety of weapons and tools in this persona, the Assassin persona has a tendency to stick out like a sore thumb in most social situations. Consequently, guards will naturally become more alert in the presence of the leather-clad Aveline… just think of how relaxed you might feel around someone with a huge machete strapped to her belt!

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with our heroine Aveline and the tools that she can employ, you’ll be well prepared to tackle Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation when it lands on PS Vita this October 30th. Ignite the revolution!


PS Vita Assassin’s Creed III Liberation Bundle out on October 30th for $249.99, includes White PS Vita Wi-Fi system, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, and 4GB Memory Card. Click here for more photos and information.


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  • 1) Will Aveline’s weapons & abilities be upgradable?

    2) Will there be any bonuses in ACIII:L for players who have ACIII?

    3) Will PS Plus members get a discount for purchasing the downloadable version of ACIII:L?

    • 1) Upgradable in the sense that any Assassin’s weapons have been upgradable. Like, you can buy new weapons to swap out for the old ones.

      2) Yes! We’ll go into more detail in a future PlayStation Blog!

      3) That is a good question… I’ll have to check on that one…

  • Excited for this game!

  • Really looking forward to this. It looks fantastic.

    On a side note. Hopefully this title will dodge the DLC trend and be a full bodied game that I won’t feel bad for buying because I’m missing $20 in “additional” content. This content eventually coming out in a complete edition. Great example of an industry cannibalizing itself.


  • looks great

  • How about some gameplay videos of these personas?

  • Oh man…. this game its almost perfect! why not a freaking hoodie!!!! u needed to put that ugly hat on her :(

    Apart of that i give all my appreciation to ubisoft in making this console quality game on the vita! May others fallow ur path! :)

  • I think it’s a little discouraging that we haven’t heard anything about the multiplayer in this game. Everything besides that seems fantastic, though.

  • People have said that there is multiplayer and some sources say it does not. Can someone tell me if it does or does not?

  • Still waiting to hear on the multiplayer! I want an answer: Why release the game on the same day as ACIII?

  • Also theres been 2 articles on the persona system already and we’ve seen costumes. Other details please! Can we even get a Gameplay demo?

  • DarkOne_PR said “Oh man…. this game its almost perfect! why not a freaking hoodie!!!! u needed to put that ugly hat on her :(”

    Personally I’m glad she has her own style. I love it. I actually don’t like the hood its way played out and hip.

  • Already pre-ordered AC3 and Liberation!!!

  • Fantastic, looks like a true Vita winner! Already preordered the ACIII+Season Pass+ACIIIL on PSN!

  • I’m so excited for this game I can’t wait to get it !

  • @DarkOne_PR

    The hat looks so much better than a hoodie. No one in this time period walked around in a hoodie. Even Conor looks ridiculous in it. The hat is so much better.

    Guard 1: “Hey there’s an assassin on the loose!”
    Guard 2: “What?! Maybe it’s the fellow hiding his face wearing that strange clothing and is covered in weapons!”
    Guard 1: “Nooooooo. Couldn’t be!”

    Regardless AC3 will be great.

  • Do u know that theres always a guy everywhere that its a kind of a fan that no matter how bad a change is, that person will love it… well Don_Knotts its that guy. LOL! That hat its pure ugly. PLUS hoodies its not just simple fashion, its to cover the face as an assassin would do not wear an ugly pirate hat :/

    For the ppl asking for the Multiplayer of this game

    Yep theres Multiplayer! Its has some modes i think the console one dont have and the classic. AND YES IT LOOKS GREAT

    • The 18th century called, it wants you to stop making fun of its populations hats or it’s going to send their ghosts to haunt you!

  • I think it’s great that we have a game with a strong female protagonist who isn’t overtly sexualized. What I’m concerned about is this “persona” system. I sincerely hope it isn’t a thinly veiled “dress up” mode and more an exploration into class structures and gender identity.

    This is coming from someone directed here by a tweet from playstation stating: “Dress for success in Assissin’s Creed III Liberation. See how Aveline’s personas radically change the gameplay”

    • I can assure you that it is 100% gameplay-focused. The Persona System is designed to demonstrate a whole new level to one of Assassin’s Creed’s major gameplay pillars: social stealth. Because Aveline has such a unique background among our roster of assassins, she is more agile in navigating the social strata of her era and environment and the Persona System is an expression of that agility.

  • This looks great. Dying to get some multiplayer details for it soon. :)

  • Can anyone tell me with certainty that purchases from the first week of next month (30th and 31st are still October) will count towards the October $100/$20 deal?

    Basically if I get Assassins Creed Liberation wheb it releases (30th) on PSN instead of at the store will it count even though that week of PSN may be considered part of PSN November?

  • Yep I decided to download this and AC3 so I don’t have to spend my hours in a queue waiting. Plus pick and play at a moment’s notice. What more can I ask for.

  • You keep calling them “Personas” and now all i want is an Assassins Creed/SMT: Persona crossover game. Get on it Ubisoft and Atlus!

  • why cant i have this now

  • Sold already on this game. Can we see the trophy list now ?

  • already got AC3 & AC3: Liberation pre-ordered….can it be released now tho? =P also for Liberation whats the max amount of players per match?

  • I Pre ordered AcIII and Liberations, Planning on upgrading my pre order for the ACIIIL Vita bundle!

  • Wish I had held off buying a PS Vita in order to get a white one :S Looking forward to AC3: Liberations, when will it start to get advertised! I’ve already seen some AC3 ads.

  • @ gabriel

    LMAO! got a ghostbuster trap in here send them :D

    joke apart, I know thats the kind of clothing of that time but still an assassin its still an assassin XD how about an skin for her with a hoddie for ppl like me and a couple i know in real life that reaaaally dislikes that hat?

    Thanks for the joke thou :P

  • :(

    I just got a vita, but I would have taken the white vita with AC:Liberations instead. Why didn’t I realize this beforehand.

    Its just like my psp slim and how I waited until the white star wars:battlefront renegade squadron dark vader PSP came out.

    I hate myself for this.

  • Oh, yeah. Just waiting until Oct 30 to pick up my new Vita Liberation bundle!

  • I had a question about the Season Pass for AC III: Will I be able to buy just the season pass by itself when ACIII comes out on the 30th? I need about $25 to qualify for the free credit and want to know if I should wait to buy the season pass or not.


    • You can actually buy the Season Pass whenever… although you can only preorder it now through the PlayStation Store (another bonus for you Sony folks!).

      I’m not sure how that plays into any other deals that may be running on the PlayStation Store at the time, but hopefully that news is a tiny bit helpful, hehe.

  • DarkOne_PR said “Do u know that theres always a guy everywhere that its a kind of a fan that no matter how bad a change is, that person will love it… well Don_Knotts its that guy. LOL!”

    I do tend to be that guy on every forum. I don’t mind Dante’s look and I loved the style of the world in the new DmC. Even when it was first announced and everyone was freeeeeak’n on the old internet. I guess I like change and I am open to it.

  • @Gabriel

    Really!? That would be fantastic! Thanks for listening even if it never happens :)

    If it happens I hope u guys remember me! :) (Not in a monetary way) :D

    on other note: Keep the replies with the community! it help the grow of confidence from us to developers! its much appreciated.

  • Trophy list please :D

  • will buy both ACIII and ACIII: Liberation from psn! it would be nice if there’s a bundle for both game without the season pass. anyway cant wait for october 30th

  • Be cool to see at least ONE DECENT video of gameplay I don’t like too much but what i saw was just cinamas.
    All though I know it’ll be fun.

  • Just some constructive criticism here…

    I am bought, I will b uy the game, certainly almost all Vita owner will buy it too, because not only it’s an
    amazing franchise you guys made a perfect job on every sense.
    But, I am a Vita owner…. Again.: I am already a Vita owner!!!

    I only see this game on Sony/Vita sites, I already know about it, and I appreciate to know even more about
    all of it’s amazing features, but how can this be a great seller/hardware mover if we don’t see any
    advertising for it? When we see something about anything, it’s all about the main ACIII.

    Love you Ubisoft guys, love the AC series, I will have this game, but I hope you got what I meant…

    • Yeah, I can understand that… AC3 is such a beast that it kind of consumes all of the attention.

      Still, I hope you take comfort in the fact that the team working on Liberation is every bit as passionate and committed to delivering a great game as any other Assassin’s Creed team has ever been!

  • @Gabriel
    wow ubisoft, you really make beautiful games. And yes, I sit by the side of DarkOne_PR, you should consider releasing a normal assassin costume, it will make her más bella ;). And yes, I know it wouldn’t make sense wearing those clothes on that time but it is what we are accustomed to, and I wouldn’t want her to be left out XD.

    Oh, and please give us the trophy list. Pretty please :)
    Thanks Ubisoft, keep making awesome games

  • I went ahead and preordered the White PS Vita & Assassin Creed III Liberation bundle just to get them in one package and I love how the white PS Vita looks.

    On a side note, does anyone know when the Assassin Creed III Season Pass will come out to be preordered or purchased for those of us, like myself who preordered the blu-ray version?

  • I’m extremely happy with the amount of effort put in by Ubisoft to make sure this would be a quality Vita and Assassin’s Creed game and not just some mediocre port. This could set the standard for how handheld games should be made. No pressure guys!
    Can’t wait to pick this up, Oct 30 can’t come soon enough!

    Now guys only one question remains: Physical or digital?

  • Unfortunately I don’t want to pre-order this. As is because ACIII is coming out on the same day. However i’m sure that a load of gamer’s just as myself are ready to pull out our wallets when we beat ACIII for this game. If pre-order sales don’t seem promising at first don’t be down. In just a few months gamers such as myself are ready to pick up this game. I commend you ubisoft for putting time into the vita version and I hope you will do this more in the future. HAZAH TO THE FIRST GREAT PS VITA GAME!

  • You mentioned in the first response that liberation will share content with AC 3. Will both versions of the game need to be in the same region for that to work? I live in Japan, and the vita’s region restrictions make things a bit difficult for me to enjoy games the way most people can, so I want to plan my purchases accordingly to avoid disappointment.

    • My general response to questions regarding importing games is: buy the game locally, no matter what.

      It’s the only rocksolid way to make sure that everything works out okay, because even if a game from another region works, you still can sometimes encounter issues if you go to buy DLC.

      So, yeah, my recommendation would definitely be to buy both versions in the same place.

  • Question time!

    1. Is the Season pass available by its self on the Psn already? :D?

    2. Super psyched about this game! (Pre ordered and paid for the LE and the vita bundle :D) What are the pre order bonuses for ACIII: L?

    3. If there are any do they still come with the Vita bundle?

    4. Why haven’t we heard as much about this game as we have about the console one?

    Thanks Gabe! :D

    • 1. I’m actually not sure if it is available all by itself… I know it is available first for PSN users, but I am not sure about all of the intricate details. I’ll check on that!

      2 & 3. Everyone gets the same content regardless of preorder status. (Which is a fancy PR-friendly way of telling you that there are no preorder bonuses. Sorry!)

      4. AC3 is basically the biggest deal Ubisoft has ever had, so it takes a good amount of the limelight, but both of these games share the spirit and atmosphere that Assassin’s Creed fans have come to love.

  • does the multiplayer need an online pass?

  • I hope someone on here can answer this. Will this game have side missions? Like assassins contracts that relate to the story. Kinda like assassins creed 2. I still play that to this day and I’m hoping this will set the bar high for future vita games!

  • This persona system looks interesting. I just hope you’ll actually NEED it in the game. Cause in all other AC’s all the extra toys were just for fun, you could massacre everyone without any trouble with the hidden blade and thats it.
    I understand you want casual players to enjoy it as well but…come on! All ac’s are ridiculously easy, the only assassins creed I played till the end was the first one cause the other ones just didn’t challenge me at all.
    Casual players could just play the game on easy or normal…but us nerdy gamers also want a hard-uberhard mode! It would also fit the settings and all… I mean, they’re assassins, not Jedi’s! they should need to be stealthy because they really SHOULDNT want to get caught! Realisticly speaking, not even the most expert hardcore bloodlusty warrior could handle 5+ armed to the teeth opponents with the ease Altair and Ezio can.
    Ok, that said, I’m really curious to see how this game turns out.

  • And I apologize for spelling mistakes such as “Jedi’s” but this is isnt my first language.
    Also, will this story have anything to do with the Desmond-Lucy etc modern story? or will it just be a spin-off like AC Bloodlines?

  • I couldn’t resist and Pre-Order the new PS3 500GB Assassins Creed Bundle with Liberation as well!! Red Coats will shed!!! :P

  • Videos from what I’ve seen, this looks fantastic. However, any chance of a dev. diary? Apart from the top character designs & animations, that little bit of gameplay where Aveline takes down an armed enemy while his buddies just stand & stare still haunts me. I know that was very early footage- I am still looking forward to the 30th!

  • I haven’t owned an “Assassin’s” game since ACII. Traded it in (and I pretty much NEVER trade in games). I’ve found the combat and navigation to be continuously clunky from game to game and it has kept me from giving subsequent entries in the series a serious chance. I’m honestly hoping that ACIII does a better job in both departments because I love games/movies/tv that are historically based.

    If there are going to be any more Assassin’s games in the future, my experience with this one will determine whether or not I completely stop caring about the series.

    Waiting for the reviews…

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