PlayStation Plus Gets PAYDAY: The Heist, The Unfinished Swan Early Access

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PlayStation Plus Gets PAYDAY: The Heist, The Unfinished Swan Early Access

By now, you should have already tackled NFL Blitz which came in free for Plus members earlier this month. You should also make sure to download one of the best fighters in the genre, King of Fighters XIII, which is also free for Plus members. With tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update, you’ll want to get your blueprints out and cover up those fingerprints because you’ll be robbing some banks (in video game form of course) courtesy of PAYDAY: The Heist, coming free to Plus members! You’ll also be able to get Unfinished Swan before anyone else this week. That said, there’s much more so let’s get to it.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or click here to get access.

October 16th PlayStation Plus Update

PlayStation Plus Gets PAYDAY: The Heist, The Unfinished Swan Early Access

PAYDAY: The Heist

Free for PlayStation Plus Members

Dive full force into six heists of co-op madness, fighting off cops, stealing large sums of money and embarking on the ultimate high-intensity, first-person shooter adventure. You can play all the ‘heists’ solo if you like, or team up with friends on your friends list, or get your matchmaking on and work together as a group to pull off the crime.

The Unfinished Swan

Exclusive Early Release; Price: $14.99

The Unfinished Swan is a first-person painting game that begins in a totally white space; but as you throw globs of paint to explore the world, you’ll discover that the surreal, unfinished world that you inhabit is more than meets the eye. Plus members will get to be the first to discuss what this game is all about with the gaming community; so don’t miss out. The game will be released for all of PSN on 10/23.

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale

Exclusive Beta Access

It’s time! We need your help in getting PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale prepped for showtime when it releases on PS3 and PS Vita on November 20th. Get a taste of the full game with 2v2 and 4 player online tournaments and choose from Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Radec, Sly, PaRappa and Fat Princess as you fight in Metropolis or Hades for victory. You’ll also get to check out the Cross Play functionality since this beta access works for both PS3 and PS Vita! The beta ends at 10/30 at 11:59pm PST, so get in while you can!

007 Legends

10% Discount (Regular Price: $59.99, PS Plus Price: $53.99)

As part of the door busting Day 1 Digital event, Plus members can snag the lowest price around on this new PS3 Full Game title, releasing the same day on PSN as it is at retail. Gamers and Bond aficionados alike will become James Bond reliving iconic and intense undercover missions from throughout the entire Bond film franchise including ones from the upcoming new Bond movie, “Skyfall”.
Caravan of the Dead – PlayStation Store Halloween Sale

Various (spooky) Games and Add-Ons With Extra Discounts for Plus Members

Time to celebrate Halloween with some of gaming’s most outlandishly ghoulish titles. This sale is for all of PSN, but Plus members will have the best discounts; many from 50% – 75% off the regular price. Find great games like the Costume Quest complete bundle for just $3.75, inFAMOUS Festival of Blood at a steal of a price at $2.50, and Dead Space 2 at $9.79. The sale ends 10/30. Here’s the full breakdown:
Game PSN Sale Price Plus Sale Price
Dead Space 2 $13.99 $9.79
Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection: Content Pack $10.49 $7.34
Dead Rising 2 Off The Record $13.99 $9.79
Plants vs. Zombies PS Vita $10.49 $7.34
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City $34.99 $24.49
Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack $5.59 $3.91
The House of the Dead Bundle $21.99 $15.39
Zen Pinball 2 PS Vita Monsters Bundle (The Paranormal, Sorcerer’s Lair and Plants vs. Zombies) $5.99 $4.19
AMY $4.99 $2.50
Costume Quest complete bundle $7.49 $3.75
Dead Nation $7.49 $3.75
Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime $2.49 $1.25
inFAMOUS Festival of Blood $4.99 $2.50
Monster World IV (Plus Price: $1.00 – 80% off) and SEGA Rally Arcade (Plus Price $2.99 – 70% off the regular store price of $9.99)

Exclusive Discounts for Plus Members

Our friends at SEGA once again deliver gaming goodness at a price you can’t resist. With the Master System classic Monster World IV and the more recent arcade hit SEGA Rally Arcade seeing deep discounts. I encourage everyone to check out these titles.

That’s it for this week. Make sure you check out tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update post to see all the details for this week’s Plus update, and come back next week when we’ll have more great Plus news to share. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 10-15-2012

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34 Author Replies

  • Finally going to play Payday.

  • Ha-ha, looks like another let’s hope for next weeks IGC for me… However, the sale is AMAZING for people who might not have had the pleasure of the Zen Pinball (2) Unholy Trinity (every table is a blast), Costume Quest (plus DLC), Dead Space 2, Dead Nation, and the one that has my wallets ear The House of the Dead Bundle (please be 3, 4 and Overkill). The Unfisnishe Swan looks beautiful also; reviews have been fantastic! Keep up the great work Sony and hopefully next week the PS gods will grant us an awesome (RE5:Gold) IGC title.

  • Pretty good update. Payday actually looks pretty cool, never bought it so it’s nice to see it for free. I’ll also be picking up Festival of Blood for $2.50. I just hope there are some Halloween avatars this week!

  • @ blog team justto make shuure that it is fine the $100 deal will still be cative on the 30th and 31 when im getting a cupple of games for my vita right?

    and i like the polls that you do on the plus up dates please try to make them an every time thing

    also when does the Halloween Sale end?

  • A Halloween themed Plus. Great, I’m going to pick up some of these for the Vita, although I suspect they’ll be part of the Vita IGC next month.

    I’m surprised that you haven’t re-released these Halloween avatars that the Plussers got last year. I see only one or 2 other people on the blogs this month that have this. This was an even better perk last year than I even realized. ;-)

  • Is no one excited for Playstation all stars battle royale beta? I know I am

  • EU aside, I am happy with PS+ and the content. If I come up with three of four games that I want out of the “freebies” each month within a year, then I think PS+ pays for itself. Sure, I think there should be some more RPGs on the IGC, but oh well. Besides, I tend to spend more on the discounted games which makes the subscription worth it. This week I was expecting a more horror or Halloween oriented game to enter the IGC, but at least I am in for Costume Quest!

  • great update… been waiting for The Unfinished Swan… already got PayDay but glad it is on here, maybe it will start getting the attention it deserves….

    gotta get another $20 card… that $9.79 for Dead Space 2 is calling me.

  • I really wish you would have had a deal on the Dead Nation DLC in addition to the full game.

  • @106, I forgot all about the All Stars Beta. I played a demo in gamestop and fell in love with it. Cant wait for it!!!!!

  • Here’s an idea for IGC that might please everyone, well not everyone but at least it will help. There are 12 game slot for IGC. Why not have each slot as for each game genre. For example …..

    1. RPG games
    2. Action / Adventures Games
    3. FPS
    4. PSOne Classic
    5, 6 ….. 7,8 ……12 then so on.
    Just rotate those game out in oreder, this way everyone get what they want and less complaining.

    I myself love RPGs and love to see some FULL PS3 RPGs games on the IGC. America is not all about sports games, FPS games or Fighting games. There are a large group that love RPGs, but yet no RPGs love in the IGC.

    I have to say the last month or so US PLUS been looking sad. ALL we get is old PSN games while EU PLUS get FULL PS3 retail games.

    And please answer this question which for some reason you guys at Sony won’t answer. Why is Infamous 2 and LBP 2 still on the IGC list. I thought every game are suppose to be rotated out. That where the WORD “INSTANT” comes in INSTANT GAME COLLECTION. Why not remove those 2 games and start putting in some FULL PS3 GAMES instead of old PSN games.

  • I’m still waiting till the end of this year before I make up my mind if I want to get PLUS or not. Right now its not looking good for US PLUS.

  • Disappointing on how we are getting Payday free. I got this back on the last sale and if i would of known it would of been free through plus later on I would of waited it out. That is one reason why I do like new release games given to us free through plus so in that case we get the game day one and we will not be screwed later on during the year.

    It would of been nice to have gotten a scary game since this is the month of Halloween. Siren blood curse or I am alive would of been great. Hopefully November will deliver better games.

  • @102, I think Sony accidently leaked RE5: Gold free for PS+ user ( for Oct 23rd) when Sony show us a screenshot of the new psn store. Sony has a history of not keeping things a secret. (ie the entire roster leaked 4 PS All Stars before their reveal)

  • Is the Zen Pinball 2 pack only for the Vita version?

  • I may be posting this in the wrong section but I’m gonna take a shot anyways and see if i get a response. I am a ps plus member and I am extremely interested in preordering and getting the digital copy of assassin’s creed 3. My question is will the digital copy come with the playstation exclusive 4 missions that was announced would come with the ps3 disc. Also I have prepurchased my ps vita Assassin’s Creed Liberation bundle with the system but am wondering do I need to play the ps3 assassin’s creed 3 game first or liberation first? Also no one seems to be able to tell me if the vita comes with headphones or not? If you could help me out with this I would appreciate it so I know if I should go through with preordering the digital instead of the disc copy.

    • Digital version of AC3 comes with the PS3 exclusive content, but it won’t have any retail specific preorder bonuses. Check the AC3 website for info on the individual retailer preorder bonuses.

      You don’t need to play any of the games in any particular order (between PS Vita and PS3 AC3. they stand alone in terms of playability)

      PS Vita comes with headphones.

  • @jonjon0890, what screen shot are you refering to? I must have missed that screen shot.

  • Just when I was about to let my plus run out due to lack of interest in the recent games you add the Heist. AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF. Awesome addition. I’ve been contemplating buying this game for awhile now. I hope to see more FPS games added in the future.

  • I highly recommend Monster World IV. It’s a 2D platforming classic.

  • Greetings Morgan,

    Since the Unfinished swan is a masterpiece and it paints for me to see that the player won’t be able to see every nook and cranny would you think it will be possible for Giant Sparrow to have this work with the vita wherein seeing it from the screen reveals everything? I think that would be a great Vita/Ps3 cross feature if implemented.

  • I live in New Mexico, US and I want to know when PSN will be back up.

  • Really? you give us a crappy low budget fps game? I already got this years ago when it first hit psn and i didn’t like it at all.

    It would have made more since to try and get us Orcs and Men free (or at the very least a 50% discount).

    And who gives a crap about early access to a game? This isn’t a measuring contest. If you aren’t giving us a discount on the game why even bother?

    Seems like The All Stars Beta and Dead Space 2 are the only good thing about PS Plus this week. God, Sony America sucks. Soon as i get the info straight on getting a EU psn card, i am done with NA’s incompetence.

  • I think I found the update jonjon0890 was talking about

    It does show RE5 gold ed. free on the ps+ hope this is true.

  • @117 (the new look psn store)
    there is a pic that show RE5: Gold 4 free hopefully.

  • Bought used game. Seen this sale. Returned game and replaced with 2 psn cards.

  • Any chance Siren: Blood Curse will see a discount or something? $39.99 is too expensive for a game that came out years ago. Either way thanks Morgan & keep up the good work!!!

  • i cant regret subscribing at all LOL.i was saving my $20 nut tonight im gonna spend it on psn plus :D.THANK YOU SONY

  • Really loving PS+ right now. I have never made a better investment. I personally like it just as it is with weekly updates for a surprise each week, but it’s not a big deal to me. I think I will enjoy the service content however it is delivered. Looking forward to getting Payday, Unfinished Swan, Playstation All-Stars Beta, and Dead Nation on sale tomorrow!

  • Why isn’t Siren: Blood Curse discounted? I really want to play that game since it’s October, but $40 is a little to steep for a game that came out in 2008.

  • Morgan said: It’s a pretty great deal for Dead Space 2 if you haven’t played it yet. Crazy game.

    The deal looks a lot less ‘great’, if you know that EU PS Plus got it free.
    Now *that* is what you’d call a good deal.

    Giving it to us for 10$ is just adding insult to injury.

  • @124 Holy coincidence batman, lol.

  • a little off topic i love the new look that the store is going to have but i am alot worried that u guys are gonna mess up our purchases and i dont want to wait even a little bit to play ACIII on release day. heres hoping i am wrong

  • God, the amount of whining Morgan and the others have to put up with every week is astounding. Most of it can’t even be called criticism. I think SCEA is doing a great job with Plus.

    I love the weekly updates, by the way. More than monthly ones. Great update this week. If the House of the Dead bundle includes III, IV and Overkill I’m getting it for sure. I’ll just be really pissed if Dead Space 2 is offered for free later though, cause I’m getting that as well, and Off the Record, and possibly Costume Quest.

  • Boring week. ZZZzzz!

  • I’ve already got Payday for PC, but it’s a pretty great game and this will hopefully beef up the Playstation online community a bit.

    I’m also thrilled with some of the Halloween discounts. I’ll definitely pick up Mutant Blobs Attack / Dead Nation / the zen pinball tables.

    Although I think the Europe PS+ releases have been a bit stronger overall recently, I’m really happy with Playstation Plus as well as the great PS exclusive digital games that have been coming out damn near every week (Tokyo Jungle is my recent favorite) .

    I think you all are blowing Xbox Live out of the water and my PS3 is now easily my main store for digital purchases, etc.

    Just wanted to say I’m thrilled with the service and keep up the good work.

  • @128… sure I guess Europe got the deal on Dead Space 2 if it’s free on their PS+….

    But, I’m American and my fastest alternative option is GameStop. And Dead Space 2 is still currently $16-17 used, I just walked out with a $20 PSN card… I’m definitely getting it I’ve never played it and horror games aren’t so terrifying like they were in PS1 days. And with the remaining funds and the current funds in my wallet I will also get The Unfinished Swan.. or anything else if I choose… That’s the beauty… Choice.. Sure we can wish we had Dead Space 2 like Europe, but maybe they wish they had something else that we have. Who Knows. I just game!

    Regardless of region, I’m more than content with the variety of things. Everyone gets a taste of something. People will always gripe and complain but that’s how life is.

  • guess it’s safe to sat you can’t please all the people all of the time …. it stands to reason that some plus offerings will hold no interest, or already be owned, but overall, it’s (IMHO) a very worthwhile service …. my son & I got into Ratchet & Clank All 4 One this weekend …. we had a blast – so much so that on Sunday we headed out to buy the R & C Collection …. I appreciate the inclusion of some all ages titles – as many of us do have children I imagine …. my son is just trying the Sly demo now ….

    can hardly wait for tomorrow to enjoy the All Stars demo …. very excited for that ! :-) I have never heard of Monsters 4 – but for the buck, I’ll give it a go, & of course, Costume Quest, it being the season & all ….

    really getting hyped for the Vita + perks …. just around the corner now …. thanks for the inclusion of Vita games on sale …. I have Mutant Blobs already, but everyone should give it a try ….

    I vote for Halloween Avatars & a cool costume pack for the LBP world …. thanks !

  • @Morgan Haro

    thanks that relieves my mind alittle.thank you

  • Love the weekly update , Gotta play PAYDAY for sure :D

  • Question possibly irrelevant…. But, is the Dead Nation add-on gonna get a discount also? Just thinking that the price drop for PS+ will make the game almost the same price as the add-on.

  • Hey Morgan, how about moderarting my post @123 or at least delete it so I can rephrase it, its not like it wasn’t sony who released the article.

  • Was excited, but then realized I got Payday way back during the previous PLAY promotion (I look back, and think on how much money I’ve blown on things I still haven’t made good use of; Festival of Blood has still gone unplayed, and PS+ got its theme not long after launch), and what I’m waiting for is a deep PC discount.

    Anyway, Unfinished Swan might see a chunk of that $50 code, might nab the pinball tables, Ghostbusters is nigh cheap enough for me to not ignore, and maybe AMY, if its technical deficiencies have been tended to. Already have Costume Quest complete on two separate platforms (and all the cheevos, too!), but Monster World IV will join my ranks, along with Mutant Blobs Attack (though I still gotta get through the first… Oy!).

  • Quick question. What’s the maintenance about?

  • Btw, why in the world did they choose Die Another Day as the Bronsan film to include in 007 Legends? Who even liked that movie? Why not Goldeneye?

  • @127 & 129, I totally agree, lol. What were the odds of that. Hopefully that means we will eventually see a discount on Siren ::fingers crossed::

  • Another disappointing rented game. Need that $50 back

  • Good god people! Stop counting games and comparing services across continents! There are plenty of awesome PSN games that are better than full retail discs. A game is a game, regardless of its format! Plus all those games you guys are begging for are dirt cheap now anyways! Quit being a damn Scrooge and buy the games you want! People should view PS+ as supplemental, not expect they are going to get every game they want for free and never have to buy a game again!

    It sucks that they sometimes give us games they already sold us through previous PS+ sales (please be careful Sony!) but other than that the service pays for itself.

    Consider me a happy Plus subscriber….

  • Here it goes again owning a game I already got MONTHS AGOl I’m really starting to think they look into my download list and play multiple choice in what to release on plus free next to piss me off. I’m donw with plus now. The only way to EVER benefit from plus is to NEVER buy a game even at a discount. All those games on sell above is a trick to make a fast buck BEFORE they offer them free on plus a few weeks or months down the road. I’ve learned my lesson of these plus sale SCAMS. Infamous 2 on sale to plus members for 23.79 1 week before plus members got it free is example of the scams and all morgan will say is oops it won’t happen again. I swear psn store is ran by Romney the crook Dummy.

  • @124

    You could always imported it instead of paying $39.99 on PSN. Or just hope Sony discounts more Halloween theme games for October. It has gone on sale in the past, so here’s hoping the PS Blog team here’s our cries.

  • I bought Payday when it was discounted a few months back, and now it’s a freebie; same thing with last weeks Blitz… Now there are more discounted games being offered, and I’m hesitant to buy anything ’cause it’ll probably end up as a random freebie. The Halloween Horror! :S

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