New PlayStation Store Coming October 23rd

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New PlayStation Store Coming October 23rd

New PlayStation Store

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Today we began previewing a completely redesigned PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3. We’ve listened closely to your feedback and used it to build a brand new PlayStation Store. With a stunning new user interface, simple search and powerful content discovery, it’s an in-store experience that’s more streamlined and accessible than ever before.

PlayStation Store now offers more than 20,000 pieces of game-related content including downloadable games, add-ons and themes and more than 100,000 videos and TV shows. With so much to choose from, the redesign offers easier navigation to locate the perfect game, video or application. Product pages will deliver in-depth information about games and videos, while providing an amazing high definition visual experience found only on PS3.

New PlayStation StoreNew PlayStation Store

Take a look at what to expect when the all new PlayStation Store rolls out in the US on October 23rd, and keep checking back for more information.

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  • Resident Evil 5 Gold free? Great.

  • Now is that screenshot for real?? RE5 gold Free on PS=?? I’m sold!!!

    • No, that’s likely a screenshot from a different region; likely EU. The NA Store will of course sport the new look and design and functionality, but to be clear, those screens may not reflect pricing on products as they pertain to NA.

  • It looks REALLY cool….if it is anything like the Video Unlimited interface…i really hope you guys make the PS4’s menus like that too!

  • Yay!! i read about this on IGN earlier today. Can’t wait. It looks alot more slick and cleaner than before. i like the current model but it was time for a change.

    Too bad NA has to wait 2 weeks to get it.

  • Really nice, will this new store design be for the Vita also?

    • We’re considering every possibility, but for the time being, there’s nothing to announce except that this is for the PS3 version of the PS Store.

  • These screenshots make it look less navigable to me. It looks like a Sunday flyer. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  • I still laugh at RE4 being $30.

  • Also, i hope that screenshot isn’t true about RE5 being free. i already have that so i rather have something else free for gold members instead.
    And isn’t it a bit late to be making that free considering RE 6 is already out.

  • Are there any changes coming to the Vita version of the store?

  • Please tell me RE5:Gold is legit, and not just a space filler. That’s awesome…it looks great SNE, keep it up!

  • Looking great! Kinda reminds me of Steam but better organized hopefully. Also, Im gonna miss that blue color.

  • Also, why are 1 day rentals from the Store still so expensive? $3.99? I could get the blu-ray of these movies from the local redbox for only $1.50 a day. Sony needs to work on that. Or make the standard definition of these movies only $2 at most.

  • Add a cart to PS Vita and PS Mobile store fronts.

    I wish you would do a public beta of this to get actual feedback on the layout. Looks like it’ll be really bad in a lot of ways.

    And if the download list isn’t improved then you didn’t listen at all to feedback on the current store front.

  • Morgan Haro:
    “No, that’s likely a screenshot from a different region; likely EU.”

    Since when does Europe use dollars?

    • Correction then, it’s purely for mockups. Guys, the news isn’t anything to do with pricing or Resident Evil. It’s the new PlayStation Store, and it’s coming soon.

  • Nice! Will there ever be a new look for the XMB or is that staying the same?

  • O SNAP! Looks Good to me!!

    I would also love to see this for the other versions of the playstation store…namely Vita :D

  • I’m glad to see a make over for the PS been needed it for a long while..:)….now we need a make over for the XMB lay out…The PS3 is such a great console and is a shame their still using the same XMB lay from 5 years ago ..come on..

  • So Resident Evil 5 the next game to Instant Game Collection? Shoot, I had a good run with getting games I did not have. Can’t complain though!

    New store looks good, hope I’ll be able to understand it right away. I was one of the few that understood the current store. Being able to search your download list is great though

  • @Morgan,

    I see Dollar signs in the mock up so no way that’s EU. Australia Maybe?

    $30 AUD for RE4 sounds about right considering how badly they get overcharged down there :lol

  • @14 i was wondering about that too. Maybe australian store? i have no idea how other country stores operate lol.

  • please tell me this means the PS store will finally be available from a PC

  • Nvm, looks like Resident Evil 5 is for EU, yes! Get something better SCEA!

  • This is needed, wanted, and appreciated! I hope some cues were taken from the US Video Unlimited Preview app in regards to how:
    – related content is organized as seamless game and video content that is even categorized in some cases
    – easy it is to move forward and backward throughout the content
    The pictures look sweet – now let’s get Eric in front of the camera to walk us through a video!

    Here’s my two cents:
    – Also, I like how images of games and movies are shown in the middle layer. Any chance we could get the “What’s New” app in the XMB to instead be something like this? You could opt for a dynamic or current app method. You turn on the “dynamic news” in the theme settings and the theme would change to the classic theme and news-related images could cycle through the entire XMB similar to the new look for the store.

    Non-sequitur: How’s about next we get the ability to change names and delete trophies? These are two points that seem to be highly requested.

  • PLEASE tell me you guys finally redid the Download list to be able to sort things into DLC, DEMOS, ADD-ONS, PSN games and so on! Its not fun trying to redownload things when you have a long list, and mind you i dont have PS+ so i can only imagine how bad it is for those ppl

    • The download list won’t be changed on Day 1 with the new Storefront, but it is something we’re looking to improve in the future.

  • So the PS Store and the Video Store will now be one store? Will we still have a tab for new releases and PS Plus? I dig the new design! if only the XMB could get a much needed update as well.

  • Wait, Borderlands 2 is listed at $59.99. MSRP in Australia is probably way above that. It’s probably just a mock up with no affiliation.

    The cat probably is out of the though:p

  • @17 i never thought about seeing the XMB menu redesigned but that would be nice too. Though i would take XMB over the current xbl dashboard thing anyday.

  • Can we get a Wishlist function? I’m not always in a position to buy every game I want when they come out, but having an in store “wishlist” we can use to keep track of games we’re interested in would be a wonderful tool. Otherwise, this looks great!

  • Well that bubble got burst pretty quickly :( Thanks for the clarification!

  • Hello Mr. Lempel

    I wonder if there has been some work done on the download list? It would be great if there was a search option. Also sort out by dates and alphabetically. Even further, separate lists into DLC, PSN games, full games, demos, etc.

    • We know that searching the “My Downloads” list is important to a lot of you guys. Because the new PlayStation Store is built on HTML 5, it gives us the flexibility to seamlessly add new features and capabilities, so there is certainly potential to look at this more closely. But for Day One, the download list functionality will be as is. But we’re aware of the improvement opportunity here.

  • I would like to see the new design on the PS Vita as well. You could swipe right to bring up the menu much like many apps on iOS and I think it would look much more sleek and be a bit more touch and button friendly as well.

  • Hey Morgan,

    The new look is great. Hopefully the better search function will extend to the “Download List” as well. I have over 1000 pieces of content downloaded over the years and it is a real pain to sift through the list 10 items at a time, all sorted by date.

    A simple search function or the ability to group the content by type (say PS3 addons, demo, PS Vita, etc.)
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Meh, same downgrade the xbox store took. Make it optional please.

  • Does this come with a store we can access via PC and we can set stuff up to start downloading the next time we turn our PS3 on?

  • i don’t have any money ! can someone please buy me a game ?

  • NICE! Finally. Nice integration between the video and game store too. All you need now is integrated the e-reader/comic store and a music store (integrated with the music unlimited radio app) where you can buy MP3s and Music videos.

    Couple of questions:

    Can you launch your game directly from store like on xbox?
    screenshots on all games?
    video preview on all games?
    demo on all games?
    online store accessible from a PC/Web Browser?
    remote starting of downloads?
    gift games to people?
    change PSN ID?
    Comment on stuff you bough like Google Play?
    Ability to filter and sort search/download history?
    Pre download? If you pre order AC3, you should be able to pre download it and start playing at midnight on October 30th
    Pre order TV shows/Movies like you can pre order games now?
    Ability to buy TV series at discounted prices (as opposed to getting each individually)? You can do that with games now like Walking Dead.
    Rent TV shows for $.99 like on itunes?
    Remove $5 minimum on wallet? (with psmobile, $.99 movies, $1.99 TV shows, etc, it shouldn’t be necessary)
    Move support ?

    Ok more than a couple of questions, but whatever :)

  • Um no Morgan its not a picture from eu lol their pictures have the euro too bad man lol next weeks ps plus game just revealed and someones getting a whopping for showing it early lol at least it wasnt the autumn sale picture i saw

  • Can we access the XMB while using the new PlayStation Store?

  • @17: XMB is perfect. Only flaw is due to the limited hardware available to speed up the performance. Wish Vita used the XMB instead…

    Besides new isn’t always better. 360 gets worse with each new design.

    Plus, XMB makes themes worth having.

  • No to changing XMB! I think it’s perfect.

  • I hope you redesigned the Account Management Download List also and to be searchable and to be split in Sections like Demo’s, Full Games, Game Unlocks, Game Add-Ons, Videos, I have near 2000 things in my download and it takes me forever to find a game i need to redownload.

  • The redesign is more than welcome! Looks real sharp!

  • It’s simplistic, it’s elegant, it fits with the whole SEN aesthetic design. It’s almost got kind of a Steam quality to it! Nicely done.

  • @6:

    Yeah that is what I am seeing too. I am generally not a fan of this tiley? way of organizing things. Seems much harder than a bulletin board type thing with a list on the side (but usually prettier).

    I will suspend judgement though.

  • when will we get cool games like motorstorm apocalypse, dead space 2 and resident evil 5? it’s been 5 months that i became a pus member and the only games that made worth the price was infamous and lbp2, since then we only get ridiculous games like double dragon, nfl blitz, bloodrayne, seriously, you better start working on giving us the same games psn plus uk gives

  • Really? I just asked for RE5 for PS+ free game in the previous article, and you actually give me. hahaha

  • Will the new store be rolled out with new PS3 system software or not?

  • Will there be a search function with filters for our downloads?

  • I agree with #30. The “My Downloads” is currently just one big dump of content. It would be great to be able to sort those.

    It would also be great if you guys optimized the Store for slow internet connections. I like to jump onto the store, grab what I need, and then jump off. I hate waiting for huge images to load.

    Here’s a tip for the Vita store: please create an “Add to Cart” button. Sometimes I’m purchasing multiple things on Vita, but I need to wait for every single item to activate and add itself to the download list. If there was an add to cart button, I could buy multiple items quickly, and checkout at the end. Same as on the PS3 Store.

  • Thanks for this update, but I want to add something, please we need some way to sort our download list, by type, alphabetically, etc… It’s very boring that when I want to see what avatars, themes or PSN games I already have bought I need to check ALL my download list and going trough more than 1000 items and more than three years of downloads!

    Thanks for your time!

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