New PlayStation Store Coming October 23rd

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New PlayStation Store Coming October 23rd

New PlayStation Store

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Today we began previewing a completely redesigned PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3. We’ve listened closely to your feedback and used it to build a brand new PlayStation Store. With a stunning new user interface, simple search and powerful content discovery, it’s an in-store experience that’s more streamlined and accessible than ever before.

PlayStation Store now offers more than 20,000 pieces of game-related content including downloadable games, add-ons and themes and more than 100,000 videos and TV shows. With so much to choose from, the redesign offers easier navigation to locate the perfect game, video or application. Product pages will deliver in-depth information about games and videos, while providing an amazing high definition visual experience found only on PS3.

New PlayStation StoreNew PlayStation Store

Take a look at what to expect when the all new PlayStation Store rolls out in the US on October 23rd, and keep checking back for more information.

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  • Will there be a Wish List now?

    I feel like this is a huge opportunity missed by Sony for sales. There are lots of games that I cant afford day one, but still want to purchase. However after about a couple weeks, they float off into the abyss and I forget about them. Not only would the wish list benefit Sony it would also benefit developers as well, think of all the games that I’ve forgotten about because they are not at the top of the list anymore? Those developers lost my sale just because I forgot that I wanted to purchase it. Most major online shopping services have a wish list or something similar and I think its a Win / Win across the board to have this feature on the store. Its really a no brainier at this point.

  • Maybe the PS Store for PS Vita will be updated with the arrival of PS+ for the system, right? By the way, any news about PS+ on PS Vita?

    • Still on track for November, but it’s not necessarily linked to a refresh of a PS Vita store. Anything like that is likely a ways off, to manage expectations here.

  • @ 46
    another busted bubble ! i feel your pain my friend !!!but we don’t get it ! we’ll get another 2600 game ! or pong !

  • So you chose to redesign the store (not needed) and you leave out the only function people have been wanting forever, the ability to search or sort our Download lists (mine’s well over 2000 items last I checked).

    I’m glad it may be added in the future, by why bother fixing what wasn’t broken and ignoring a real issue?

    The ‘other’ console lets you view and even start downloads from a website/PC (and has for a long long time).

    We can’t even sort/search our list. Still? Why bother updating the store design (which it didn’t need) when there are so many other issues including the download list people are concerned with?

    Thank you for the efforts of making a new layout and whatever else this upgraded store may include. I appreciate you think you’re making things better.

    Until things like the download list issue has been addressed, this is more flash than substance.

    Who/why/what made you people chose to revamp the layout? It was great the way it was, now we have to learn it all over again.

  • @46 its not officially confirmed yet. I hope it isn’t. PS Plus has already had various sales on RE5 in the past. I’d be a waste to use up a free slot on it now, especially since it will no longer be promotional for RE 6.

  • improved download list is the next big thing that needs improving.

  • Looks pretty nice. I hope performance is improved too. Seems that as of late, the PS Store is pretty slow. That little spinny clock loading thing in the top right corner seems to pop up for just about everything.

  • @53
    No worse….E.T. !!!!!!!!!

  • After PSVITA, PS3’s XMB needs a new design URGENT and less memory usage when you need to access XMB during a game loading for example, other thing is the option to access XMB when your are running PS1/PS2 Classic Game.

    By the way, amazing the new look of PSN Store… Leon… Leon everywhere LoL

  • Can we please get some new avatars?

    I want NBA Team Avatars (Lakers)
    I want NFL Team Avatars (Broncos)
    I want NFL Team Avatars (Kings)

    Make it happen already!!!!!

  • To Morgan great job to you and the team looking forward to the new look

  • Looks awesome, but I would love to have seen a more service oriented approach taken when to comes to the store. A cross-platform store that would allow me to access the exact same looking and feeling store front on my PS3, my Vita, or in a web browser. You guys should really be taking a look at what Valve is doing!

  • It looks great, I hope its coming in Canada too especially Quebec. Update our store with 3D contents and more movies and I hope there a section with all content release in the last playstation store update. We used to have previews from movies coming in theater soon where are those?

  • Looks great!
    Now that they’ve sorted the storefront out I hope they’ll go through the trouble of giving us a ‘My Games’ interface that shows all of the games and content we’ve purchased in an easily browse-able format. Scrolling through a download list 6 years long is not a great user experience.

  • Will there be a new article giving us a walkthrough the new PS Store later? Also fingers crossed for Gaikai related new :)

  • RE 5 Gold was released for free in PSN Plus in SPAIN Account and also was released Bulletstorm.

  • Hahaha, It’s clearly a US Store. I don’t think Australians care about Madden Handegg.

  • Can you replace “US” with “North America” in all your posts like this? You’re making us Canadians sound like an afterthought when all of this is released here at the same time anyway.

  • @59 XMB access during ps2/ps1 gaming would be the greatest thing ever. I literally have a hard time playing any older classics because i’m not able to take a break and chat with friends during the game.

    But i’m not even sure if they would be able to implement something like that for older games. Would be nice though.

  • the store looks pretty on html5,jeff_rigby vindicated! XD

  • I hope whoever chooses how to organize the store is better at this layout than the one before. That is my only issue with the current one. There are way too many sub-categories. Sometimes, I just want to browse easily. All those pointless extra categories make it harder.

    And some games have two listings so you can’t view price right away (like Syphon Filter 1 & 3) and I hate game videos/wallpapers/etc. being with games. If you made a page for each game that displays its demos, dlc, themes, etc. Like the 360 it would be fine. I hate that layout, but the way MS groups content is great.

    Wish List is a much needed feature, so I second that suggestion.

  • Looks good!

  • All right, the resdesign looks cool, I hope it won’t confuse people and all that.

  • I appreciate the effort but we are almost done with this generation of consoles and still I cannot search my over 1000 items in my download list.

    The download list should have categories for example (Demo’s With Purchased Keys) and a search, the functionality is already in the store just apply it to the download list please.

    Also I would like to present the Google Play store as an epic example of some functionality I would like to see in the PSN Store. Such as remote download (maybe a PS+ only feature), regular accounts get a link sent to their PSN message box that starts the download. Device control from this same web store deactivate, install, etc.

  • Will this be coming to Canada on the 23rd as well or at a later date?

  • I hope this also brings the option to predownload (which makes automatic download useful for PS + users) and gifting content. Since the new store is based on HTML5 is there a good chance that we can access the store via browser or possibly a smartphone/tablet app?

  • It’s looking really good, can’t wait to try it out.

  • Ok… This is enough… I have been reading comments asking about sortin the downloaded content for way too long. if u dont want to have to go through a long list all u do is go through the game/demo/themes or whatever content u downloaded section and look for the red symbol which means u already purchased that item. click it and instead of an option to purchase u get the option to download!!! i have well over 1500 items purchased/downloaded and hate the long date sorted 10 @ a time list too… But this has kept me from having to scroll through all the demos and themes and avatars to find that 1 thing i am lookin to re download!!! Stop asking for this sort feature it has been requested soooooo friggin much im sure sony knows that we want it but in the mean time we all have to learn to use psn store in all the varying ways it is able to b used! thx sony for all ur amazing content and the many things u have done and will continue to do for all of us loyal ps users!!

  • Beautiful redesign! Look forward to it!

  • @35 & 36, very good suggestions. I want to be able to “gift” items on my Friends List. Video previews & screenshots for games & apps are req. in any modern digital ecosystem. Please make it happen!

  • I would love it if the new store has connectivity similar to the new youtube and netflix apps where they work together with android tablets and phones… also, really hope RE5 will become free in Plus, it would be a nice addition for halloween mood game

  • I appreciate that you’re always trying to improve. I agree with the need for easier download list browsing, since my list is becoming pretty unwieldy now, too.

    Also, the wish list suggestion should be seriously considered. It will boost sales over time, I guarantee. I continually browse my wish lists on other e-retailer sites and frequently make purchases from that.

  • Oh and please showcase the red PS Store bag symbol while browsing content instead of displaying it after selecting a game/content. It was pretty good in the previous store, so I hope it stays the same.


  • No real problems with the store as it is, but nicer is, well… nicer!

    Only deep complaint isn’t really part of the storefront, rather it’s the download list… for us old-timers a lot of context can ONLY be downloaded from there and with over 1,000 items on it (and no way to sort, filter or navigate more quickly) it’s a MAJOR PAIN.

  • hello, there will be a change with the download history list? because it is quite difficult to find games bought

  • Looks like the Xbox store lol?

  • @79: And content that is no longer on the PS Store? Riiight, there is nothing but the download list for that.

    @75: 360 has had it forever, why was Google Play your go to example of it? Regardless, that would be nice… but given how we won’t even get better download lists I doubt we’ll get that.

  • Hi Morgan! I want to know if you studied the possibility to access the PS Store through PC for looking and purchase content? That would be helpful.

    Nice desing of the new Store, i like it! :D

  • I’d rather have the ability to change my PSN ID without having to start over again.

  • Will sub-accounts be finally able to upgrade to a master account? I have my own credit card now! ;_;

  • absolutely STUNNING!! Best thing to come to the Playstation Store since the Playstation Store itself lol. Look forward to the new interface

  • I’m going to miss the old store UI. I never liked it that much (finding stuff was a pain), but I will miss it.

    Hopefully the new design improves upon searching and organization, and gets rid of the hassle of the old UI.

  • need that download list fixed

  • I would like to give my 2 cents:

    For me, my ideal PS Store would be to have first of all, box art for every PS3 game. PSN games should have some kind of artwork.

    Then, when you select a PS3 game, have it so that it shows the information, synopsis, rating etc, but have in the same page different categories to show DLC, Trailers, Add-ons, Wallpapers, Themes, etc.

    Of course there can be category for each of those independently, but it would be cleaner and easier if the page of the game includes all of it related to that specific game in the same place.

    I hope I am getting my idea clear.

    Also, when selecting categories independently, for example, look for every add-on. Instead of having A-D, E-M, etc just have the boxarts of the games that have add-ons alphabetically (with the choice of sorting if different ways: year, developer, publisher, platform, etc).

    And for the last thing, I hope that the content is better. I don’t like that I want to watch a trailer for the game, that it is everywhere on the internet, but not on the PS Store, even if it is a PS3 exclusive.

    That is my 2 cents, and i hope you like it and I got myself clear with my explanation.

  • Morgan could you add something like Steam’s Library?so we could see which of games we own and can download,download list seems outdate -ish.

  • now you need to update the friend section like your doing for the psn store its time and make it more social with Facebook , Google +, twitter, etc or have a dedicated app for them and why haven’t you added crackle, vidster, hbo go, showtime, starz play, vevo, last FM, epix, iheart radio,manga ,etc etc etc as much as i love sony why does it tale so long i remember the slogan it does everything really i hate to say it xbox is killing you because of your lack of features like these you need to step it up

  • Looks amazing, I’m hoping it’s less slow and easier to navigate, what about the download list to find our content? How’s that gonna work? Also can we get some patches for some digital copies of games that break (Resident Evil 6). Please? Thanks. I don’t wanna buy a game that’s broken. :( Please fix it Sony. You’re awesome.

  • How about adding a wishlist so that you can have all the games you wan’t on a single page

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