Journey Into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in 2013

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Journey Into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in 2013

Final Fantasy XIV on PS3Final Fantasy XIV on PS3

The loyal PlayStation.Blog readers amongst you might have noticed that we’ve been unusually quiet in recent times, but no longer, today we come bearing gifts! For all our RPG-loving fans, we’re excited to bring you the world’s first screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on PS3 (Chocobos included)!

In our first PlayStation 3 reveal, we wanted to give you a guided tour around the game’s interface and menus. With a wealth of different options and commands at your fingertips at any time, it was important for us to create an elegant UI that is easy to read and navigate. Taking inspiration from previous games, the look and feel of the new Final Fantasy will be instantly familiar to long-time fans of the series.

Final Fantasy XIV on PS3

The accompanying screenshots show an action bar with 16 total slots; of which, the left eight can be accessed by pressing the L2 button, and the right eight with the R2. The corresponding eight slots are mapped to the controller’s directional pad, along with the Circle, x, Triangle, and Square buttons. Players can set up to eight action bars, and cycle through them by pressing both the L2 and R2 buttons.

In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, we’ve put an emphasis on customisation. Knowing that everyone has their own personal tastes, not to mention the need to have a load-out that compliments the character and role you’re playing in-game, all of the UI elements that you see in the screenshots can be enabled, disabled, and repositioned to suit your preferences. Menus are also simple to navigate, with the command you’re looking for only a few button presses away.

The UI, like the rest of the game, is built to offer the high-quality experience that you would expect from its PC counterpart. With Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn supporting cross-platform play, it was important that the features and gameplay align across both platforms. The graphical quality is no exception to this, and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn takes full advantage of PlayStation 3’s resources to bring you the amazing visuals you’ve come to expect from Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XIV on PS3Final Fantasy XIV on PS3

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s development is well underway (currently entering an alpha test phase) and the PS3 version is still on track for simultaneous release with its PC counterpart in 2013. We hope these screenshots have you salivating and eager for more; make sure you keep an eye on the blog, because we’ll be back in the near future with some PS3 gameplay footage. If you’d like to find out more about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn — and to view our latest trailer — check out the game’s official site.

As always, please leave your feedback and questions in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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  • I’ve waited forever do play this game and was even thrilled about playing the original xiv for the of but at the time I was poor and couldn’t afford a of to run it so I was broken when it was denied it’s release on the ps3 and eventually I just moved on with my life still rubbernecking at the chance to hop on board. Imagine my delight when this news began to stir about it coming to the ps3!

    So I’m praying that I can get into the beta and be on board for a nostalgic feeling of XI but with a brand new adventure now that i can afford it lol! Even when I played 2 years of XI I wondered what it would be like if square did this again on a next Gen system. So… I’m expecting that dynamic gameplay with an actual batch of devoted stories and lovable characters again and that fantastic, lively community during this “A Realm Reborn” chapter coming to my life.

    Square did hurt me with the repeated releases of over-done sci-fi twist on the series and leading me to believe that they had lost the magic in storytelling, but Yoshida and the rest of the devoted team are assuring us all that this will be that experience into the past with a balanced splash of new content that old fans and curious gamers can equally enjoy.

  • As a huge fan of the Final Fantasy Series since the early days, any new FF game that comes out grabs my attention. But after playing FFXI for 7 years, I’m looking forward to this game big time.

    I can hardly wait for more information about this game; screenshots, videos, beta info. This is definitely a Day 1 purchase for me. For all the haters out there, give this game a chance. FFXI was the best videogame experience I had on my PS2. The cost was well worth it.


  • Oh, a few questions before I forget:

    1. After watching gameplay videos of FFXIV on PC for the last few months I really liked some of the features of the UI. Will we be able to move the UI around like PC players, and will there be a seperate cutscene dialogue box as well?

    2. Will there be any new jobs planned besides Arcanist, & Summoner.

    3. Will our PSN ID’s be viewable by others. I ask this, because the main reason I quit FFXI was due to losing my name after the mega server merger. It just killed the immersion running around with a different moniker.

    4. Any plans to increase not only the # of Macro’s available for console players, but also the # of lines per macro. That was a huge drawback for FFXI

    Thanks again. Looking forward to any and all feedback.

  • Thanks for responding Ben, I feel a bit bad that I was so harsh in criticizing your company since you actually took the time to respond to me. However, I still stand by my opinion that the quality of the franchise has declined over the years. I am willing to give XIV a shot, but if it isn’t a passable game I think I’m done with the franchise altogether. That being said Square-Enix has published a few good games these past couple of years such as Deus Ex: HR but they have developed very few decent ones.

    I play games mainly for the story then followed by the gameplay(the challenge, the theorycrafting, the exploration(open world) IE the fun). Good graphics and convoluted stories with linear worlds, and characters I can’t relate too don’t appeal to me and many other one-time fans of your company.

  • Ben I would appreciate it if you could please respond to me.

    The Final Fantasy game will it work with PSN Cards and our Wallet? Will we need an actual Debit/Visa/Credit card to pay?

    Also for paying what will the fee’s be?

    Will there be an issue since the PSN members are unable to “Gift or Donate” to other friends myself for example have a friend in London and I am a United States player but I’d love to pay for her account and monthly fee also, is there a way around this?

    Thank you again very much Ben for taking time to read this, I have contacted the SE website but they did not give me an answer at all in these matters.

  • Yayyyyyyy!!! Feed me more!!! LoL…..can’t wait :)

  • Ben please for the love of God make sure this game is good.

    Ps3 mmo’s are a dying, sad breed. You can make some money if you fill the niche.

  • Mr. Bateman, i have tried contacting your online support center to try ad recover my code from registering ff13 over 2 and a half years ago. They replied by not only changing the entire subject of the email, but also by not answering the 1 question I asked in it. I asked if i could recover my code for the ps3 beta, and if so, how i would go about it or if they could assist me and recover it. They answer it, by telling me to join the alpha test and that applicants are selected at random. #1 I dont play PC games and didnt mention the alpha test or PC gaming in my email. #2 i mentioned playing the PS3 and needing the code for the PS3 BETA, not the ALPHA. can you please ask your support team to actually read the e-mails they receive and to not copy and paste pe-written answers into the space for an answer? Cause i feel like i just got off the phone with tech support who (no offense) is middle eastern and can’t understand what the hell he’s saying. That’s what it feels like.

  • I’ve been a final fantasy fan since I was little.I’m so glad it’s coming out in Ps3 my computer couldn’t handle such a great game. Will there be any pets besides the chocobos?

  • Do you have to pay monthly on the PS3 like the computer account?

  • I have been waiting for this since the announcement of the game itself! I was saddened when I couldn’t play on my pc, and was happy to hear of the PS3 version, now its just around the corner. I would love to see this F2P for PSN+ subscribers *cough*, any word on it? Does anyone know how to get in or when beta for PS3 starts? Anyways, the haters can eat it. This looks really good, and I will be there to play along as soon I can! Thanks for the updates!

  • I think many are mad u know we wait 4 it like in 2009 then when only pc ver came out in 2010 it was kinda ……………. well then we waited 4 update nothing then like 3 years later it come out we have 2 wait a other year plus who says it a other year>_< oh and why when i went 2 a shop i was seeing 3d tv and saw ff14 3d trailer?_?

  • ok i have bought every FF game 1 through 13 both movies and every other spin off except 13-2
    now FF13 dissapointed extremely so much im not going to buy 13-2 or lightning returns i personally think you should of dropped the Lightning saga once you made 13
    now FF14 feels like an average MMO and im not willing to pay a fee for an average MMORPG even if its the only 1 on the PS3

    you really have lost alot of support from your fans with your recent FF games you should make it up to us by making FF14 free to play otherwise your going to lose more fans

    versus 13 is your last chance to keep a fan that owns almost every game that has FF in its name im used to your delaying a game but if versus 13 comes out on PS4 im going to stop supporting Square-Enix completely my paitence is almost gone ive been waiting since the PS3 was released for a good FF game and haven’t received 1 yet

  • wow has fallen .. tera combat system wasn’t as great as I thought it would be … gw2 “new-gen MMORPG” system wasn’t as great as everyone hyped it to be. When I thought I have given up hope on MMORPG because of most that come out lately hasn’t been as .. quite a novelty as how it was back then .. here comes a new hope … … Once again I will sell my soul to a world … and I hope once again to dream … …

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