Journey Into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in 2013

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Journey Into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in 2013

Final Fantasy XIV on PS3Final Fantasy XIV on PS3

The loyal PlayStation.Blog readers amongst you might have noticed that we’ve been unusually quiet in recent times, but no longer, today we come bearing gifts! For all our RPG-loving fans, we’re excited to bring you the world’s first screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on PS3 (Chocobos included)!

In our first PlayStation 3 reveal, we wanted to give you a guided tour around the game’s interface and menus. With a wealth of different options and commands at your fingertips at any time, it was important for us to create an elegant UI that is easy to read and navigate. Taking inspiration from previous games, the look and feel of the new Final Fantasy will be instantly familiar to long-time fans of the series.

Final Fantasy XIV on PS3

The accompanying screenshots show an action bar with 16 total slots; of which, the left eight can be accessed by pressing the L2 button, and the right eight with the R2. The corresponding eight slots are mapped to the controller’s directional pad, along with the Circle, x, Triangle, and Square buttons. Players can set up to eight action bars, and cycle through them by pressing both the L2 and R2 buttons.

In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, we’ve put an emphasis on customisation. Knowing that everyone has their own personal tastes, not to mention the need to have a load-out that compliments the character and role you’re playing in-game, all of the UI elements that you see in the screenshots can be enabled, disabled, and repositioned to suit your preferences. Menus are also simple to navigate, with the command you’re looking for only a few button presses away.

The UI, like the rest of the game, is built to offer the high-quality experience that you would expect from its PC counterpart. With Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn supporting cross-platform play, it was important that the features and gameplay align across both platforms. The graphical quality is no exception to this, and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn takes full advantage of PlayStation 3’s resources to bring you the amazing visuals you’ve come to expect from Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XIV on PS3Final Fantasy XIV on PS3

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s development is well underway (currently entering an alpha test phase) and the PS3 version is still on track for simultaneous release with its PC counterpart in 2013. We hope these screenshots have you salivating and eager for more; make sure you keep an eye on the blog, because we’ll be back in the near future with some PS3 gameplay footage. If you’d like to find out more about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn — and to view our latest trailer — check out the game’s official site.

As always, please leave your feedback and questions in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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  • I do have to say I’m a little excited for this. Been wondering for some time when FF XIV would come to PS3. But now my only question that remains…

    Can we get down to it and talk about fees? It was obvious before that fees would be associated with playing this game. Will that still be the case or might a free to play setup be adopted?

  • YES, LETS TALK FEES PLEASE!! This is one thing im burnning to know…some post have put more to this subject, but i wanna hear it from the horses mouth so to speak.

    Lol, @ 49

    Who gives a flip, PC gamers havent been able to get over themselves for years…i have learned to chuckle at their “im am more holy than thou” attitude. I wont let it detract from my enjoyment of what I choose to do. And ironically enough every new gen gives them less and less room to spout this stuff too.

    Quite frankly, i dont care how PC gamers feel. They can keep their selfish sense of self supiriorty, it will just give me more to laugh at :D

    My glass is half full on this one…

  • Wow, talking about Final Fantasy XIV at this stage. If it is Free-to-Play then I will try it. However, I want Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

    Square-Enix is falling apart and Final Fantasy is incredibly ruined. Final Fantasy XIII was terrible, so what does Square-Enix do? They stop talking about Versus XIII and announce Final Fantasy XIII-2 which was not good either. Once that was out everywhere was expecting Versus XIII to become the focus and what the hell does your company do? They try to bury Versus XIII and then announce Final Fantasy XIII-3.

    Between the trash that is the XIII “saga” and the horrendous performance of XIV (three years later it is coming to PS3 finally, but going to charge for it) the Final Fantasy fans are giving-up on this franchise. Plain and simple.

    If it wasn’t for Eidos I don’t think Square-Enix would be running right now.

  • @49 I can tell you youre wrong, because FFXI was cross platform with xbox 360, ps2 and pc (and even the regions were shared so europe, japan and US all played together) and there was NEVER any pc vs console rage..

    first off the game was out on ps2 two years before it came to the US.. which is when it first came to PC.. so PS2 users were around first, secondly there was NO WAY of telling if you were playing with a ps2, pc or 360 player other than flat out asking them.

    so even if there was a “pc only guild” I could lie and say Im a pc player as the people in the guild would have no way of knowing I was telling the truth or not. Its not like a cross platform FPS where mouse and keyboard have a SEVERE advantage over controller/gamepad so anyone could tell whos playing on pc and who isnt.

    @50 plenty of other comments answer that question.. read them

  • 1) I did the beta test for FFXI online on PS2 back in the day. Will those who did beta testing for FFXI online get first dibs at beta testing FFXIV online? I really would hate to miss out on FFXIV beta after being part of FFXI beta long ago. If there is a sign up process for the beta please let me (us) know. I been looking forward to FFXIV on PS3 for like 2 years now…

    2) The codes for FFXIV that came in the box for first release buyers of FFXIII, will we be able to use those codes at some point, or will they no longer work? I ask because i have been holding onto that code forever just hoping to use it on FFXIV at some point lol.

    I hope you will answer these questions as they have been on my mind for the longest of time… Thanks

    • We haven’t yet started talking about our BETA plans in detail, but yes, we do fully intend to honour the promotion we ran with XIII for beta codes.

  • Will we have access to the beta since were playstation plus subscribers?

  • Now this is something i’ll keeping my eye on,because the free to play idea is awesome but i don’t this final fantasy will support that idea.

  • I hope there is going to be an Alpha test for the ps3 version like they are doing for the pc version.

  • I am SO sick of all the pompous gamers who always post here, thinking they can speak for everyone. Trust me… “people” in no way speak for me, and I have absolutely NOTHING in common with you, or how you think. Stop saying EVERYBODY or NOBODY thinks or wants “insert your own rediculous opinions here”. Stop putting words in other people’s mouths, you sound like Obama shills.

    On Topic
    I’m REALLY looking forward to FF14. I can’t believe I’m actually even considering paying a subscription fee to play a game, which I always swore I’d never do. But this looks so good I have to at least consider it. BUT i certainly need to play the game to make such a leap, so PLEASE make sure Plus members get into the beta.

    You guys should make it a free download if you want people to consider paying the sub-fee @ $15 a month. Paying for the game AND paying that monthly fee will likely cause me to “opt-out”. Something to consider.

  • @58 the game will be 39.99 on PS3 and the first month will be free, so you have 4 weeks to decide if you like it or not and if you Odin surely you can return it and get your money back like any other game

  • Also

    It’s good to finally see some PS3 version screenshots. I believe these are the first ones released publicly. Looks great. Not QUITE a gorgeous as the PC version maxed out, but that is to be expected. But really, the only thing that seems noticably missing is the INTENSE lighting and bloom which is so evident in the PC screens. And I’m not seeing the dense fog in the forest areas I notice in the PC screens. But other than those, everything else looks just about identical. Foliage looks the same, character models and textures look ust about the same. All-in all you guys seem to have done a great job with the PS3 version.

    In closing, I think FF14 looks to be the most amazing FF since 10. I’ve wanted an online FF since 12 came out and I wish online people could have controlled my other party members. I was WAY too against subscription gaming in those days to even consider FF11. I still am against sub-fees, but like I said, 14 looks so great, that I’m actually considering it, which trust me, coming from me, that is high praise INDEED.

  • The screenshots look good, it’s a shame I don’t like rpg’s.

  • @59
    I’m too broke to just gamble $40. It would be alot easier and a much safer bet to just get into the beta. I don’t know which country you live in, but here in America, you can’t buy a game, play it for a month, and then return it and get your money back (nor should you be able to). If games have even been opened, you can’t return them anymore for your money back. If I felt FF14 weren’t worth a subscription fee after buying it, I’d have to trade it in, and since it’s $40 new, the used game retailer can at most sell it for $35, and knowing that used game retailer like I do…….that means they’ll give me about $2and16 cents for the game.

    I’m too poor to gamble like that. Getting into the beta would be better tool to decide than buying the game and getting a free month. Or better yet, the game just being a free download would be best for everyone, as it would make a subscription fee a much easier pill to swallow for gamers who are….lets say….skeptical….of paying subscriptions. As good as this game looks, $15 a month is quite a commitment, especially in these days of rediculously high unemployment rates.

  • @62 all my receipts have a 30 day return policy, and even if you couldnt get it back, thats what places like craigslist or ebay are for

    Also what would playing a crappy beta thats no reflection of the final product rove? for example the DC universe beta was so horrible I deleted that after an hour… dismissing that game as complete and utter broken garbage… then when the game went free I decided to try again and it wasnt nearly as bad as the beta… it was at least able to hold my attention a full two months and opposed to the betas one hour, so yeah Id never let a beta deice whether or not Id buy a game

    As for high unemployment and being broke, the way I look at it is Im sure you “waste” MORE than 15 bucks every month on things you dont need… for example how many times a month do you go to the movies, eat fast food or buy alcohol or smoke? If you’re not so broke that you can support those “way more than 15 bucks a month” habits then paying 15 bucks a month for a game isnt beyond your means imho

  • If that game is not in the original plastic, you can’t bring it back. Ebay costs money and when I try to sell something on craigslist I just get scam emails.

    Betas give a good idea of how gameplay works, and the experience you’ll get in the game when it releases. Yeah, some games make MAJOR changes durring beta, but typically it’s just some balance changes. And an idea of how the game plays is what I need to make a choice when it comes to a subscription fee. I played and LOVED the DCUO beta, I don’t see a big dif now aside from content. Killzone 2 and 3 betas were perfectly representative of the final game’s onlines. So was SOCOM, BF3 and many others.

    $15 a month is a bill you must pay to play. It’s a commitment. Don’t make assumptions about people you don’t know. The last movie I went to see was The Simpsons, I don’t eat fast food and I don’t drink. Another BILL may well be within my means, but JUST. I want to play the game first before I decide to start paying for a monthly sub-based game for the first time in my life, when I’m against the idea as it is. ESPECIALLY if the game isn’t a free DL. It’s not too much to ask for beta access.

  • Can’t wait for FF14, play it on the PC and it was awesome but had alot of problems to the game. FF11 was also fun but i didn’t fully play because of the battle system being slow and cheap. FF14 Battle system was better and can’t wait to see what the new battle system can do. Realm Reborn FF14 will be 100 times better then FF14.

    Hope the beta test starts soon, i love to join the beta test and help out anyway i can.

  • This looks very good.

    I pre ordered ffxiv for the pc and played in the beta. It was poor follow up to ffxi which I played on the PS2 for years. Reborn looks great, might have that FFXI feel we’ve all been looking for.

    I am looking forward to this.

  • That looks like the same font that FF13 used. I really, really hate that font.

  • @64 actually there is a HUGE difference between the DCUO actual release and the DCUO beta…. the actual release was actually playable…

    the beta didnt work half the time, freezing, voice chat broken 90% of the time, falling through floors, getting stuck in walls, the game was so unplayable I couldnt play it long enough to determine whether or not it sucked.. at least a year later I was finally able to properly play it and make a better decision… which wasnt GREAT but held my attention for 2 months at least before repetitiveness kicked in

    • BETAs are very much a testing period and the “completeness” of a game during BETA various from company to company. It’s a great way to get an idea of what to expect in terms of gameplay but for us it’s a time to get some real life data to help shape the game before release. As you’ve said, server stability, removing exploits and bugs, bringing balance to the game, these are all things that a BETA allows us to do so that we can bring a polished experience come launch. This can’t be done without the communities help.

  • Personally, I’m really excited about this. I’m glad they took the time to respond to user feedback and make changes for the better, instead of just rushing this out.

    Can’t wait to see if their hard work has paid off.



  • oh hope its free

  • Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, Phantasy Star Online 2 and now this.

    soo many games to play O___O

  • Sorry to be a Negative Nate but there hasn’t been an amazing Final Fantasy game since IX. Ten had some good moments but Meg Ryan as Tidus was really annoying, as well as the Ginger Jamaican Wakka. This is all coming from a Square/Squaresoft fanboy as well. To offer some constructive criticism, you guys need to get your act together and make a game that has:

    1) An amazing story with likeable and relatable characters.
    2) Interesting game-play elements. (I liked 7’s materia system but you could have linked more slots, made more combos, and offered difficulty options IE hard, Insane, etc. Because right now all of your games are ridiculously easy except for IV on the DS.)

    You need to stop focusing on:
    1) Shiny Graphics
    2) Emo/ Androgenyous/ Unfunny Characters

    • Sorry to hear you haven’t enjoyed some of our more recent games. Thanks for the feedback though. Hopefully we can win you over yet. XIV is really shaping up to be an incredible game and it’s largely all thanks to the feedback from the community.

  • Obviously they aren’t talking about Versus XIII because it’s probably in an even worse state than XIII or XIII-2. Not really sure why everyone is hoping that Versus will be some miracle that redeems Square-Enix. Not sure if Enix really ruined them as a lot of people argue, but it certainly didn’t seem to help their Final Fantasy franchise.

  • Man… I’ve been waiting on this game for 6 years… Yeah, that’s since the rumors that the game was an MMO but would not be called Final Fantasy. Then it was named Final Fantasy XIV Online at E3 PS3 exclusive, and I ran out the house, and down the street!!

    I spend about 100 bucks sometimes more a month on video games. I like video games, but I love Final Fantasy. So for me a $12 subscription fee means savings for me. That’s more time I’m gonna spend on FFXIV, and less trying to get my fix from new $60 games. I can not wait for this beta to kick off, and have been anticipating it for the last 2 years it seems still clutching my FFXIII beta code.

    So, I guess my questions would be:

    1. Are ps plus users getting into beta day one with the PC players?
    2. Will there be an option just like on FFXI where I can use my ps3 controller along with macros from my usb keyboard for things suck has equipment changes, and other things?
    3. Will fans who still have they’re Final Fantasy XIII code to get into the FFXIV beta be honored, and allowed to get into the beta when the PC & PS3 launch simultaneously?

  • I also just wanted to note that I’m a day one FFXI PS2 player, and played that game from 2004-2009… Now that is some serious adventuring, and the funny thing about it is, I still didn’t see everything in the game. That’s how big these adventures are you guys. It’s pretty serious, and the people you meet along the way are priceless.

    I was hurt when I heard the PC users were getting a 6 month original head start on us. Then when they complained and got to play the game free for almost 2 years while I had to wait for my beloved PS3 exclusive I was kinda hurt. But, to be able to get into that beta day one in November?!!! All will be forgotten, and I will do my best to report any bug that I witness, and try to give enough feedback to make this game last 10 years just like FFXI.

    I can’t wait for this beta Ben Batemen!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Please get me into this beta!!!!

    • Ha ha! Love your enthusiasm. Yeah, XI is amazing. 10 solid years and we’re still bringing out new expansion packs for the fans.

      You’ll be glad to know that the PS3 is getting a simultaneous release with the PC version this time around. Beta plans haven’t been revealed yet but you know I’ll be back here to reveal the juicy details when the time comes! :)

  • Any chance we’ll see some Vita Cross Control? – seems like a no-brainer for an MMO UI.

  • Not much of an MMORPG person, but just thought I’d put this out there. Cross controller capability with vita would make this game play like a dream. Just map your skills and actions to the Vita’s touch screen,

  • F2P Yes i hope so, that way support will continue well into the future.
    Is the game going to port onto PS4, since we all know that we will all soon have the new shiny box next to our tellys??? SCEE your verdict please

  • Garbage in garbage out. FF is trash this generation.

    • Sorry you feel this way. We’ve really made an effort to rebuild XIV with you guys in mind. I’m absolutely sure that it’s going to be one of the best FINAL FANTASY games you’ve seen a long time, but I’m of course completely biased ;)

      Hopefully we’ll have a PS3 gameplay video for you in the near future. Looking forward to hearing what you think of it.

  • So let me get all this …. FF is dead, FFXIV sux, MMO fees are the Devil, ebay and CL are evil …. pc players are elitist pricks, am I missing anything?
    Freekin people will complain and argue about anything. Get a hobby people. Go outside and get off the computer.

    If you think FF is dead, why comment? Its dead. You cant have any impact on said fact. Its dead, after all.
    Also, stop comparing this to the other FF titles. The only other one that is even in the same genre is FFXI. You know, the one FF fanbois always call the worst FF ever, and the biggest failure. Yea, I know ….
    I guess the FF whine babies have to have something to rant about.

    @49 Yes, I agree with you, many pc players are pricks, though many on PSN and XBLive are even worse. (sigh)

    I have been waiting for this game for a long time, and Im excited to try it, but, I also am skeptical of it
    But rather than tell everyone what their opinion is, I’ll just wait and try it, and Ill with hold judgement until then.

  • @80 Way to go. A well thought out lucid contribution to this discussion.

    Proves a point though, doesnt he?

  • Looking good.

    THe only problem with MMORPG is the fact that it depends on how much people are playing it. And yeah, the fact that playing solo isnt that interesing.

    Hoping theres a PLUS beta tester session for this.

    • XIV:ARR offers plenty for people who just want to run around on their own for a bit, but you’re right, the fun is in playing with other people. We still have a great community over on Lodestone and an insane amount of people playing XI so we fully expect there to be plenty of people to play with.

      We’re currently running a closed alpha at the end of the month and you can expect details on a BETA to be detailed soon after that.

  • @Brozz65

    You wrote:

    “FF is dead, FFXIV sux, MMO fees are the Devil, and pc players are elitist pricks.
    Freekin people FF is dead, why comment? Its dead. You cant have any impact on said fact. Its dead, after all.
    Comparing this to the other FF titles the only other one that is even in the same is FFXI. You know, the FF fanbois always call the worst FF ever, and the biggest failure. Yea, I know ….
    I guess the FF is something to rant about. Many pc players are pricks, though XBLive is even worse.

    I have been waiting for this game for a long time, and I am skeptical of it
    But rather than tell everyone what their opinion is, I’ll just tell you all now. FF sucks.”


  • Hey guys and gals, sorry I couldn’t answer your questions straight away, different time zone and what-not!

    For those asking more about the payment model, we revealed details as part of our legacy campaign. You can find out more here:

  • @ Ben Bateman~ Thanks for taking the time out to answer our questions while a lot of these guys are being jerks. I never understood how people could call themselves Final Fantasy fans, but don’t want the game to improve or change, and get mad at anything greater or less.

    Being fans over the years we come to expect each Final Fantasy to completely be different, from stories, to battle mechanics, and I never understood how people could brand a game such as FFXI as not being true to the series claiming it shouldn’t even be numbered. Not being adventurous enough, and most of these guys didn’t even get past the dunes Ben Bateman… The dunes!!! (What we use to call the beach by Selbina) The heart of Final Fantasy games are their story. The stories!

    Here’s to a successful, and timely beta. Like I said, I truly look forward to contributing to the greatness I know this game is capable of, and I thank you Ben, and will be eagerly checking back here for more news on the Beta. Hopefully I’ll get that magical email, or PSN message telling me I’m in the beta!!!

  • Any MMORPG is welcome to PS3!.

  • @84 – Thank you for another intellectual response.
    Your name is enough to stop anyone from taking anything you say seriously.

    You’re either very immature, or your 12.

  • @87 – AGREED !!

  • Looking forward to playing this on my PC and the PS3!! I wonder how much HDD space will it take and not sure if this has been asked, but will we be able to download the client from the playstation store?

  • I have never really played a final fantasy. But with this being action and I don’t have a gaming pc and would love to play an mmo. I am really excited about this!

  • i would buy this in a heart beat as i buy all FF’s on day 1.

    but missed out on 11 and will miss this one :( as i only have a dail up conection to the internet(high speed not offered in my area) and i believe that is not fast enough for an online game correct?

  • Is there any plans to add more classes/jobs. I was hoping they’d add Red Mage class or Samura classi at some point. Also will they be adding a digital download version on PSN?

    Like many here I too have been holding out on the PS3 version FOREVER lol. Glad to see this finally come. Will the beta be coming out sometime this year at least-even if we don’t have a set release date for the beta.

  • @93 – Square hasnt said for sure what classes are going to be in the final release. Seems they are adding / experimenting with classes all the time in development.
    They are also adding / testing new jobs (like fishing-crafting etc)

    thats what Ive read, I guess its all speculation until beta.

  • Hello ive been a paying customer on ffxi since ps2 release. (Ikillshy on Fenrir) will us long time ffxi players recieve any benefits for trying ffxiv? Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to our concerns. Keep up the good work Ben <3

  • Any news of Final FantasyX coming to PSN?

  • Will there be a dissdia on ps3

  • Why are people excited over FF14? You guys do know that MMORPGs are garbage, right? Oh, and you also know, that you NOT ONLY have to pay for the game, but…YOU HAVE TO CONSTANTLY PAY FOR IT, FOR AS LONG AS YOU PLAY THE GAME, REGARDLESS OF HOW OFTEN OR NOT ONLY YOU PLAY IT???????

    Also, they need to end that awful FFXIII series and go back to making good Final Fantasy games again, and to do that they need to fire Toriyama and whoever elese responsible and bring back ‘The Guch’.

    turn based Final Fantasy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Garbage Fantasy XIII series & garbage MMOs

  • so does this mean that they are are finished developing the game cuz cant wait for this but mainly i heard the reason why there was no kingdom hearts 3 yet is because the team was working on this first

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