Ragnarok Odyssey for PS Vita: Cards and Classes Revealed

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Ragnarok Odyssey for PS Vita: Cards and Classes Revealed

It’s Ragnarok Odyssey time! I wanted to share more details about the game’s beloved card equipment system, as well as the six job classes available in-game, so if you’re all about the meat of the gameplay, this will be an informative blog entry for you.

If any of you have played Ragnarok Online, you may already be familiar with how cards work in Ragnarok Odyssey. For those who haven’t played, don’t worry! I’ll explain. You will find cards in shops and from defeated monsters. Depending on what monster you defeat, different things will appear on these cards, such as their likeness, rarity, and specific new abilities and stat boosts. Taking advantage of this is easy, as all armor in the game has a Card Capacity gauge – and the more you upgrade your armor, the more cards you can equip. It’s a nifty little system for when you need an extra boost in firepower to defeat an ugly FrostGiant (they really aren’t all that cute) or a little extra HP.

Ragnarok Odyssey for PS VitaRagnarok Odyssey for PS Vita

How else do you change abilities in this game? Naturally, you change job classes. Ragnarok Odyssey provides six awesomely awesome job classes for you to choose from: Sword Warrior, Hammersmith, Mage, Assassin, Hunter and Cleric. While they’re all readily prepared for battle, they each have their own advantages, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find which one suits you most (Hammersmith is where it’s at, by the way).

The Sword Warrior is the most balanced of the job classes, which shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. A good offense and defense, as well as speedy combos and the ability to guard come with this package. While not necessarily the best at anything, this job class’s stats are far from the bottom, and it’s a great pick for beginners to play when getting a hang of the controls.

Ragnarok Odyssey for PS VitaRagnarok Odyssey for PS Vita

The Hammersmith (yeeeeah!) is the powerhouse of the group. This job class sacrifices speed in exchange for unmatchable raw power, as evidenced by the slow — but exceptionally devastating — hits with a giant hammer that can easily knock enemies across the screen. Unfortunately, because the hammer is a two-handed weapon, you cannot guard. Just be sure to always keep your wits about you as you take the offensive.

The Mage job class is as flashy and fabulous as you might imagine. While not particularly high in either defense or offense, mages have an uncanny ability to unexpectedly turn the tides of battle with elemental damage. This is also a job that can really take advantage of cards which increase elemental damage, because whether it’s a giant ball of fire or a chunk of the earth protruding from the ground, mages are all about being in their element.

Assassins are fast. And when I say fast, I mean really, really fast. In the time a Hammersmith does one attack, they do like, five and stuff. Sure, their attacks are among the weakest of the job classes, but add up each individual strike and the damage count can become quite staggering. For those who absolutely love fast-paced combat (as well as a sleek design, because the outfits are awesome), this is the job for you.

Ragnarok Odyssey for PS Vita

Hunters are the best option for those that prefer to hang back a little. Their defense is the lowest among the job classes, but so long as you stand a good bit away from your enemy, that won’t be a problem. This job is perfect for taking advantage of the lock-on ability, and you can send arrow after arrow in record time – or, if you’re in the mood for showmanship, charge your tension and be ready for a flurry of arrows.

And last, but not least, is the Cleric job class. Just as Hunters have the lowest defense, Clerics have the highest – their defense, as well as their HP, is unmatched. They can guard, too, and with the right timing, can counterattack right after guarding, making them a potent fighter. Just as their name implies, they can heal party members, too, so be sure to have a Cleric whenever you’re doing online multiplayer! It could save you a lot of hassle.

That’s all for today, folks! Ragnarok Odyssey, should be coming out later this month – we’ll let you know the exact release date soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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  • I know tbis is unrelated to the post but how do i find out how to make my web site correctly for the ps vita? Also are there special webkits in the browser that allow use of the controls? And fnally when can we expect to get a REAL html5 update? Again sorry for the un-related questions.

  • Wait is there online play with people around the country/world or is it limited to close range like ad hoc? Because if I can buy one copy for us to share then that’s fine, but like I said if there’s an online pass then I will have to buy 2 more passes so all of us can play online on our own Vita which would cost me $60. :(

    • It’s not limited to ad-hoc, you can indeed play within the North American region via wi-fi! And as long as you have three separate copies of the game, you shouldn’t have any problems playing with any of those people playing those copies. It doesn’t cost extra to play online.

  • Ordered the Collector’s Ed. Look up the videos, people. The gameplay’s slick. I wish there is a way to fully install the game data into the Vita’s memory stick w/ the physical card. But I guess that’s why I carry a card case, haha.

  • Questions:
    1. Why give a release date right before the release? It will only hurt sales.
    2. I want to use both Cleric and Mage since I love being a healer and a support guy plus love mages. I want to know can I freely switch between the 2 and everything saves?
    3. Not about Ragnarok Odyssey but… The Legend of Heroes, I seen that XSEED stated they will brng the WHOLE trilogy over, I noticed That The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky released but The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero did not release here of the 2 games in the trilogy released in Japan. Are you guys planning to bring the PS Vita game The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero Evolution instead? Please say YES, since I bought Trails in the Sky to play on my Vita, this is hands down one of my ALL TIME favourite RPGs, and I didn’t even complee the game yet.

    • 1.) We’re a small publisher, so if any one mistake happens, it can set us back a lot. We like to be absolutely sure of a release date that will come with no problems, which is why our release date announcements are so close to release. It hasn’t hurt our sales at all, thankfully!
      2.) You choose one default class in the beginning, and after chapter 3 you can switch between all classes freely, so yes!
      3.) No comment on that for now, but we’re working very hard to please!

  • Thanks for making an announcement over here and answering consumer questions. I’m looking forward to the games release, my friends and I expect to be playing this together for a good month. :)

  • just to clarify, will the release date be announced in october or is the game going to be released in october?

    • Both! We have our hearts completely set on Ragnarok Odyssey coming out in October, so naturally, we’ll be announcing a release date soon!

  • and btw thanks for localizing this. im super excited, i aleready played he jap demo and the gameplay and graphics are great. just wondering, does the game have a story and if so is it a large part of the game?

    • Thank you! The game is mostly action-oriented. There is a story that you can learn in-depth by talking to the NPCs at Fort Farthest, as well as an over-arching story, but the game mostly focuses on monster hunting.

  • WHEN i first tried the Japanese demo, I loved and was hoping that it comes stateside. And thanks to XSEED my wish came true. I love you XSEED keep up the good work, I will always support you. Plus love the Mercenary edition, already pre-ordered as soon as it was announced. Thank you XSEED once again.

    • That’s awesome! Thank you so much for the kind words, we’re going to keep trying really hard to live up to your expectations. We hope you like the Mercenary Edition, too!

  • I keep not buying games to save money for this one. I’m still not really sure what this game is about, but it keeps pulling me into it. So I have money saved and I’m ready to get it day one.

    You guys have made something that won’t stop catching my attention great job! I’m excited to play it!

  • Finally i been waiting for so long can’t wait to get my pre order and play and thanks for the news ^ ^ very much appreciated

  • The game looks awesome and never play RPG like this one before but i may give it shot . If anyone wants to team up for online play please let me know on the PSN-ID just PM me on their. Need to build my list of RPG for Vita. :)

  • Thanks Hatsuu! Tom said that there was a possibility of it being delayed until November, I guess that isn’t the case now!

    Much love from the Xseed forums, we appreciate everything you guys do for us!

    P.S. Really excited for the announcement that Tom mentioned would be in a few weeks!

    • We have our hearts set for October, for sure. We’ll say the actual release date soon! Thank you so much for being so nice. ;w;

      And haha, oh, Tom, teasing things.

  • woohooo cant wait cant wait cant wait… about to die waiting for this game to come out. wish mercenary edition is available for digital version too. might consider picking up a physical copy instead

  • Yes I understand that, but the thing is I’d prefer to buy 1 copy of the game instead of buying 3 copies of the same game. And if there is in fact an online pass then I will have to pay an extra $20 just so we can all play online on the same copy of the game. Taking turns playing the game isn’t the issue, it’s just the online pass because it discourages sharing all throughout. People living in the same household shouldn’t have to pay extra just so we can all have the full feature of game, but I guess there’s no way around it. :(

    • You can have multiple saves with different characters on one copy of the game, and all of them can go online and play with other people who have a copy of the game; That’s no problem at all! If you want to play multiplayer, as in have three people play separate datas with the intent to go online together rather than one game with multiple save datas, you’ll need three separate Vitas, each with their own copy of the game. Since it’s a handheld game, that’s how things are. :<

  • Getting this game daay ! Xseed you do need to get a move on that website !! ;). Amazon states it will come out oct 30th -.-, hopefully it’s sonner. Please post on here more often ! lol (Btw i preordered the mer. edition ;)

  • Thanks so much for answering all these questions and bringing us this news!
    The other developers could sure learn a thing or two from Xseed!

  • Sounds great and brittany thanks for replying to everyone

    I like the online features can you go into more detail on the online features. I like onlines games and am extreamly happy thisi is not a adhoc game which is soooooooo boring. Caint wait for this game to drop. ;) i am on my vita now and read this and was like WOAH!!!!! shut up and take my cash

    • Hahaha, you’re welcome!

      For online multiplayer, think of it as a Hard Mode version of single player. You fight alongside up to three others and continue your monster hunting ways!

  • Finally!! Thank you XSEED for bringing this over. Will be a day one buyer. Any news on Legend of Heroes or y’s?
    Love those games too.

    Oh and Sony… see the positive reaction and number of comments this game is getting on the blog? There is a reason for that. RPG!!! What made the PS1, Ps2, and PSP so popular… sadly the ps3, while a great console doesn’t have nearly the amount of RPGS that the other PS consoles had, because you guys switched focus to American shooters… bad move. You need either a dedicated RPG dev or to support some more 3rd party rpg devs. And get more RPGS on the vita…it doesn’t have many. We are craving good rpgs which is why I am so pumped for Ragnarok to come out!

  • Yes Hatsuu, Tom is always teasing us…..always……when you and Jess aren’t busy, you should drop by the forums sometimes, we only see Tom on there now. After the recent changes with things, I don’t expect to see Ken on there very much anymore.

    I’m pretty happy for you guys, looks like things are heading in a good direction, and it looks like you will be around for the long haul.

    I just hope you don’t get too big that you guys forget about us! We remember the poor intern girl that Jess loved to torture!

  • And a video of each class would be much appreciated!!!

  • I’m getting the mercenary bundle day one. You guys are too awesome bring these games over here to the states. Oh and I don’t mean to be that guy….but YS: Sea of trees please. ^_^

  • Very sad with the lack of voice chat. Is there a new game+ and in terms of dlc (if any) will that expand on end game characters?

    • There’s no new game+ as far as I recall, but there is a variety of DLC, both paid and free, that will be available for the game when it comes out. There’s even some things that were patched into the Japanese version that will be included in the North American version right from the start!

  • In USA is October and in Europe is also October?

    • We don’t have the rights to the European version of Ragnarok Odyssey, so that’s a question to better ask GungHo USA. Sorry!

  • And also what about this games?

    Ys: Celceta Sea of Trees
    Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Evolution

    You have plans to translate and release this games in USA & EU ?

  • And also Tales of Innocence R!

  • great :D

  • How much story is there to this game? Is there a main quest of some sort? Or is it all mission based where you just find and kill monsters?

    • It’s heavily mission-based, but there is an overarching story told through NPCs. Story-based scenes happen every chapter, but they’ll always involve your next Giant to pursue. The story is about humans who are exploring a long-uncharted land, due to it being blocked by mountains, only to find out it’s infested with Giants who want to cross over to human land and take over. The story grows from there, but like said, it’s heavily mission-based.

  • Hope to see more physical releases on Vita from you guys. Been waiting for this game for awhile.

  • hi, was wondering if this will be available at the psn store as a downloadable title?

  • Pre-ordered this a while back. I used to play RO waaaaay back when (stopped when it became too time consuming). Glad that we’re getting a portable version of that. Haha. It took me a while to decide to get the Mercenary edition instead of the standard one and I’m counting the days until it gets shipped and delivered. Thank you XSeed!

    • I’m glad you went with the Mercenary Edition, thank you for the support! :D I’ve never actually played Ragnarok Online myself, but I knew a lot of friends that did- they were very helpful when I was doing my research, hahaha. I hope you’ll love this game just as much as you liked the Online game!

  • What is the price of the game and is it also playable offline or only online

    • The standard edition is $39.99, while the Mercenary Edition, which contains a soundtrack CD, full artbook/monster guide, and ten randomized collectible cards out of many will be ten dollars more at $49.99. And this game can be fully played offline, so not to worry! You can choose online or offline with no problems.

  • Alright, I have to ask again, since my question didn’t get answered in the last blog post (at least that I noticed).

    Is there any chance for a “digital mercenary” edition? Like, all the bonuses except for the art book, for obvious reasons? If not, I may just have to pre-order and purchase the physical Mercenary Edition, grab all the goodies out and immediately trade the game in, then buy the digital version. Cause I really want the OST, but I also want the game on my memcard, so I can play it whenever I want, without having to switch game carts.

    Either way, I will be getting this, one way or another. Game looks amazing! Thanks for bringing it over for us to enjoy. :)

    Also, please release before October 30th! I want to play this really bad, but if you try and compete with Assassin’s Creed, you will lose. I’ll buy the game, but it will collect dust until AC3 and AC3:L are completed. No hard feelings. :)

    • There’s no digital version of the Mercenary Edition, but luckily the physical version of the Mercenary Edition is just ten dollars more ($49.99) than the standard. Thank you for supporting us, and we’re happy you’re looking forward to it. :>

  • Is there a control configuration in this game? I don’t think i will be comfortable with the control layout that has been set for the game..

    • No control configuration as far as I recall, but the controls are very easy to get used to, so don’t worry!

  • man i can’t wait for this i would pre-order it but i live in Australia so i will probably order it as soon as it comes out (had some past troubles getting games from america)… i was just wondering if you would bring games to Australia…. But anyway awesome work and i will defiantly be getting it, even got some of my mates exited over it… so they are going to get a Vita for it

    • Wow, all the way from Australia. That’s awesome that you’re still supporting us! As for releasing games into Australia, we’re actually looking into it, so we’ll see.

  • And EU will get this game for 40-50 pounds/euro and only in digital form?
    Great :(

    So i can get NA retail version cheaper and only like few MB on my memory card but without online and DLC or more expensive 1-2GB version with online and DLC but without any bonuses?
    Not fair…

  • TY, XSEED!

  • Did you know the release date in Europe please ? Not the date exactly but at least the month…
    I know it’s not you but it’s GungHo USA which released it

  • Brittany,

    Thank you so much for getting us all this juice info on the game. I’ve had my eye on this game since February, and it’s been a long time coming! :) The Vita needs JRPG’s in a bad way. It’s what people who buy a portable console look for to be on their system. If you ask me, it’s the definitive genre for my portable gaming needs. Would can’t wait to buy this game, I don’t do pre-orders more than a few weeks out, but you can be sure I will be purchasing this, and any thing XSEED wants to localize!! Have a great day/weekend. : )

    • Awww, thank you! :D I want to see more JRPGs on the Vita, too. And we’ll be keeping our eye out for more games on the Vita!

  • I have the Mercenary Edition pre-ordered. This game looks very good.

    But I don’t know which of the classes to choose from. Hmm.

    • Don’t worry about choosing; you choose one default class in the beginning of the game, but a few chapters in, you can actually switch between classes at no cost. So, go crazy and experiment! That’s how I discovered my favorite was Hammersmith, because I actually started with Sword Warrior, haha.

  • Game demo before it release plz?

    • Probably not before the release, but we’ll looking into the idea of having a demo come out as soon as possible after release!

  • @79; Yes, and that question is pointless. All games are digital.

  • Hello, do you happen to know approximately how big the digital game is? I would love to have this on my memory card but I’m almost full. =( This is definitely a game you want in your memory! Thanks for bring this game to the US btw! =)

  • I was wondering about these things, reply if you dont mind XSEED, thanks:
    1. In US Ragnarok Odyssey dlc’s, is some of them free, or gou have to buy all of them with real money?
    2. Can all classes guard to defend themselves? Or some of them can’t?

    Thanks again XSEED

    • 1.) Some will be paid, and some will be free! Rather, what was free in Japan will be free here, and what was paid in Japan will also be paid here.

      2.) The Sword Warrior and the Cleric have the ability to guard, specifically!

      Thank you for the the love! :D

  • More questions! please answer!

    -Multiplayer have same missions/chapters than single player, the difference is the difficulty?
    -Multiplayer have better drops than single player?

    • You are correct on both counts! They are the same missions, but multi-player will have a higher difficulty and better drops. That’s why, if you’d like, you can also play multi-player mode as a single player if you’re up for a challenge!

  • I meant you in #1 sorry again

  • Thank you so much XSeed for bringing this and YS to North America! I try to support you and Atlus as much as I can. I love companies who go out of their way to support their fans. Got my Mercenary Edition pre-ordered :)

  • Didn’t have much interest in this game before because i thought it was just another mindless Monster Hunter clone (which isn’t a compliment considering how boring and tedious that series is).

    But reading this article and looking up some additional footage of the game, it looks like you guys are attempting something grander than anything Capcom every intends for their series.

    I’ll keep my eye on this. Hope there is a demo or discount on the psn version to sweeten the deal.

    • We’re definitely looking into a demo, so keep your eyes open for it! And thanks for the love, we’re going to keep trying to bring over interesting titles.

  • Do you happen to know if the game will be coming out in Europe around the same period (until the end of the year), and if there will be a physical release, or will it be exclusively a PSN title?

    • That’s a question to better ask GungHo America, since they have the rights to the European version. Sorry!

  • @ Brittany Avery

    Buying first day and word on Wild Arms 6 aka (Wild Arms Next) I own the entire series from Ps1 to Psp any light on the next installment or any HD remakes would just make my day!

    • Thanks for the support! And as for Wild Arms, we’re only the North American publishers for the game, not the developers, so I’m afraid I don’t have any answers for them. Sorry!

  • i watched maybe 10 minutes of youtube video on this…i was pleasantly surprised this was a action/rpg game coming to vita!!!! and it release this month! consider this bought.

    1 question if you can answer. Will there be huge boss battles?

    • There will be MASSIVE boss battles. Giant bosses everywhere! Some so big you’ll have to jump in the air five or six times in a row just to meet their height and attack their weak points, haha. Those are quite the challenge, let me tell you!

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