Ragnarok Odyssey for PS Vita: Cards and Classes Revealed

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Ragnarok Odyssey for PS Vita: Cards and Classes Revealed

It’s Ragnarok Odyssey time! I wanted to share more details about the game’s beloved card equipment system, as well as the six job classes available in-game, so if you’re all about the meat of the gameplay, this will be an informative blog entry for you.

If any of you have played Ragnarok Online, you may already be familiar with how cards work in Ragnarok Odyssey. For those who haven’t played, don’t worry! I’ll explain. You will find cards in shops and from defeated monsters. Depending on what monster you defeat, different things will appear on these cards, such as their likeness, rarity, and specific new abilities and stat boosts. Taking advantage of this is easy, as all armor in the game has a Card Capacity gauge – and the more you upgrade your armor, the more cards you can equip. It’s a nifty little system for when you need an extra boost in firepower to defeat an ugly FrostGiant (they really aren’t all that cute) or a little extra HP.

Ragnarok Odyssey for PS VitaRagnarok Odyssey for PS Vita

How else do you change abilities in this game? Naturally, you change job classes. Ragnarok Odyssey provides six awesomely awesome job classes for you to choose from: Sword Warrior, Hammersmith, Mage, Assassin, Hunter and Cleric. While they’re all readily prepared for battle, they each have their own advantages, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find which one suits you most (Hammersmith is where it’s at, by the way).

The Sword Warrior is the most balanced of the job classes, which shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. A good offense and defense, as well as speedy combos and the ability to guard come with this package. While not necessarily the best at anything, this job class’s stats are far from the bottom, and it’s a great pick for beginners to play when getting a hang of the controls.

Ragnarok Odyssey for PS VitaRagnarok Odyssey for PS Vita

The Hammersmith (yeeeeah!) is the powerhouse of the group. This job class sacrifices speed in exchange for unmatchable raw power, as evidenced by the slow — but exceptionally devastating — hits with a giant hammer that can easily knock enemies across the screen. Unfortunately, because the hammer is a two-handed weapon, you cannot guard. Just be sure to always keep your wits about you as you take the offensive.

The Mage job class is as flashy and fabulous as you might imagine. While not particularly high in either defense or offense, mages have an uncanny ability to unexpectedly turn the tides of battle with elemental damage. This is also a job that can really take advantage of cards which increase elemental damage, because whether it’s a giant ball of fire or a chunk of the earth protruding from the ground, mages are all about being in their element.

Assassins are fast. And when I say fast, I mean really, really fast. In the time a Hammersmith does one attack, they do like, five and stuff. Sure, their attacks are among the weakest of the job classes, but add up each individual strike and the damage count can become quite staggering. For those who absolutely love fast-paced combat (as well as a sleek design, because the outfits are awesome), this is the job for you.

Ragnarok Odyssey for PS Vita

Hunters are the best option for those that prefer to hang back a little. Their defense is the lowest among the job classes, but so long as you stand a good bit away from your enemy, that won’t be a problem. This job is perfect for taking advantage of the lock-on ability, and you can send arrow after arrow in record time – or, if you’re in the mood for showmanship, charge your tension and be ready for a flurry of arrows.

And last, but not least, is the Cleric job class. Just as Hunters have the lowest defense, Clerics have the highest – their defense, as well as their HP, is unmatched. They can guard, too, and with the right timing, can counterattack right after guarding, making them a potent fighter. Just as their name implies, they can heal party members, too, so be sure to have a Cleric whenever you’re doing online multiplayer! It could save you a lot of hassle.

That’s all for today, folks! Ragnarok Odyssey, should be coming out later this month – we’ll let you know the exact release date soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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