PlayStation Plus Update: NFL Blitz Joins the Plus Roster

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PlayStation Plus Update: NFL Blitz Joins the Plus Roster

Last week you welcomed Starhawk’s single-player campaign into your gaming collection for free as a PlayStation Plus member. This week we continue to roll out even more content with NFL Blitz, coming free to Plus! Please note that Borderlands will be leaving Plus with this week’s PlayStation Store update, so make sure you grab it while you can.

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October 2nd PlayStation Plus Update

NFL Blitz — Free for PlayStation Plus Members
With football (of the American variety) in full effect, we and our pals at EA thought it right to help you gather some friends and play one of the best arcade sports titles in recent memory, all for free with your Plus membership. NFL Blitz features a combination of the arcade-style gameplay that made the original a hit and the deep, immersive game modes of today; recharged with an energetic, football gaming experience. Pick it up today, free with a Plus membership.
Alex Kidd in Miracle World — 80% discount for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $1.00)
You’ll also see an amazing deal on SEGA’s classic Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Remastered for PSN, this is your chance to meet one of gaming’s original heroes, and get a great deal and a dose of nostalgia in the process. Journey to Miracle World in a search for your long lost brother Prince Egle, and get some Trophies while you’re at it. You can also challenge yourself with all new trial modes.
Spelunker HD — 50% discount (Regular Price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: $5.00) All DLC 50% Off (Regular Price: $1.99, PS Plus Price: $1.00)
Spelunker HD is no stranger to Plus members, as earlier last month we had a similar deal for the game. Fans (and to-be-fans) of the game will be excited to note that the new DLC releasing with the October 2nd Store Update (Area EX9 and Area EX10) will be joining the rest of the DLC with a 50% off discount — about $1 per Add-On. The game itself is going back on the 50% off deal as well, so get on it!

Lastly, I wanted to leave you guys with a Plus tip to help manage your benefits as a Plus member. If you’re low on HDD space but don’t want to miss out on any of the content in Plus, you can still click download, but then cancel the download. As long as you’re a Plus member you’ll be entitled to download it in the future, even if it’s not in Plus at that time.

That’s it for this week. Make sure you check out tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update post to see all the details for this week’s Plus update, and come back next week when we’ll have more great Plus news to share.

Also, we’d love to know your thoughts as to what you enjoyed most about Plus in the month of September. Feel free to explain your vote in the comments, or in the Plus section in the PlayStation Community forums.

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PlayStation Plus Update: 10-2-2012

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32 Author Replies

  • a crappy sports game? Really Sony? Europe gets Darksiders and Red Dead Redemption, but get a crappy football game?

    Its official, Sony American branch is ran by monkeys. :/

  • @6 Blitz is an arcade football game as opposed to a realistic simulation football game (madden) I hate sports games (youll never see me play madden) but Blitz is fun… Just as NBA Jam is to basketball.. I can play that all day but Ill never touch something like NBA 2k13

    But yeah morgan thats not the only free game this month right? Im used to us getting 3 (it was better when we got all 3 the first week so we can kill the suspense and eventual letdown all at once until the next month.. Blitz woulda been a wonderful choice had I not bought it back in May… lets hope one of the next games we get this month is a full retail game… Borderlands was a wonderful addition (even though Im not interested in it and didnt play it its nice to see games of that quality offered) Starhawk was also a nice surprise (even though I got that back in May) lets hope whatever other free games come out this month is more of THAT kinda quality.

  • @31 yeah we wanted Variety, but they could have easily given us an rpg instead. That would have been different from previous free games and would have pleased alot more people.

    Sony needs to poll us on these games ahead of time instead of randomly choosing crap.

  • I got an email from you guys saying that I’ll get $20 back if I spend $100 in the Playstation Store this month. Will we hear any more details on that soon?

    And I second whoever said Double Dragon Neon was one of the most important updates last month. That game was a great surprise.

    • you’ll be hearing official details on this later today. Also, we’re including any preorders from the Day 1 Digital event that may have been done in September towards this $100 amount.

  • why are we getting a 50% off on Spluenker HD again. You alread did that a couple months ago. Time to discount something new.

    • There’s new DLC for Spelunker, so it made sense. But it didn’t replace any other potential deals, so no harm done right?

  • Thanks for the update and the poll question! I think a poll is a great idea. I voted for PS+ for Vita — obviously the most exciting thing in the works. In terms of games, Borderlands was the best of September for me.

    I’d also like to say that I really like the format that is developing with Plus. (It’s been weekly lately hasn’t it?) 1 game and 2 awesome discounts is a fantastic week in my opinion. Thank you very much.

    • it has been weekly, and glad you approve. A few months back, I asked people if they prefer content updates weekly, or monthly at a time, and the overwhelming response was weekly; so we’re making a move to that format. Helps us out too by being able to be more accurate with content updates. There were a few occasions when stuff we mentioned that was coming to Plus got delayed, or didn’t make the cut. So weekly posts minimize that from occuring.

  • nfl blitz is a game i want on my vita!!!

  • Not really a sports fan so nothing for me this month. Is this like NBA Jam? I enjoyed NBA Jam a little bit even though I am not into basketball. Good thing I am also subscribed to EU PS+.

  • how about giving us games like Fallout and Fallout New Vegas or even bring them to the store as digital downloads. Im no football fan and this is junk to me. starhawk, what a boring single player game, there are more cut scenes than in MGS4 and that’s saying something. Seems as the plus games are getting worse and worse as each update comes. How about bringing the ps2 Socom collection to the ps3. It is the top requested set of games and was Sony’s flagship game for years. Seriously for MY money I don’t want to feel as though it’s being wasted…. Not impressed with the last 5 updates. Not impressed at all.

  • I hate these 1 week at a time PS+ updates. I was actually much happier with the service when you gave the whole month of info up front. I know that you are trying to drive traffic/discussion, but it is detrimental to the enjoyment of PS+. I’m not trying to be a whiny jerk here – I’m actually one of the 97% of satisfied customers from your recent survey.

    I know you hear this all the time but I want to be more specific about why the 1 week updates are causing more dissapointment than they should. Are you listening? Ok, say we are dealing with a month where 3 free games are spread out over 3 different weeks and I don’t care about/already own 2 out of 3 of those games but I am excited about 1; with a one-week update format I am dissapointed 2 weeks (plus any intervening weeks) out of the month and don’t have anything to look forward to. With the full-month update, using the same catalog of games, I get to see the one game I am excited about up front and instead of spending those weeks disappointed I am able to spend them looking forward to that game. With the one-week updates you are maximizing dissapointment and minimizing excited anticipation.

    • thanks for the feedback. I like the idea of giving a full outlook of content too; but I have to make the move to weekly for the time being. But once we have our legs firmly planted in the weekly updates; then I’ll look for ways to see about a monthly outlook for Plus content. But no guarantees there.

  • True, where’s Double Dragon Neon on that list? I choose Avatars & Themes because I pretty much had all those games already. I win with NFL Blitz this month. I’m not sure why a full games is getting replaced with a PSN download title. Oh well.


  • @59, yeah. Why not replace Outland or Bloodrayne? When i saw Borderlands was leaving i thought a great full retail game was taking its place.

  • It is about time you get some voting polls on this blog!!

    Please continue to add these to the Plus posts. It is good info for you guys, but it is also interesting to see how the community feels about big and little questions alike.

    Have been with Plus since day one and you guys have improved the program so much.

    Keep up the good work!

  • PS Plus for PS Vita ? I would have saved this for the November poll.


  • What percentage of Vita owners were already Plus subscribers? Seems quite a lot from this poll.

  • To the people complaining that NFL Blitz is a sports game: a) It’s barely a sports game. I absolutely HATE football, but Blitz has always been one of my favorites games. Just like NBA Jam. You’ll probably have more fun with it if you DON’T like simulation football games, to be honest. And b) It’s free. Just try it.

    To Morgan: Any chance of posts like this clearing up some confusion about whether or not these free games are part of the Instant Game Collection or not? Is Blitz in there now, or is it just for free for funsies like Starhawk’s single-player?

  • Just 3 questions for you or if anyone can answer

    1: want to ask you have you any news on dragon ball z budokai hd collection?

    2: do you know if budokai 3 will have online?

    3: Is it possible the rumor about dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi hd collection could be released someday?

    here’s a link about the game from question 3:

  • Sweet. I always wanted to buy this new NFL Blitz game when it came out because I had so much fun with it when I was younger. I used to play it in an arcade center and later on the N64. I just kept putting this new version off because new games that interested me more kept coming out. But now that I can get it for free, I’m I’m glad I waited. PS+ has by far been the best investment I’ve made. Been a member since the start and I don’t see me ending my subscription any time soon.

  • Do previous weeks’ discounts ever come back? I’m bummed that I missed the 50% off of Journey.

  • seriously? this is all we’ll get for this month?

  • I’m so glad I didn’t renew my PS+ subscription.

  • Why is PS Plus for Vita considered content for September in the poll? I thought that didn’t start until November.
    Regardless, Borderlands was the bomb, and I’m still playing it. 1 GB of cloud storage was sweet too. Keep it coming…the polls as well. In fact, feel free to email me a survey about what I like/dislike about Plus and what I’d like to see in the future. :)

  • Mmh… meh~
    Thanks :D

  • I guess they can’t all be good updates. I hate to complain, but it is annoying that Europe gets better Plus games. Where’s our Dead Space 2 or Red Dead Redemption?

  • The poll idea is awesome keep it up Sony and thanks for the update morgan good stuff i’ll pick the 1 buck goodies :D

  • I don’t understand why ps+ members ask or care about what is replacing what in the IGC. The IGC no longer exists as far as I’m concerned. It is only there to attract new customers. If you are already a member just download the new content every week and the IGC for all purposes no longer exists.

    • to some degree, i agree. In my head, the Instant Game Collection was rolled out at E3 to realize the new philosophy of PS Plus which is a ton of games to download at any given time. But from there, I personally wish people wouldn’t get so attached to the notion of what’s in the IGC or not. It’s free via your Plus membership, done and done! But that’s just me =)

  • “+ Morgan Haro on October 1st, 2012 at 10:36 am said:

    you’ll be hearing official details on this later today. Also, we’re including any preorders from the Day 1 Digital event that may have been done in September towards this $100 amount.”

    nice I saved up to by RE8 and Doom 3 BFG through PSN and im picking up a few little things. So this is awesome I’ll get 20 extra bucks to spend this is AWESOME!!!!

  • NFL blitz looks kinda fun so as a free game it’s not bad.

    What game is replacing the full PS3 Borderlands game? Was it mentioned in a previous post?

    Hopefully NA plus starts getting more like the EU plus so it’s actually good.

    The large discounts you listed sound nice, too bad the games aren’t good ones.

    If NFL blitz is like the half game starhawk and is just a bonus this is a decent update.

    If for some reason we’re losing another PS3 Full game to a mediocre and not exactly new PSN game… well the downfall of plus continues.

    The pre-order discounts on a few digital games from the other week were a good step though.

  • Hey Morgan:

    Do you have plans to have The bouncer from PS2 on the store any time soon?
    Also could you please consider lowering down the price for SIren Blood Curse?

  • Really pleased to see PS Plus for PS Vita and Save Storage to 1GB at or near the top of your poll Morgan. For me PlayStation Plus has always been about the features, and the Free stuff is just the icing on the cake. Auto-Updating and Cloud Storage make the program for me.

  • You should add a ‘Nothing/dissatisfied’ option in the poll.

  • NFL Blitz is a great title that can be fun for all, even those that really care for football. Just wish EA would update the rosters.

    I like the way Plus has been adding a game a week to the Instant Game Collection instead of one huge monthly update. The one thing I would really like to see is earlier store updates especially for the Day 1 digital titles. The PS Plus discount is nice but if I have to wait until the store updates to download then there is still more of an incentive to pickup a physical copy at retail.

  • Poo….with the impending release of Resident Evil 6, I was hoping there would be a free game or at least a PS+ discount for all the Resident Evil games available on PSN especially the digital version of RESIDENT EVIL 5: GOLD to coincide with the release of RE6. Maybe in time for Halloween? There is hope yet, make it happen please! :)

  • Voting button is something new & I like it. Maybe have one once a month? No need to overdo this. Because every new feature is something new for the chronic complainers who make up 80% of the commenters every day.

    I’ve been Plus since day 1 & am paid through mid-2014. Could you add a button for “wish everyone who threatens to not renew Plus would just do it & shut up about it”?

    I think the cloud storage is the best feature so far. As I’ve said before, it’s the only way to get around the “no copy” feature of several of my games.

  • Weak, I guess I’ll wait a little bit to renew my PS+

  • nice something different and I love football

  • Seriously people. Who cares what is replacing Borderlands? You should already have Borderlands downloaded! Who cares if it stays on a list or not. If Sony makes a deal to give away a full blu-ray game like Borderlands and they can only do it for 2 weeks, just be happy that you get that full game at all. They’re not going to give away a full ps3 game every 2 weeks to replace it. That is insane. You’ll be a lot better off if you just start pretending the “Instant Game Collection” no longer exists, because for current members it doesn’t.

  • Oh as for the poll choosing only one option was hard.

    I chose the release week discounts as my favourite, but the online storage upgrade, Plus coming to Vita and the Avatar/themes were all very close to being my pick.

    Perhaps in future polls let us choose our top two or something? I know more than 4% of people are happy about Day 1 Digital/the discount on pre-order but this poll makes it look like no one cared. (reading the msgs/posts shows otherwise).

    Same for avatar/themes, plenty of us want them, but it’s not a shock they are low on the list of ‘favourite of the month’ so hopefully you don’t think we stopped wanting them.

    I wouldn’t want something people like to be over looked or under rated because we had to only choose 1 item on a list.

    Other than that, good for you giving us the poll and looking for feedback.

  • Hey Morgan is there any word when he crackle app is coming to usa

  • Thanks for the response, Morgan. Looking at your response to me, and your response to b3thousand #58, I think that would be the best of both words. Weekly updates to have something to look forward to every week is my favorite, but a monthly outlook post to see what’s in store is always fun too.

  • @ 87

    I agree. Maybe a order these options from greatest to least excited type poll? Or maybe those types from survey sites that have you rate all choices independently.

  • To those saying we should be grateful for Borderlands and who cares what replaces it…

    I’ve owned borderlands for a long long time (a lot of people have, old games people own is a recurring IGC theme) so having it come to the IGC was annoying. Seeing it leave and not be replaced by a proper PS3 game is worse.

    4 months in now and I’ve saved about 10$ through plus discounts (I already own most of the IGC stuff, don’t like what I don’t own) and I spent about 40$ for those months (with 2 still to come) so far i’m -30$ as a plus member (when you only count things I would actually play/watch/want, giving me a game I already own doesn’t count).

    Here’s hoping the next two months improve/Plus here becomes like the EU.

  • BUNDLE THE Playstation display with a ps3!!! dont give up on 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m not much of a realistic sports game fan, but I remember playing old-school NFL Blitz back in the day, and it was pretty fun. If this is a more modern version made specifically for PS3, then I won’t complain.

    PS Vita content won’t be replacing any of the PS3 offers, will it? I can still expect my free weekly PS3 content? I don’t have a Vita, and don’t have any interest in picking one up, so I hope my content isn’t penalized.

    In order to make up for the amazing content that the Euros get that we don’t (Dead Space 2, Red Dead Redemption, Deus Ex: HR, Darksiders, etc), a good combination of quality horror-type games would be great this month: Dead Space 2 and Dark Souls (which I don’t believe is even available on PSN) would blow me away.

  • Morgan said:

    “I personally wish people wouldn’t get so attached to the notion of what’s in the IGC or not. It’s free via your Plus membership,”


    It’s not free, we pay for our Plus membership which has become a rental service.

    If it was truly free we’d still own it after stopping our Plus membership.

    And in a nutshell that’s why I care. You took away Qore and many other Plus features and replaced them largely with the IGC.

    I’m now paying for Plus to get IGC games. Most of which end up being old and already owned/played, or at the least far inferior to what the EU gets.

    Of course I care what games are there since that’s the main feature of plus now. Wouldn’t most people care when it’s more or less what Plus is all about now?

    • Free via your Plus Membership (which of course, costs $$) Regardless of how we state the terms and conditions of obtaining these games, my point is that they’re part of Plus, whether they’re labeled IGC, or not; it’s still the same level of access for Plus members. Whether you dig the games offered, or not, now that’s the thing that’s subjective and what to debate (not whether it’s IGC or not) and we’re working on ways to be everything to all PlayStation gamers. But that’s just my thoughts on the matter =)

  • First of all thank you sony for ps+ I being a member sinve day one I love it so much I post how giod it is on my gaming facebook page. I also tell everybody that I know has a ps3.. but I have seen the sometime we get the sucky gamew while europe gets good games dont get me wrong borderland was a good game I just want to see more games like that. But I stiil love yoi guys and thanks again

  • @Squiggle55:

    Well, you kind of hit the nail on the head right there. I care because I want there to be a bunch of new PS Plus members. The more successful the service is, the better it can be. People are obviously obsessed with what is and isn’t in the IGC, so it’s important to make the IGC distinctive. Personally, I’d like to see the IGC made up mostly of $60 retail games with a few killer PSN titles as well, then have the weird little games from PSN that we get for free not in IGC. It makes the IGC feel substantial and gives them room to play around with how they market this stuff. “Two awesome new games coming to the IGC this month!” could be the kind of tweet that gets people really jazzed because they’ll know to expect big games rather than just a fun little PSN title that people might like, but ultimately kind of resent because they feel like it’s taking up a slot in the IGC that could be going to a Borderlands or a Red Dead or something.

  • @boomstickbhg The problem with your train of thought is that you think they are directly replacing your games with new games. In actuality, for current members it is an uninterrupted stream of content that is never replaced with anything. You keep it all. Yes, for people that are subscribing for the first time it matters what games are on the list for when they first sign up, but for you and me it doesn’t matter.

    If they can only afford to give away a full PS3 blu ray game once a month or once every 2 months, that’s how often they will do it, regardless of how long their contract to give away Borderlands for free is. The fact that you already owned Borderlands is a completely different discussion. Just pretend that a full PS3 game can only be added to PS+ every 2 months — and then you can simply ignore when they remove a game from the new member collection.

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