PlayStation Plus Update: NFL Blitz Joins the Plus Roster

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PlayStation Plus Update: NFL Blitz Joins the Plus Roster

Last week you welcomed Starhawk’s single-player campaign into your gaming collection for free as a PlayStation Plus member. This week we continue to roll out even more content with NFL Blitz, coming free to Plus! Please note that Borderlands will be leaving Plus with this week’s PlayStation Store update, so make sure you grab it while you can.

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October 2nd PlayStation Plus Update

NFL Blitz — Free for PlayStation Plus Members
With football (of the American variety) in full effect, we and our pals at EA thought it right to help you gather some friends and play one of the best arcade sports titles in recent memory, all for free with your Plus membership. NFL Blitz features a combination of the arcade-style gameplay that made the original a hit and the deep, immersive game modes of today; recharged with an energetic, football gaming experience. Pick it up today, free with a Plus membership.
Alex Kidd in Miracle World — 80% discount for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $1.00)
You’ll also see an amazing deal on SEGA’s classic Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Remastered for PSN, this is your chance to meet one of gaming’s original heroes, and get a great deal and a dose of nostalgia in the process. Journey to Miracle World in a search for your long lost brother Prince Egle, and get some Trophies while you’re at it. You can also challenge yourself with all new trial modes.
Spelunker HD — 50% discount (Regular Price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: $5.00) All DLC 50% Off (Regular Price: $1.99, PS Plus Price: $1.00)
Spelunker HD is no stranger to Plus members, as earlier last month we had a similar deal for the game. Fans (and to-be-fans) of the game will be excited to note that the new DLC releasing with the October 2nd Store Update (Area EX9 and Area EX10) will be joining the rest of the DLC with a 50% off discount — about $1 per Add-On. The game itself is going back on the 50% off deal as well, so get on it!

Lastly, I wanted to leave you guys with a Plus tip to help manage your benefits as a Plus member. If you’re low on HDD space but don’t want to miss out on any of the content in Plus, you can still click download, but then cancel the download. As long as you’re a Plus member you’ll be entitled to download it in the future, even if it’s not in Plus at that time.

That’s it for this week. Make sure you check out tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update post to see all the details for this week’s Plus update, and come back next week when we’ll have more great Plus news to share.

Also, we’d love to know your thoughts as to what you enjoyed most about Plus in the month of September. Feel free to explain your vote in the comments, or in the Plus section in the PlayStation Community forums.

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PlayStation Plus Update: 10-2-2012

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32 Author Replies

  • Really nice, good job Morgan, hey I have a question, will resident evil 6 have a midnight release on PSN?

    • No news on any midnight releases for Day 1 Digital items at this time. I believe each game should be having some sort of presence on the blog pre-release, so keep your eyes peeled for those posts. BUt I Havent’ seen anything about midnight releases confirmed for any title yet.

  • I already Have NFL Blitz. but the other two classics may be worth trying.

  • brace yourselves: the complaints are coming

  • um…. there psplus service for the vita? i am staring at it right now and i dont see it….

  • Morgan,

    Any word on when US PSN will be receiving Machinarium? or if we even are?

    The EU PS store, received it free with PS+ several weeks ago, I don’t care about it getting it free (although it would be nice) but would love to know when it’s coming for us.

  • Sorry I am not a fan of football so it doesn’t look like I will be picking up Blitz. Hopefully we will hear better things to come during the month. A scary game would be nice.

    • The cool thing about Blitz is you don’t necessarily have to be a fan of football to have fun with it. I can’t play Madden because well, I don’t understand a thing that’s going on. But I can have some multiplayer fun with friends over a game of Blitz. Try it if you haven’t!

  • add more 80% games sales for “plus”, and i’ll think about re-subscribe to PS+ :)

  • Keep it coming

  • Although none of these interest me at all (Except Alex Kidd, which I already have on multiple systems), I do like the variety here. Any chance of us getting The Show ’12 for the PS3 and/or Vita once the World Series has wrapped up. It would be a nice way to give baseball fans something to tide them over until the next season and/or ’13 comes out and it’s not like too many people will be buying it at this point anyway.

  • i will get alex the kidd for old times sake, but when did psplus support for the vita come out, am i missing something?

    • Sorry, yeah that poll response can be a bit misleading. I meant it as the confirmation of an intsant game collection for the to be released PS PLus on PS Vita.

  • Hey Morgan when are Motorstorm Apocalypse and Sorcery coming to plus? i hope to see at least 2 big name games being part of the psvita instant game collection at launch day.

  • Awesome update as always!! Thanks Morgan and to everyone at Sony! I don’t care what anyone says, you guys bring us the best entertainment there is to offer. Also I see that a lot of people are excited about Plus coming to PS Vita (including me), I hope you guys give it a great Instant Game Collection!! Again thank you!! :D

  • This is the most garbage plus update I’ve ever seen :-( just another disappointment.

  • Can’t wait to see how the Europeans get hooked up again while we don’t

  • Don’t know how the “Upgrading of PS Plus Online Game Save storage/cloud to 1gb” is not THE #1 Most Important Plus content update during the month of September.
    I, like hundreds of thousands of PSN Plus members have been clamouring and running out of cloud storage to save our precious game save data onto. Like I just recently lost 2 Ps3 Slim units to YLOD and I was glad to have this feature of PSN Plus in my account to transfer and copy my Ps3 game saves onto my new PS3 Slim, BUT I wasn’t able to save all of them…..with this new 1gb game save storage space……I can save more files, just in case I will need to re-download them into another Ps3 unit. This feature is partially one of the main reasons I re-subscribed to PSN Plus!

  • You guys have been knocking it outta the park with PS Plus since E3! Excellent job with the content. Getting the newest PS3 and dropping a 1tb drive in for all the PS Plus stuff..

  • Please have more survey’s asking us what type of games we want for our Plus membership like the above one.

  • Horrible update again. At least we got Starhawk last week even if it was only the SP. The thing I hate is being spoon feed information on PS+ updates. Why can’t they just tell us what we are getting for the whole month at the beginning of the month?

  • Nice variety, NFL Blitz on one end, two old-school Japanese platformers on the other. :) Looking forward to getting PS2 games so I can pretend like I have a BC PS3 again… :/

  • The biggest thing for me was Plus for Vita. Now free Borderlands was great (even though I already own the Game of the Year Edition) and the free Starhawk was great as well (a game I didn’t own), but Plus for Vita is what I’m really looking forward to. I absolutely adore the Vita, it’s quickly become my favorite platform to game on, so more content being thrown our way via Plus is perfect.

    You guys have been doing an absolutely amazing job with Plus on the PS3, here’s hoping that track record continues on the Vita. Any idea when we’re going to hear what Plus on the Vita is going to encompass? Full Vita games? Vita PSN games? PSP games? PS1 games? All of the above?

  • No surprise that PS+ for Vita is rated as the most important update so far. I’m really psyched for this! Is there a scheduled date for it yet? Please don’t disappoint!

  • Borderlands was a great game igc and I love Starhawk that’s why I bought it when it first came out and giving people half the game it’s just that you’re giving them half the game:-/ but in hindsight compared to what the Europeans got we still getting shafted. in my personal opinion I think you guys need to step it up

  • nfl blitz!!!!!! yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Thanks Morgan and PS+ Team ! This is a good addition, but what i really like is the weekly update and release of games, it keeps fresh PS+ all month long !

    at@snakeeyes211, this is just one part/game of this month !

  • Extremely glad to see that PS+ for Playstation Vita is currently the leading option in the poll. Morgan, please give us updates on the Vita program as soon as possible!

  • Double Dragon Neon gets best of September EASY and its not even on the ballot to vote!


  • Awesome, I loved Blitz back in its arcade heyday. Eager to see how this one holds up.

    I know this is a year-old game at this point, so can anyone confirm whether or not this title is updated with the current NFL rosters?

  • * sigh *… I just want Oddworld like EU got…

  • And vita being the number one choice is ridiculous as we don’t even PlayStation plus discounts for vita games yet or DLC;-/

  • Some people wanted more variety in the IGC. Well, there ya go.

  • 3rd time in a row that I haven’t downloaded any game available for PS+. Let’s hope next round it comes something good. Or else I won’t renew my subscription.

  • NFL Blitz! Nice! I’m a recent 360 defector after having my account hacked and $300 stolen out of my bank account to be spent of FIFA 12 last year. Granted I got my money back and a year of xbox live for free. That junk just doesn’t hold up well against all the amazing perks PS+ has. I was a Sony fan way back in the day when the PS1 and 2 dominated the market. Shame on me for going the 360 route(thanks to my brother talking it up). We are both ps3 users now and there is no going back!

    Side note: My brothers account was hacked the same way. Only difference is he had no money in his account lol.

    It’s good to be back with Sony. It feels right. Thanks for all the plus stuff! :D

  • @33 WELCOME BACK!!!

  • the worst psn+ update ever

  • I agree with #27, even though it looks like his Caps Lock key broke in the middle of his sentence. Putting polls at the bottom of all your posts would be awesome, and give you a way to quantify user feedback, instead of just interpreting all of our poorly-written comments.

  • @ 24

    They started off the month with this game do you think it’s going to end any better they always start off the month with their featured game :-(

  • I’m really disappointed, I hope it will good games this month

  • Why does Sony keep giving us FREE games, discounts and 1GB of cloud storage?!?!?! Ugh Sony is so evil! /sarcasm

  • the worst psn+ update ever ²

  • Hey Morgan!!!

    I remember a few months back you guys had a promotion with renewing your subscription to 1 Year of Playstation Plus and getting Jurassic Park for free. Will you guys have something like that coming for the holidays? I’d sure like to see something like that again with my subscription soon to expire. Any respone would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Sadly, I’m not into sports games. Still I hope next week will be something to my liking. I still have to catch up on Starhawk, great game so far!

  • Uncle Morgan – thanks for the update. Been havig a blast with Borderlands, I’m wondering why it took me so long to realize what the hype was all about!

    • not sure whether to be creeped out by being called Uncle Morgan, or not. As long as you don’t try to sit on my knee so I can tell you a story, then I think we’re good! lulz

  • Cant wait for ps plus for the vita.

  • Hard to vote for just one, so much good news this month!

  • at this point anybody that doesnt have ps plus is a fool

  • NFL Blitz! You shouldn’t have, no really you shouldn’t have…Have you not seen the shelves @ game stores? No one wants old sports games, you can’t even give them away.

  • always giving me a reason to love Plus. I bought Spelunker last month now I can buy all dlc for 1.00 AND I might pick upAlxex Kidd. But really I’m just waiting to start my download for RE6 when the store updates!

  • Loving this weeks update. Dying to get some PS+ Vita action going on as well. Thankfully Vita’s going to have a great holiday season game wise and hopefully with PS+ coming digital game prices will even out with physical prices.

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