Big Savings: Buy $100 on PSN in October, Get $20 PSN Credit

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Big Savings: Buy $100 on PSN in October, Get $20 PSN Credit

$100 and $20 voucher sale - PSN

It’s officially October, and we have a great new promotion for you to get the most out of your PlayStation gaming experience this month. If you spend $100 or more on the PlayStation Store in October, we’ll give you a $20 credit to your wallet to spend in November! This is a store-wide promotion, so anything you purchase using your wallet will count towards the $100 total. One caveat: the credit back is limited to the first $100 you spend.

With great new programs like PSN Day 1 Digital, offering day-and-date digital PS3 games on the same day they hit retail, there are plenty of ways to participate in the “Buy $100, Get $20” promotion. As a reminder, PlayStation Plus members receive an additional 10% discount on a number of titles in the line-up when they pre-order. Additionally, if you’ve already pre-ordered one of the awesome titles in the PSN Day 1 Digital program, the money you’ve spent on those will count toward your $100 for October. Not bad, eh?

Since the promotion includes anything purchased with your wallet on the PlayStation Store, there are many ways to put purchases towards receiving a $20 credit. You can grab a PlayStation Plus 1-year subscription, or sign up for DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket. You can even hop into the video store and catch up on any new releases you may have missed!

With the month of October so packed with scorching-hot game releases, you’ll definitely want to look out for titles like Resident Evil 6, Dishonored, Assassin’s Creed III, The Walking Dead: Episode 4, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, Street Fighter x Tekken on PS Vita and plenty of others.

Here’s to the start of a great month of gaming on PlayStation Network. Let us know in the comments what you’ll be downloading on PSN in October to count towards a $20 credit. Game on!

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  • @36, Satnamji, you can always re-download your previous digital content so feel free to make room for new stuff.

    And definitely consider swapping out your hard drive for a Tb model. Laughably easy to do, just research upgrading PS3 hard drive on You Tube. Make sure you buy the right HDD that will fit a PS3.

  • So I cant just add $100 to my wallet for this to count? I have to actually use that money to buy content? Just want to clarify.

  • Oh my god! Why didn’t you guys post this like… I don’t know, Friday?? I just spent $100 on PSN getting a bunch of PSP games including FF3 and Growlanser, along with Tokyo Jungle! Come on!

    Couldn’t you guys have the promotional period cover the last week of September too, or something?

  • is it only NA or europe too?

  • it count if i use one year plus card ? its 50$?
    is it possible?

    • Content purchased at retail which is redeemd through vouchers won’t work. The transaction has to be done over PSN. To be clear though, you can buy a PSN credit at retail, redeem it, then use that $$ to buy over PSN as a work around. It’s all about spending $$ from your PSN Wallet.

  • So is there anyway to use those $20 towards stuff that I bought on October like the pre-orders for instance?

  • This is an awesome deal, and im glad Canada is included in this. I will be downloading…hmm…to much to choose from lol New Little King Story, Okami HD, Worms: Revolution and more.

  • This sucks for me… they actually sent out an email last Wednesday announcing this, but by that point, I’d already spent $83 on One Piece, RAW, Hell Yeah and the new Pinball Arcade DLC. So, kinda pissed that they didn’t announce this sooner, as I could have waited 6 days, and been almost all the way to the $100 already. I don’t like buying full games digitally, and there are no pre-order bonuses, so I’ll still be getting AC3 and AC3:L at GS. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll grab Little King’s Story digital, and if Ragnarok Odyssey comes out this month I could grab that as well. Then add a year extension to my PS+ and I’d get the $20 back… but seriously Sony… you shouldn’t wait til the first day of October to announce a deal like this. Especially when so much great content released last week. It kinda feels like you’re trying to screw us over…

  • Great Promo! Sure wish this would stack! My Vita has been gameless since I bought it and now I have to choose wisely! Sorry Sackboy and Drake (I’m sure I’ll see you soon)…. HELLOOOO Aveline! =P

  • I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but I really wish you would have been more forthcoming regarding this deal.

    Hopefully you can understand my frustration seeing as how I spent over $110 on Dead or Alive 5 and One Piece Pirate Warriors just 6 days ago.

  • I do honestly feel for all those complaining that they just spent X amount of money, I know I would be a little put off as well. Honestly though, how can you be mad at Sony? They can’t craft sales promotions around everyone’s purchasing habits. The line has to be drawn somewhere, and someone will have always been left out. You were just unlucky, suck it up and move on.

  • I couldn’t find $60 of stuff to buy last year, but I don’t think spending $100 this year is going to be an issue.

  • @57 agreed. Sony should announce things like this weeks in advance, not the day of. just another example of poor management. :/

  • @62 I disagree. If they announced this, two weeks ago for example, the people who just spent X dollars two weeks and one day ago would be complaining that they missed it. It’s a no-win situation for Sony. It doesn’t matter how far in advance they announce it, someone will always miss the promotional period and moan about it.

  • Good stuff, wish this was done more. I don’t know if I’ll make it to $ 100, but I’ll see what kind of excuse I can make.

  • I just got kicked off PSN for no reason and can’t get back on wtf?

  • Thanks for all the replies, Morgan. Hopefully this will become an annual deal!

  • @63 Exactly, if they had announced this weeks ago, then the PSN would have had virtually NO sales for those past few weeks. That is the reason promotions like this are announced either the day before or the day of the promotion starting.

    And no matter what, someone is going to whine about it, but you cant expect Sony to probably loose millions of dollars because you made a purchase before the promotion started. Especially since the rumor of this has been floating over the internet for almost a week already. It is an October promotion that gets announced on October 1st, there is absolutely no reason for them to announce it sooner.

    Because there are so many releases coming in October, it makes sense for them to start the promotion in October, and announce it in October. And to expect them to make special concessions for something you purchased last week is a joke.

    So get over it and move on if you dont like it. For me, there are a bunch of purchases i’ll make in October, so it is perfect for me.

  • @63 i agree with u there. doesnt matter when it was announced, there always someone will say i bought x and x and spent this amount. why sony no anounce early?? :)

  • lol @63 and 67

    I can’t believe there are people actually defending them waiting the last minute to announce important info. This is sony’s website, so they could have easily kept reminding us of this deal once a week for the last couple weeks. I find it incredibly hard to believe the complaints would have been higher if they gave us a heads up instead of the first day of the promotion.

    This is almost as bad as when they offered the Ultimate editions of Just Cause 2 and Infamous 2 a week before E3, only to announce the day before the next psn store update that those games would be free. That was $30+ wasted completely due to poor judgement on Sony’s part. :/

  • This is a nice bonus.

    Surprised you would wait until now to announce it, would have made more sense to give people warning to save up some money for this month.

    Still it’s a good deal and since I’ve already pre-ordered one of the Day 1 games, I’m more than halfway there already.

  • @69 i think sony throw in this deal is to encourage people to buy some of the day 1 release game from psn instead of gamestop or somewhere else. since all of these games might not get pre order bonus like some store does, the $20 make it more appealing.

  • @69

    Why not? That’s how every other business works.

    If they announced this deal 2-3 weeks ago, no one would have bought anything in those 2-3 weeks. That represents tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or more, of lost revenue.

    Furthermore, this deal has been known about since at least Monday ( E-mails were sent out about it. That is more than fair notice.

  • To anyone asking if they buy a year of PS+ card at a retail store will it count? Since the answer is no just buy a $50 card and use that to buy the year on the PSN, since the cards do count.

  • So this is only for United States and Canada right? So what about the rest of America?

  • are you serious? yesterday i’ve spent $10 on the psn buying gta 3…does that count towards that?

  • wow awesome deal :D this is why i love sony & playstation

  • WAIT a gosh darn minute, the post says ” If you spend $100 or more on the PlayStation Store in October, we’ll give you a $20 credit to your wallet to spend in November!” So the $20 we would get back can only be spent in November?!! Please clarify this because it sounds like you’re trying to be sneaky with this “promotion”.

  • ok ok can i buy call of duty elite and still get the 20 dollers

  • Morgan,

    We need midnight releases for these “Day 1 Digital” games. I was considering buying the digital version of RE6 but it looks like no midnight release on the PS Store so I guess I will go with the physical copy.

  • Dang it! Should’ve waited to get Ratchet & Clank collection! Just one week late! =( Also, does having the money in your Wallet count or do we have to spend it?

  • is there a time-frame where we can expect an announcement
    for a midnight release or an announcement that there won’t be a midnight release?

    or will you guys just drag everyone along until midnight so we can find out for ourselves?

  • how about if you guys restock psn cards for bestbuy, for me its not possible to buy psn card code from other place

  • would an extended warranty for ps3 or ps vita bought from the ps store qualify?? i assume it would……

  • @morgan can you please specify to @51 post? what is correct? just add funds or spend it?
    sorry for the trouble =P

  • This is my first post ever on this blog. i want to know how sony expects me to do this when my system has died today, i tried to turn it on went from green to yellow and blinking red, after a few mins i hit power again red stops blinking. plus i have spent a lot of money on preordering and paying off a lot of october/november releases at retail stores, if morgan haro is still on here can you please reply to my comment and let me know a way to possibly fix my ps3.

    • Best bet is to contact PlayStation Customer Service
      800-345-SONY (7669)
      7 Days a Week 6:00AM – 10:00PM Pacific

  • I wonder if this works if you shop in PS Home store too…

  • The very first ps3 i ever had was a fat 40GB i know what a YLOD of death is cause it died with it when i was playing the greatest cod game, world at war multi. i also looked online and they said the system was likely overheated the systems cold and still has this problem.

  • If the JP store had this promo, I could easily fill it. The NA store though is so lacking, I don’t think I could find $100 worth of stuff I would even consider buying. If $60 for $10 was running again, maybe.

  • What if I were to just add $100 in my wallet without buying anything. Does that count?

  • I’m glad you announced this before I spent $98 buying One Piece,LBPVita , and Tokyo Jungle. Oh that’s right ,you didn’t … >_>

    But I am re-upping my PS+ in October so I might still take advantage of this if there are some good sales..

  • Does anyone know if Need For Speed support cross buy. I know it was ‘being discussed’, but no official word has released on this.

  • @76

    When they do a promotion like this, it’s normal to wait until October ends to tally up all the 100$ spenders.

    Then after that, the next month (november) is when they have all the info gathered and start sending out the 20$ bonus thing.

    It can be spent as of november, but doesn’t have to be in november, money in the wallet stays there.

    It’s nothing new.

  • hey wiil games and ps+ work for this 2? need to know ok thanks!

  • Hello! Is this offer available in Puerto Rico as well? Please let me know!!!

  • any1 have funding wallet problem? cuz i just bought my ps3 last week and was gonna buy a game but psn wont let me fund my account…

  • btw im using a credit card

  • Hmmm, I like this Promotion! I guess signup for Sunday Ticket

  • So If I buy something that originally costs lets say $14.99 but I pay $11.99 for it because of my PS Plus discount, do I have to spend another $85 or $88 to reach the $100 requirement? I’m a little unsure of how the discounts factor into this promotion.

  • Absolutely anything on PSN? Including say…the PlayStation Protection Plan?

    Also, good on you guys and gals for including Day 1 Digital pre-orders from September.

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