Big Savings: Buy $100 on PSN in October, Get $20 PSN Credit

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Big Savings: Buy $100 on PSN in October, Get $20 PSN Credit

$100 and $20 voucher sale - PSN

It’s officially October, and we have a great new promotion for you to get the most out of your PlayStation gaming experience this month. If you spend $100 or more on the PlayStation Store in October, we’ll give you a $20 credit to your wallet to spend in November! This is a store-wide promotion, so anything you purchase using your wallet will count towards the $100 total. One caveat: the credit back is limited to the first $100 you spend.

With great new programs like PSN Day 1 Digital, offering day-and-date digital PS3 games on the same day they hit retail, there are plenty of ways to participate in the “Buy $100, Get $20” promotion. As a reminder, PlayStation Plus members receive an additional 10% discount on a number of titles in the line-up when they pre-order. Additionally, if you’ve already pre-ordered one of the awesome titles in the PSN Day 1 Digital program, the money you’ve spent on those will count toward your $100 for October. Not bad, eh?

Since the promotion includes anything purchased with your wallet on the PlayStation Store, there are many ways to put purchases towards receiving a $20 credit. You can grab a PlayStation Plus 1-year subscription, or sign up for DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket. You can even hop into the video store and catch up on any new releases you may have missed!

With the month of October so packed with scorching-hot game releases, you’ll definitely want to look out for titles like Resident Evil 6, Dishonored, Assassin’s Creed III, The Walking Dead: Episode 4, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, Street Fighter x Tekken on PS Vita and plenty of others.

Here’s to the start of a great month of gaming on PlayStation Network. Let us know in the comments what you’ll be downloading on PSN in October to count towards a $20 credit. Game on!

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  • This is an awesome deal, I’m defintely picking up Assassin’s Creed III (PS3 and Vita) and Need for Speed (PS3 and Vita). Any chance we’ll get $40 back if we spend $200? When will we get the $20 back? Will it be at the end of the month or immediately when we pass the $100 mark?

    • 1) Nope, it’s limited to the first $100 spent. Sorry! annnd 2) You’ll receive the credit in November.

  • so much better than M$ rebate system that they just announced

  • Glad I waited on Borderlands 2! I’ll be getting that, along with Nights, Sonic Adventure 2 – that brings me close to $80 already!

  • Hmm…

    If there was a PS+ promotion like Europe had last month, I would probably spend $100 on PS+ and get another $20 back which would be a pretty sweet deal.

    My subscription ends early December, and will be renewing regardless but it still would be nice. Some people would probably spend $100 on just subscription alone to get another $20 back.

    Other than that, I don’t think I have ever spent $100 in a single month on the store. Steep!

  • One question: If I already have money in my wallet from a gift card, does spending that money count towards the $100? Or does it have to be new money added to my wallet from my credit card?

    • Spending funds that are already in your wallet counts towards this. The key gate here is purchasing actual content.

  • If there aren’t any games I’m interested in, I’ll probably just buy 2 years of PS+. It’s money I would have spent anyway.

  • Hahaha@Missing link. They pulled it, i saw too.

    Ok seriously im a buy another year of plus and does ps vita its count? Im getting vita, ps3 games and maybe a couple od movies if FOX Movies are cheaper on psn like they decided to do with all their digital ditrubutions.

  • That’s awesome!
    Any word yet if NFS:MS will feature any sort of cross buy? even if it’s just a discount?
    I though EA said that they were considering it.

  • @8, store-wide seems to imply video and vita content as well, not just PS3 games

  • @8 It mentions Vita games in the post, so should count.

  • Does this offer include Canada?

  • So, last year was ‘spend $60 and get $10 back’. Now it is “Buy $100, Get $20”. Totally looking forward for next year!

  • Would buying two years of plus count(assuming we spent 2 cents on something else)?

  • Does signing up for PS+ count towards that spent $100? Do we have somewhere that we can go to that wills how us how much we’ve spent in the month that’ll count towards the $20 credit?

    • A plus membership does count; but there’s no place to check on how much you’ve spent in October, aside from your own records.

  • Resident Evil 6 and Assassin Creed III for $50 each!!!

  • @T3DV0L70L1N4 same question =/

  • I’m assuming it does because you didn’t specifically call out United States only, but before I start going on a spending spree, this promotion does include as well Canada correct?

  • can it be episodes of TV shows as well, I’m thinking of spending some money on an volume of a tv show that i want to download?

  • Crap. I literally renewed by PS+ service 3 days ago. If I’d known this was coming I would have waited to renew until today.

  • This starts today right?

  • The promotion included Canada last year. The blog announcements are usually for both territories unless they specifically mention otherwise.

  • Your more than half-way there with the digital day one stuff. I just pre-ordered Dishonored a few days ago. Now I wish I had waited a few days. I’m hoping XCOM: Enemy unknown is a day 1 digital release.

  • I spent $100 on 9/30 pre-orders of day 1 digital games… will it count because I will download in Oct? please don’t tell me i’m losing out over a day?

  • You guys would announce this a WEEK after i got One Piece, Tokyo Jungle, and Dead Rabbits ($74). :/

  • the only beef I have with this and it is a personal one. I PREORDERED DOOM 3 IN SEPTEMBER ARGGGGHHH!!!!

  • This is an awesome promotion

  • does it count if you buy 1 year of PS+ and discounted games. by the way do the months in PS+ stack? I have 2 months remaining.

  • HMMM LET’S see:

    FOR ME:
    Vol 1. of that TV show I had mentioned: up to $14.
    Jet Set Radio on the Vita: $10
    Sonic Adventure 2 plus DLC: $13
    Nights Into Dreams: $10
    I have to see what the prices are for the DLC for Dead or Alive 5 that are said to be coming (Guessing $10 total)
    I might have to go with a download version of Street Fighter X Tekken in order to fill in the $40.

  • But I AM getting RE6 tomorrow so I guess that puts me a lot of the way there so hopefully soon something really cool will come up

  • awesome..looks like i will get a few of these day 1 digital items then…20 aint much, but is better then that other deal that was offered 4 6 bucks, at least with this i can buy another game free..

  • I still don’t know whether the NFS Most Wanted PSN preorder gives you the limited edition or not. EA says ask Sony. Does anybody actually know this?

  • Ill be grabbing

    Resident Evil 6 and Need For Speed Most Wanted (lol I cancelled both my fully paid off gamestop preorders to take advantage of getting that 20 dollar credit… not to mention the 16 bucks total Ill be saving from buying them off the ps store (no tax and 6 bucks off NFSMW)

    Ill also be picking up the dark souls dlc this month

  • The $20 we get back, can it only be used in November? Or when is the expiration date?

  • I also really wish the WWE ’13 game was part of that day 1 digital promotion. Dishonored and 007 Legends were the only two games that interested me.

  • Since I’m now considering picking up a 2 year extension to PS+…. is it safe to assume PS+ benefits will be transferring over to the PS4 when that launches? And do you suspect the PS3 will stop getting PS+ benefits at that time?

  • I could spend $100 easily if only I had enough hard drive space for the full retail games I wanted this month. Every purchase at this point means deleting something that I’m not quite ready to see go. Oh, 21st-century problems of us PS Plus members.

  • Sweet. Just added $50 to my wallet for New Little King’s Story and Jet Set Radio (Vita). Guess I’ll have pick up Little Big Planet (Vita) and Toyko Jungle by the month’s end!

  • If I buy a prepaid 1-year Playstation Plus card in-stores and redeem it on the store, does that count towards the $100?

    • For voucher based content, it may not count. You’ll want to make sure the transaction happens over PSN. So if you buy a Plus voucher card at retail, it won’t count towards this promo. But buying Plus on PSN, will count.

  • @ NHDrumline-The offer is for only the first $100.00 you spend. Typically they send out the promo funds after the promotion period is over, probably within the first 10 days of November.

    Also, those who are concerned about pre-orders on the Day One Digital, the post says “Additionally, if you’ve already pre-ordered one of the awesome titles in the PSN Day 1 Digital program, the money you’ve spent on those will count toward your $100 for October. Not bad, eh?” So I assume they are honoring those because the games don’t come out until October.

    Now my question is this: I signed up for the Sony card, and once I make a purchase I will get a $50.00 credit. If I add those funds to my wallet, and then spend those funds in October, will that count? It’s just like buying a card at the store, but it’s free money.

  • Can anyone tell me if I can still get the voucher if I already bought PSN cards in September and have money on my account, but buy the games this month?

  • @39 — I have the same question. Based on their wording, I think any purchase from your PS Wallet counts.

    I think if they specified that you needed to add the funds to your wallet from a credit card, they would alienate users who don’t have credit cards, and buy digital content by purchasing physical PSN cards at a store.

    You can get PS Store credit in lots of places. By adding funds from your credit card, by purchasing PSN cards at a retail store, by redeeming Sony Rewards points, by signing up for the PS Credit Card, etc. I think you just need to spend that PS Store credit in October for it to count towards the $100.

  • I have exactly $134.36 sitting in my wallet from a bunch of psn cards given to me. What to buy…..muhahahaha!

  • Will paying for my musicunlimited bill count towards a purchase

  • @27 — PS+ subscriptions DO stack. If you buy another year right now, it will extend your current subscription. If there were no games you’re interested in, you could buy 2 years of PS+ for $49.99 each (plus something small to make up for the last 2 cents), and you’d be set.

  • I really like this promotion. I’m going to buy RE6 tomorrow, so that’s 59.99. =D

  • Additionally, if you’ve already pre-ordered one of the awesome titles in the PSN Day 1 Digital program, the money you’ve spent on those will count toward your $100 for October. Not bad, eh?

    sorry my bad posted too fast. Ok
    I now have NO problems with this!!

  • I personally think it’s asking too much this close to the holiday shopping season. When u have a bunch of great games being relesed so close together. Tonight i’m picking up both Resident Evil 6 & NBA 2k13. but not digital versions. By the time i could d/l 1 of the 2 games, i’ll already be back home & played them both. On top of thefact that i save hdd space & get exclusive preorder bonuses from retail chains…we had a promotion like this b4, which was cool. If i remember it right we spent $60 to get $10. I think it would have been better to do both tiers instead of asking for a straight $100

  • Great promotion, thanks. I guess this was one of the great things you’ve been hinting at, Uncle Morgan?

    For those of you who suggested just buying a Plus extension, that’s a really good idea. I’ll probably be buying enough games & themes to cover it easily, though. :-).

  • this is awesome. im getting re6, most wanted, ac3 for ps3 and ragnarok odyssey, possibly most wanted for vita too. of course i wish i get $20 back for every $100, but this is still awesome since i get 10% back for using the playstation credit card. my account is activated on my brother ps3 too so its buy 1 game get it for 2 system. half price for each game for me :)

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