Pulse wireless stereo headset – Elite Edition Tech Tour

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Pulse wireless stereo headset – Elite Edition Tech Tour

Just before E3, we announced the all-new Pulse wireless stereo headset – Elite Edition, one of the latest PlayStation 3 (PS3) accessories to join the PlayStation family.

The only headset to feature BassImpact technology, Pulse – Elite Edition offers gamers the ultimate audio advantage. Its sleek industrial design makes it a perfect fit for gaming while at home or on the road.
Last week we sat down with Glenn Black, an engineer on the Research & Development team. We wanted to give you an in-depth walkthrough of Pulse – Elite Edition so you can see what makes this headset reign over the competition.

We hope you enjoyed the video; look out for Pulse – Elite Edition in retail stores nationwide this week for $149.99 (MSRP)!

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  • I just tried to play the downloadable version of GTA3 with the pulse headset and it won’t work. Works with ps1 but NO ps2 games. Will this be fixed in a later patch?

  • Does this have a boom microphone? Does it even have a microphone? If not, how would it give you “a hardcore gaming experience” if you can’t even talk to your team-mates?

  • For people having trouble buying this headset go to FRYS.COM. they have them online and in I if you live in the area of a frys store.

  • Correction in last post tried to say FRYS.COM has them in stock online and in there stores

  • So update 4.20 added Blu-ray support, does it work with videos stored on the HDD (with Surround Sound)? The last PS3 headset too?

  • I don’t have a headphone out on my TV, I do have RCA Audio out. If I used a RCA to 3.5mm jack would the headphones then work with that connection wirelessly?

  • do these work on PC/Windows? Does it do 7.1 on PC as well? or does it go back to stereo like the other headset? What about audio/voice chat mixing?


  • So can i take these to work and turn them into wired headphones with the audio jacks

  • Another thing i need to get! COME ON SONY killing me here

  • Definitely Getting These!

  • What I’m curious about is if I can set this headset up to chat through an external source (laptop/Skype) while gaming with it.
    I have always purchased wired headsets from Turtle Beach because there are separate cables for game sound and chat, so I can connect the audio cables to my sound system while connecting the USB cable to my laptop.
    In-game VOIP is pretty lousy so that’s why I prefer to chat elsewhere.

  • is this headset louder than last years?

  • Can you simultaneously use it on your PS3 and a PC at the same time? Hearing game audio and using the AUX cable to connect to your PCt o hear PC audio.

  • these are awesome glad i waited now i can die and rest in peace wait first let me get these than i can rip lol

  • Is there is Side Tone ? Where you can hear yourself in the headset

  • There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I WILL be GETTING THESE

  • When will this be available in Canada?

  • im so getting these yee!

  • @ 49 No they don’t sorry bud
    I hope these new ones are better quality and don’t squeak every time i move my head!

  • Will there be a trade in program for the last headphones? Mine are in peak condition and $150 seems steep when I just spent $100 dollars last year.

  • @69
    Thanks for the info that is a bummer. I am going to work on getting these new head phones. I cannot stand my lame Vita head phones I am using now.

  • Very impresive. Is seems like sony turned to the youth of today to help make this product.. Im very impressed with the features. Going to pretty hard to top next go around. 5 star rating :)

    @ 50 a electronic device the majority of the time hit(debuts) on a friday or that weekend. or monday or tuesday. Every area wont get it the same exact day maybe a week after.. if you live you in the city try the metro counties areas they will get before the city does the majority of the time.

  • how charge? because they not have usb charging cable

  • When does the headset release to the public?

  • This is great! I will think about buying this.

  • Does anyone know the frequency range of these wireless headphones?

  • Seriously want these, but I have a couple questions too.

    1. Are they compatible with all of my consoles? I want a headset that I can use on all without any issues.

    2. Do they include a stand? I’d like for them to be displayed and easily accessed in my gaming rig.

    Thank you for answering :D

  • Is the usb comoatible.with xbox, or computer?

  • why doesn’t Japan ever get this stuff. I would buy them if they weren’t 200$ imports.

  • I would love to get these but I need to know if these are future proof? I know PS4 specs aren’t out but I’m not willing to spend $150 if I’m not be able to use it with the PS4.

  • Hello
    It’s amazing headset
    I have one question
    When it’s will be available on Saudi Arabia (middle east)????

  • Looks super-hot!

    And seconding a lot of the feedback here, I’d love to see Sony’s engineer department someday soon turn its ears towards PS Vita for a customized compact sound device. (Too bad Bluetooth doesn’t officially support a surround sound format, though Vita titles aren’t pumping out directional sound right now anyway.) The two PS3 headsets have gotten raves at the price and a more portable product in the same quality vein would be a nice compliment for Vita!

    (We also have to encourage headset buying on Vita; SOCOM online on PSP was one of my fondest memories and as more titles come out, gamers will only be seeing part of the promise if they haven’t paired a mic for playing Vita online already. So, give us a good one Sony!)

  • Why was my previous post not aloud on this site? I am simple stating fact! IF YOU BUY THIS HEADSET, YOU SHOULD KNOW. If you Loose that TIny little Adapter that comes with your headset. 1. Your headset will not work with out it! The headset is not Bluetooth and needs to be dongled to that specific Adapter. IF that ADAPTER becomes lost or even broken, Sony will not replace it! They do not sell replacement Adapters! When you miss place the Adapter and call Sony, They are going to tell you, sorry we can not help you! You need to but a completely New headset. Even though the actual headset is fully functional and all that is missing is a $10 USB Adapter! If you decide not to post this to this Blog (sony) because you do not want your customers to know the truth fine! I am posting all over Social media and Have E-mail Mr Stringer and Mrs. Silengman Also The head of Sony Electronic department. If your a true Gamer YOU love Sony products like I love Sony Products! This is just not good business and when and if you buy this headset and loose the Adapter or your cat or kid takes it, I am sure you will feel the same.

  • I got mine today… These are amazing. Ironically enough,. I haven’t tried them on the PS3 yet. But they work great on the PC… Nothing will ever top true surround sound, but these do a pretty good job of closing the gap.

  • I ordered these cans last night. Really looking forward to their arrival. The 3.5mm jack was a needed feature. I loved the original Sony stereo headset but there was no means to use it with my phone or tablet. This will serve as a complete audio solution for all the devices in my home now. Kudos. Also means my co-worker is going to be pleasantly surprised when I gift him my old Sony headset.

    Can someone at Sony clear this up for me? I can’t find a manual anywhere for these online. I’m assuming to get audio from the TV ran to the headset I’m going to have to run an audio line from the TV to the USB dongle and use the audio input that’s available on the USB dongle. Can the dongle output TV’s audio as long as it’s connected to any powered USB port or does the USB dongle have to be connected to the PS3? Does the PS3 also have to be powered on in this scenario?

  • This headset really looks amazing…it will make a great Christmas gift since I’m 17 and currently without a job, or else I would rush out and buy these now if I had the money. But well done, Sony. I can’t wait to use this.

  • Am I the only one upset that I purchased the older model last year, and now this better version comes out one year later? Taking a page out of Apple’s book, Sony?

  • Hello! if a use this with Netflix will I get surround sound?

  • just picked it up yesterday, i can say im very satified with the product.

    try listening to dub step with it…omg the bass sweetness. and its so clean too

  • hey i just picked up the headset. and i love it the sound is amazing and features are innovative but im having problems with ps2 classics on the ps store… when playing gta3 it doesnt work no sound to headset but rather redirecting the sound to the display i hope this can be resolved in future updates thank you sony for releasing such an amazing headset

  • I was really looking forward to purchasing these headphones when I saw that they were Wireless headphones supporting the Vita and other mobile devices. Unfortunately, because of the lack of bluetooth they can only be used wired to those devices. I’m not in the habit of carrying cables with me when I’m on the go anymore, so I’ll have to unfortunately pass on these headphones for the moment and stick to my Motorola bluetooth headset for mobile use, and my Logitech headset for the house.

    I’m looking forward to a time when Sony releases a set of these headphones I can use everywhere without worrying about dragging a cable along.

  • I have last years model, love them aside from the occaisional sound blip-drop.What is the real incentive to buy these?The sound would have to be drastically better.Its sill virtual 7.1.No need to use them with other devices.No vita.Why is the signal better than bluetooth?

  • New headset looks fantastic! Will Sony provide the ability to purchase a second USB dongle in the event I break one or lose one? Or just want one plugged into my PC AND one plugged into my PS3 so I don’t have to switch it?

  • I have a few question:

    1. I read somewhere on the net, that to use the wireless function of this headset for PSvita / TV / whatever other device, is to connect the sound output of the device to the dongle via 3.5mm jack, and powering up the dongle. Can we use psvita charger to power up the dongle? Or can we only use PS3 console / PC / Mac USB slot?

    2. Can we use psvita charger to charge the headset? I’m not really fond of turning on my ps3 just to charge the headset.

    3. Can we change the padding of this headset? I prefer velvet / soft foam rather than leather / synthetic leather for the padding.

  • Does the surround sound feature work with the video services, such as Netflix, Vudu etc., for videos that feature surround sound?

  • Is it possible to use the headset while it’s being charged like the Dualshock? I never purchased the previous headset so I would like to know.

  • I think it’s a great headset! In fact, I am going to the store to pick it up tomorrow…

  • so I am REALLY really keen to grab a headset, HOWEVER i am from Australia! how long until our target, kmart or EB games get them in stock? I have a Sony Bravia TV but no Surround sound so the quality is poor for gaming… HURRY UP PLEASE!

  • Just got mine today :), and here’s my opinion:

    Design is pretty much prettier than the older model, though I feel that the older model earpad is more comfy.

    Tested the BassImpact, and I’m not really satisfied with it.
    1. Tried “Shooter Mode” with Binary Domain, the BassImpact react pretty weird, it rumbles when the characters speaking.
    2. I don’t have a racing game, but when I try to use “Racing Mode” on music / movies / games, it rumbles almost non-stop….
    3. I’ve tested the “Fighting Mode” on TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2. I don’t know how the rumbles work…. Sometimes it rumbles, sometimes it’s not….
    4. “Music Mode” is primarily flat, with little rumble.
    5. “Game Mode” slightly more rumble than music mode.
    6. “Movie Mode” is my favourite mode, perfect amount of rumbles. I think I’ll use this mode for gaming / listening to music, and watching movies from now on.

    The virtual surround is pretty much the same if not slightly better than the older model. I still prefer old school wired speaker for the surround sound goodness :)

    The Verdict: The headset can produce quite good sound, but don’t hope too much on the BassImpact feature.

  • Please post a link to the Instruction Manual for the Pulse Headset Elite CECHYA-0086, I’m a senior who bought this unit, but the unit but cannot read the very fine tiny print on beige paper in gray type? Thanks Much!

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